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"A person needs no last name, only a lasting impression"

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a character in “Tale of Six Kings”, as played by lovechanningforever


Adarra reached her 15th name day with one agenda in her mind. She was brought up to avenge for her bloodline, taught songs and manners as a lady and was lived to kill.

No one knew where she came from or who she really was, all they know is that she is the most expensive whore in King's Landing- so expensive that only the King himself could afford. She was his kept woman, a secret only a numerous people know of, the secret has to be paid with life. The King made it clear that she would only be his and no one else's.

Adarra was undeniably beautiful, even as a whore, she looked like a lady of a high status. She would refuse to wear simple clothes associated to whores. She is even comfortable under her own wing of the whore house and showered with gifts from the Arbors almost daily. She was kept spoiled by the King and Laurea, the whore keeper.

Laurea's Whore House

History: Laurea owns the whore house she belonged to. When she first came to King's Landing, she was only a girl of 13 but she was able to attract a lot of attention but Laurea knew better than to just let powerful merchants bid to bed her. She knew that if these rich people are willing to spend dragons on the girl then the richest man would gladly do the same. So she brought Adarra and requested an audience before the King and she didn't make a mistake, he was in awe of her grace and beauty and luckily the Queen was in High Garden for the annual Tea with other high born ladies.

It was there and then that he took her to bed and declared that she would be only for him.


But what no one knows is that Adarra had everything set according to her plans. She paid a "street rat" to suggest the idea to Laurea, might have costed her a few gold coins but the results were just as she wanted it.

You see, Adarra had always wanted to be close to the King- very close.

Adarra lost her mother after giving birth to her. She was raped when Godwin and his men attacked Dragonstone.

She was named Amorosa. No, no- she didn't meddle with black magic but instead learned that the Dark wasn't always the evil one. She learned how to become almost invisible, un-noticed and carelessly did as she wished. But her abilities were useless when Godwin forced her to bed, she wasn't able to fight back. She was helpless.

How could anyone fight Godwin when he had chained her?

Her mother barely survived the attack but lost her wit after Godwin had repeatedly took her womanhood. She was supposed to be married, saving her womanhood for the man she loved, but Godwin disgraced her. And he also left her a curse, she was to be with a child on the 9th moon.

Amorosa tried to remove the babe from inside her, considering it a curse and a monster that Godwin had planted inside her. She tried to take her own life but Maester Grir made her drink the milk of the poppy for almost 9 moons just so she would not harm herself.

Maester Grir survived the attack, the night that Godwin's men left he left his hiding place and searched for other survivors and he found Amorosa, who was a girl of 15 then. Barely a woman but her world was taken from her. He took her to safety and made sure that the babe with in her would survive as well. He went with the other survivors who had made a moving camp. They helped each other out, looked out for each other and trained and made the most of what they have knowing that one day they would take what Godwin had taken from them.

The babe did survive but Amorosa decided to end her life by jumping off a cliff. Maester Grir was left to take care of the child on his own. He took her as if she was his but as soon as the babe grew up she explained how things have come to such and he also named her Adarra. No last name for she is but a bastard with no rights to any name. She couldn't take any last name for she doesn't know where she belongs- the people she had grown up with moved around like nomads.

Adarra became more beautiful as each of her name day passed but she also grew more bitter. She learned how to use her beauty for revenge.

Adarra grew up with one thing on her mind- revenge. Maester Grir taught her how to read and write, the things a Maester knows and more until she decided to break free from him. She ran away from the Maester, knowing that he would not approve her plans. She left a scroll laying her agenda. She knew she'd be leagues away before he could even stop her.

Words: "Life for another life"

Some secrets should never come to light... that's what the child said.

She would often come in her dreams, often times in a hooded coat and a scythe...

And even times where wings would portrude from behind...

She would whisper words... words of death...

But mostly of how light would be useless if darkness doesn't exist

She is a child of the dark. Made and consumed in the dark... All else are nothing in the dark...

So begins...

Adarra's Story

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A soft knock came from the door as Adarra gently placed the dress on top of her bed, with the knock came a soft yet audible voice. "The King will be on his way..."

Her heart skipped a beat, she couldn't quite understand herself these days. Her moods had been up and down and all the while she craved for lemon pie and roasted boar, while the smell of garlic makes her want to vomit, and unusually she'd been craving to see the King more and more.

