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Reivy Soren

At the sounds of shouting and banging outside the door, Rei jumped to his feet. He cracked his knuckles and took a look at the situation, how long the door would hold before those jerk scientists would manage to get through and pummel them or capture them or slice them up or whatever it was that those scientists planned on doing. This was going to be fun, he thought with an over-eager grin. He was in just the right mood to beat down some brain-swollen losers.

"Rei, grab Cyrus and find another way out of here. Ghost, go with them." Uh, huh? "I'll keep 'em occupied." Rei glared at Nikolas. Who did he think he was, throwing orders around like that? If there wasn't another danger, he'd show the purple-haired wimp who was boss, but there wasn't time. Now wasn't the place nor the time to show his dominance. "It's time I use my powers again," Nikolas went on, earning an offended scoff from the raven-haired boy.

Rei just barely managed to catch the document Ghost tossed back at him. He looked it over, his eyes scanning to the next few pages for something he thought he saw before he gave it off to Ghost in the first place. When he spotted what he was looking for, his smirk faded away and he folded the documents up, shoving it in his jacket pocket; a faint thought in the back of his mind told him to find a change of cooler clothes as soon as he got the chance. The fight suddenly drained out of him. He didn't care what the others did anymore. “If you’re going to risk your life to ensure our escape then let me help you.” Ghost said, stepping up to take charge with Nikolas. They'd probably do better, said a passing thought in Rei's head. He shook it off. “It doesn’t matter if I’m hurt or killed, I’ll just come back later on.” Unfortunately. Yeah, that sort of thinking was normal.

While Rei was looking for another door or passageway, although he knew it was useless, he gave up by the time Ghost spoke his thoughts aloud. “Besides, there’s no other way out of here.” Rei looked back up at the two by the door with a small frown. Of course they would win this fight, no matter how many science geeks they had on the other side of that door. Nikolas could bomb the place to the ground with enough incentive to do so and Ghost and Cyrus could create any amount to outnumber them. Which left Rei to wonder what exactly his use was. “Rei… when the door opens, take Cyrus and run. Me and Nikolas will hold off the scientists, okay?” The urge to argue had washed out of him in a strange moment and he no longer had the fervor to say something against them, so he just nodded. “Go with Rei.”

The last of what Ghost was saying to Cyrus was lost to Rei, as he focused on the door with a crack through it. He thought he heard a voice on the other side say something about if that was really necessary, but he could of misheard. None of them had made an attempt to keep the scientist from reaching inside the newly formed hole in the door and unlocking it from the knob. When the door swung open, bits of wood flying here and there, Rei looked at just what type of crowd he’d have to end up running through. Surprisingly, not nearly as much as he originally thought. In fact, the outcome was almost insulting. Two scientists in front with tasers, three in the back with needles--probably some sort of sedatives, if he had to guess--and one more who didn’t seem to be doing much of anything but worrying over the expenses of the door that his co-worker burst through.

Rei rolled his eyes, but didn’t feel up to giving them his usual round-about insult over just how pitiful their group really was in comparison to them. Instead, he just grabbed Cyrus’s wrist and strode forward past Nik and Ghost. There was a short pause where neither group seemed sure of what to do, before Rei suddenly felt his confidence returning to him and the smirk spreading across his face. The brighter parts of his mind lit up out of the dark and wondered, briefly, what had come over him, but again, he brushed it off for another place and another time. Rei gave the scientists a quick, cocky wave and shoved past the first idiots with tasers, who seemed so caught off-guard they weren’t quite sure how to react. It didn’t take long for the three behind them to catch on, however, and hold up their hands as if he were some sort of wild animal that needed taming. “Example One, please stand still while we give you something to calm you down,” one said in a tone that just ticked him off. “You aren’t well. You are all very, very ill and need more rest.”

“How long have we been here?” Rei questioned, almost casually.

The scientist blinked, ignoring the ones up front around him that passed Rei and Cyrus off as a minor threat to deal with the two still in the closet. “Uh, three months.” The answer nearly shocked him, but he pushed it back. “Now, please stand still.”

Rei frowned and pushed the scientist back by the arm, avoiding the needle the best he could. The frail scientist stumbled backwards into the back of one with a stick, both of them stopping at the wall. “Okay, now we should go,” Rei mumbled back to Cyrus, pulling the blond along with him as he ran from one hallway to another. He could hear footsteps behind him, but they were faster and the footsteps eventually became a dull, confused thudding sound. And, just when he thought they would never be able to get out, he found the door.

Just like that. A door. Freedom.

Rei laughed and let go of Cyrus’s wrist, motioning for Cyrus to follow him, as he ran out the simple glass doors into freedom. Night. There were stars and a slight breeze and a quarter-full moon and...and noises everywhere. They were near something busy and the only thing keeping him from leaving the vicinity was one, simple, unguarded chain-link fence. No wires. No electricity. No nothing. Just a tall gate to signify that this building belonged to the government. Rei turned back to Cyrus with a large, maybe a little unorthodox, grin. “When’s the last time we saw night?” he asked enthusiastically, pointing to the sky like a little kid seeing a plane for the first time. He squeezed Cyrus tightly before pulling away and yanking the boy along with him. “The others will catch up,” he assured him. “Or at least Ghost will. Who cares? Look at this!” He was happy. Genuinely happy. When they walked past the gates, he realized the noises were a little further away than he realized and started walking. “They’ll catch up,” he said again, his voice still in obvious awe. “But look at this.”


“Who the hell are you?” Well. How rude. Statix made a noise of disgust as the redheaded little brat coughed blood up on his nice, white hospital-esque shirt. The scientists had dressed him and the others in these ugly white articles of clothing, pieces of which he swore to change out of the second he found something nicer. “If you had anything to do with this…” Statix opened his mouth to give out a mocking if I did? but soon found his breath catching in his throat as a rope constricted tightly around his torso. In confusion, he looked down where said rope appeared...and at the ground he was quickly moving away from. The loss of control made him suddenly nervous and electrocute himself--again--before he was falling back to the ground without any sort of support from his hands to keep his face from smacking into the ground. I will kill everything in this room. “What the hell…? What happened?!”

The lucky little worm squirmed away from him before he was able to do anything. Statix used the wall to push himself to his feet and looked at the other boy with distaste. The boy looked less triumphant, however, and more along the lines of scared and confused. The expressions confused Statix. “What the hell do you want?”

“Listen, you...” Statix trailed off, his eyes narrowing at the figure standing in the doorway.

“Hello? Um…did I interrupt something?” What now? He didn’t care who did it or how, he wanted these stupid restraints taken off--and he certainly wasn’t going to go strolling up to a scientist and ask them to do it for him. “Sorry if I did. I um…well…I snuck out of my room…and well I saw him,” the brat pointed to Statix, “come in here…so I followed…him…inside here…” It didn’t take a long assessment of the situation to know that these two were most likely in the same place as him, but he didn’t recognize either of them. This one, this redheaded foreigner, had powers. That much was obvious. What type of powers was another question altogether. Statix made a mental note to keep him in mind. He might be useful. As for this scrawny-looking shaking leaf... He’d need to figure out what he may or may not be able to do. “If you’re gonna kill me, can you hurry up?” Statix’s eyes widened just a margin, before lowering again back to his usual, blank-faced self. “I don’t like it here…I don’t want to be here…”

Statix pointedly looked the boy over in silence for half a moment as he decided whether or not he was useful. The conclusion came up less than satisfactory. The boy was small, shaky, annoying, nearly malnourished-looking, and, more than anything, weak. Statix had no room in his plans for the weak. Regardless, he still needed help out of his current predicament, so he put on some of his better acting skills. A smile forced itself to his face. “Yeah, listen. Don’t you worry your little head about that,” he started in the most reassuring voice he could muster, strolling over to the shorter boy. “You won’t need to be here any longer. You won’t even need to die.” He turned and showed the boy the mechanism over his hands. “I can assure you both of that if you’d kindly do me the favor of removing this incessant device from my hands. It’s starting to hurt.”


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Nikolas Ze

Nikolas blinked when Ghost joined him, though it made sense, especially when the creation reminded them all that he couldn't really be killed. No, he'll only disappear if Cyrus dies... And I won't let that happen, Nikolas thought. He grit his teeth and was about to get ready to blow the door up, hopefully getting rid of the scientists and that little problem, when Rei (the arrogant idiot who thought he was amazing) stepped forward. There was a crack in the door but no one, not Rei or Ghost or even Nikolas, made any move to stop the hand that reached through the hole and opened the door, revealing the group that had come to recaptured the Timeless survivors. And, well, it was a surprise. And, if Nikolas had to be honest, a little insulting. He knew that he wasn't exactly amazing or anything, but you'd think that the scientists would take a group of super-powered teens more seriously.

Apparently not, because what was apparently the team the scientists sent were two scientists in front with tasers, three in the back with needles and one more who didn’t seem to be doing much of anything but worrying over the expenses of the door that his co-worker burst through. This is the group we're supposed to fight? There was that sound again, that evil laughing that made Nikolas want to run away and not look back. Or, as the easier option, bash his head into a wall. He knew that laughter, but it was corrupted, poisoned by some incurable curse. Nikolas would do anything, just make it stop make it stop makeitstopmakeitstopmakeitstop...! Someone shoved his was past Nikolas, and the purple-haired teen (young adult, really) blinked in surprise, the noise disappearing without a trace.

