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Zasha Venediktov

"Call me little again and I will bean you with this wrench."

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a character in “Take Me to The Black - A Firefly Tale”, as played by WendyDarling


Wrench Wench

Zasha Melora Venediktov - "If I can't fix it, it wasn't broken."



Physical Profile

Age: 24
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 110
Ethnicity: Russian.
Physical Description: Kenzie is deceptively small in stature for her chosen career, and is commonly thought to be much younger than she is. That slight build hides muscles formed by wrestling with uncooperative machinery. Fair-skinned, her hair is long and black, although usually kept in a messy bun or ponytail to keep it from getting caught in something unkind. She considers her best feature to be her light blue-gray eyes. Considering her career, she keeps her clothes fun but functional. Brown leather pants clean easily and can slip through small spaces, knee high boots to tramp through grime, and whatever shirt is handy under a jacket to match the pants when she needs one--although a basic white tank top usually suits her just fine for workdays.


Psychological Profile
Given her size and face, Zasha is called 'cute' much more than she is comfortable with, and to counterbalance the way genetics made her she acts like a person twice her size and strength. She's not afraid of a fight if someone patronizes or insults her, even if she is clearly going to get her butt kicked due to sheer mass difference. She considers herself a student of life, or in other words, in the wide open universe full of backwater planets she grabs whatever books she can that seem to teach a useful skill and studies them in her spare time. When it comes to the ships she works on, she considers the engines to be her private property. This means that she will protect them with her life but she may also try a few unconventional things to keep them running the way that she thinks they should. She's also very stubborn when it comes to "her" engines--no one else can fix them like her, so no one else should touch them. She has maybe a little too much pride in her ability to fix just about any problem, but that confidence helps her get hired. Zasha doesn't want to own her own ship, as she likes being able to leave one job for new surroundings, and considers herself to be going on adventures rather than committing to any one crew. That said, she is loyal and respectful within reason, although she tends to have a smart mouth and a quick temper. She's a friendly person, when you're on her good side, but doesn't try to make close friendships because she knows sooner or later something will happen to her crewmates or she'll move on to the next job. Zasha likes to be useful, so she prefers ships with problems rather than those who run smoothly all the time, because when she's bored she either gets in trouble or quits her job for something more interesting.


Biography: Born in a small pocket of proud Russian descendants who claim to trace all of their ancestors straight back to the homeland, in a patriarchal family, large and food-centered. She was a rebel from birth, and despite the constant feeding of so-called traditional foods and constant matchmaking, she knew she was meant for better things. She always loved to tinker with mechanics, whatever was lying around whether it be in use or not. Occasionally things that blow up...and sometimes on purpose. Engines were her favorite. This, among other things (not getting married off to her second cousin being a prime reason) led her to get away from home at a young age and take whatever mechanic jobs were available. As long as the jobs weren't Alliance, as her family had a bad history with the law. Out in space, Zasha bounced from ship to ship, kicked off one and voluntarily leaving others, staying fed and entertained. The Fairstar is the most recent of these ships, and although she's been there for almost a year she hasn't felt the itch to move on yet.


Former Employers: Many Captains and many ships, can't really remember names. Most recently was Captain O'Donnell of the cargo ship "Argonaut."
Bound By Law: She's stayed one step ahead of it so far, mostly because the ships she works on don't tend to report anything and although her family is crime-ridden she left before getting involved in the business.
War Service Record: No official rank/service. General errand-and-ammo girl for her male family members in the war, but she had to shoot some Alliance to keep her family safe. Would have served on the front lines, but her family threatened to tie her up and keep her at home to miss everything.



Sidearm of Choice: Two small Makarov pistols.
Longarm of Choice: AKM assault rifle.
Other Weapons: Whatever's handy.
Other Gear: Tools for fixing and sometimes used as weapons (heavy wrenches are excellent for both), bomb materials (not in volatile forms of course), a small box of select parts that she collects and uses on the ships she works on.


So begins...

Zasha Venediktov's Story