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Sabine Rhodes


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a character in “Take Some Time”, as played by Grrbot



Full Name: Sabine Mia Rhodes "Thats my name!"

Nickname: Sabie "Thats the only one I allow people to call me other than my name."

Age: 20 "I'm not that young..."

Birthdate: October 3rd "My favorite month of the year!!"

What room are you staying in: Room #2 "Elizabeth & Darcy."

Where are you from: Canada "Canadian, Eh?"


Physical appearance: Sabine has a couple tattoos... One is 3 birds on her wrist to signify her parents and little brother, Another is a heart and peace sign on her left index finger. She has her ears pierced and she was thinking of getting a cartilage piercing on her left ear and maybe a nose ring... Sabine has many freckles and birthmarks.... Sabine stands at 4'6" and weighs around 103 pounds. She has long dark hair that is usually wavy... Her eyebrows are thin and defined and her nose lips are plump, usually a pale pink... Her skin is soft and a pale olive. She is known to often look sad or worried, even if she doesn't feel that way... She has a sort of mysterious quality about her. "I'm not pretty."

Personality: Sabine is a pretty quiet girl... She is shy and silent and likes to be in the back of the group... She tends to daze off but she is highly intelligent... She doesn't make friends easily and gives off a child like first impression.. She is rather small too so many mistake her for a 14 year old instead of a 20 year old... Which sometimes can come to her advantage... She can easily trick people and she is pretty deceiving... When she is alone or in company of friends, she can act pretty differently.... Sometimes she'll be hyper and excitable or she'll be quite, hanging in the back of the group. She also has pretty low self esteem and struggled with depression a couple years after high school.

Sabine is patient and thoughtful... She is independent and likes to help others with problems... She is a good listener but she isn't good at comforting others... Shes clumsy and tends to mess up situations. Sabine would much prefer to read a book alone then hang out with others... Shes pretty silent too so she can sneak up on others... She tends to be kind of quiet to others but if you get on her good side she'll open up... She is actually pretty fun when she is around people she loves... But she builds up walls so people won't hurt her... She is fragile inside and she doesn't want to get hurt so she never lets anyone love her.... "I can't give you the love you need."

  • Dying "I'm too young... I've barely lived."
  • Close Spaces "Oh god never lock me in a closet."
  • Heights "No thanks!"

Favorite food: Home made Mac N' Cheese "Mom makes the best Mac N' Cheese!"

Favorite Colour: Orange "Like the sunset..."

History: Sabine was born to Mary and Zachary Rhodes... Her father was a successful doctor and her mother a nurse... Her parents met at the hospital to which she was born at... Sabine was a quiet child... She didn't speak her first word until she was 6... The doctors feared she may be mute but Sabine just never had anything to say.. She preferred to sit back and let everyone else do the talking, even when she didn't exactly agree with what they said... Sabine has always been low on self esteem... Kids would pick on her since she rarely talked and she got bullied a lot and had barely any friends... Sabine also had low grades from her lack of talking... Teachers eventually gave up and never asked her a question.... Which Sabine didn't mind... She hated the attention when people tried to persuade her to talk, with the whole class staring at her... She has hated crowds ever since and she will refuse if you try and push her.

Sabine had a couple admirers but they soon gave up when they realized Sabine would never love them back... Her low self esteem led her to believe that they'd dump her like garbage on the side of the road so she built up walls so people couldn't get to her... It got easier in junior high and high school... She talked more and people began to lay off and she had a couple friends... She felt herself around them..... There were the odd nut jobs though that bullied her all throughout elementary to High School. Sabine held the walls though so they didn't bother her that much.

Sabine had pretty average grades in high school... She felt kind of invisible though... She has thought about suicide and self harm in the past but has never driven herself to those extents... Sabine started to tutor in her last year of high school... She mainly helped others in her grade who fell behind.... There was this one boy who she tutored who was really kind.... They started to date 2 months after they met and all seemed to be going well until summer after graduation she found out he had cheated on her... Sabine fell into a dark spiral downwards for a couple months.... She was depressed and her walls were broken... She felt embarrassed that she let him in so soon only for her walls to come crumbling down... She found some hobbies though and kept herself occupied but she has never been with anyone since... She is too scared to lose herself..... She is afraid to fall in love only to get her heart broken again.... Her parents finally convinced her to sign up for the getaway... They were concerned for her and thought maybe this would be good for her. "Lets not talk about it."

  • She Sleepwalks. "I don't remember falling asleep in the kitchen..."
  • She loves Spatulas... Its like an obsession. "Shut up I'm not weird."

So begins...

Sabine Rhodes's Story