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Cyrus Zervais

"I want to stay with you."

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a character in “Taken for Granted”, as played by Black


Cyrus Zervais

Psycho, Cy




Love Interest
Reivy Soren

Mental Projection ~ Cyrus has the power to create copies of people by using a single emotion. These copies are just illusions and will disappear after a single hit, however they maintain the powers of the original as well as any item/clothing they have. Because they are made by singling out an emotion, they do not have the same personality as the original. For example, if the emotion of sadness is used, the copy will constantly be depressed or crying for as long as it remains. Cyrus is also able to create copies of himself, though his powers aren’t very controlled in the sense that copies might appear at random times. Cyrus’ powers have also gave way to a stronger, different copy of the boy himself. This person is named Ghost, he does not have the same personality as Cyrus and is different in appearance too. He looks identical to Cyrus in every way apart from his hair is black, his eyes are red and his skin holds a greyish tone to it. This copy can withstand a lot of attacks but unlike the others it cannot use Cyrus’ powers. Any other copy of Cyrus can also not use the boy’s powers.

In addition to this, but unknown to most, Cyrus is able to control the emotions of others. He can either enhance or dull-down a particular emotion a person is feeling. For example, if a person was extremely angry, Cyrus is able to dull-down the anger and replace it with pure happiness. The levels of these emotions do not have much control; Cyrus cannot make a person slightly happy, they are made ecstatic. Also, if an emotion is dulled down, another must be enhanced to replace the original and vice-versa. It is extremely rare for Cyrus to ever use this power, mainly because the boy does not think when using his own powers; many instances are done subconsciously or not at all. All of Cyrus' powers revolve around the manipulation of emotions; he can sense emotions in people by more than just outward appearances.

During Cyrus’ time in the labs, they made a few… changes to the boy. His powers no longer need emotions to work, instead a full copy of someone can be created at will. This copy will have exactly the same personality, powers and appearance of the original. In short, Cyrus no longer needs to single out an emotion from a person to create a copy. Ghost is also able to use this power, but Cyrus cannot create any more copies of him apart from subconsciously creating Ghost. The copies (with the exception of Ghost) remain rather weak but slightly more durable than before; they cannot take masses of attacks but they do not disappear after a single hit anymore. His control over emotions has also changed but only slightly. The levels are now more controllable, a person doesn't have to be a manic depressive if Cyrus was to make them sad. Still the boy does not really use these part of his powers, mainly because he has difficulty controlling his own emotions. Ghost is also able to control emotions of people, but not those of Cyrus. Both powers are weaker when used by Ghost, purely because he is a mere copy created subconsciously by Cyrus.

Cyrus is one of the most complex people you could ever meet. Whilst he seems like a very simple minded cry-baby, his mind is actually a lot more complex than any other humans. He is unable the control the mass of emotions which pulse through him, as well as his sensitivity to the emotions of others. He used to be a very different person all together, it was only when he gained his powers and felt the intense feelings of others, when his mind began to collapse. Cyrus used to be a rather dominant young teen, he was ruthless and nasty to any who opposed him. Without showing mercy, Cyrus would fight to the death with his opponents, only once giving in when his team mate's life was at stake. One could not imagine that the same broken-down boy they see today was the old leader of the Fangs. A cold-hearted male who lead his gang into dominating the North Side of Timeless when it first started. He was a natural born leader and a person who considered their gang family, perhaps Cyrus originally had a strong hate for his past life but such things were lost when Cyrus became a new person.

