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Leo Verner

Did Someone Say 'Vacation?'

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a character in “Take Some Time”, as played by WowDude




Age. 23.:B
Appearance.Black hair, brown eyes. Ect, ect.

Personality.I'm the master at sarcasm. I love to joke and play around. Did I mention that I love skateboarding? I don't mean to sound cliche, but skating is like 50% of my life. Also, call me Mr. Random. :)
History.I was born into this world called Main-Stream, and moved to this place called Abnormality. Pretty good place, actually. Lately, I've felt like I needed a break from my History. So this is why I'm here ^>^
Crush.None of the Above.

So begins...

Leo Verner's Story


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#, as written by WowDude
Leo .___.

Leo grinned as he sat his luggage down to observe the beautiful vacation home. This was something he'd never experienced. He picked up his things and walked into the building. He smelled the fresh scent of 'new home' and checked in.
"Guest #5, please." He said to the person behind the desk.
"Ah yes, Leo Verner, is it?" She asked.
Leo nodded. "Yes Ma'Am."
She handed him his key, "Enjoy your stay, Mr. Verner."
"Thank you," He said, with an over-the-shoulder-grin. He'd never been called 'Mr. Verner' before. That was usually his father's title. Leo was excited, but had to maintain his excitement until he got a peak of his room. "Let's see.." He said, as he looked at all of the room names. Was he lost already? Leo search for his room down countless of hallways, and then became frustrated. He sighed. He couldn't even find his room.. "Great going.." He murmured to himself as he stood in the hallways.