She knew she shouldn't be feeling that way, she wanted to loathe him. Even if he was her father, he was the monster who ruined her mother. She should be loathing him.

"Very well, prepare my bath and oils. Make sure it is warm. I don't want to get any chills," It had been colder these past few moons, a warning of the incoming winter that everyone dreaded. She opened the door for the two slaves that Laurea had appointed for her.
"As you wish madam," They simultaneously said and bowed. They scurried past her in the wing's foyer and did what they were bid to do. One of them was named Flora and the other Elsa, she didn't care which was which since she barely addressed them by their names.

She left them doing what she ordered them and gracefully walked towards the other room where her bed was. She gently sat in front of the large vanity mirror that Laurea had custom made for her best whore, Adarra.

She picked up the ivory comb and gently brushed her hair as she stared in the mirror, the memories of Maester Grir rushed inside her mind. She could still remember how angry he had been when she told him her plans. "If he took you to bed it would create an abomination," he scolded her. "As much as a monster he is, his blood runs through your veins Adarra. You cannot do just as you please! This is just madness!" He paced around the tent they occupied for years, she had always helped him pitch it whenever the camp moved to another place. They were constantly on the move, not risking to be seen by the King's men. Which is why she had enough of running away, she wanted to face him. See what he looked like. See how vulnerable he can be.

She tried to explain everything to the Maester but he would not hear her. If he could just tie her hands and feet, he would have but he loved her like a daughter and could not see her suffer. So instead he tasked a few of the men in the camp to keep a watchful eye on her, they asked why but he just gave them a frown and told them to just do it. It took her a few nights before she was able to run away, almost everyone was drank that night. They were celebrating a small victory when they heard that the men in the north were able to defeat a small army lead by one of the knights of the King. They celebrated as Adarra slipped away. As much as she doesn't want to leave the maester, she had to push through with her plans.

"Your bath is ready madam," The soft voice from Elsa, or was it Flora, interrupted her thoughts. The maiden's head was still bowed as her hands were placed on top of each other above her womb, Adarra swiftly stood up and placed down the comb back to the vanity. She lead the way and the slave followed, once she stood in front of the fragrant water that filled her tub, the gently undressed her of her thin cotton robes and helped her on to the tub.

One of them gently scrubbed her arms while the other massaged her hair with oils, they made sure every bit of her would be clean or it will be their heads they pay for if the King wasn't kept happy. Once they were down, they helped Adarra step out of the marble tub and dried her body with cloth. The other held a bottle of oil and approached Adarra, she gently dropped an oil in between her healthy breasts and another between her legs then on her pulses. The other then combed her long brown mane and made sure that it didn't have any tangles then once it was fully dry she braided it in a fashionable way while the other made sure there was no clutter on the bed, fluffed the pillows and closed the curtains to give Adarra and the King the much needed privacy.

Adarra was glad she wasn't bleeding for this moon yet, she craved to have the King to take her to bed and satisfy her womanly needs. She wondered what Godwin had said to the Queen before he left the castle, what excuse did he give her this time? She could just giggle while imagining what the Queen looked like as her King Husband left very early on the very day they would celebrate the day their first son was born.

She took a small white cloth bag from under the vanity and tossed it on the bed, she dismissed the slaves with her hands and gently laid her naked body on the bed. She was starting to get cold, her skin starting to get prickly that even the heat from the fire before her bed wasn't enough to keep her warm. She knew she had to wait for that certain warmth. And she wasn't mistaken, as soon as she began touching her chest her door opened without any notice and in came the Godwin in all his glory.

He hurriedly removed his cape and shouted at his squire to quickly remove his clothes, all the time staring at her nakedness on top of the bed. She gave him a lustful smile as she went on her knees and hands, crawling towards to where he was like a leopard, her hips swaying as she teased him. The squire did his best to remove Godwin's clothes as fast as he can, hands trembling and eyes moving to different directions. He tried his best to avoid looking at Adarra and her naked body.

