Caine "Statix" Taylor

"I'll call you...Freak."

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{Caine Taylor]


Statix, Sparky

"Don't you ever call me Sparky."


"It doesn't really matter."


"So what?"


"I'm not interested."

Love Interest:
It's a secret

"Didn't you just hear me? I can't stand anybody. Bugger off."

Statix has the ability to control and manipulate electricity. His lightning bolts are more of a blue color than what a normal lightning bolt would be. He can project it from his hands or his eyes, but unless he's totally unstable, he'd rather it be from his hands. He can control how lethal the shocks are--being able to range between a small static shock to a deadly lightning bolt. Once an electrical bolt leaves his hands, he can't control what happens to it. It'll remain in the same direction he shot it, going at the speeds of light, but if someone lucky enough were to move fast enough out of the way, he wouldn't be able to make it hit them; it would just keep going until it either hit something or fizzled out, usually the latter.

Sometimes, he has a tendency to get out of control. When Statix gets this way, he finds it even harder to control his powers. The electricity runs through his veins--it's inside him (he can even drink battery acid as an energy drink). So when he gets angry or desperate, and if there are enough clouds in the sky, he can bring down a storm of lightning bolts. He can't control where they hit--they fly out randomly--and only three to five hit at a time. The lightning bolts are nearly deadly, though, so it's best to try and avoid them. He tries hard to stabilize his mood, though, so that this doesn't happen. Even he can get hit by one of these bolts. They won't be as lethal, but they're enough to knock him out for a while.

"Shocking, isn't it?"

Statix's powers haven't really been updated all that much. The only notable thing he's taken notice to is his rate of recharge. He recharges after an outburst a lot quicker than before and his own hits don't hurt as much. It's true that since he conducts electricity, it can't hurt him, but sometimes he gets ahead of himself and when he gets hit with his own electricity, it can sting quite a bit or even, as mentioned above, knock him out. Now it doesn't hurt nearly as much. Still, a well-placed lightning bolt over his head could probably knock him out just the same.

"I'll always be better."

Statix likes games. He finds everything amusing, although he doesn't seem like it, and views the people--the players--as pathetic role-holders. He thinks all people are born with a chance to be something big, something great, something impressionable, and that they all waste it, one by one, as they die a miserable, lonely death. He hates them for it and it makes him physically sick to his stomach to see someone wasting their life away. He's not exactly an optimist, but he believes in living every minute of your life to the fullest. He hates wasting time. Although he thinks everything's a game, doesn't mean he likes to sit around and play it. When he wants something done, he doesn't wait for somebody else to do it for him, he goes out and gets it done.

He has a bit of a superiority-complex. He's also a little obsessed with power. He likes to be on top and whenever there's others like him, he likes to take their egos and smash them into the ground like the ants they are. Statix thinks he's smarter than others, more cunning than others, and therefore deserve more than others. He's very possessive--especially when he's going for something he wants, even if it means stepping into a dangerous situation. Danger excites him.

Statix is a controlling psychopath who wouldn't be afraid to do all it'd take to get what he wants. If someone's standing in his way, he wouldn't hesitate to kill them. He learned a long time ago that courtesy gets you nowhere in the world. If this is a game, he wants to be the winner. No, he will be the winner; no ifs, ands, or buts about it. He holds no attachment towards others because becoming attached only means pain in the end. He'd rather rely on hate and resentment. It's much easier to kill someone you hate than someone you love. There's only one exception to this rule of his and he's in strong denial of that. He refuses to think about that...minor error until the time comes that he has no other choice but to think about it.

He can usually be perceived as a calm and stoic person, able to keep his emotions in check. On rare occasions, if provoked into it, Statix may lose his temper. Or if something's not exactly going his way, he might have a bit of a tantrum, but these things pass quickly and he will easily recollect himself. He doesn't believe in following orders from others and will always take control of the situation--especially a chaotic one. He is the peace in chaos and the calm in confusion.

"I will win this game. Me and me alone."

Statix is the neat and clean type of person. He doesn't care too overly much about his appearance, but he cares enough to keep himself looking at least presentable. He prefers simple colors, usually lights to match his hair and complexion (no, he doesn't find this feminine in the least). His style consists of things that are relaxed or semi-formal. Button-down collared shirts are the usual, most often the color white or a light tan or light blue. It's always kept un-tucked and even sometimes wrinkled. As for pants, he prefers black khakis. More often than not, he can even be seen with a light blue tie, oddly enough. It's just what he's used to and what feels most comfortable to him.

"My style shouldn't concern you."

Physical Scars:
-He has a few burn marks over his shoulders from when he got electrocuted by his own lightning bolt.

-Other than that, he has a few scars here and there, but nothing real big or real noticeable.

"Pain is ignorable."

Mental Scars:
Statix wasn't too horribly effected by Timeless mentally. He has the typical dosage of insomnia, but even that doesn't bother him so much that he has to take pills or can't think clearly. It's not even every night. It's just most nights. There are two more notable things that hit his mind after the Timeless incident, however.

The first thing is his stable temper. Before, he was able to control is pretty well, but now he finds it even harder to keep his temper in check. He's constantly thinking and because of it, his hands have a tendency to shake sometimes, frustrating him. One moment, he might be sitting calmly in a diner by himself, sipping on hot tea, and the next moment, he'll see his hand shaking, get aggravated, and blow all the lights out of the building before storming out. But he can control it. Really. It just takes a lot.