There was a pause as everyone seemed to realize what Rei was doing, bringing Cyrus to the front. He was basically making Nikolas's powers unusable; Nikolas couldn't risk hurting Cyrus, though Rei was tough enough to deal with a few burns and cuts. Not to mention that Ghost was going to be royally pissed. Rei gave the scientists a quick, cocky wave and shoved past the first scientists with tasers, who weren’t quite sure how to react. It didn’t take long for the three behind them to catch on, however, and hold up their hands as if he were some sort of wild animal that needed taming. “Example One, please stand still while we give you something to calm you down,” one said in a tone that probably was going to tick Rei off. “You aren’t well. You are all very, very ill and need more rest.” Ill? That made it sound like they all had some disease, but Nikolas hadn't been sick in... Well, who knew how long. A long time.

“How long have we been here?” Rei's question was sudden, but Nikolas also wanted to know the answer. It felt like forever, with all his memories blurred, but his sense of time was practically lost after spending... Well, a long time, in Timeless. “Uh, three months.” The answer shook Nikolas to the core, but he didn't know why he was so surprised. After all, it must have been a long time, right? It certainly felt like a long time... “Now, please stand still.” That wasn't good. Rei was just able to shove the needle away, pulling Cyrus with him. “Okay, now we should go,” the black-haired teen said, pointing out the obvious. Go where? You can't go anywhere! You have nowhere to go! Shit. This was not the time to hear him of all people.

Really, Nik. You need to realize that you don't have a family anymore. You killed them all, remember? Nikolas almost fell over when he recognized the voice, stepping back as a random scientist lunged at him with a taser. It just brushed the side of Nikolas's arm, sending him into a wild spasm that reminded him of Statix. Oh, him? He's alive, no thanks to you. He was more help than you ever could be. Nikolas grit his teeth as his eyes flared up. He lost control for a single moment, causing a needle to burst into small shards of glass, burning and cutting the scientist holding it. The taser was removed for a brief second, and that was all it took for Nikolas to lash out, kicking it up into the air.

"Ghost, catch up with the others. Protect Cyrus," Nikolas gasped as he shoved the other away from the door. There were a few more guards appearing, having been called by the scientists to handle 'the security problem in storage room three'. It was about to be more than a little 'problem', for both sides. A taser wasn't going to slow Nikolas down, not now. Nikolas turned around and felt his eyes widen when one of the guards pulled out a weapon that was too familiar for comfort; a gun. "Shit..." Nikolas felt his eyes flare up again, as he imagined the gun exploding, but at the last moment his eyes traveled up to the guard's face, set in stone, intent on capturing the freaks. The sound was loud, the mess splattering over everyone, but the affect wasn't in the explosion. It was in the following chaos.

"He's a monster!" No... "Get him!" This wasn't what I wanted... Nikolas fell back, eyes flaring and bringing down a section of boxes and giving him time to turn and run after Ghost and the others. How is that even possible? The laughter... It was a duet, two familiar voices turned dark and cold. I can't do that... It's not happening... Nikolas barely even noticed himself running through a random door, almost slamming into the frame from confusion and panic. He was Ghost dashing into the darkness, and he hurried to followed the dark shape.

Wait, darkness? It was nighttime. Night. That should have made Nikolas happy, but it didn't. Nothing could make him happy after the last few events. Our powers must have mutated... But how? Was it the scientists? Nikolas tripped over some patch of dirt, hitting a chain fence. He didn't see any of the others in sight, and realized he must have lost them. The fence, however, was plain and similar. Heck, it was the easiest kind of climb, and Nikolas had plenty of experience climbing up fences.

"You killed someone, Nikolas. You're a monster, just like me." What was he doing here, of all the people in the world? Had he already escaped earlier? Nikolas shook his head, eyes narrowing. He didn't have enough strength to try using his powers again, and he didn't want a repeat of what happened with the guard. Lucky for Statix, the creep standing right in front of Nikolas. "I escaped earlier, by myself. Why do you think the scientists were so weak, trying to get you all back?" Statix laughed, but it was his normal laugh and didn't scare Nikolas quite as much as the ones before. Only a little scary. "You are all doomed. What are you going to do now? Run and hide? From the government? Ha!" Nikolas shook his head and started to walk forward, shoving his way past Statix. The blunette frowned, scowling. "Ignoring me? I should kill you right now, and save the scientists the trouble!" Statix threatened. Nikolas shook his head. Even if Statix did try to kill him, Nikolas would just blow him up.

"Like that poor guard?" Nikolas let out an animalistic snarl, pushing himself away from the blond. "You aren't here!" The blond smiled coyly at his brother, eyes cold and dead. "Of course I'm not here. I'm dead, because of you." Nikolas rubbed the old scar, unable to stop himself. His blood ran cold when his brother laughed, actually laughing up at the sky, arms spread and hands open like claws. "You see? I'm always going to be with you, whether you like it or not." He didn't realize that his feet kept him moving, his brother following with the evil smile of a clown on his face. "Running away? It won't work. I'm always here!" Nikolas shook his head, running into someone.

"Fuck!..." Nikolas blinked, realizing who he had run into. Rei, and Cyrus. At least they were ok. Nikolas scowled and looked away, not realizing that his face was splattered with blood, or that there was a small burn mark in his shirt where the taser had hit him. He sat down, burying his head in his legs, which he pulled to his chest. A soft breath tickled the back of his neck.

"Just remember, brother. I'll always be there for you." Nikolas leapt to his feet, spinning around and punching at air. "Just fuck off!"


“Listen, you...” The stranger opened his mouth when they both noticed a figure standing in the doorway. Airm raised an eyebrow, eyes quickly sweeping over the somewhat petite and pale blond. He was cute, Airm supposed. His eyes though, God... They were a million shades of blue, all blending together like if the sea met the sky. It was impossible for Airm to not notice them, contrasting with the pale skin and golden hair. Airm wouldn't have called him sexy or even hot, but cute was a definite... Bingo, Airm thought.

“Hello? Um…did I interrupt something?” Airm was about to open his mouth with some witty one-liner or something, but the blond just continued. “Sorry if I did. I um…well…I snuck out of my room…and well I saw him,” he said, pointing to the blue-haired stranger, “come in here…so I followed…him…inside here…” There was a pause, giving Airm time to think about his next move. He had some kind of strange power over blood, more or less. Did that mean he could control other people's blood? That would have to be asked later. Next, the new kid, the blond. He was going to be fun to... Play with. Then there was the blue-haired freak. Airm didn't like him. He just didn't.

“If you’re gonna kill me, can you hurry up?” Kill you? No, that wouldn't be fun. I wouldn't be able to hear you scream... Airm resisted the urge to smile darkly. Barely. He was already imagining those magnificent blue eyes watering up, the mouth begging him to stop... Stop whatever Airm was doing, probably cutting the blond, or.... No. Airm had made a promise, long ago, to never take anyone by force. No matter how much he wanted to. “I don’t like it here…I don’t want to be here…” Well no shit. Airm didn't like the place either, but he didn't complain about it. Then again, this kid looked pretty weak... Well, that was fine by Airm. Usually the weak ones had the best screams, actually.

I wonder how long he'll take to be mine... Probably not long. Airm got the feeling that this kid was more than a little unconfident, unable to see anything good about himself. That meant that Airm wouldn't take long to get him under his wing, only to kick him out onto the street to see him break. Or, if Airm felt like it, experimenting a little with his new power... Oh yes, he was going to have a lot of fun with the stranger. The stranger... Probably wasn't going to have as much fun. Oh well. It wasn't Airm's problem.

“Yeah, listen. Don’t you worry your little head about that,” the creep said, walking over to the blond. Airm could have thrown up at the tone of voice the blunette was using. “You won’t need to be here any longer. You won’t even need to die.” Yeah, right. Airm was the one with the powers, and he was pretty sure he could kick the blue-haired boy's ass if he wanted to. Then again, maybe the other was another test subject, so did that mean he also had powers? That would be a little annoying, but not too much. Airm would just need to get better, quicker. “I can assure you both of that if you’d kindly do me the favor of removing this incessant device from my hands. It’s starting to hurt.” Airm rolled his eyes, but neither of the other two saw him. He stood slowly, swaggering over to the others. He smiled confidently, brushing past the taller of the two in favor of standing behind the blond.

"You're eager to remove that thing," Airm crooned as he wrapped his blood-stained arms around the blond's neck, resting his chin casually on the blond's head. The warmth of the body heat was matched by the blond's face. In all honesty, it was actually quite comfortable, though Airm would never admit that to anyone. Airm blinked, as if suddenly realizing what he was doing. He removed his arms and stepped back, leaning against the door frame. "I can cut it off for you, I guess." Airm pulled out his knife and walked forward, cutting through the bonds. They were like high-tech ropes, but didn't seem to do much except make it hard to move your hands. He looked at the blond, letting his gaze linger for a few moments, before looking back at the blunette.

"My name's Airm. As you have probably deduced by now, I'm Irish. And, if your accents are anything to go by, you are all American... Or, at the very least, we happen to be in America. Now then, what are your names?" Airm smiled, leaning against the wall again, letting his eyes linger on the blond. I give it three weeks, max.