ImageA few months after Timeless began, Cyrus' powers were dominating his life. The weight of the emotions he felt from other people, as well as a side effect of using his powers, slowly collapsed his mind until he was nothing more than a pathetic child. Cyrus can no longer think things through, he acts purely on impulses. Strangely he reacts to the emotions of those around him, if someone is upset then he will be too. That isn't uncommon for a human, but Cyrus take it to new and extreme levels. He will not just frown, he will burst out into tears and immediately run towards the one feeling upset, making them forget all about their misery and concentrate on Cyrus'. One could say that this is extremely selfish and an act of attention seeking done by Cyrus, however it is not. If it is then Cyrus doesn't know anything about it and cannot help the way he feels. Most of the time he will begin to cry over little (or big) things. A lot of things scare him and he relies too much upon others (especially Rei) to help him. It is thought that Cyrus only survived by latching onto others or even out of self pity that the other gangs could not find it in their hearts to hurt such an innocent child. Not that Rei would allow that. Rei is like a big brother to Cyrus, always looking out for the blonde and putting him before himself. Though Cyrus does not know it, the two of them share a very special and unique bond. One which others can clearly see; Cyrus becomes a little confused at people's reactions to him and Rei. It is probably impossible for Cyrus to ever actually 'love' someone because he cannot entirely experience that emotion; he does not experience any emotions and acts only on the impulses and 'primitive responses' of a five year old child. One reoccurring and defined emotion Cyrus does feel is loneliness, thus he subconsciously created a person named Ghost.

Ghost appears whenever the boy is feeling lonely, upset, afraid or when he is in danger. It is rare for Ghost to appear at any other times, but it has been known to happen, especially recently now that they are outside of Timeless. Ghost is a lot more saner than his original, it portrays an exact personality of how Cyrus used to be like, back when he had his mind in check. Ghost seemingly hates Rei, however this is merely a defensive emotion because he cares a lot about Cyrus and does not wish for the boy to be hurt. Recently though he has begun to be more accepting to the relationship both of them have, however that does not mean he will not appear randomly to keep an eye on the pair. If there is one person Ghost hates, it is Statix. Whilst Statix scares Cyrus, he annoys Ghost to no end. His arrogant and cold demeanour is something left to be desired by anyone. Also Statix seemingly has something against Cyrus which Ghost will just not stand for.

It is extremely rare for Cyrus to wear dark or dull colours. He is always seen in bright and colours which could be described as 'full-of-life'. This usually includes; light blue, green, pink, purple, orange, yellow and -- of course -- white. Sometimes he may go for a darker blue but never navy or anything past royal blue. Cyrus has a thing for soft clothes, thus he always wears a hooded jacket, lined with a soft fluff inside. This hooded jacket is snow white in colour and is sometimes accompanied by another brightly coloured jacket over the top. Because his jacket is rather warm, Cyrus does not bother wearing a shirt underneath it. Timeless was never warm so he hardly ever took off his jacket and replaced it with a t-shirt. The white jacket was always a little too big for Cyrus too, the sleeves would cover his entire hands if held down by his sides. On his bottom half, Cyrus tends to wear bright blue jeans or occasionally brown ones (despite his dislike for dull colours). Along with this, a certain item hangs loosely around his neck. Because of the baggy jumpers Cyrus would wear, no one could ever see the rope of the necklace nor the pendant attached; Cyrus had even forgotten about it. The necklace dates back to a time before Timeless, it holds significant value to the boy, even though he cannot remember what. Ghost wears exactly the same thing as Cyrus is currently wearing, he mimics the boy in every way apart from hair colour, skin colour and eye colour. If Cyrus was to obtain an injury, Ghost will also have the same wound.

Now, during the summer-time and other hot days of the year, Cyrus swaps his warm jumper for a plain white t-shirt or other brightly coloured items of clothing. If Cyrus is seen in one of these shirts, the necklace around his neck becomes visible and so does a certain scar...

Physical Scars
A large scar running down his chest. It is unknown how Cyrus received this scar and no one even knows it exists as it is always covered up by his jumper. However when he wears shirts during the summer, the top of it can be seen clearly. It seems to be a blade wound, the scar is three inches in diameter and seven in length, covering most of Cyrus' bare chest. If one was to question the boy about this scar, he would not have a clue how to reply as he does not remember how it happened. Unfortunately, Cyrus suffered another large wound during the time when the shield and all of Timeless began glitching. Whilst an enemy (namely Nikolas) was exploding a nearby car. Bits of metal sprayed everywhere and a single shard lodged itself in the boy's shoulder. It was quickly removed by Ghost, however the wound was rather deep and scarred as it healed. Apart from these, Cyrus has a few minor scars and bruises here and there but he remains almost injury free because of Rei and the others protecting him throughout Timeless.

