Ken Shiro

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a character in “Taking Back Asarath”, as played by Ken Shiro


Character Role: A Night Angel.
Full Name: Ken Shiro
Race: Human
Preferred name: Shiro
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight.
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 230 lb
Build: Well toned
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Short brown
Tattos or Scars: 7 scars in the shape of the big dipper on his chest and 3 slash marks across his back, several small scars on both arms and legs.
Personality: Normaly quite but not shy, has wisdom beyond his years and a stong fatherly feel to him.
Special Abilities/Skills: As a succesor to Hokuto Shinken a martial at created to be the perfect assassination style his skills in combat give him great strength and speed and agility. However this martial art can also heal some wounds, used properly can help fix broken bones and other minor injuries.
Hobbies: When not practicing his martial art skills he spends most his time helping others in tasks wether it be remedial or protection.
Serious Flaws/Addictions/Disorders: Overfindence, fear of his brothers return, the loss of anyone close to him. His rage from a lifetime of abuse has created another half of him, when rage takes over him he truely becomes another person willing to kill anyone and anything and any cost.
Relationship History: A wife who was killed by his brother, since then no women has filled the space left in his heart.
Family: Adopted by an old man into a family of himself, 3 brothers and a master.
Ideal Partner (Name their traits): Loyal and strong willed, physical appearence dose not concern him.
Other Remarks; nothing really to add that would spoil what mystery there is behind him.

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