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Katie Rose

Katie flew around the city a couple times, trying to find the best store to rob in her view; unguarded, not super cheap, and a lot of people in it, just so she could have fun. But after she got bored of searching by air, not really being able to see how cheap places were, even with a hawk’s eye, literally. Katie then quickly flew down into a dark empty alley and turned into her normal self, still having the bag with her back. Now she would of easily done t in public to scare people for fun, but she doesn’t want police and FBI chasing her just yet, even though they already were, but that would just add more fun to Katie’s life, be like playing cops and robbers, but instead for Katie, it would be like Government agents, and potential terrorists.

Katie walked out of the alleyway, looking around examining people. Not only were there children and teenagers, but there was also adults. Man, I guess this is the real world. Wow. Katie then began to walk in the direction of the common crowd, looking at every store and shop she walked by. Why rob a little store with these super powers, when I could rob a bank! She said to herself, remembering that well, she could possibly do anything, she has powers, and the normal people of the real world don’t, so she had the advantage, on anything and everything.

As Katie then looked around for the nearest bank, not caring really if there was even the military in it, she wanted to rob it, couldn’t possibly be that hard, movies and games made it look easy, but add powers, that would be like taking candy from a baby, that was blind! Hmm, how am I going to do this? Turn hand into a gun, tell people to get down, shoot anyone who doesn't listen, put money in bag. Ok sounds like good plan. Katie thought as she finally saw a bank, it wasn’t a big value one that you see everywhere, so it wouldn’t be highly guarded, but it was a bank, and banks always have money, tons of money.

Katie then walked across the street, well more like ran, as she pulled the mask out of her bag and put it on, going over the plan in her heard, smiling. Gun, threat, shoot, rob, run. Oh and kill. When finally getting in front of the bank, Katie turned her hand into a small pistol and checked to make sure her mask was covering her face, just so the police don’t exactly know what she looks like, since there probably and will be cameras in a bank like this, and she doesn't want to be all over the news right away, since she plans on getting out of Vegas after getting a good amount of money.

When Katie was about to enter the bank, an idea clicked in her head, less fun, more smart. There’s no way I’ll be able to easily rob this place, people from outside would see and call cops, and then cops come, I’m screwed and stuck in the bank, nah, I gotta wait till night. She thought as she pulled the mask off and slid down the wall behind her to a sitting position, looking up at the sun. “I say, one or two hours till dusk, then I become rich over night.” Katie mumbled to herself, smiling as she closed her eyes and waited for night to come.

As Katie waited, she accidently dosed off, and when she finally awoke, it had to be atleast an hour past dusk. Great, now there goes sneaking in, eh, I guess I’ll just have to break in. Atleast a little fun will come now. She thought to herself as stood up, as she put the mask back up and walked to the front of the back, a closed bank. “Now to break into a bank, and alarm to go off…” Katie said as she turned her hand into a gun and put some shots into the window that quickly shattered into pieces, and somehow no alarm. Ok, weird. She quickly went into the bank and jumped over one of the teller counters.

Quickly spotting the cash registers, Katie then turned her other hand, which was out of site by the cameras, into a baseball ball and smashed open the registers, and taking the money out of it and putting it into her bag, and then doing the rest to all the others, and then turning her hand back to normal. “Easier than the original plan.” Katie said with a smirk, as she went to leave and walked outside. As she looked up from exiting the bank she realized there were cops outside. “Damn silent alarms…” Katie mumbled under her breathe, as she slowly went to raise her arms.

Do they really think, a bank robber, less me, would surrender that easily. Cops are just the same as before, as if nothing has changed… Katie thought as she turned both her hands into automatic pistols and quickly shot blindly towards the cops, distracting them as she began to dart away. “Hmm, should I turn into a bird and fly away now? No, then they would be able to shoot me like bird season, got to run for now.” She said as she continued to run, hearing sirens behind her and gun shots, just wishing she doesn't get hit.

When Katie turned a corner and quickly went into an alley way, she knew it would be her only chance, or she could fight, but she didn't want any blood on her hands, yet. As soon as she made another turn, she jumped onto the fire escape above her that was to some apartment and turned into a small spider, police don’t think spiders are suspicious, especially in a dark alleyway. As they ran by, yelling and asking each other where she had gone, as if they saw something different. Ah, stupid pigs, never heard of shape shifting… Katie thought, and if a spider could smile, she would’ve.

As the police finally gave up their search, which lasted for what seemed an eternity, Katie turned back into her normal self and dropped down. “Hah, I could’ve had a little fun, but then I would’ve had my five minutes of fame on TV, and I don’t want that yet, but soon though.” Katie said as she walked the streets till she got to her, well new apartment and turned into a bird and flew up and through the window she left open. Turning back into herself once again she laid down and put the money underneath the pillow which she had put her head on.

“All in a days of work. Maybe I’ll look for my old family, if their even alive, who knows how long I’ve been in a coma…” Katie said to herself, before falling asleep on the apartment bed, right on top of the blankets and covers.


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Kiku Suzuki

Fear. Pure fear. The kind you have when you know something bad is happening to you. The pure dread that envelopes you when you think something evil is out there. Ever hide in your covers, wrap them so tightly around you, as peek out as your eyes dart around the pitch black room, waiting in horror for something to reach out and snatch you and eat you alive? Or drag you away, kicking and screaming? Feel that? The fear, the horror, the dread. That’s exactly Kiku’s feeling at this moment in time. His eyes widened in terror as the blue haired guy, he still didn’t know his name, made his way over to him.

“Hurry…kill me…” he squeaked as he neared closer to him, eyes squeezed shut in anticipation.

“Yeah, listen. Don’t you worry your little head about that,” the blue haired person said to Kiku. A relieved smile broke across his face and he beamed up at the man, a ‘thank you’ on the tip of his tongue, “You won’t need to be here any longer. You won’t even need to die.”

He wouldn’t? Die? He could escape death? Cheat it? Beat it to the ground and stomp all over it until it was nothing more than…well nothing. Either way…this guy could save him.

Kiku, listen…does he sound sincere to you? No? Don’t trust him. Do as he says…but god help me if you trust him I will find a way to kick your head in.

Kiku opened his mouth to retort to his mind, but thought better of it. They already thought he was weak and dumb, he was weak that was for sure, but he didn’t want to add ‘mental’ to the list as well.

“I can assure you both of that if you’d kindly do me the favor of removing this incessant device from my hands. It’s starting to hurt.”

Kiku looked at him, a dull expression taking control of his face, “Um…sorry…but…” he frowned and bit his lip, “how do you expect me to remove that? Do I look like I am capable enough to wield weapons?” He scoffed, then flushed darkly, mumbling a quick sorry and looking down at the ground.

“You’re eager to remove that thing,” the other guy, with lovely hair and stunning multicolored eyes said to Mr. Blue Hair, his arm wrapping around Kiku’s neck lazily while his head rested on his shoulder. Kiku could repress the shudder that went through his body.

He was so…so warm. Kiku sighed contently, not even noticing his did so. He felt safe next to him, happy, safe…content. Things he hadn’t felt in a long time. He wanted to be closer to the multi-colored eyed male…it was as if he yearned to be pressed against his body, curled against him. He felt as if he could trust him with his very life, and it bothered him. Sadly the little nagging voice telling him to not trust anyone, was overruled by his desire to be closer to this male, in any way possible. He was so hot that Kiku was positive he could cook eggs on his, most likely, flat and toned chest.

Don’t you just want to let him have his wicked way with you? You sinful little boy. Aren’t you Kiku? a part of his mind chuckled lowly at him. With a pout, he ignored it, focusing on the warmth that radiated off him. They way his breath tickled Kiku’s cheek. And if he timed his breath just so, he swore he could taste the other man’s exhaling air. It was bitter-sweet, with a tang of metallic taste, most likely blood. He wanted to press his lips, although they were chapped and cracked, not to mention probably crusted with dried blood from his habit of chewing on them, against that other male’s. He wanted to feel the warmth continue to expel off his body, mingling with his, making his body feel overheated, which of course would cause his face to flush. He didn’t find such things pretty, but if it got this guy any closer to him, Kiku was willing to tear off all his clothes and run butt-naked down the halls.

…okay maybe not that, but he was willing to do almost anything, within reason, to get the wild haired, beautifully exotic man against him, letting him ravish his body and do such-

A cold air swept around him, erasing all thoughts he had of the man. He was cold and breath no longer brushed teasingly past his cheek…that meant he moved. Sorrow washed over the small boy, choking him like one would choke when trying to take a lungful of air when you are underwater. It hurt. Like a slap across the face. It stung, that slap. Like cold water waking you up on an equally frigid morning. Or being plunged into the waters of the North Pole in only a pair of underwear to keep your unmentionables somewhat intact. It stung and it hurt and it burned. It burned…hot water so hot it was ice cold. Until it was taken out of the water…and then…it stung and burned and hurt so bad you wanted to whimper in pain.

Exactly how Kiku felt. Like being taken out of the ice cold, hot water and feeling the aftermath of what happened to him.

“…I guess.” Kiku caught the last of what the male he wished for so badly, say to the scary blue haired man. With a frown he tried to recall what they were talking about, but all his questions died on his lips when the flaming auburn haired male took out a knife. Out of reflex, Kiku sprang back, pressing himself against the wall and let out a low whimper, eyes wide, staring at the gleaming sharp blade.

Bad thoughts Kiku, don’t think about them. he mumbled in his head, not realizing he had said them aloud as well.