Mental Scars
As stated in the personality section, Cyrus has changed a lot since first being dragged into Timeless. His entire personality, mind and how he views people has changed. He is a child stuck inside a teen's body now. Apart from the major changes he underwent, since leaving Timeless Cyrus has become increasingly paranoid about everyone around him. He believes that they might attack him at any second, because of this he cannot leave the side of Rei or Ghost. He also suffers from a slight case of Schizophrenia, the emotions of others take on voices inside of his head. The voices do not have an identity or a defined voice but they will cry, laugh or shout about random things inside Cyrus' mind. One might view it as reading the minds of others around him, however it is rare for the voices to actually sound coherent and say words. They will usually just make sounds, sounds which scare Cyrus a lot. The boy also finds it hard to sleep due to the voices/sounds which buzz around in his head, also strengthened by the fear of being attacked at any time. Nowhere is safe for the poor boy, his mind is never at rest. Sometimes, on the rare occasions, he will be able to sleep but he needs someone he trust deeply (like Rei) by his side.

Unique Fear
Death. Of course every human is afraid of death, no one wishes to die but Cyrus takes it to an all new -- extreme level. He will freeze up and refuse to take another step forward if he feels his life is in danger in any way. If he sees someone with a weapon of any sort, even if it is just a fork being used to eat lunch, Cyrus will freak out and run to the nearest safe place (which is usually behind someone he trusts). Animals, no matter how dangerous (or deadly), are things which Cyrus can never be scared of, even if someone tells him that the giant dog growling at him will rip his head off.

A freak. A complete and utter insane freak. No one understand Cyrus and he is outcast from the world around him. Cyrus does not have anything against the world (not that he gives it much thought) but he does avoid most people. They return the favour. A few times, people have contacted the police and scientists from hospitals for the clinically insane, and have tried to take Cyrus away. It is still common for people to take too much of an interest in the mentally unstable boy and emit him to various doctors and psychiatrists. Cyrus is a boy who could never survive on the real world, unless he was locked away in his own specially home -- that's what the world thinks at least.

Rei: Cyrus considers Rei to be his older brother. He has convinced himself that they are true family, no longer friends in anyway and purely family. The boy cares a lot for Rei just as he does for Cyrus. However Cyrus has a hard time showing Rei just how much he cares, he really does want to repay the favours to Rei but he just doesn't know how. Deep, deep, down Cyrus is probably madly in love with Rei, he just cannot portray the emotion of love. Cyrus is not the same as he once was and thus their relationship could never be normal. Ghost views Rei as someone who is needed, someone who he can count on to protect Cyrus when he isn't around. Despite that, he seems somewhat wary of Rei and acts like he hates the boy when in reality he is truly grateful (not that he would ever admit it).

Nikolas: Who Cyrus refers to as Mr Thorn. It is rather hard to tell what Cyrus really think of Nikolas. He seems to take a liking to him and has never once fought against Nikolas. The boy holds a polite nature towards even his opponents, he will help them if they need help. This is just how Cyrus is to Nik, even helping him and saving his life when a building was about to fall on him. Ghost however does not like Nikolas, purely because he was never on the Fang's side. He doesn't seem to make nasty comments about Nik though and remains a little indifferent to his existence. He has never hurt Cyrus and thus does not quite fit into Ghost's bad books.

Caine: Cyrus is terrified of this person, mainly because of the amount of times he has hurt Rei and tried to hurt Cyrus. Apart from this, Cyrus does not think that much about Statix, viewing him as a 'bad guy' like those in comic books or cartoons. No surprise saying that Ghost hates Statix, an awful lot. He could not hate that guy more. This is because of the same reason why Cyrus is scared of him. If Ghost was able to kill Statix then he would have done it a long time ago and not regretted a single second of it. He hates the fact that Statix calls Cyrus 'Psycho' and even insults himself; despite this though, Ghost is grateful for Statix getting them out of Timeless.

Katie: To begin with, Cyrus really disliked Katie because of what she did to Rei (shooting him) but now he views her the same as everyone else, with no defining qualities. Ghost hates her, just a little less than he does Statix; she switched sides too many times to be trusted.

To Be Revealed.

Theme Song
Blue October ~ For My Brother


So begins...

Cyrus Zervais's Story


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#, as written by Black
Cyrus Zervais

“It's over, Cyrus! It's all over!”

