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Tale of Six Kings

Made up places: In Progress


a part of Tale of Six Kings, by Scarlett_Rose.


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Made up places: In Progress is a part of Tale of Six Kings.

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Isadora Godwin [9] Some say loyalty inspires boundless hope. While that may be there's a catch. True loyalty takes years to build, and only seconds to destroy.
Arthas Ordway [8] So cometh the great Owl King in the night, full of vengeance and glorious righteousness
Huntley Nightfix ( Ossia Kingsley ) [7] I am a lady by birth. ...but a knight by fate.
Lillian O'Connel [6] I was born to fire and stone, but Kingslanding is my home. I am pledged to King Godwin by the honer of my father.
Adarra [6] "A person needs no last name, only a lasting impression"
Damian Clearwater (The King Slayer) [5] Things change yes. People change. But you actually have to change things yourself.
Dweyth, the Mud Knight [5] Death upon you is a dream come true.
Tybalt Stonehammer [3] Bastard son of Godwin: The trials we shall face, the blood we shall shed... what is it all for if not for the reward of freedom! Don't fight a battle if you don't gain anything by winning.
Alexavier Godwin [3] The throne shall be mine. Stand and my way, and I shall have your head
Iva O'Connel [3] The world is still full of mysteries, it isn't always what it seems.

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He had slowly submerged his body in the freezing cold water as the mud slowly gets washed off by the soft current heading south. Bigger fishes nibbled at some rocks and quickly swam away as soon as Dweyth moved his body into the deeper part of the river. He was still waiting for his dear pal to come out of Arthas' tent, waiting for her accounts on what was currently happening in the Seven Kingdoms.

Dweyth quickly dipped his whole body and run out of it just as quick, he shivered as he snatched his jerkin from the large rock and quickly dressed his self. He walked towards the camp while his lower part dripped with water. Well at least he is cleaner and mud free.

He was about to enter his own tent when he met a server with a tray of goblets for Arthas and his guests. Looks like Huntley will be gone longer than he expected so he went straight to his residence and changed his dripping pants.


You must stop A voice made Adarra release the dagger's hilt. If he dies here, you'd be the only one to be blamed. Then everything else is for nothing. She wasn't sure if it was her thoughts or if someone was really trying to communicate with her but she found herself dragging the King down from the top and taking over the mating. She rode him like a knight of to war as her mind raced with thoughts. She must get rid of him before he does something to her child- their child.

As the King savoured her womanhood with closed eyes, her own pair found the servant's flask. A plan immediately was formed in her mind. As the King released all his energy she kissed him in the mouth. A bitter sweet goodbye as her heart and mind fought each other. Her heart told her to not harm him while her mind wanted him without breath.

"My princess, you have no idea how much I craved for you," They were beside each other, laying naked on her bed as he bent his head to kiss her on her shoulder with one hand caressing her breast. She wanted to give off a sarcastic laugh when he called her his princess. She is a princess, bastard she may be, she knows she can have the crown one way or another. And it will only be possible if everyone in his family is dead. Her hand slowly dangled on the side of her bed, reaching for the flask of poison.

The king moved up once again, spreading her legs and entering her once more as she slowly lifted the cover of the small flask. And as soon as Godwin grunted and lowered his head next to hers, she made sure all of the flask's content is poured into his goblet. She then quickly hid it under her bed and embraced the King's torso, her fingernails digging in his skin. "I have always loved you... Father." She whispered, unsure if the King even heard her over his grunting.

Minutes after, she lay on bed as Godwin dressed up once again. He was adjusting his belt, making it more comfortable for him to breath as she noticed how he had gained weight. He pulled her up and slobbered her lips with his and smiled, "I will see you again peaches." His hands grabbing her buttocks. He then let go of her and walked towards her door when Adarra spoke, "Wait my King. You must have been thirsty for all the fucking that we did," She followed him a smile in her red thin lips and with the goblet in her left hand, she held his hand with her right and guided them to wrap it around the goblet. She nodded, urging him to drink the poisoned wine. "They have been just delivered straight from the Arbor, sweet and strong the way you preferred it." She sweetened the deal and watched as he sipped them. As usual he drank the goblet dry, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and left Adarra. Everything seen by Claudette behind the hidden passage.

Now all Adarra has to do was wait.