He relaxed, however; when the blade was used to cut through the bonds that tied the blue haired male’s hands together. He watched the whole ordeal, his eyes staring at the blade for most of the time. When he finally dared to look up, muti-colored eyes looked back at him. Immediately a blush erupted over Kiku’s face, flushing his cheeks, and the tips of his ears, a dark pink color.

“My name’s Airm. As you probably deduced by now, I'm Irish, the multi-color eyed male spoke, a slight accent showing through.

Sexy… Kiku thought without a moments hesitation.

“And if your accents are anything to go by, you are all American…Or at the very least, we happen to be in America. Now then, what are you names? Again his, Airm’s, eyes landed on Kiku. Gathering up some courage, he managed to smile back at him, raising his hand in a small wave.

Clearing his throat he looked from Airm to the other male, “I…well…my name is…its Kiku. I am Japanese-American…and I um…well…that’s…” he flushed and looked down, “that’s…kind of all you…need…its all you need to know about me.” he finished in a rush, his exhale pushing all the words into a stream of nonsense. Blushing an even deeper shade of red, Kiku shuffled his feet and didn’t dare look up.

What if Airm was watching him? Oh…what was he going to do with Airm?


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#, as written by Black
Cyrus Zervais

With just a few hard bangs, the wood of the door cracked and a scientist reached inside to unlock it. The door swung open, exploding shards of wood everywhere and causing Ghost to shield his face within his arm. When he finally glanced up, he was met with a group of six scientists; two in front with tasers, three in the back with needles and one off to the side, too worried about how they were going to pay for the door to be fixed, to engage in battle. They were outnumbered.

No one seemed to want to do anything, especially when Rei lead Cyrus out in front and towards the confused group of scientists. Without giving either side the chance to process what was going on, Rei shoved past the first two scientists and stopped in front of the three at the back who had raised their needles in some pathetic attempt to scare Rei. Finally Ghost realized what was going on and bit back the urge to storm out in front and yank Cyrus away from the maniac Rei. The stupid boy had lead Cyrus right into the fight, without even thinking of the consequences. What’s worse is that the two sides began speaking to each other in casual conversation.

“Example One, please stand still while we give you something to calm you down,” one said in a fake sympathetic tone. “You aren’t well. You are all very, very ill and need more rest.”

“How long have we been here?”

“Uh, three months. Now, please stand still.”

Ghost blinked a few times in order to process the information. Three months was a long time, any number of things could have been done to them during that time. Up ahead in the distance he saw Rei deal with the frail scientists and run off down the hallway with Cyrus. Ghost couldn’t help the small breath of relief which escaped his parted lips, however he celebrated all too soon as the two in front with tasers had already lunged towards them.

Narrowly avoiding the oncoming attack, Ghost leapt to the side and pushed one of the scientists to the floor, standing over him as he reached out to grab the taser, which Ghost kicked away with a small snicker. He glanced up swiftly to notice -- but not process -- the scientist with a needle coming straight at him. The tip brushed against his skin before the thing exploded and shredded his flesh with shards of broken glass.

“Ghost, catch up with the others. Protect Cyrus,” Nikolas shouted in a desperate tone, shoving him forward so he stumbled on the scientist at his feet. Managing to regain his balance, Ghost span quickly on his heels, just to catch the final seconds of a scientists’ head exploding and a devastated Nikolas becoming covered in blood. Forcing himself to remain quiet, Ghost sped off down the hallway in the same direction Rei had lead Cyrus.

The two burst through the doors at a speed no human could match. The night sky was there to greet them, the true sky and not the fake one they had lived under for so many years. So many stars were etched onto the black canvas above, a bright quarter full moon shone down and illuminated the fields out in front. In the distance the noise of a busy city could be heard; cars roared and angrily beeped at each other and the voices of over ten thousand people carried on the wind. All of which was blocked off by a chain-link fence.

“When’s the last time we saw night?” Rei was grinning at him, pointing high up into the sky at the glowing stars. It was almost peaceful if not for the worry which lodged itself in Cyrus’ stomach, screwing it up like a tightly done knot.

“The others will catch up,” Rei assured him, tightly embracing the blond in a hug before leading him past the gate. “Or at least Ghost will. Who cares? Look at this!” Instead of looking forward, Cyrus glanced back and swallowed the lump in his throat.

“They’ll catch up,” Rei said again, his voice still in obvious awe. “But look at this.” Cyrus finally glanced forward towards Rei, blinking a few stray tears from his eyes to gaze upon the outside world. He couldn’t remember the last time he had seen it, but he wasn’t quite enthusiastic as his friend. Cyrus nodded slowly, shuffling along until he was close enough to Rei to bury his head into the sleeve of his jacket. He didn’t want to cry in front of Rei and ruin his joy filled reunion with the real world.


The blonde squeaked as something ran into him and Rei, falling in the grass behind them. He didn’t dare to look behind him and find a scientist there ready to jab him with another needle. So he buried his head further into Rei’s shoulder and silently wished for the thing to go away.

“Just fuck off!” the person behind them shouted. Cyrus vaguely recognized the voice and managed to pry himself away from Rei to take in the blood stained and burnt Nikolas. Ignoring his devilish appearance, Cyrus lunged at him and tackled him to the floor in a hug. Tears of joy leaked from his eyes and splattered against the other’s skin until the blonde buried his head in the other’s chest.


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Reivy Soren

At the feeling of someone suddenly tugging on the sleeve of his shirt, Rei glanced down from his momentary daze of overwhelming enjoyment. The outside world was so much to take it that he nearly felt like he was going to get knocked back on his feet. He knew this feeling wouldn't last long. He was always good at adjusting to new situations. When he was younger, he never cared about the world around him. He cared about himself and, on occasion, his little sister or, at one point, Darren. But these things were rare and never happened. He took the serious situations lightly. It was just how he was, who he was. Even after ten years of trauma that part of him still hadn't changed. Not much, at least. He relied a little more on Cyrus than he might like to admit, but he was still on his pedestal and, soon enough, the world would merely become background noise once again, just like before.

All he saw when he looked down was Cyrus's crop of blond hair. Rei frowned briefly. "What's wro--"

"Fuck!..." Rei blinked, glaring back at Nikolas. "Just fuck off!" He barely ducked under a fist that was thrown in his direction. It came off a few inches short. At first, Rei felt offended when he thought the punch was aimed to hit him, but he held himself back when he realized it hadn't been. The punch was aimed for thin air. He watched as Cyrus shifted away from him and latched onto Nikolas's unstable form instead. His glare died away to a look of curiosity the more he studied the way Nik moved. His lips would form words that would never reach his voice and he would shake and his eyes seemed to dart around at invisible, nonexistent creatures. It unnerved Rei, sending a chill up his spine.

Rei didn't like Cyrus being there, being so close to something so unstable and violent. Taking a cautious step forward in case Nik planned to throw another random punch, he grabbed Cyrus by the back of his shirt and forced him away from the violet-haired mess. "The hell is wrong with you?" When that didn't seem to ignite a response, Rei began to get annoyed. He sighed harshly and lifted Nik to a standing position once Cyrus was out of the way, looked him in the dart-around eyes for a good long moment, before he punched Nikolas square in the face, hitting the violet-haired boy in the cheek. He didn't hit him nearly as hard as he could of, but it was enough to try and snap Nik out of whatever the hell was wrong with him. A silent, arrogant part of him snickered and thought, 'Payback.' He leaned down, not feeling an ounce of pity or regret for what he did, and lifted Nik back up to his feet by taking his shirt in his fist and glaring in his face. "Listen. We're free. Get it? Shut up and snap out of whatever this is and start walking. I've got places I need to be and I don't need your freaky Thorn butt holding me back. Understood?" He 'tch'-ed and shoved Nik away from him, letting go of his shirt, turning back around and lightly grabbing Cyrus's wrist to make him follow him. "I think there's a city up there," he pointed to the not-so-distant lights. "We need to get there so we can leave."

He frowned all of a sudden, his free hand brushing over his pants pocket. "Don't you want to..." He stopped and shook his head, continuing to walk without saying anything more. He let go of Cyrus's wrist as if it suddenly repelled him to touch and didn't look back to make sure they were following anymore. He just wanted to get to the city. Don't you want to see your parents?


“Um…sorry…but…” The boy bit his lip. Statix automatically got the feeling that this was not going to be a great experience. “how do you expect me to remove that? Do I look like I am capable enough to wield weapons?” The tone in his voice caused the blunette to shoot the blond a fleeting glare. How dare he speak to him in that tone? That stupid worm had no idea who he was talking to. No. Idea. Statix could cause him so much more pain and suffering than he was used to that he would be left begging to die instead of merely wishing for it. But no, he reminded himself. He wouldn't need to. It would be an unnecessary sacrifice. But it would be fun, the darker side of him reminded. He brought the smirk back to his lips.

Statix watched as the redheaded foreigner pranced his way over, taking his sweet little time, and wrapped his arms around the blond. He felt a serious twitch coming on and suddenly had the overwhelming urge to empty his stomach of its contents. “You’re eager to remove that thing,” the redhead said between suggestive movements. "I can cut it off for you, I guess." Statix suppressed the sigh of relief he felt at the bonds around his wrists being cut off. He instantly rubbed at the soreness left behind, letting his hands spark only slightly just to make sure that everything was well. To his utmost delight, it was all clear. He turned back to the other two to decide what to do with them now. "My name's Airm. As you have probably deduced by now, I'm Irish. And, if your accents are anything to go by, you are all American... Or, at the very least, we happen to be in America. Now then, what are your names?"