Cyrus returned Rei’s happiness with a smile, blinking a few times when Rei gently titled his face up to allow the two of them to stare into each other’s eyes. Cyrus raised an arm to wipe away the tears clinging to his face when Rei’s lips softly locked with his in a kiss. A strange feeling, one which Cyrus had not experienced before but it made him happy. Though it was shortly lived before Rei was pulled away and a flash of electricity forced its way through the boy in front. Cyrus opened his mouth to scream but it was too late; a large amount of electrical current raced through his body. Cyrus fell to the floor unconscious, the last thing he saw was a group of people in suits standing around them, watching them until every last survivor was down.

They worked so hard to be free and now they had to pay the price.


The blonde opened his eyes momentarily, seeing what looked to be Ghost standing in front of him, leaning down and staring at the boy. It was only for a split second though as Cyrus quickly drifted back into the realm of unconsciousness. Something didn’t feel right though, perhaps it was the coldness of the floor at his touch, or perhaps it was the voice of Ghost in such a distressed state; none of that mattered now, he could not find the strength to stay awake.


Again it came, though the time between the two shouts was unknown. It could have been hours, days or weeks. The blonde slowly opened his eyes, catching a glance at the face of Ghost in front, the frightened and desperate look of his double. Cyrus managed to notice a few unknown figures standing just behind Ghost; men and women dressed in white lab coats and wielding something shiny in their hands. Within a flash the needle was plunged into Cyrus’ neck; everything blurred into one and the blonde’s head fell back onto the cold floor.

Cyrus awoke this time to the sound of alarms and people rushing down hallways. His eyes snapped open, his mind still slightly groggy with the sleeping drug still in his system. The first thing he noticed was the bars in front, melted and deformed, leaving a clear exit. The next thing was his surroundings, the chrome walls and cells which were adjacent to his own, also with the bars melted. Slowly Cyrus lifted his head and body from the floor, attempting to bring a hand to his head but the restrains on his wrist limited most movement. Cyrus could do nothing but crawl back and lean against the wall, confused and scared but what was going on. They were free, they earned their freedom from Timeless, so why now were they locked up in a prison? Cyrus began to sob, pulling his knees up to his chest and burying his head in them.

“Ghost?” Cyrus wailed, hoping that the other was okay. His sobbing ceased for a moment as he realized something else; Rei wasn’t here. “Rei?!” Cyrus yelled out, lifting his head up and hoping to see the other in front of him. Nothing. The blonde burst out into tears, shoving his head back between his legs. He was alone, all alone with no one to protect him. The thought of it made Cyrus shake from fear, he began hyperventilating; ragged and sharp breaths taken -- he was going to die, die here alone.

“ Cyrus! Get up, now. Hurry.” The voice sounded like Rei’s but the blonde knew that was impossible. Rei was not here to save him this time, no one was here. All alone. “Cyrus?” Cyrus managed to muster the courage to lift his head up and to his surprise he found Rei standing there. The blonde immediately tried running towards the other but only managed to get half way before the restrains grounded him. Cyrus wailed at the grazes on his hands and knees now, a small amount of blood staining through his clothes. He felt himself being helped up by someone, though the person he turned around to greet was not Rei, but Ghost. The clone brushed his original down, sighing under his breath as he noticed the small wounds on Cyrus. He couldn’t do nothing about them now so he turned his attention on Rei, placing both hands on his hips and narrowing his eyes at the other.

“Took you long enough,” Ghost snarled. “I don’t suppose you know what’s going on?” he glanced around and noticed the deformed bars. Seeing this made Ghost’s expression soften just slightly, a smile present on his face as he turned back to Rei. “Well then,” Ghost paused as he glanced beside him at the crying blonde. “I give you permission to get these restrains off Cyrus,” Ghost smirked a little, though he meant nothing bad by it, it was more of a friendly smirk. “Then we need to get out of here before those scientists return.” Suddenly Ghost tensed up as he heard footsteps, he moved to the side to grab Cyrus but stopped when he noticed it was just Nikolas. He regarded the other with a confused look, it was possible that everyone was brought here when they escaped Timeless but the thought never occurred to Ghost. He had not witnessed what happened, only appeared to Cyrus as the boy attempted to regain consciousness in the cell.

