Camilla Marriola

The Ocean Is My Home

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a character in “Tainted Blood”, as played by Collins


"The Cure For Anything Is Salt Water. Sweat, Tears, Or The Sea."

{"Some People Create Their Own Storms, Then Get Upset When It Rains!"}

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Camilla Evalynn Marriola

Cam. Most people call her this.

Half mermaid


Hex Code

Sexual Orientation

Eye Color

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143 LBS

Distinct Markings
Cam has a scar that is the length of her spine. Some people say it was from a fisherman's hook. Some say she was born with it. Most people who know anything about mermaids think it has something to do with when a mermaid first sprouts her tail, but no one knows for sure.


She has a simple arm band around her left arm.

{"Life Hurts A Lot More Than Death.”}

Cam has two sides, the first is very quiet and doesn't really like people. There are times when she would much rather be alone, though she is actually very friendly once she gets to know people. She is very protective of the people she cares about.
And then there are times when she is very bubbly and playful.
She has always loved to explore and find new things.
When she sets her mind to something she does it, Cam has never been one to back down from a challenge. She would rather fight for what she believes is and get hurt in the process then let something she know is untrue pass her.
She is also very flirtatious when she is luring someone to their death.

✦ Being Killed
✦ Falling for someone
✦ Fire

Favorite Songs
Song Of The Sea||Lisa Hannigan
Cruel||The Veronicas
Stranger||Hilary Duff

✦ She can't read.
✦ When she gets to stressed Cam sometimes blacks out.
✦ Beautiful men
✦ Fire

✧ Painting.
✧ The ocean.
✧ Dogs.
✧ Singing.
✧ Watching the sun set/rise.
✧ Science.

✦Loud sounds
✦Being judged for her life choices
✦Being forced to do something she doesn't want to do.
✦Unrealistic standards

{“In Heaven All The Interesting People Are Missing.”}

Cam once thought she was in love with a man but he didn't love her back in the same way. He was in love with a someone else, more like the idea of being with her Cam always says. So when he told Cam he was going to marry the other girl it broke her heart. Cam was consumed by anger and sadness and became suicidal, one night she threw herself off a cliff and into the ocean. But instead of dying she transformed into a mermaid, everyone had worked so hard to hide this part of Cam from herself.
For a long time she hated everyone and killed many human until she was discovered one night and forced to flee. Now she spends most of her time in the water, she likes it much more then being on land.
No one has shown her any kindness, what she really needs is a helping hand to bring her back from the darkness, but it may be to late for her, her soul may just be to black.

| F C |
Phoebe Tonkin
| C O L O R |

| P R O T R A Y E D B Y |

So begins...

Camilla Marriola's Story


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“You are one handsome man,” Miles said into the mirror as he did up the last button of his bright pink vest. Smiling, he did a little spin and then leaned in towards the mirror to primp his hair. “A man’s hair is his greatest assets.” He said to his reflection, “That might be in the bible, look it up.” Then Miles spun around and grinned at his reflection pointing finger guns at it. “Gotcha, that’s not in the bible.” Then he pretended to shoot his reflection and laughed.

Miles hesitated when he grabbed his jacket. He had intended to wear this outfit with a jacket but he could already feel the heat seeping in through the buildings walls. The sun was up and soon the heat would be forcing all the students here to get out of bed. Since most of them probably hadn’t been up for the last hour primping in the mirror and choosing an outfit like Miles had. Of course that was if their hungry stomachs didn’t already have them awake. Breakfast was only served in the Dining Hall for an hour, starting in about ten minutes. If the kids didn’t get up and get breakfast that was their own fault. The teachers weren’t on this Island to play alarm clock.

Miles decided against the jacket and headed out of his quarters and into the hallways of the dormitory in a shirt, vest and bowler hat. He stopped by the Dining Hall to pick up a scroll from the kitchens and two coffees from the Teacher’s lounge which was just a small room attached to the hall that had a couch and a few amenities not given to the students. Then he headed to the founder’s quarters.

“Morning Boss,” He said cheerily putting down one of the coffees and the scroll on the founder’s desk. No matter how early Miles got up the founder was always awake and at her desk when he arrived with her morning coffee and meal.

“I’m not hungry,” She replied slowly pushing the food away.

“You never are, but you should eat something,” Miles replied smiling, though underneath he was wary of how sickly and frail the founder looked. “See how delicious this scroll looks!”

“A boy, probably with tainted blood.” The founder replied ignoring Miles. She passed him a newspaper folded open to an article about a freak electrical storm.

“You trying to tell me how to do my job?” Miles replied grinning as he picked up the paper. “I already sent someone off to check it out this morning. Now you can tell me how great I am at my job later. Right now I have some students to attend to.”

“Be careful today Miles. I sense trouble afoot.” She called to Miles as he was leaving.

Miles spun around with a wry smile on his face. “You say that everyday dear.”

“Today I fear I might mean it.” She wearily waved Miles away, “Go. I am very tired, I need to rest.”

Miles left the founder’s quarters and shook off the morbid feeling he got every time he talked to her. Fixing up his hat so it sat slightly tilted, he practically skipped his way back to the Dining Hall with a large grin on his face. Students were starting to wake up now and make their way to the Dining Hall. He flung open the doors to the Dining Hall, “Morning Lovelies,” He called out, loudly and merrily, despite the early hour of the morning. It isn’t correct to say Miles is a morning person, since he is usually this exuberant and happy all hours of the day.