Before Statix could sum up a proper reply, that bumbling idiot blond was already spewing out his own answer. “I…well…my name is…its Kiku. I am Japanese-American…and I um…well…that’s…” he flushed and looked down, “that’s…kind of all you…need…its all you need to know about me.”

Oh, for God's sakes. Statix thought with a roll of the eyes and a suppressed gag. He clenched his fists at his sides when he felt the first hints of them shaking. He took in a breath and let it out, but it did nothing to stop the shaking in his hands. He didn't want the others to see, so he held his hands behind his back. "Idiots," he couldn't help but slip out despite his best efforts to keep from saying it. What did he have to worry about, though? Nothing. Kiku was useless as far as he could tell and Airm...well. He was a bit of an improvement, but not much with the way he was eyeing that wimpy blond. Statix couldn't help but feel that he would never understand that. That look in their eyes, the blushing, the light touches, the feeling of warmth... It made him nauseous whenever he thought of it. A flash of long raven black hair flashed across his memories, but that only made his hands shake more so he got rid of it immediately.

He shook his head. "Whatever. My real name isn't important, but my friends call me Statix." That glint in his eye was enough to make anyone doubt he had many 'friends.' You, Airm, you have good powers, don't you?" He looked the redhead over. "How would you like to be in on a little plan of mine?" He smirked shakily. "It's something I've heard about," he drawled. "I believe it's called a hostile take over." He laughed under his breath. "How about it?"


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Rai Hill

It was quick as slicing though a pat of butter. He just twisted the knob with one pale delicate wrist and he was free. The door swung open and dashed against the interior wall as the midnight blue boy took a half pace back. He gave a half smirk to the wood. it was the first to suffer in his reign over this building! A slender bird's wing hand caught the door frame, and it assisted him through the threshold. Into the rest of the building. Yes. He paid no mind to the two he was leaving behind, he was better off without them.

Time to fly. In a stately manner, that was. He strolled down the hall, feeling his consciousness open in a horizontal manner. He couldn't sense the minds of the two twins, but he didn't really care. he hadn't liked them that much anyway. Although, they had left him with a valuable lesson. Don't speak unless you have to. Don't let them, whoever they are, know until you are feeling the time is ripe to reveal it. The results might be negative otherwise. Keep your tongue and temper to yourself. Unless you have a plan already in place.

As the boy walked he found himself gaining strength. Strangely enough. Perhaps because the muscles he hadn't used in who knows how long were beginning to stretch and warm up again. It was a pleasant feeling. So was being alone. his head still ached, yes, but it was dying down a bit now that he was the only precedence. He didn't like having all those other minds in his consciousness, taking up his space. It was distracting to say the least.

Down the hall and down another one. Funny, there weren't any people. Oh well, the less the merrier he was. But he couldn't exactly create chaos if there wasn't anybody to instill panic in. Perhaps he should take this opportunity to pilfer some delectable items. he did, of course, deserve to have the best. Maybe he could find another pen with a spring in it. Springs were great fun.

The boy tried every door down the hall, and found them all to be locked. It was a bit frightening, because he didn't have much of a sense as to who was on the other side of the door, because he couldn't see them. And he didn't know what was out there. But no, he wasn't scared. Rai was never scared. Never. Ne-ver. Obviously.

Perhaps he should jimmy a lock. This door, one with a nondescript handle, seemed easy enough. Rai jiggled the handle a couple times, not really knowing what he was doing, but doing it anyway. if someone in the world, presumably someone not of his caliber, could do this, so could he. Despite the fact that he had no tools to open it with. Upon the failure of jerking the lock violently, Rai proceeded to kick the door. It made a soft thump. And then it opened. But not in the way he expected it to. it opened outwards, towards him. And it hadn't been because of his violent motions.

A tall man emerged from the room, a lab coat halfway on his shoulders. Rai skittered back behind the door, hiding. The man looked round, seeming slightly confused, but them proceeded down the hall, away from Rai at a right fast clip. Not closing the door behind him. The pale boy grinned, his blue eyes sparkling as he peered around the door cautiously. A supply closet, with lad coats, janitor items, and a myriad of other such delightful things. including a box of pens.

About five minuets later, Rai was fully supplied. With pens, that was. And a notebook, which was really cool, because the pages flipped up, not to the side like normal notebooks. And the springs from every single pen, other then the five he'd jammed in his pocket. he was set for life. Or maybe the next hour until he had to empty the pockets for the next best thing.

Closing the door behind him, the boy started off at a clip of his own, not nearly as fast as the scientist from before, but pretty quick. As quick as he could go. He followed the halls, searching for something interesting. no other doors were ajar though, as far as he could see. his headache was starting to grow again though, probably preparing to spit another memory at him.

Which it did, another two hallways later.

Dear God. The boy covered his eyes with his hands, trying to suppress the burning feeling behind his eyes that was a child of the evil headache. His body kept running of its own accord, set on autopilot. The memory fighting its way to the surface was a specific one, not a blurry collection.

"Let's see if this works" Two scientists, both leaning over him. His vision was fogged with pain and perhaps, was that fear? No, it couldn't be. One of the blurry figures grabbed his arm and twisted it, looking to see if the he could exhibit the power recently added to his mind. Evidently not, for his mouth just stretched in silent pain, and he tried to jerk away from the offender. "Hey, that's kind of funny to watch." Commented the other figure with a smirk.

The headache persisted even after the unwanted scene played before the boy's eyes. He was sliding against the wall, only hampered by the protruding door frames and the door handles, which his body easily bushed through, not aware of the minor pain.

And then suddenly, nothing. No door or wall to support his body. Well, there was one, but it was already partly open, and fell even farther open under his slight weight. Causing the boy with his eyes squeezed shut to fall sideways into the room.

The first thing he registered was one, two, three other people in there. Halfway in the act of pulling himself to his feet, as the fall had jerked him from the painful land of memory half forgotten, the boy froze like a wild animal in the spotlight of a car, his blue eyes opening slowly. His face drained, lightening another color, leaving him white as a sheet.

Shit. More people. Not scientists, but kids. Like him. A warning bell tolled in his mind. He wanted to back away, as he was already merely standing in the doorway, but his body, still confused and tired from the pell-mell run through the halls, kept him glued to the spot, his midnight blue hair sticking to his face, a slightly bemused expression on his tense face.


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Airm Fola

The blond seemed to gain enough courage to give Airm a small wave, but then he started speaking and seemed to loose it, looking down and blushing a dark red. “I…well…my name is…its Kiku. I am Japanese-American…and I um…well…that’s... that’s…kind of all you…need…its all you need to know about me.” It was somewhat pathetic, but Airm didn't really mind. That meant that Kiku was going to be really easy though, and Airm always did like a challenge... Ah well. No use crying over spilled milk. Besides, he'll be a little fun toy before I get to a more serious target, Airm decided. The Irish boy looked down too, thinking about how exactly he was going to go about doing this. I should just do what I always do... But that wouldn't be very fun. Airm was going to get a challenge out of Kiku if it killed him. After all, there was no use in doing something for so little gain. I can't wait to see those amazing eyes full of tears... Airm was just able to keep the sadistic smirk off his face.

"Idiots," the blue-haired boy spat out, causing Airm to jolt his head up and narrow his eyes at him. So he was an idiot, eh? Well, he was an idiot with powers so the boy should be giving Airm more respect... Airm figured he'd let the blunette continue though, and see what he had to say. "Whatever. My real name isn't important, but my friends call me Statix." Statix? Well, that was interesting enough. Still, there was a dangerous glint in Statix's eyes, one that Airm recognized. It had been the same with the priest, hands smoothly running up and down Airm's body as the younger was pinned down. It was the same in Airm's eyes, too, when he broke the heart of that pathetic girl back at the orphanage, the girl who later killed herself. It was in the eyes of every sadist. Airm felt that the game just got a little more interesting.

"You, Airm, you have good powers, don't you?" Statix looked the redhead over, Airm meeting his gaze with cool eyes. His blind one stared, unblinking, causing a strange dual-eye affect. "How would you like to be in on a little plan of mine?" Statix smirked shakily, though he had Airm's interest. A plan? Well, it was either going to be completely hilarious or actually a good idea. Airm shrugged, waiting to hear the actual plan. "It's something I've heard about," Statix drawled on, to Airm's annoyance. Get to the point. "I believe it's called a hostile take over." Statix laughed under his breath, the sound barely caught by Airm. "How about it?" Airm tilted his head, as if thinking. He slowly walked forward, face a mask, until he was within a few feet of Statix. If he wanted, Airm had no doubt he could tackle the blue-haired boy and have him at knife point within a few seconds. But, lucky for the blunette, that wasn't Airm's plan.

"You're asking me to help you attack a bunch of mostly unarmed scientists, who may or may not have had some hand in what has happened to us. We'll be going against an unknown enemy who could be playing with us, or doing this for our own good." Airm didn't really believe half of the rubbish coming out of his mouth, but he figured he might as well see Statix's reaction (if any) to what he was saying. Airm was also watching Kiku out of the corner of his eyes, but the blond wasn't doing anything too interesting right then. There was a short pause where he stopped talking, and his lips became a smirk. "I like it." The red-head turned so he was facing Kiku and walked forward, so the two were inches apart. Airm was close enough so he could make out the golden flecks in Kiku's bright eyes, the shining orbs still captivating. I wonder what they'll look like red and puffy from crying... I wonder what those lips will look like screaming my name... I wonder how that pale neck will look with my marks all over it. Airm couldn't wait.