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Arthas turned at the sound of the booted feet entering his tent. Normally Samara would greet the young knight with her standard over protectiveness but fortunately for Huntley she was off in the camp seeing to the men. Huntleys question about the king slayer brought a light chuckle to Arthas as he crossed the room toward him and grabbed two mugs off his table.

"Ahh... the kingslayer. Yes... I seem to be hearing of him more and more as the the death of the false king grows nearer."

He said as he poured two glasses of strong ale and handed one to the knight. He paused for the slightest second and eyed the young man for a second, remarking on his near flawless skin and feminine bone structure. Putting the odd thought aside he turned back to the table before plopping himself down in the seat next to it as he motioned for Huntley to do the same.

"The kingslayer is dangerous. A swordsman of some renown as I'm sure you know. Robert would no doubt be willing to challenge the man in open combat, saving any of his men from tasting the bastards steel yet... I will not allow that to happen. Robert cannot fight the kingslayer, I won't have the kingslayer taking the life of another ruler. I will deal with the kingslayer myself."

He said, his words bold and fierce. Arthas paused and took a long drink of his frothy ale before lowering the mug from his lips.

"Let me be clear Sir Huntley, it is not that I doubt Roberts skill in battle. It is that I know the kingslayers. I've seen what he can do first hand. He led a charge to put down one of my raids before. I watched from the tree line helpless as he carved through my men."

Behind Arthas' eyes was a burning hate that came only with memory.

"No... The kinglsayer will die. He will die by my hand. I will fight him and I will end his tale at tip of my blade. In so doing spare the risk to Robert. And if the worst should come to pass, the resistance loses a general but it will live on in Robert. I... I could use your help with that task Sir knight. When the fighting starts you must see that Robert does not engage the kinglsayer. He's too proud to run or allow others to do his fighting for him. You must steer him in the battle to come until the kingslayer is dealt with. Can I count on you in this?"

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Early dawn rose as birds chirped with the suns arrival, but the passing hours went unnoticed by Lillian who paced the floors of her chambers unconsciously wringing a silk handkerchief between her pale hands. Thoughts raced through her mind as her attempted to sort her options. On her bed folded lay a charcoal colored cloak trimmed in red that had once belonged to her mother. Until now it had been buried in the deepest depth of a trunk along with the contents it held.…

Boraguard Stonehammer, the blacksmith, had been killed….his head severed from his body, and was unable to be located. His son, Tybalt, pointed the blame to Bortaveous, but nothing tied the young lord’s guard to the blacksmiths brutal murder. Instead, it was Tybalts’s sword that had been used. His father’s blood still stained the blade.

The young blacksmith would have been taken to the dungeons that lay beneath the floors of the castle to greet death if not for Lillian’s father. He spoke for the lad, and demanded he be released. As the Kings hand, he handled all royal business in the Kings absents…and as the Gods would have it, Charles Godwin was hunting.

Alexavier had been enraged that Tybalt had been allowed free. Her love was certain the boy was a murderer, and demanded Lillian keep distance. He would see to Tybalt’s execution.

Reaching for the cloak, Lillian made her choice. Her nursemaid would be in soon to wake her, so she would have to move quickly. Unknown to her, the choice she made would save an innocent man, but end the life of others…many she cared for.

She, however, was not the only one who had made a life altering choice. Her father, Graham, had only moments ago sent a pigeon with gruesome news… the O’Connel children would be returning to Casterly Rock. He feared they may be those among them who wished harmed to him, and he knew the secrets he held may lead to his children becoming pawns in this game he was quickly losing.

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Knocking doesn't come naturally for Iva, most of the time she would just burst in a room unannounced and pissing her sister but at the very moment she knew something was wrong. She had heard it first hand from Septa Gertrude, the blacksmith has been killed. Gossip spreads like wild fire, it would not stop and would grow worse from time to time.

She fidgeted at the end of her sleeves, thinking whether she should see her sister or not. She knew she'd be one of the people who would be most affected by what had happened. She made up her mind and knocked softly at her sister's door, and didn't wait for her sister to let her in but she was nowhere to be found. She tried to look under the thick covers and behind the curtains but no Lillian.

She rushed towards her room and took her cloak from the hanger and when she was about to exit her room, she paused and ran back to her bed. Underneath she grabbed a small dagger wrapped in oxen leather with a long leather strap, she hid it under her first clothes' layer and made sure no one would see it.