“Looks like everyone is here apart from Statix,” Ghost said as he glanced back over to Rei. “Release Cyrus and let's get out of here.”


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#, as written by Black
Cyrus Zervais

Ghost removed the hands from his hips and tapped his foot impatiently, waiting for Rei to get his ass over to Cyrus and remove the restraint on his ankle. The thing was chained to the wall, most likely because the blonde would move around a lot in his cell, especially in the hope of escaping. Rei nodded and strode over to them, giving a short lived smile to Cyrus. Ghost stepped away from them both, however he kept close and continued to glare at Rei. He was cautious to say the least, he couldn’t quite trust Rei not to use that acid power of his to harm Cyrus -- if it worked on human skin that was. Come to think of it, it probably didn’t since it never harmed Rei’s palms. Knowing this didn’t make Ghost any less weary though, Rei could still harm Cyrus in other ways. The boy was fragile, he could not defend for himself -- not consciously anyway.

The acid quickly ate away the metal band at Cyrus’ ankle and Rei stood up, pushing Cyrus forward and away from Ghost. The copy glared at both of them, catching up and pushing past Rei to get to Cyrus. The blonde whimpered a little when his hand was grabbed by Ghost and yanked backwards away from Rei. The other didn’t seem to care too much as he was busy searching for a way out. Ghost made no effort to give him a hand, he was all too busy checking the mark which the metal band left around Cyrus’ ankle. Apart from being a bit sore and red, there was no damage from the acid.

“That's our best best,” Rei announced to them, stepping over to Nikolas and examining the binding around his hands. It wasn’t the same as what Cyrus had; Nik’s wrists were tied with a rubber band, or something similar. “Don't move,” Rei ordered, using his acid to burn through the restraints. He shoved past Nikolas without another word and continued on to the large wooden door. Rei motioned for the rest of them to follow, which they did. The door was carefully opened and Rei stepped inside, Ghost remained behind with Cyrus until instructed to do so otherwise. He hated to admit it but Rei was probably their best bet for getting out of here; there was not much Ghost could do without risking Cyrus’ own life.

Seeing that Rei still didn’t return, Ghost lead Cyrus through the doorway, only to be met with a large shove back through. Ghost growled under his breath, however he dared not to say anything as the voices of scientists could be heard through the doorway. He couldn’t exactly hear what they were saying, but he knew they were saying something. Probably to do with them escaping. If so then they didn’t have much time before they would be forced back into their cells. Rei moved back through the door, seeing as the scientists must have vanished. Ghost was apprehensive about following but a small tug from Cyrus made him also go through. The blonde broke off from his copy and ran towards Rei, stopping a few feet away from him. Ghost quickly caught up and scowled at the boy.

“I don't really care what you three do, but I'm going this way,” Rei ceased his walking and turned around to give them each a look which said ‘dare to defy me’. Ghost returned his look with a harsh glare and a scoff. If that was the way he was going to be then they didn’t need him, they could find their own way out. Rei took one more step forward before turning around and walking back to Cyrus. “And so are you,” he murmured, pulling the blonde along with him.

“Hey!” Ghost growled out, yelling a little louder than he originally intended.

“Don't cry, don't shout, and don't do anything stupid to get us caught. Okay?” Rei seemed to ignore him, continuing to speak to Cyrus. The boy nodded sheepishly and clung closer to Rei. The boy let out a huff but continued walking. Ghost stared at them for a moment, before looking back to Nikolas. He opened his mouth to say something but quickly closed it and run down the hallway towards Rei and Cyrus. He didn’t bother to yank the blonde away, he merely hung a few steps behind; following them all the same.

“Stupid Rei, thinks he can order around Cyrus.” Ghost grumbled under his breath, his gaze lowered to the floor. “Just because Cyrus likes him.” he folded his arms and glared defiantly at his feet. Despite Ghost’s angry views on Rei, he did nothing at all to stop Cyrus from clinging onto him.


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#, as written by Black
Cyrus Zervais

“Come on, we have to hurry,” Nikolas told Ghost. A few words which the copy had to agree with. They hadn’t the time for petty feuds between each other. They had to escape. He glanced sideways at Nikolas and nodded before following Rei and Cyrus, Nikolas following a few steps behind.