"Leave everything to me Tolomew, I'll just do the rest," she purred like a cat in heat as her hands tried to loosed the strings on the King's pants. The squire didn't know what to do as he stood there with a shocked look in his face, he waited for the King to say anything before he left but the King didn't talk as he took Adarra's lips into his and played with her teats. He sucked her lips like a hungry lion, a very awkward thing for Tolomew to see. He had been entirely aware of the King's activities as his squire but this was the first time he saw him fuck a woman.

"I said leave," Adarra said in a louder voice as the King's mouth moved to her neck, her hands on his inner shirt as she removed the buttons, all that was left to remove. Tolomew rushed towards the door and closed it behind him.

"I've missed you, My King," Adarra gasped the words as the King continued to enjoy her young body. Somehow, she meant the words. She slowly reached for the cloth bag and pulled out a leather whip. "I've got a little gift for you my King."

Godwin stopped and looked at her hand, he was fully naked this time. His manhood erect while he held both of her wrists, he gave her a smirk and let her play a game of pain and pleasure.


His snoring kept Adarra awake, she was exhausted from the fucking they've done but he kept her awake. She lay naked on his arms, there were a few marks from the gentle lashing she gave him. One in particular was more apparent, it was a mark behind his right thigh. She was giving him a playful lashing when she gave him a little bit more force, she intendedly gave him that one. Adarra was getting furious about her mixed emotions that she remembered she should be taking his life- not giving him pleasure that she had released a harder whip. He had to take the whip away from her and slap her in the face, leaving a mark on her face as well.

She was so shocked that he had to console her and apologized that he was just taken aback. He had to promise her new gowns, more jewels and more wine from the Arbor before she was pacified. They continued to pleasure each other, but this time without the whip. The King had said that he'd rather whip her with his cock than use one that could leave marks on his body. After all, how could he explain the marks to his wife if she saw them. Adarra agreed and continued to play. She knew her own bruise would last for more than a week, she have to tell Laurea to buy her some good powder to hide it.

Adarra gently sat up and lifted herself off the bed, doing her best not to wake the King, and walked towards his clothes that were scattered everywhere. She picked them up and laid them on an ottoman then picked up his sword. It was made of Valyrian Steel, heavy and sharp that it could cut the tip of her finger just by touching the edge. Songs brought knowledge to everyone that the sword was once from a great Lord of Winterfell named Eddard Stark. He lived hundreds years ago and songs still told that his very own sword was used to cut off his own head. She pulled it out of the leather it was kept in, she admired it's beauty, she could see her reflection and the King's who was still slumbering on top of her bed as tears run down her face. The words from Maester Grir rushed in her, words of how the very same King molested her mother. Adarra held the sword's end firmly, ready to pull it out and end all of the Kingdom's misery when a loud knock startled her. She quickly slipped the sword back and placed it on top of the King's clothes. She grabbed one of her transparent dress that was lying around and wore it, made sure her tears were already wiped then she opened the door to see Tolomew standing outside.

"Madam, is the King already awake? I believe we should be going back to the castle now. The celebration will be starting shortly," There were large beads of cold sweat on his forehead as he tried not to look into her sheer gown. She gave him a fake laugh and let him inside, "You better wake him up then, we don't want the Queen raging in her do we?" She lead him towards the bedroom and jumped on the bed, making it shake and waking the King. He was still naked but his manhood had no more life but as soon as he opened his eyes to see Adarra face in front of his, he took her lips once again and ripped her clothes off. "I'll be out in a few Tolomew, tell the guards to have everything ready." He announced and once again took Adarra's woman hood.


Last of the King's men had left Laurea's brothel, all the other whores were naked and coins clanked on their hands. Must have been a few of the guards have enjoyed their selves as the King did. Adarra was on the terrace to see the King off, she was wearing a new gown this time since the King had ripped her last one, when one of her slaves approached her and said with her head still bowed, "Madam, your presence is requested by Madam Laurea."

She faced the slave and nodded. The King must have left a good amount again and a few extra to let Laurea buy her his promises earlier. She lead the way towards the brothel owner's room with a big fake smile on her face, her stomach grumbled. She must be hungry from all the fucking, so she ordered one of her slaves to send in some food after her.
The slave left her as soon as she entered Laurea's. The woman was once a whore herself, she was the best according to everyone but with her old age no men would want to bed her anymore so instead she made her own whore house.