"What about you, Kiku? What are you going to do?" There was a short pause before the door slammed open, something falling inside. Airm, without realizing it, grabbed Kiku and shoved him behind the red-head, out of any possible danger. Once Airm recovered enough to realize it was just another teen, with dark blue hair, the red-head scowled. While his actions would make him look good in front of Kiku, in reality Airm would have rathered protected himself than some random blond he just met. Whatever. It doesn't matter.

"Who the hell are you?" Airm asked.

Nikolas Ze

Nikolas let out a gasp, mind cleared when he felt someone grab onto him, burying his head in Nikolas's shirt. Who...? It was Cyrus. Nikolas blinked and looked down at the blond, realizing that he had just been seeing things. It's not him. He's dead. Nikolas had to remind himself. Still, it really was unnerving, the similarities between the two. It had been a shock to see Cyrus the first time, Nikolas remembered. He thought he was seeing his brother, but that hadn't been possible. Because Nikolas knew his brother was dead. Nikolas didn't even realize that Cyrus had let go until he was punched square in the face, the first hitting his cheek with a good amount of force.

Nikolas staggered back, narrowing his eyes. What the fuck was that for?! Nikolas opened his mouth to shout, wanting to give Rei a piece of his mind, when the younger boy lifted him up to the tips of his toes, glaring right into Nikolas's eyes. An impressive feat, considering Nikolas was older and therefore taller than Rei by a few inches. Well, Nikolas was pretty skinny, so the purplette supposed it was possible. "Listen. We're free. Get it? Shut up and snap out of whatever this is and start walking. I've got places I need to be and I don't need your freaky Thorn butt holding me back. Understood?" Nikolas scowled as he was let go, Rei turning around and grabbing Cyrus's wrist.

"I think there's a city up there," Rei pointed to the not-so-distant lights. Lights that made something in Nikolas's chest ache. It was a dream come true, really. The first thing I'm doing is getting some real food to eat, he decided. "We need to get there so we can leave." Nikolas stepped forward, right behind Rei as the black-haired boy started to talk again. "Don't you want to..." He trailed off, dropping Cyrus's hand suddenly. Nikolas raised an eyebrow, walking so he was in front of Rei, arms crossed. The two regarded each other cooly for a moment. Nikolas was torn between slapping Rei for punching him earlier or just shouting. Instead he sighed and dropped his arms, running a hand through his hair and brushing his face off so he wasn't covered in blood.

"I'm going to ignore the fact that you punched me, Rei." Nikolas wasn't sure what he was doing. Before, when they were in Timeless, Nikolas would not have stopped to tell Cyrus to back off and attacked Rei then and there. Or slap him. It wouldn't have been the first time. So what was Nikolas doing now, letting Rei go? "We need to stick together, I guess... But what are we going to do once we get into the city? Beg for food? Steal?" Nikolas let out a sigh and looked away. "I don't know about you two... But I want to know what happened." It was now or never. "To... Y'know... Them. Our parents." Nikolas shook his head. "It's a stupid idea. Come on." Nikolas started to walk towards the lights, not looking to see if the others were following him or not. Not really caring either way. For now, his inner ghosts were resting.


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Kiku Suzuki

Kiku was quiet for a long while, not wanting to anger the others. It would be better for everyone if he just didn’t talk, or do anything for that matter. They could use him for their own pleasure, he didn’t really mind all that much. It wasn’t like he was all that-

“Idiots,” Kiku jumped and let out a squeak as the scary blue haired boy spat at him and Airm. The small and shy boy whimpered softly and wanted nothing more than to cower behind Airm for safety, “Whatever. My real name isn’t important, but my friends call me Statix.” the boy, Statix, said with an air of…superiority. Yeah, that was it. He thought he was superior to Kiku and Airm.

Statix? What kind of name is that? Its so weird…oh! Oh maybe his power is with static or something! Yeah…cause that would make sense yes? it would, wouldn’t it?

Kiku’s mind continued to ramble about all the possibilities for Statix odd name. So caught up in his mental discussion was he that Kiku didn’t pay any attention to the conversation between the two overbearing boys until all his eyes could see was Airms beautiful face. His auburn hair hanging in crystal clear blue and crimson eyes that twinkled with something the young boy couldn’t place.

“What about you, Kiku? What are you going to do? Airm questioned the blond.

Yanked out of his reverie, Kiku took a step back and stared at the older boy. With a soft spoken smile, Kiku tilted his head to the side and thought for a second.

“I…I would go wherever Airm goes.” Was what he wanted to say. Instead as soon as he opened his mouth, the door burst open and someone stumbled and fell inside.

With a surprised yelp, Kiku was roughly grabbed and pulled behind Airm. Kiku smiled happily and gripped the back of the older boy’s shirt as if doing so would keep him out of any danger.

Not realizing what he was doing, Kiku had pressed his cheek to Airm’s back and inhaled his scent deeply. Unfortunately there wasn’t a way to place what he smelt like. It was a mix of the metallic smell of blood and something else. Something spicy yet soft on the senses. Not caring who saw him, Kiku breathed in the smell again and fought back another smile.

He knew this boy would hurt him, he was soft spoken and worn out from fighting. Kiku just hoped that even though he would be broken and shattered, and most likely a useless piece of a human, Airm would still keep him around.

“Who the hell are you?” Kiku felt and heard the boy guarding him bark out.

Detangling himself from the taller boy, all except one hand that remained clenching his shirt tightly, Kiku peered around Airm’s body to see who exactly had fallen into the room.

A boy about the same age as Kiku and Airm was standing there, his pale blue eyes wide and his midnight blue hair sticking up everywhere.

With a bright, though fake, smile, Kiku let his grip on Airm’s shirt loosen and let his other hand give the boy a wave, “Hello there,” he spoke up, his tone light, “where’d you come from? Are…are you one of us? D…Do you have powers too?”


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Caine "Statix" Taylor

Statix wasn't at all phased as Airm approached him, stopping a mere foot away. They were within reaching distance. He had no doubt that if he had the intentions to, he could easily reach out his hands and wrap them around that abnormally pale neck and end the life of this arrogant foreigner. But, luckily for Airm, those weren't his immediate intentions, so his hands remained at his sides and his expression was kept neutral. He had already passed Airm off as someone who was no threat to him--he had yet to meet anyone he actually considered to be--so the vicinity didn't bother him in the least. "You're asking me to help you attack a bunch of mostly unarmed scientists, who may or may not have had some hand in what has happened to us. We'll be going against an unknown enemy who could be playing with us, or doing this for our own good." Statix raised an eyebrow, wondering if this redhead was some sort of idiot. He had basically just reiiterated everything he had already said. There was a silence that followed where he almost got annoyed enough to speak out, but Airm continued. "I like it."

"Perfect," Statix murmured. He nearly smirked, but hid his excitement for the time being. He had other plans for Airm whether the redhead wanted to be part of them or not.

When he looked up again, he realized in a sickening way, Airm had already lost interest in him and gone back to his little toy. "What about you, Kiku? What are you going to do?" That stupid annoying blond brat. Statix studied Kiku's wide, watery eyes and small, jumpy frame. He wouldn't last long in a fight and he looked too stupid to act as a good decoy. He doubted the boy had any worthy powers like him and Airm... What good was he to keep around? He looked back over to Airm and doubted the redhead would be so willing to do as he said if he simply killed off his object of affection, but that hardly mattered to Statix. If he wanted Airm to do as he said, he would get Airm to do as he said. He didn't need bribery for that. He had power. That was all anyone needed.

Statix lifted his hand, planning on sending an experimental jolt through the smaller boy to see what his reaction might be, but the door behind him slammed open and someone came bursting in. He spun defensively, momentarily surprised, but once he saw that it was just another teenager like the rest of them, he relaxed. This boy would not be a threat. He already decided it. "Who the hell are you?" Airm demanded, beating Statix to the punch.

“Hello there,” Kiku spoke up soon after, “where’d you come from? Are…are you one of us? D…Do you have powers too?” Interesting enough question, Statix agreed. Although he certainly didn't like the idea of being referred to as 'one of us' as if they were all part of some special club ready to laugh and chat together like good ol' friends. He blank-faced, feeling a headache coming on. Working alone had certainly been more preferable. But, he supposed, even he couldn't accomplish a job of this stature on his own.

He took a step forward to get a better look at the boy, tilting his head slightly. There was something...off about him. Statix wasn't sure what it was, but there was definitely something. Alongside that, behind the boy's dull blue eyes, there was a sense of familiarity that almost unsettled him. "Speak," he said slowly, watching the boy carefully. He wanted to know the boy's powers before he made any further decisions about him.


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Rai Hill

A bluenette, a red-head, a blonde. Rai was rooted to his spot, fists clenched, fingernails digging into porcelain palms. The red-head spoke first, in a foreign accent. The boy, who looked his age, pulled the blonde behind him, shielding the smaller, seemingly younger with his body. The accusative voice made Rai's face drop into a scowl of annoyance. 'I could ask you the same.' he bitterly thought to himself, keeping his metaphorical fingers out of the other's mind. He pulled himself together, dragging his hand through dark blue strands of hair as the little blonde spoke.