They continued to walk for a little while, it seemed to be that no one knew the way out. Ghost would have opened his mouth to protest -- and possibly tease -- the fact that they were getting no where. He didn’t though because that would mean that they would tell him to lead the way. Ghost would just get them all lost more. He never was good with directions, neither was Cyrus for that matter. Speaking of which, the boy had let go of Rei now and was dawdling just behind him. He could sense that the other was nervous and scared but at the same time annoyed at the fact that he was leading. Being hyper-sensitive to emotions, Cyrus knew all of what Rei was feeling but he could do nothing to help. He hadn’t the stable mind to put himself forward as leader; Ghost didn’t seem to want to lead and Nikolas seemed a little jittery. So Rei was the most sane choice at this moment.

Rei said something under his breath with no one seemed to catch. Nikolas also muttered something, but that was incoherent. It seemed as if that Ghost and Cyrus were the sanest people there now and that was saying something. They halted at an intersection, looking both ways before continuing right. Another intersection and Rei was beginning to loose it. Cyrus took a step back giving the guy some room to breath. He backed into Ghost who wrapped his arms around Cyrus from behind. The two of them were the same height, meaning that they were both relatively short. Rei suddenly span on his heels, banging straight into an open door and falling on his ass. Ghost let out a muffled laugh as Rei tried to compose himself.

“I don't know what I'm doing!” Rei groaned out the most truthful words he ever spoke. He kicked the door shut in anger, letting a loud echo race down the halls. Ghost rolled his eyes, that would easily get the attention of the scientists here. And how right he was. Voice and footsteps could be heard from behind them. Cyrus began shivering slightly, whimpering under his breath making Ghost pull him just that little bit closer. Rei got to his feet, spinning around and narrowing his eyes at the three of them. Ghost returned the glare without a moment between. He motioned for them to follow, leading them into a storage room and shutting the door a little quieter than he did the last.

The room was cramped, as a closet would be. However they were able to move around a little between each other. All around the room were boxes of paper work and various items of stationary. Nothing which any of them needed to concern themselves with. That didn’t stop something catching Rei’s eye. He pried a document out of one of the boxes and began reading, eyes widening as the moved along the printed paper. Rei probably only read a quarter of what was on the page before sitting down on one of the boxes. He stared ahead with a blank expression, one which confused Ghost.

“You, look at this,” Rei muttered, handing over a document labelled ‘Timeless: Project Sequel.’ Ghost let out a short gasp before reading the document. Cyrus attempted to get a look at the thing but Ghost turned away from him; he didn’t need the innocent boy seeing something like this. The document was speaking about an organization’s efforts to turn the whole world into a giant Timeless.

“What is it?” Nikolas asked, glancing over Ghost’s shoulder. Usually he would push him away, but he was much too engrossed in the document to pay any attention to Nikolas. They were trying to re-create Timeless, including using their own DNA to give helpless children powers. That was probably the most intriguing part; they were using their own DNA to give more people powers. In a way Ghost wanted to know the results, but at the same time he was furious. Finally he was brought back to the real world when something slammed into the door, followed by muffled shouting.

“Rei, grab Cyrus and find another way out of here. Ghost, go with them.” Nikolas ordered, grabbing some sort of metal object from nearby. “I'll keep 'em occupied.” Ghost merely blinked at him. “It's time I use my powers again.” As if that was a good idea, who knows what the scientists had did to them. Ghost couldn’t manage anything but a nod. He glanced around at the surroundings, finding no other exit. He threw the document behind him at Rei and stepped forward to Nikolas.

“If you’re going to risk your life to ensure our escape then let me help you.” he smirked faintly, watching the door move with each bang. “It doesn’t matter if I’m hurt or killed, I’ll just come back later on.” He glanced to Nikolas and smiled. A rarity for Ghost but he couldn’t help it. “Besides, there’s no other way out of here.” He glanced behind him at Cyrus and Rei, a serious expression back on his face. “Rei… when the door opens, take Cyrus and run. Me and Nikolas will hold off the scientists, okay?” he didn’t wait for a reply before moving his gaze onto Cyrus. “Go with Rei.” The blonde silently nodded. “Don’t you dare stray away from him.” Though Ghost’s tone was harsh, you could easily pick out the compassion behind it.