Hard times like this warn her of what lays ahead. No one is safe under these walls. And even at a tender age she understands what the voices in the castle talk about. It doesn't matter if the Septa would not listen to her but she knows her Father would heed her thoughts but she would need Lillian's help to tell her Father about it.

She poked her head a little and peered around, waiting if her father's guards are on patrol and once she realized that she was almost invisible, she ran as fast as she could and kept her senses open. She searched for her sister and one place she most probably would find her is at the Blacksmith's.

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Brubahmah walked was drinking water with the ruler of Qohor in a tent outside the city. He was espcially pleased because a messenger from a small army he sent to Volantis had reported that the city had peacefully joined the Sacrin Empire. Those slave would be vital for the conquest. Perhaps the Volantians saw the profit to be made from being part of an empire that was so consistent in the slave trade. At the moment he was discussing terms of duty to the Qohoran ruler while the army packed up to continue to march ahead to Norvos.

The details included the enlistment of soldiers, the dealings with taxes, new legal rights, ect. He commanded that all begars/homeless in the city be enslaved and that all who lived in the prison be enslaved as well. The slaves were to work the lumber mills for the glorious Sacrin Empire. Of course all the lumber would be paid for, filling silver into the pockets of Qohor. The Qohoran ruler left to his city with forty soldiers where he would command his own soldiers to patrol the city with a Sacrin as an officer. Qohor was only one of many kingdoms whom have entered the Sacrin Empire for the constant flow of wealth into their cities.


The Sacrin army was on the march. If there was anything that they would known for it was the speed in which the Empire could relay soldiers. They would arrive at the city of Norvas in a weeks time. The map given to Brubahmah showed a land beyond these. A land of winter and ice. This intrigued the Godking but that would have to wait. Soon another free city of Essos would fall under the might of the Sacrin Empire.

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#, as written by S1mon

Iron Islands.

For many years, centuries, House Trehern have been the guardians of such islands. It was their dedication, their hard work, their commitment, their strength, that has brought the Iron Islands where they are today. Except for actually placing them there, but those of the Iron Islands do believe in the Drowned God, where those who are not saw as worthy sink and fall to the bottom of the ocean. Those who fight valiantly on the sea before going down, are side to be the Drowned God's most valuable subjects and time to meet their maker, and so far, the Iron Islands and the Iron Fleet have held strong, with the Iron Fleet being the strongest fleet out of all Westeros, even Essos aswell, seeing as they were full of barbarians and those negotiating and trading. Now that, was a poor trade, but it certainly was not on the Iron Islands.

Cardon Trehern, the "Iron Eye", was thought to be crazy, and as a result, his son (Bardin's father) Rodrik Trehern allowed his fathers' words to enter one ear then immediately exit out of the other. Cardon saw that for many years, Westeros had become dependant on the Iron Islands for their resources. Instead of mining, they purchased from them while they focused on profit, causing Houses to become richer, and for some houses in particular, getting rich wasn't enough, so the lust for power settled in, the power that Godwin now held. Cardon said, that there would come a time that those in Westeros would rely on the Iron Islands even moreso then now, and now that day that he envisoned had come to past, as many fled from Godwin's might towards Winterfell or remained in hiding and sought help later. It was important to know what was going on, in order for his trade to do well.

Now the meeting that would be remembered in history was now held, as Bardin, with his two sons either side of him, walked into the main chamber. There was a table was positioned in the middle, where the barbaric pirates all took a sit to take some grub, only for one of their maids to give them the "iron whack" from their iron spatulas, to ensure everyone did as they were told until Bardin gave them all permission. Bardin took his seat next to his beautiful wife Amata, while his sons sat inbetween the pirates and their sisters' for obvious reasons. Pirates were said to not be trusted, but in dangerous and uncertain times like these, one could never be so sure of what their intentions were anymore.

"I thank you all for coming", Bardin began as he then looked around the table, "Not only do I thank you for coming, but that you have agreed to aid us in the great task before us. The Holy Kingdoms have fallen, and now those trapped under Godwin's rule, now look beyond the former Holy Kingdoms to look for reassurance. We shall be that reassurance. We are ironborn. We take what is ours, and will not relent. The words of our House, is to never hold back. That, we shall do, and with the help of Captain Roche's pirates, I believe both sides will benefit from our campaigns", finishing his speech, before looking to his wife.