Laurea was sitting on top of colorful and plush pillows while smoking some scented pipe, she was dressed like the other whores but the folds in her skin were obvious and on top of the short table, she pushed a metal box towards Adarra and said, "Apply this to the bruise twice a day and you can cover it up with any kind of powder, no one will notice it anymore." She took another puff and then scratched her foot.

"When will I be fitted for the new gowns?" She asked, she didn't bother sitting down, she didn't want Laurea's pipe's scent on her. It made her feel sick. The smell wanted to make her vomit, in fact, it was like she was about to throw up any moment.

"I'll have the dress maker sent to you as soon---" But even before the woman had finished giving her an answer, Adarra rushed towards the balcony and started vomiting. Laurea rushed after her and see what has happened to her best whore. She could not have her sick even for a day or it will be worth a year's income.

As soon as Adarra felt better, she leaned her back on the rails and inhaled. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and groaned. Laurea then panicked and sent for any medicine man or woman. She ordered her slaves to help Adarra back to her room and sent away the suspicious looks everywhere.


The child's hand was clamped with her's, it was cold to the touch, she tried to pull her hand away but the child's hold was firm.
Everything else was dark, almost pitch black but she knew it was a child that held her hand.
Then she could feel the a swirl of wind coming,
She tried to roam her gaze but it was just darkness.
She knew she should be afraid but she wasn't.

Then the child pulled her,
now running, when suddenly a loud roar came.
It continued to grow louder, as if they were running towards it until she could feel it's warm breath.
She could feel it licking her from toe to head and roared once more.
This time fear rushed in. She stood frozen in the darkness.
Everything felt cold until the warm wind came.
The sounds of wings are apparent.
Then sounds of battle erupted.
Adarra couldn't see anything- she could only feel it.
A final cry from the bird came as a loud whimper from the cat escaped, thick and hot liquid splashed on her. She smelled it and knew it was blood.
Until a man's voice called her.
And the world began shaking.

"Adarra... Adarra..." Her body was shaking as the voice continued to call her. This time she could no longer feel the child's grip. "Adarra!" The voice was louder this time, waking her back to reality.

An old woman as old as the Maester, Laurea, together with her two slaves were all sitting around her bed. She was covered with a thick blanket and she could smell some smoked herbs around her. It smelled like lemongrass, lavender and basil. A smell she recognizes whenever the Maester infuses the tent if a woman in their camp seeks the Maester's help.

She tried to sit up her bed as the Elsa and Flora rushed to help her, she shrugged them off and laughed, "I'm alright, I'm perfectly capable of sitting up on my bed alone but if you could get me a glass of a good Arbor wine then that would really make me happy. I'm parched," Adarra mentioned.

"No!" Laurea interfered. "Get her some milk instead. Go on! Hurry before I take away your dinner."

The two scurried away, leaving Adarra with a questionable look on her face. "Milk? What am I a suckling babe?!" She complained a little too late.

"From now on you cannot have any alcohol and you can't exhaust yourself. Might be that you should get less visits from the King," Laurea avoided her eyes and tried to look busy by looking at her perfumes, oils and powders.

"Less visit? You do know that also means there's a big probability of having our heads on stakes as well?" She gave off a snort. She knew Laurea understood her point but she wanted to know why the woman was acting silly. "What is wrong with you anyway? What is wrong with me? You have been acting really strange. Am I dying? Do I have a dreadful disease?!" She raised the question towards the medicine woman this time, she tried to sound as if she was joking, but she was getting nervous.

The old woman stood up and held her hand, it was as cold as the touch from the child in her dreams, but she knew her hands grew colder when she announced, "You are with a babe in your womb, dear child."

The color of her face left her, her mouth left hanging as tears started racing down her cheeks.

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She gently lifted the hood of her cape to cover her auburn hair, some of it were already graying but her slaves have been persistent in covering it with the henna ink imported by the spice merchants. It was a small price to pay to still look good despite her age, not that it got her any more customers- she didn't need even one since she established her whore house. And now she must make a move to save it.

From afar, she could see that the castle still glowed as the ceremonies and festival continue to be celebrated for the Prince's name day. Usually it lasted for a week and since it was the very same day the Prince was born, it was the most decadent of all. Some people still walked or rode towards the castle, hoping to get a glimpse or be spared with a gold coin or two. The Clearwaters had the habit of throwing coins to peasants and commoners every time they celebrate something and more and more people loved them for this.