The meek-looking little boy driveled. Oh, there were more than the twins and him with powers? That figured. The pale gaze latched to the small round face as the blonde spoke. He asked questions like he expected responses. How laughable. Simply droll. Rai stared blankly at the boy, one eyebrow arched slightly and a corner of his mouth tilted down. The light cheerfulness did not fit here, it was like honey in water. It sank to the bottom and coated Rai's tongue with the disgustingly sweet flavor, impossible to remove.

Bleah. It was gross, like drinking spoiled milk.

That was the cub of this little pack of teens, it looked like. And there was the red-headed angry mama bear. What part did the bluenette have in it though? He looked older, more tired than the other two. Like he'd seen things that shouldn't be seen by anyone, or some shit like that.

The third, the blue haired boy, took a step forward, forcing Rai's eyes to swivel to him. he held his ground, despite his urge to move back, His encounter with the bloody bastard from earlier was still fresh in his memory. His light eyes studied the other as an order was issued.

Order me around like that, will you?

An eyebrow lifted further, the scowl transforming into an amused smirk. He was wary, yes, but that couldn't stop his natural urge to rebel against anyone, anything that tried to tell him what to do. His slim arms curved around each other, twining, crossing over his chest. He'd lost the bemused look as he'd grown familiar with the room. Now he had to contemplate who he wanted to 'talk' with, if he wanted to at all.

He could tell that the others, even the obscenely bright child, were wary of him, probably as much as he was towards them. Equal footing. Equal enough, that was. he'd have to make do. His tongue escaped his mouth to swipe across his lips, which helped nothing because his mouth was so dry from his recent run.

He'd quickly lost the flush of exertion, but his limbs were still exhausted. He backpedaled once, his back bumping the door shut and using it to lean against. That took some of the strain off his weakened limbs. Enough that they'd stop the minute shaking they'd just decided to engage in.

The young impudent man lifted a finger to his lips, a classic pose for a silent command of silence. If anyone in this room was smart enough, they'd understand. But that wasn't very likely, seeing the present company. Obviously. There was the protective red-head, who was also much too abrasive, there was the sickly-sweet darling-child, and there was the bossy one. None of them seemed capable of keeping their mouths shut long enough to have a proper though.

Perhaps he should leave them in the dark. He wouldn't talk to anyone yet. He wouldn't until he found a wonderful opportunity. There wasn't anything to be gained from revealing his power at the moment, but much to be required if he waited. Patience would have to be used.

The hand dropped to his side again, away from the curved lips, and the pale boy stared challengingly at the occupants of the room he'd stumbled on, the red-head and the blunette especially, since he'd deemed the little one not enough of a threat to worry about. Unless the boy decided he wanted to drown someone in his disgusting sweetness or something.


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Airm Fola

“Hello there,” Kiku spoke up, his tone light, “where’d you come from? Are…are you one of us? D…Do you have powers too?” Airm resisted the urge to scowl, or to put his head in his hands. Seriously? At this rate, Kiku was going to be inviting the scientists down for a cup of tea and some biscuits. Airm was the kind of person who let the stranger do the talking, and then decided whether they'd be worth attacking or could be pushed to the side. Like Statix, for example. Something about the blunette just set off Airm. He didn't like him, but he wasn't stupid. Airm knew that he was going to have to work together with these Americans in order to get out of this place... Even if he loathed the idea of having to work with someone. Well, work to get a common goal was one thing. Work someone to get them into the palm of Airm's hand was another.

"Speak," Statix commanded the stranger. There was a pause as the stranger, dull blue eyes sparkling in the room's harsh light, smirked. He looked slightly amused, though Airm didn't know why. This is a waste of time. We should get moving, or else the scientists will return and we won't be ready, Airm thought. He narrowed his eyes as the stranger backed into the door, raising a finger to his lips to tell the others to be silent. This is ridiculous. We need to get moving. No, I need to get moving. Don't these people want to know what's going on? Airm had a sinking feeling that he was stuck with a bunch of egotistical fools who had no idea what they were doing. That was not something to be glad about.

Airm didn't like the way the stranger was looking at him, either. It was a challenge focused on him and Statix, which meant that the stranger didn't consider Kiku a threat. Something Airm agreed with, but it also meant that he was right in thinking he had chosen someone weak enough to bend and break quickly. Damn it. I want a challenge from time to time. Instead I get this. Airm shook his head, glancing at Statix who hadn't moved. Since the standoff was starting to annoy Airm, he stepped forward, still keeping a safe distance from the stranger. He was about to speak, to tell the stranger to say his name, when suddenly a loud alarm went off in the building.

Airm almost fell to his knees, the sound especially loud in the room since it echoed off the walls and bounced around. Red lights flared up, and Airm narrowed his eyes as he staggered, standing up straight slowly. The alarm still was going off as he turned to tell Statix that they should leave when he realized that Kiku was on the ground, looking like he was about to faint from pain. Annoyed, but slightly concerned (he didn't want his small investment dying on him, damn it!), Airm walked over and hesitated before kneeling down, keeping as much of a look at Statix as he could with only one eye.

"We need to get out of here!" Airm shouted, not one hundred percent sure how much could be heard over the alarm. Enough, he supposed, but still. He lowered his gaze, focusing on Kiku. His ears... They were bleeding. Shit, Airm thought. He wasn't sure how much damage Kiku would have if his ears were bleeding, but that was not a good sign. Glancing around, Airm grabbed the headphones around Kiku's ears (wait, some part of Airm's mind thought, he has headphones on and can still hear us?) and pressed them closer, hoping the sound would get muffled. Carefully picking Kiku up, hands still helping blocking the sound, Airm walked towards the door and raised an eyebrow at Rai. The message was pretty clear: move or I'll kick your ass myself.[/i]


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Rai Hill

Rai was content to let himself become locked in stand-off, but the red-head seemed either impatient or nervous. And he hadn't seemed to grasp what Rai was trying to tell him. Oh well. His loss. Rai didn't give a crap whether they thought he was mute or just an annoyingly superior bastard who refused to talk. He was both, and proud of it. Except for, he wasn't annoying, His actions were always justified, and anyone who didn't like it would just have to get over themselves. Because Rai always knew what he was doing, and he did it for a reason. Oh, yes he did. The absolute pinnacle of genus. Genosity? No that wasn't a word. Oh well, it sounded cool. It'd have to do. No matter if it wasn't a true word or not. Rai would have to fix that at some point. '

The dark hair young man, his breath still coming in long gasps from his run, studied the other three for a long second. His hair was no longer flyaway, but still clung to his sweaty face. His porcelain features were flushed still, and his pale eyes sparked with amusement at the situation. He was the foreign element here, to these three. The red-head would most likely move to protect his little blonde toy, and the blue haired boy seemed smart enough. Or at least, smart enough not to dive head first into a fight without knowing what he was up against. Rai gauged his possibility of triumph in a fight. Looking at it logically he had a three of five, but if he factored in strength and the three unknown factors, the odds weren't pretty. Unless the red-head and the bluenette weren't exactly on the same-

Rai's calculations were cut off by the red-head taking a step forward. Warily he stared at the young man, lifting an eyebrow. He watched the other open his mouth, a commanding look on his face, as if he was going to order Rai around. Like that'd happen, Rai thought derisively in the second before an extremely loud noise rent the air. The boy flinched, ducking his head as if the sound was a dagger headed straight for the space between his eyes. He noted that the red-head, still in his field of vision, did the same.

The pale boy's throat bobbed slightly as he let out a small silent yelp of surprise, the 'vocal' reaction a bit late. He forced himself to stand straight again, his body bent slightly still under the force of the loud painful noise. His body was angled away from the bluenette now, but he could see the red-head and the blonde boy clearly. The little one was on the ground, and there was blood.

The boy's throat convulsed with revulsion. No, he wasn't afraid of blood, it just... disgusted him. His mouth curved down in a frown and he looked away, choosing instead to stare at the ceiling in an attempt to see where the sound was emanating from. His body was still draped up against the door, the support really the only thing keeping him upright. The run and the previous exhaustion were really taking their toll on him. When the red-head, carrying his little blonde trinket, approached him, giving him a look that plainly told him to 'move it or lose it'. He started blankly at the unsymmetrical face, with its mismatched eyes, for a moment before stumbling out of the way, not turning his back on the other boy, but trying to keep his distance from the blood.

That was a a bad idea. His back hit a tall wooden cabinet in the corner, the force with which his body hit it, coupled with the angle, rocked it forward enough that it nearly over-balanced. To save face, Rai helped it fall the rest of the way. It had already been unsteady, as the top was fuller than the bottom, and it crashed to the floor. Rai took a step back from it, leaning heavily on the wall, to avoid it hitting him. Then he smirked at it. He totally meant to do that. Destruction of property was his middle name. Revenge and all that rot. He ran a hand through his hair, unsticking the strands from his face.

Yeah, he was totally cool.


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Kiku Suzuki

Kiku was still holding onto Airm’s shirt; his safety blanket of sorts. He wanted to ask the new stranger all kinds of things, but knew that it wouldn’t do him any good, or be good for anyone else.

