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Devan Breaj

A little more than your average juvenile delinquent.

0 · 212 views · located in Linda Vista Community Hospital

a character in “Taking the Dare”, as played by Animality Opera



Name: Devan Breaj
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Standing at 5'11"with a lean, somewhat lanky build, his lax movements make for an elegant yet simultaneously choppy pattern something between a zombie and a doll - with startling agility in a fight. His normal walking, however, is usually an arrogant, laid back strut akin to a punk who doesn't give a damn. His skin is pale olive, with completely untapped potential for a nice tan. His eyes are a dark brown, almost black. His hair is auburn or reddish and straight, though in a constant mess he styles with toothpaste and/or maple syrup. He's been poked fun at as being a "pretty boy", but he doesn't see it.
Devan wears black slacks, a black blazer over a white dress shirt, and sneakers that were once gray-blue but have devolved into such a muddy brown color it's nearly impossible to determine what color they originally were.



Devan appears to be little more than a heartless, sadistic psychopath. He's killed animals and neighborhood pets since childhood without a second thought and without remorse, and has successfully murdered four people so far without consequences, three homeless and one 17-year-old boy. All were completely spur-of-the-moment incidents. He has somewhat of a fixation with blood. Seeing so much as a small cut makes him want to rip it open, and for this he's had to spend much of his life avoiding blood - so much so that classmates at school had the idea he was squeamish. From time to time, Devan seems in some way troubled... He can occasionally be glimpsed looking unusually contemplative, and these are almost the only times he's passive enough not to be an immediate threat. Devan speaks so little he might as well be mute; even he isn't quite sure as to the reason why, or if he is he doesn't like to acknowledge it.

Love Interest: N/A

- Blood
- Dress clothes
- Chewy foods like gum and gummy worms/bears
- Scaring people

- Authority figures
- Cats
- Fire
- Crowds

Do you believe in ghosts?: Devan never much believed in an afterlife, though - particularly after staying in the hospital - he does believe in demons, or at least some form of evil entity. He recognizes them as a potential threat in the hospital but is not especially scared of them, even amused at their work on Taylor.


Devan keeps a military-like duffel bag filled mostly with snacks and miscellaneous supplies. His weapons include a crowbar, a wooden bat, a switchblade, a hunting knife, and a larger kitchen knife.


He grew up an only child in a rather poor suburb. His mom left when he was six; his father was physically abusive and beat on him almost every day, punching him, pushing him around, putting cigarettes out on him, throwing things at him. For this, Devan has an unusually high pain tolerance to the point where some might suspect he doesn't feel pain at all. He started killing neighborhood animals when he was around nine years old. Many were feral cats, others were pet cats or dogs, and a small handful were wild animals like raccoons on the occasion he found one in a trap. Devan killed once or twice every other day, usually with a knife or a bat and sometimes with his bare hands.
In middle school he had a little gang for awhile, but they dropped off as they realized he had no attachment to them, and in high school he had one companion, the closest person he ever had to a friend. He never tried too hard in school and picked fights frequently. His father stopped abusing him once Devan was old enough to retaliate around 15; it only took one time for the man to learn to avoid his son. Toward the end of his junior year of high school Devan left school and home at random simply to wander on his own, practically disappearing from known society since his father couldn't care less.
After killing a 17-year-old he encountered lost in the alleyways, the media attention given to the case and in turn the pressure on authorities to find the killer drove Devan to find somewhere to lay low until the dust settled. He's stayed at the hospital for two far-from-uneventful nights, but so far has no scars to show for it. On his second night he had stalked Taylor as a potential victim, but he was not responsible for the boy's death - though he did pin the body up on a wall for display and use the blood to litter the hospital with ominous graffiti.

Other: Devan has a phobia of cats; upon sighting one his immediate reaction is to kill it at all costs, but if it seems too aggressive or if it simply unnerves him he'll be just as likely to run away from it rather than after it. Though perhaps not on the level of a phobia, he also shows a certain discomfort in the presence of fire.

So begins...

Devan Breaj's Story