But it was O'Connel that she sought so Laurea got up a horse she paid for the night and rode towards the Red Keep. She hoped he would hear her out, it was as important to Godwin as much as it is for her and Adarra. She urged the horse to ride faster, the sooner she talks to him the better.

She passed a few people on foot and a few people on donkeys and mares, all of them clearing the way as her horse's hooves thundered against the concrete path. And once she saw the entrance, she lowered her hood and spoke with a soldier. "I seek O'Connel, tell him Laurea has a word for her." Without going down the horse, she spoke with authority but she was met with a raucous of laughter and mockery. They knew who she was and knew her reputation but she tried to remain calm and spoke again, as clear as ever, "Get him or it will be your heads on spikes if the King knows about this." She tossed them a pin that bore the Godwin sigil that was often given to people who gained his trust and a letter for the King's Hand. One soldier picked it up from the dirt and as soon as he recognized the sign his eyes grew large, his hands were trembling as he passed it on the others. "Need I say more?" This time it was Laurea who mocked them and quickly two of the guards rushed inside and delivered her message.

She rode off to a tavern, requested a private parlor and waited. Graham knows where to look for her and she just wished he would heed her request. If she had to wait until the morning, she would.


Suddenly the wind blew as the wooden oak door busted open, revealing O'Connel in a magnificent drab most often worn during festivals.

He closed the door beside him, peered into the windows and closed the curtains and made sure no one would see him then he looked at her, his blue sharp eyes was piercing through her as if she was the last person he wanted to see.

"Is that how you greet a fair lady, Lord Graham?" She lazily threw her hands in the air and found herself occupying an ottoman, she lifted both of her legs as her dress exposed some skin, as if tempting the man of her flesh. She leaned her back on the rest and sipped some wine she was served earlier.

Graham grumbled and snorted upon hearing the word lady and roared, "You are no lady Laurea, neither a fair one anymore." He mocked her as he too, took a seat across her. "What brought you here? If word reaches my family that I've been seeing you, I'd have your head off. Be thankful the celebration has kept them exhausted now," He poured his self a wine as well and drank it till the last drop and poured another and this time he let the wine soak on his mouth as he tried to savour it's flavor.

"I must speak with his Grace," She went directly to the point, drying her own cup and seating straight this time. "I need a private audience with him. You've given me that chance and I ask you this once again." Her eyes revealed her weariness and her body hunched as if she was a field going through a drought.

"Are you out of your mind?! I may be the Hand but the Queen will see to it to have me removed if she knew that I was helping a whore," He furiously shook his head and gripped his cup, turning his hands white then purple. "Everything has changed now Laurea, I simply cannot make another mistake of gambling with a woman like you. Have you seen how much he wanted to bring that whore into the castle?! He talked as if he wanted Adarra into his own bed! His own bed do you hear me?! This is just madness!" He hissed through his teeth, doing his best not to lose control and the risk of being heard. He now paced the private parlor, exposing how much her regretted giving Laurea the chance to introduce Adarra to the King that one time.

"But this is about Adarra... The King must know what had happened to her or it will be our heads the crows will feast on," Once Graham grew calmer she let him into another problem. "Adarra is with His Grace's babe..." She revealed.

Graham looked at her with those ice cold eyes, large as saucer's and his mouth hanging open as his body trembled with shock.

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The smell of onion sickened her but there was no escaping it, the medicine woman told them that Onion and Vegetable soup would do her best in her condition. Best to avoid the fat filled foods and concentrate on the nourishment of the plants. Every bottle of wine was also removed within her reach and were replaced by a daily delivery of fresh cow and goat's milk. It was rather apparent that she had gained a little bit of weight than before but with the joy of having a child also installed fear in Adarra.

She knew that her situation brings a lot of danger in her and her babe's life. "Madam, another spoon please. Madam Laurea will slap me again if you do not finish your bowl," Flora lifted a silver spoon close to her mouth as the tray had sat on her lap. Plead were in her eyes but Adarra had enough of the bland food they usually give her. Her head still facing left towards the windows as the noise of early risers rushed from the outside as she remained seated on her bed and tucked with silk blankets.