He was useless in ever sense of the word. Everyone and their dead great-grandmothers knew that fact. Kiku himself knew that in situations like these, he was useless. Even as his past self, awkward meetings were never something he understood. However the old Kiku could prove to be useful in a fight, but the person he is now…couldn’t last a second without getting killed in some shape or form.

“Speak” the scary blue haired man, Statix, commanded to the strange boy.

Kiku jumped startled and tightened his grip on Airm’s shirt. He didn’t like Statix. He seemed like the type of person that wouldn’t hesitate to kill another innocent human being if they so much angered the temperamental boy.

Kiku didn’t notice anything else until an earsplitting shriek filled the air. It managed to penetrate through his headphones and wander into his overly sensitive ears. Immediately the young blond collapsed to the floor, blood welling up in his ears and staining the insides of his precious headphones. His life line.

He curled into the floor, whimpering softly, inaudible due to the loud screeching coming from the alarm. Kiku was able to dimly feel the wetness of blood slipping from his headphones and down his neck, but the pain was too great to even feel disgusted at it.

Curling into a tighter ball, Kiku heard Airm walk up to him, the rustle of his clothes as he bent down and-

It was gone. Not the alarm, but the other sounds. In his hazy state Kiku managed to figure out that the copper haired boy had pressed his headphones more firmly against his ears, as well as picked him up.

With slow and pain laced movements, Kiku wrapped his arms around Airm’s neck and let out a long and shuddering breath against his skin. He felt himself being shifted in his captor, or savior’s, arms and let out a soft whimper of protest and tightened his arms briefly, his pale cheek resting on Airm’s shoulder.

As the older boy continued to somehow press Kiku’s headphones against his head, the smaller boy was trying to shake himself out of his dream-like state and activate his powers. It took longer than he would have liked, but once Kiku saw the spectrum of colors float behind his closed eyes, he relaxed and focused on the softest and most rhythmic sounds he could find; the sound of footsteps, the rustle of clothes, panting breaths.

And then there was a faint crash that could be heard…

….that was when Kiku’s body could no longer take it. Within seconds of activating his powers, his was unconscious.


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Statix had, within the short duration of silence and tense glances from face to face, come to the final conclusion that these people were idiots. Simpletons. Nobody had any clue what the other was capable of, and yet they each considered themselves to be the superior force--well, with the exception of that brat Kiku, that is. But really. Nobody wanted to make the first move because they were all at least smart enough to wait and gauge the actions of the others. He knew, with a bit of distaste, that he was doing just the same as the other two--the silent one and that foreigner Airm. So, surpressing an agitated sigh, Statix straightened his posture. The one who was silent had crossed his arms and looked like he was proud and ready to be openly defiant. And Statix was just not in the mood to deal with defiant ants, especially useless ones.

He connected his hands behind his back, considering the situation. He wasn't worried, but he could feel himself losing his temper the longer he remained in this room. He still hadn't decided whether or not he wanted to show off his powers in front of these idiots or if he wanted to keep them guessing. Those quotes had it wrong. Ignorance wasn't bliss; it was fear. And Statix knew all about fear.

Before he could do anything, however, the alarms were blaring. Even he jumped from surprise, nearly falling from the sudden shock of the noise. It was so sudden, so loud. Timeless had never been so loud.. It had always been silent, echoic, tense. He squeezed his eyes shut from the oncoming headache, but opened them almost immediately after. He couldn't lose base just because of some annoying noise. He had to concentrate here. He wasn't alone. He was dealing with three power-holding strangers. But that stupid blaring sound just wouldn't stop resonating off the walls of his eardrums, causing his temper to strike up another notch. He saw Airm's mouth move, but wasn't close enough to hear the words over the alarms. Then Kiku dropped to the ground and looked like he was literately on the verge of death. Statix couldn't help but make a mental note of that, along with the headphones. Kiku's powers were connected to hearing. He was weak to obnoxious or over-bearing sounds. Good to know.

He turned to face the door as Airm gave the silent one a look to get him to move away from it. But, as the other boy moved, he ended up knocking down a shelf in his clumsy fatigue. The shelf landed too close to Statix, just grazing the sleeve of his shirt. He looked at the fallen shelf with an offended gaze, then up at the smirking idiot who'd nearly crushed him. Okay, so maybe that was a bit of an over-exaggeration, but he was still pissed. He shoved Airm out of the way--caring less if Kiku was conscious or not--and took it upon himself to open the door. The second he opened it, he saw a mass of armed scientists marching their way. He made a quick, split-second decision, then suddenly slammed the door shut and locked it, standing to block it. Okay, so now what? There's too much going on! His head was pounding, there was a shelf laying scattered on the ground, Kiku was dead weight, Airm had his hands full, and the silent one was just an arrogant idiot. There were people with who-knows-what sort of weapons heading right this way.

First thing's first... Statix glanced up at the walls. There was a single alarm in the room and--there it was. The security camera that had been watching them the entire time. That's how the scientists knew where they were. Great. He planned to scold himself later for not catching that. But, for now, he supposed there was no helping it. He would have to use his powers. He was sick of the chaos. Without so much as a warning, Statix brought up his hand and aimed it at the alarm in the room. A bright bolt of energy shot straight from his hand and, in a flash, the alarm had burst into pieces, glass scattering onto the ground as it fizzled out and died. He glanced at the security camera, gave it a slight smirk, and did the same to it. A momentary silence fell over the room. He didn't bother hiding his content sigh.

"Much better," he said aloud. "Now, there are a few adults"--what a foreign word to say--"coming right this way with weapons. Nothing big. No guns. Easy prey. Just a warning." He looked at the other three in the room, his gaze sweeping carelessly over Kiku. He didn't bother hiding his disgust that Airm would even bother helping such a pathetic creature. Humans like Kiku didn't deserve to survive. They deserved to be squashed like the useless bugs that they were. Kiku wasn't even a worthy pawn in the game. Statix clasped his hands together and opened the door, stepping aside out of the line of sight of the scientists that were coming down the hall, nearing them. "So, get a move on or I'll move you."


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Rai Hill

The pale boy wrinkled his nose slightly in amusement when the other's offended glare met him for a second. That one seemed to be rather stoic. He seemed to be the most intelligent of the three, not of course, as genius as him, but he posed a possible threat. And there seemed to be something about him. Rai decided it would be fine enough to the let this other lead for the time being. The blue haired male seemed to have an age to him that his body didn't match, and it had been instilled in Rai since he was very young that age brought wisdom. Of course, respect for authority hadn't stuck, nor respect for one's elders, but the pale young man did appreciate another intelligent mind.

The boy bent to forage through the shelf for anything of interest, but nothing jumped out at him. He did pry a couple nails off the base as the blunette moved to open the door, but decided that they weren't interesting enough for his time and dropped them. He stuffed his hand in a pocket and withdrew a small handful of springs, discarding them as well. He didn't want them anymore, so he merely let them tumble through the floor, rolling away like frantic cockroaches.

When the door slammed shut, Rai jumped, straightening and turning his head disinterestedly to see what had the bluenette riled. The male was standing with his back against the door, a look of rapid calculation on his face. Beyond him, Rai could now feel other presences. Enough to make his head hurt, too many to handle at one time. There was a depth, and he couldn't sense anything but the first layer.

A bright flash of light made Rai recoil against the wall, wincing. It seemed to have come from the boy. His arm had been up to shield his face, and a couple shards of glass hit the skin. Only one had the velocity to do any damage, the others just bounced away. Rai clucked his tongue just as the boy shot another bolt at the wall where the camera and alarm where. In the silence that followed, Rai pulled the shard from his forearm, wincing slightly, and pocketed it. He slunk catlike closer to the door, eying the young man. he made a mental not that this was not a person to be messed with. He definitely had a frank personality, Rai had gleaned.

The midnight-haired boy lifted a finger to his mouth as the male spoke, nibbling on his finger pad in an absorbed manner while still keeping his attentions on the other's words. He nodded reflectively, his mind reaching out to the people outside the room. Only a couple? It felt like more than two or three to Rai. When the boy opened the door again, the short male was out like a bolt, darting out before the door was even completely open. There was only one way to go, away from the scientists. The boy paused almost languidly a few short steps down the hall, glancing over his shoulder. They were a couple meters away, yet, the one in the lead about two and a half feet from the door. The others almost trailed behind him in a less than orderly fashion.

Rai applied himself while still trying too look as apathetic as he could, forcing sound into the man's mind like he knew what he was doing. The effort made his mind feel almost as if it was out of breath, but he persisted as the man, who had close cropped dark brown hair and a even closer beard, cried out, clapping hands over ears and stumbling to his knees, dropping his weapon. Rai drew from the sound of the alarm, mentally vocalizing it, a feat easier said than done. But once it was started, it wasn't hard to maintain. His fingers curled into little fists, and he felt his face go blank and he pressed harder, until the man's head hit the ground, passed out from the sheer force of Rai's volume. Blood trickled from the man's ears, his brain expanding from too much white noise input in too short a time from no recognizable source. All this took a little under ten seconds.

Admittedly, Rai had no clue what he was doing, or what he was intending to do. He was merely following instinct. And this is what his power was telling him to do, evidently. Which was very handy. Especially since this was his second time using it. Honestly, it felt a little wild, like it wasn't in control, a damn broken rather than a bud sprouting with the power, but Rai didn't really have time to ponder that thought. He just knew that didn't want to be the one leading them down the corridor, he was too good for that, really, he was.