Amata caught Bardin's glance, before smiling, "We welcome you to Pyke Captain Roche, and hope you enjoy the banquet we have before us. Now, I believe we have alot ahead of us. Both of us have something to gain, and if we do nothing, we both have something to lose. Now, shall we join hands?", she asked with "hands" simply being a figurative expression.

For Roche, the whole place was large and big. An island was indeed small, but it sure had some grandness to it compared to some places he and his crew had saw on the mainland. His focus however was divided between the delicious food before him, while his other half was listening to Bardin and then his wife. The wife's voice being more alluring and more attentive to listen to. Afterall, women sure do sound better, but then he got woke up from Finn as he moved his arm, "Roche, time to speak". Roche looked round and licked his lips, "Time to eat? Mmmmm". "Can't eat till you speak, or one of these ladies will whack you again", before one of the other crew reached out for some food before being whacked, "Don't ya just love women playing hard to get".

Eison then sighed, "You can have unlimited choices to take what women you will once we begin. The Ironborn take what we want, as do you pirates. Now however, you are in our territory, and therefore abide by our rules. So do you wish to join us, or not?". He couldn't help being impatient. Eison liked to get things done, to do things himself and if he couldn't, he'd make sure whoever was doing it got things done.

It was then that Roche then was alert. Well, as best as he could be. "You can be sure....that the Blazing Phoenix...shall do our part...providing we have plenty of grub...and rum".

[b]"We give you the opportunity to work with us, and here you are telling us how to provide you, when we are giving you places to raid, to do with what you please. It should be a honor to you to serve House Trehern and be part of my fathers' plans. You could at least acknowledge that!"
, exclaimed Farra who tends to not keep her cool very well when her House or her abilities are not respected as they should. She definitely had some skill, and was as much as a fighter as her brothers, whereas Fayre followed in the footsteps of her mother. So in an attempt to prevent her sister from getting into trouble, Fayre then spoke up, "What my sister means to say, is that we are pleased to welcome the Blazing Phoenix among our fleet, and that together, we can achieve great things. As the saying goes, the world is our oyster, and maybe the Drowned God guide us safely along these strong tides", catching a glance from her mother.

Bardin remained silent as he watched each of them converse and say what was on their minds, before deciding to open the banquet to settle them all, "I am glad to have you assistance Captain. Now, let us enjoy this feast shall we?", as he waved his hands for the maids to leave, before watching the pirates dig in vigourously, "There is alot more where all that came from. Though we will need to move soon", before Eisen continued, "Any ideas where we will target first Father?". Bardin smiled. He admired how devoted Eisen was and how he wished to show what he could do. Where Eison would like to charge in and show his strength, Eisen prefers to plan it out and get it done quickly. "We eat first, then rest, then plan, and then, we move", was Bardin's final word before tucking into the feast.....

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Seated on his father’s throne, Alexavier stared emotionless at the man before him. As his words seeped into the young lords ears, Alexavier felt a chill. Not of disgust, fear, or remorse….no, this was something primal, almost satanic. The black of his eyes expanded as a grin spread across his angelic face. The boy looked the part of a twisted demon, which it would appear he was.

Death excited him in ways no women ever could. The sight of blood made his fluids rush, screams brought pleasure, and lifeless eyes staring back into his own brought satisfaction he couldn’t explain. The identity of the head dangling before him in his shield’s hand only brought that feeling of bliss to a greater high.

Boraguard Stonehammer was a fool, and an old one at that. He was filth, and seemed to lack the knowledge of being so. Alexavier couldn’t see why his father would allow such a disgrace of a man to make the armor, or the weapons for that matter, for the Kingsguard. Just the thought that the blood splattered chest plate Bortaveous wore was made by such a man took a portion of the young lord’s pleasure away. “I want it.”

The words echoed through the empty room with a fierceness matching that of an angry lion warning others away from his kill. Bortaveous could only nod as he took his leave, head once again placed in the satchel he wore over his shoulders.
Stopping momentarily, Bortaveous noticed the mangled pigeon that lay at the bottom of his bag. Reaching inside, he tossed the small corps to Alexavier’s feet.

“I appreciate the thought, Beast, but birds aren’t to my liking”

“O’Connel was seen sending word to his followers at Casterly Rock, My Lord. I was able to shoot the bird down. I have not seen what the message relays.”

With a flick of his wrist, Alexavier sent the bloody shield on his way “You are beginning to reek. Go bath, Beast. You know what is to be done with the head.” Reaching down, he grasped the rolled paper at the end on the birds clawed feet. What the paper had hidden would send him into a rage.