"Please Madam, just 4 more spoonfuls..." Flora asked again. She took a deep sigh and faced the servant and opened her mouth. The warm liquid filled her mouth as she did her best to gulp it all in but she had to pull the bowl to her mouth and spit it all out. Flora knew she'd be getting a beating again so excused herself out with the tray.

Moments later, dressed in fine silk dress that showed her arms and shoulders, Laura glided towards her room and lifted on of her earrings, tried it on and looked at her image in the mirror and spoke without looking at her, "I told you to go walking under the first rays of sunshine, your skin looks paler everyday. Not a pretty sight for my best whore."

"Best that you know that I've made Flora leave service. That woman can't really just do anything right. All she had to do was to feed you and made sure you are well but-" She cut herself short while she lifted her arms in the air as if resigning to the idea of doing such simple things.

She took another sigh and let herself sink in her bed, covering her whole self with her blankets and remained silent. She wasn't in the mood for Laurea's words, since the King haven't visited her for the longest time. She dearly missed him and at the same time loathed the truth about them. She wrapped herself with her arms and cried softly under the covers. When she heard a knock, the soft squeak of her door and a familiar voice "Madam Laurea, you have a visitor." Then the sound of her earrings being laid on her vanity and footsteps fading.


"What was it that you mentioned your name is again?" With a scrutinizing look and a raised left eyebrow, Laurea looked at a girl in disgust. Her servants have treated the girl's wounds and gave her a whore's dress but it did nothing to make her bruises beautiful.

"Cl-- Claudette Madam," Her hands shook as she held a cup of honeyed milk with both. The Queen had instructed her what to say and what to do in order to pursue the Whore woman to hire her.

"Ah and you said you were from?"

"Riverrun. I used to serve Lady Runwick of House Frey but when she died I had no where to go. I heard a lot about your place and dreamt of serving as a hand maid here for a very long time. I've heard of the perks and freedom in doing service in your house. I've saved enough coins and journeyed but I was robbed and beaten even before I reached your doorstep. But I promise, I am a trustworthy person. I- I bet my whole life to it," Like words from her heart, she had the words memorized while she run in fear from the Red Keep.

Laurea softly nod her head. She was indeed short of one servant since she had violently made Flora leave. She stood up and turned her back towards Claudette. She walked towards the exit then paused, she slightly moved her head and spoke, "Take you rest. You are hired and will be starting tomorrow." She then left the hand maiden as she recovered from the bruises the Queen has given her.

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Damian entered the hidden passage rather careless, he didn't notice the eyes that spotted him and now followed him from a distance. He walked as he had many times to that hidden spot where Isadora was waiting, and there she was unqueenly naked. She wrapped her supple arms around his neck. Her eyes blazed like emerald jewels. Her upturned face drew close to Damian's, and he submitted to her embrace, he kissed her. "I love you!" she cried fiercely, writhing her body against his, almost strangling him in her wild embrace, shaking him in abandon. He did not hold back the searing heat of his passion for her. With an inarticulate cry he crushed her to him, bending her backward and showering gasping kisses on her lips and neck. Isadora was panting, shaking like a leaf in his grasp. He staggered like a drunken man shedding off his garments until his manhood entered the hot pocket of her womanhood, and both abandoned body and soul to the fury of yearning passion. And not far yet far enough were the wide and in-shock-eyes of the spy, hidden in the shadowed by the darkness and unnoticed by the scandalous sight they witnessed.

Graham paced the marble floor of his private study with a worried look upon his face. The King had been unreasonable and unwavering in his decisions today, and the body of councils instigated and manipulated Graham’s advice to the King. Graham was realizing he had no influence over these men, men with agendas of their own, and his good old friend Charles was always too drunk to make sound decisions for himself. The crown was heavily indebted to the Queen’s father, and he learned that House Clearwater had positioned themselves in all powers of influence over the Kingdoms. They controlled lands and held titles and everywhere he looked there were golden head lions circling the Kingdom like a pride of lions circling its prey. The Clearwaters had become richer and more powerful than any other House in the land and this was dangerous. They were all cunning and power hungry and he trusted not one of them. Unlike the King he had not lost his instinctive sense, as far as the political points of the Kingdom were concerned, but he did not know how it would all end ahead. Damian (Kingslayer) was ordered by Godwin to gather an army, an army that his father will fund and provide for the King. He is to take this army to Winterfell and bring to justice the Bandit King. Graham was refused his request to lead the army himself. He was told to handle kingly matters in Kings Landing in the King’s absent – the King was going hunting.