The second thing is his memory. He's been stricken with a bit of amnesia. It's not so bad. He knows what Timeless is and who all the originals are. The worst thing about it is that Statix can't remember much of things before Timeless. The energy he used on the device and the knock to the head he got so soon afterwards managed to toss a few memories out of him. He remembers what his best friend did and what he did to his best friend for it, but he can't remember the face of him, his sister, or either of his parents. He can't remember if he had both parents, or if he was adopted, or if they were divorced--nothing about them. It freaks him out beyond belief. Because of this, he can be easily confused sometimes when meeting new people. It's because he's trying to figure out if he knows them or not. He's aware of his amnesia.

"I-I know what's going on. Just shut up."

Unique Fear:
Statix has a fear of water. It's the only thing that he knows of that's been able to completely wipe out his powers. He has nightmares about it, even, and he has extreme hydrophobia. He'd avoid taking showers if he could--but he's not that bad. Yet. Afterwards, though, he can't use his powers for a good hour. Whenever he gets wet, he suffers shocks and twitches until he gets dry. Like mentioned before, the electricity courses through him.

There's also another unique fear he's seemed to of developed, but that's a bit of a secret for now.

"Water and electricity don't mix well."

Statix views the world as he does anything else: one, big, complex game. The people are the players. He finds people-watching amusing and depressing all at the same time. They have no idea about their role in the game or what move may be made for them next. He doesn't like people very much, though, and would prefer to avoid them, staying in his own little world for the time being. If he thought it might better him, he would interact with people, though.

The world views him as a suspicious danger to society. He confuses them, though. The people know he's one of those power-induced government escapees, but he can easily facade them into believing he's just an average teenager (although he should be a middle aged adult) with no desire to bring harm to them at all. Unless, of course, they give him reason to. His temper tends to throw them back into fear though.

"All idiots. Stupid, careless, ignorant idiots."

Reivy: Of all the people from Timeless that Statix hates, Rei would have to be the one he hates the most. Rei absolutely irritates him and the other boy is just one sly remark away from getting himself electrocuted to death.
"So help me..."

Cyrus: Useful, but stupid. Statix doesn't really care for him, but any acknowledgement he shows towards Cyrus is just because he enjoys his powers. He thinks the powers are wasted on an idiot like him, though, and resents him for it.
"Oh, right. Psycho and his Sane-o."

Katie: Next to Rei, Statix hates Katie the most. She's nothing more than an annoying traitor to him. She was the only one he trusted enough to actually pass on his powers and secrets to, but she betrayed him and he will never forgive her for that. Still, there's something--
"There's nothing. I hate that traitorous bitch."

Nikolas: He doesn't think much of Nik. Statix just thinks Nik is pathetic and weak and he couldn't care less what happens to him in the end.
"An idiot, like the rest of them."

Statix lived a life of poverty. His parents were drunks and he viewed them both as idiots. They were rarely home and when they were, they were always shouting and cursing at each other for one thing or another; she cheated on him, he spent her paycheck on booze and stripper money. He never liked listening to them, so he learned to shut out their noise. When he was younger and he would cry over their shouting, it would only earn him a good smack in the face or a bloodied nose, so he quickly learned holding his emotions in was safer than letting them out.

He and his younger sister of two years, Daisy, learned to rely on each other. They had their sibling arguments here and there, but for the most part, they loved each other and stuck to each most of the time. Both of them had friends, but Statix's best friend was a boy named Niko. Niko lived with two really kind, caring parents that spoiled him to death. They never minded when Statix and Daisy spent their days at their house, eating meals with them, and sometimes even staying the night when their parents were feeling particularly obnoxious. The three were close. Niko was the only one Statix could be himself around and express some of his emotions to, vice-versa. One time, Niko even told Statix that he had a crush on Daisy and Statix was happy.

When Timeless happened and their worlds were thrown into chaos, they all freaked out in their own ways. Niko didn't know what to do without his parents. The three tried sticking together as long as they could. Niko would go out every day searching for the parents he knew he would never find, almost to the point where he became hysterical. He was the first one to join a gang--the Thorns--who promised they would help him find his parents. He was the first to leave the group. The next one to join a gang was Daisy. She was the first of the three to get powers as well. The Fangs saw her as a wonderful asset and convinced her to join with the promise that they would always keep her safe. She tried to convince Statix to join, but he refused for too long and he was eventually forced to join the Shanks against his will. They promised they wouldn't kill him if he joined them.

The three hardly saw each other after that. In fact, it was a few years later, about four years in real-world time, that the three finally met each other during a territory war over the East. The chaos had done a number on Niko, breaking him down and making him more than a little insane. Daisy had grown cold and distant and void of emotions. Way different than Statix could remember his cheery little sister being. He tried his hardest to convince them all to run away and be their own team and protect each other, but it was too late. They were too far gone. Niko was too unstable and his powers were effecting him negatively, making him sick. He knew he was going to die soon and, in his mental instability, he killed Daisy. Statix was so shocked and furious, he electrocuted Niko to death, his best friend, for killing his sister. After that, he changed. He became colder and less caring for others. He began caring only for himself and detached himself from relations with others. He became who he is today.

"I can't remember..."

Theme Song:
The Classic Crime - Happy Nihilist
"I am a happy nihilist, No absolute truth does exist, When I decide to shake my fist, I only got myself to blame, cause we're all players and life's the game~"

Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care
"I dont care what you think, As long as its about me, The best of us can find happiness, In misery~

The Wanted - Lightning
"Now I know, The chase is on, I feel as though, My time has come~"

Because both of his parents were from England, he does happen to have a hint of a British accent. It comes out more fluently when he's angry, but it's still noticeable in his casual speech.


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