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#, as written by Black
Cyrus Zervais

With just a few hard bangs, the wood of the door cracked and a scientist reached inside to unlock it. The door swung open, exploding shards of wood everywhere and causing Ghost to shield his face within his arm. When he finally glanced up, he was met with a group of six scientists; two in front with tasers, three in the back with needles and one off to the side, too worried about how they were going to pay for the door to be fixed, to engage in battle. They were outnumbered.

No one seemed to want to do anything, especially when Rei lead Cyrus out in front and towards the confused group of scientists. Without giving either side the chance to process what was going on, Rei shoved past the first two scientists and stopped in front of the three at the back who had raised their needles in some pathetic attempt to scare Rei. Finally Ghost realized what was going on and bit back the urge to storm out in front and yank Cyrus away from the maniac Rei. The stupid boy had lead Cyrus right into the fight, without even thinking of the consequences. What’s worse is that the two sides began speaking to each other in casual conversation.

“Example One, please stand still while we give you something to calm you down,” one said in a fake sympathetic tone. “You aren’t well. You are all very, very ill and need more rest.”

“How long have we been here?”

“Uh, three months. Now, please stand still.”

Ghost blinked a few times in order to process the information. Three months was a long time, any number of things could have been done to them during that time. Up ahead in the distance he saw Rei deal with the frail scientists and run off down the hallway with Cyrus. Ghost couldn’t help the small breath of relief which escaped his parted lips, however he celebrated all too soon as the two in front with tasers had already lunged towards them.

Narrowly avoiding the oncoming attack, Ghost leapt to the side and pushed one of the scientists to the floor, standing over him as he reached out to grab the taser, which Ghost kicked away with a small snicker. He glanced up swiftly to notice -- but not process -- the scientist with a needle coming straight at him. The tip brushed against his skin before the thing exploded and shredded his flesh with shards of broken glass.

“Ghost, catch up with the others. Protect Cyrus,” Nikolas shouted in a desperate tone, shoving him forward so he stumbled on the scientist at his feet. Managing to regain his balance, Ghost span quickly on his heels, just to catch the final seconds of a scientists’ head exploding and a devastated Nikolas becoming covered in blood. Forcing himself to remain quiet, Ghost sped off down the hallway in the same direction Rei had lead Cyrus.

The two burst through the doors at a speed no human could match. The night sky was there to greet them, the true sky and not the fake one they had lived under for so many years. So many stars were etched onto the black canvas above, a bright quarter full moon shone down and illuminated the fields out in front. In the distance the noise of a busy city could be heard; cars roared and angrily beeped at each other and the voices of over ten thousand people carried on the wind. All of which was blocked off by a chain-link fence.

“When’s the last time we saw night?” Rei was grinning at him, pointing high up into the sky at the glowing stars. It was almost peaceful if not for the worry which lodged itself in Cyrus’ stomach, screwing it up like a tightly done knot.

“The others will catch up,” Rei assured him, tightly embracing the blond in a hug before leading him past the gate. “Or at least Ghost will. Who cares? Look at this!” Instead of looking forward, Cyrus glanced back and swallowed the lump in his throat.

“They’ll catch up,” Rei said again, his voice still in obvious awe. “But look at this.” Cyrus finally glanced forward towards Rei, blinking a few stray tears from his eyes to gaze upon the outside world. He couldn’t remember the last time he had seen it, but he wasn’t quite enthusiastic as his friend. Cyrus nodded slowly, shuffling along until he was close enough to Rei to bury his head into the sleeve of his jacket. He didn’t want to cry in front of Rei and ruin his joy filled reunion with the real world.


The blonde squeaked as something ran into him and Rei, falling in the grass behind them. He didn’t dare to look behind him and find a scientist there ready to jab him with another needle. So he buried his head further into Rei’s shoulder and silently wished for the thing to go away.

“Just fuck off!” the person behind them shouted. Cyrus vaguely recognized the voice and managed to pry himself away from Rei to take in the blood stained and burnt Nikolas. Ignoring his devilish appearance, Cyrus lunged at him and tackled him to the floor in a hug. Tears of joy leaked from his eyes and splattered against the other’s skin until the blonde buried his head in the other’s chest.