Claudette stared at the mirror, the scars were healing well, but her face was still bruised and she didn’t recognize the reflection of the woman in the mirror. Her face was nothing more than a reminder of the charge given to her by the queen, and a reminder of the danger in which she found herself. She was now in a dangerous game paid only with blood. She looked away with a heavy heart. Her heart had been bruised too but she loved the Queen, and above all she feared the Queen. And it was this fear that gave her the strength to continue living for she did not want to die.

She entered Adarra’s chamber with her hands inside the pockets of her dress, her hand tightly holding the small flask given to her by the Queen – Its content an untraceable and untreatable poison that will mask its deathly grip like a fever and claim the life of any who consume it. “I…I’ve come to warn you, My Lady.” The two women were alone. “You are in grave danger. I was sent to kill you,” she revealed the small flask in her hand, “with a poison that will kill anyone who drinks it instantly. But I cannot do it. I too am a mother and I understand the love of a mother for her children. For that reason alone I confess.” Tears filled her eyes.

Outside the whore house the caravan of the King arrived. King Goodwin dismounted his horse and made his way inside the building. He was already drunk and equally horny. His arrival stirred the house into frenzy. His loud voice could be heard all throughout. He wanted pleasure and today he had an appetite unlike any other day, he craved for his young and beautiful whore.

Claudette was petrified and her hands trembled, and the flask rolled out of her hand to the floor. “I will surely die by the Hand of The King when he finds I’ve betrayed his orders. Please, you must hide me.” She fell on her knees sobbing uncontrollably. “I don’t want to die, please, please hide me.”

The Kingslayer rode a great black stallion, a gift from the Queen. He wore no head-peace, and his golden locks and white satin cloak flowing carelessly from his shoulders. He dressed in armor of the Kingsguard, shiny and practically new, though worn before in battle. On the breast of his armor, the lion of his house was embossed in gold. He looked the part of a Clearwater who held title and wealth. But the only part he felt was the part of a quintessential warrior; the awakening of old memories, the resurge of mad, glorious days of old when he was but a wet lad of the Kingsguard, adventuring, with no desired save a keen sword to swing on all the battlefields. Unconsciously he reverted to the old ways; a new swagger became evident in his bearing, in the way he sat his horse, and as he pushed the black stallion as hard as he dared. He rode steadily on a road stretch bare, knowing that he was traveling faster than the ten-men that traveled with him.

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Adarra was still in bed, still wrapped in the silk sheets to warm her body further more. Her fire almost out but she didn' bother standing up to throw in some wood, she preferred staying in bed. Her thoughts still floating and mostly about the King. She barely minded the grumbling in her stomach, she would only eat if it was Godwin who fed her.

When all of a sudden her door opened and an unknown face looked at her and spoke, “I…I’ve come to warn you, My Lady.” Confusion registered in Adarra's face. She was about to get up from her bed when she continued, “You are in grave danger. I was sent to kill you,” Now shock filled her, she quickly grabbed her silk sheets and removed them from her body, her other hand looking for the dagger she hid under her mattress, ready to defend her self and her babe when the woman's eyes welled up with tears. She revealed a small bottle from her pocket and said, “With a poison that will kill anyone who drinks it instantly. But I cannot do it. I too am a mother and I understand the love of a mother for her children. For that reason alone I confess.” Tears continued to flow.

Adarra slowly released the dagger's hilt from her hand and was about to comfort the woman when she heard noise from the outside. Knights pushing the peasants away and horses whining and grunting, and Adarra knew who it could be. "King Godwin," she gasped as her heart beat double time. A beat of longing and fear at the same time.

The woman might have noticed her gasp and suddenly fell on her knees and pleaded “I will surely die by the Hand of The King when he finds I’ve betrayed his orders. Please, you must hide me. I don’t want to die, please, please hide me.” And she knew that this woman did not only saved her life but also revealed that she is no longer safe under Laurea's roof. She rushed by her wardrobe and pushed her dresses away, moving one lever and revealed a passage way. "In here! You must stay silent. No sounds or it's your head that would roll. Don't continue on the passage or you will get lost, wait till I open it myself," She whispered to the woman and dragged her arm and forced her to enter while watcing her door, panicking that the King might enter at once. Once the woman was inside, she closed the passage way and returned her clothes back.

She was still fumbling with everything when the door burst open, revealing the King and two of his men who remained outside. He nodded at the two and closed the door behind him. He didn't wait any longer, he rushed towards Adarra and took her in his arms.

Adarra could smell wine and sweat when the King devoured her lips, but those smell was what she yearned for. His hands moving and touching every part of her and soon was ripping her dress off. He laid her on bed, taking control while Adarra stayed silent. She knew that the woman could see everything from the passage way.

Slowly her thoughts drifted again, thinking how she should tell the King of her condition when a thought entered her mind as he parted her legs and kissed her lower lips, she gasped at the same time that doubt filled her. What if it was really the King who wanted her babe dead? The woman had spoken of him with fear. She moaned as he continued to play with her flower as her right hand slowly crept under the mattress, feeling the cold hilt of the dagger. She knew she should get through with what she planned in the first place- taking Godwin's life as he took her own.

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He had slowly submerged his body in the freezing cold water as the mud slowly gets washed off by the soft current heading south. Bigger fishes nibbled at some rocks and quickly swam away as soon as Dweyth moved his body into the deeper part of the river. He was still waiting for his dear pal to come out of Arthas' tent, waiting for her accounts on what was currently happening in the Seven Kingdoms.

Dweyth quickly dipped his whole body and run out of it just as quick, he shivered as he snatched his jerkin from the large rock and quickly dressed his self. He walked towards the camp while his lower part dripped with water. Well at least he is cleaner and mud free.

He was about to enter his own tent when he met a server with a tray of goblets for Arthas and his guests. Looks like Huntley will be gone longer than he expected so he went straight to his residence and changed his dripping pants.


You must stop A voice made Adarra release the dagger's hilt. If he dies here, you'd be the only one to be blamed. Then everything else is for nothing. She wasn't sure if it was her thoughts or if someone was really trying to communicate with her but she found herself dragging the King down from the top and taking over the mating. She rode him like a knight of to war as her mind raced with thoughts. She must get rid of him before he does something to her child- their child.

As the King savoured her womanhood with closed eyes, her own pair found the servant's flask. A plan immediately was formed in her mind. As the King released all his energy she kissed him in the mouth. A bitter sweet goodbye as her heart and mind fought each other. Her heart told her to not harm him while her mind wanted him without breath.

"My princess, you have no idea how much I craved for you," They were beside each other, laying naked on her bed as he bent his head to kiss her on her shoulder with one hand caressing her breast. She wanted to give off a sarcastic laugh when he called her his princess. She is a princess, bastard she may be, she knows she can have the crown one way or another. And it will only be possible if everyone in his family is dead. Her hand slowly dangled on the side of her bed, reaching for the flask of poison.

The king moved up once again, spreading her legs and entering her once more as she slowly lifted the cover of the small flask. And as soon as Godwin grunted and lowered his head next to hers, she made sure all of the flask's content is poured into his goblet. She then quickly hid it under her bed and embraced the King's torso, her fingernails digging in his skin. "I have always loved you... Father." She whispered, unsure if the King even heard her over his grunting.

Minutes after, she lay on bed as Godwin dressed up once again. He was adjusting his belt, making it more comfortable for him to breath as she noticed how he had gained weight. He pulled her up and slobbered her lips with his and smiled, "I will see you again peaches." His hands grabbing her buttocks. He then let go of her and walked towards her door when Adarra spoke, "Wait my King. You must have been thirsty for all the fucking that we did," She followed him a smile in her red thin lips and with the goblet in her left hand, she held his hand with her right and guided them to wrap it around the goblet. She nodded, urging him to drink the poisoned wine. "They have been just delivered straight from the Arbor, sweet and strong the way you preferred it." She sweetened the deal and watched as he sipped them. As usual he drank the goblet dry, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and left Adarra. Everything seen by Claudette behind the hidden passage.

Now all Adarra has to do was wait.