Moments later he was bursting into his mother’s chambers, tossing the bird onto her writing desk “The bastard Graham means to send Lillian away! He says he fears the secrets he holds over you, as well as others, may endanger her. What, pray tell, are these secrets mother?”

Arthas words sunk in, and Ossia narrowed her eyes and pure understanding. Robert had done many things for her in her "boy years" and now that she was a "man" in his army, she know owed her life to him "I can assure you, Arthas, Lord Robert will not see harm as long as I am here." Even as the words left her lips, Ossia believed them. Any doubt she had felt towards the man before her, or his men dissipated. They would win this battle, and hell or high water...they would win the war.

Existing the tent, Ossia took a breath as relief washed over her. Noticing Dweyth was gone from his previous location, sigh sighed angrily. the boy had the patience of a toddler at times!

Pushing her bangs from her face, Ossia grumbled.Her hair would no doubt be taking a lethal chopping tonight. She had neglected to do so lately, and it had begun to thicken and wave. Nothing too noticeable yet, but it would have to be taken care of.

Deciding it could wait, she turned her attention back of finding Dweyth. Where could he have run off too..

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Dweyth adjusted his pants and made sure that the strings on his crotch were tied properly, there's no room for them to fall especially at times like this. Then he wore his leather boots and scrubbed his short and still wet hair, he often have the soldiers shave it for him but he manages to keep a bit of stub growing from time to time. He grabbed his jerkin from the make shift hammock that was tied on two sturdy trees and exited his tent. He stretched his arms and realized that he needed to feed himself. Other men enjoyed their meat and ale as he walked towards the cook, his eyes roamed the camp and looked out for Huntley. They must have been discussing something important that it already took them a-, his thoughts were then interrupted when his body bumped into a smaller frame. He looked down to see that it was his good pal, Huntley.

Dweyth's naked torso glistened under the afternoon sun, any woman would be wanting to take him to bed but since he has been surrounded by men for days he didn't have any chance, so an idea came to his mind. "There you are peep squeak!" He often teased the man regarding his size. "Whatch say we grab some food and ride towards the next town? I reckon you'd be glad to have a woman or two for the night? My treat!" He spoke roughly and chuckled, waiting for Huntley to accept his offer to go whoring.

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A messenger team had met up with Brubahmah's own forces to tell him that the main army was closing in on Pentos and needed it's commander to ride with them. The Godking was suprised his forces traveled so swiftly though they must have not bothered with any seiging like he had done. The host of the Sacrin Empire was on the move. He knew that once Pentos fell he would have an access to the city's navy. That would increase the movement of his forces ten fold, moving even through the river lines to fetch wood from Qohor.


The army was large, perhaps the largest on the continent. Containing mostly of conscripts the host formed a number of three hundred thousand men. The weather was cooler so as such they resupplied the armours. Chainmail, scale plate, leather, chainshirts, shields, and haevier armours were given out to the troops as well as some heavier weapons too. It took many beasts to haul the supplies of such an army. Tens of thousands. The cavalry was emense too. Combined with his guard it was totaled to be twelve thousand. One hundred thousand soldiers have been cut off from the host to conquer outlying cities like Myr, Norvos, and Braavos. The main forces finally met the walls of Pentos. In an hour they would send a diplomat guarded by two Unsullied to reason with the ruler.


The diplomat of the Sacrin Empire was named Acri and that of Pentos was Lumair. They had a heated debate inbetween the two forces in a tent that had been proped up for shade. Lumair didn't even like the idea of the Sacrins, who have already unpacked their seige eqippment, ruling the city. After further discussion Lumair declared that the city would never be taken unless by force. "So be it." Acri whispered.


The Sacrin army met the Pentonian army on the fields. It was pretty straight forward. The infantry duked it out and the Sacrins swarmed from all sides. The Sacrin cavalry/anti-cavalry met with the Pentonian cavalry. The battle ended when a Sacrin cavalry charge of four thousand smashed through the Pentonian lines. it was a blood bath. By the end of the battle Brubahmah's advisors claimed the estimated the Sacrin army to have lost twenty five thousand and Pentos losing nearly all except for those who surrendered at the last minute. One thousand, five hundred men were now prisoner and the Sacrin army had been battering storming the now seiged walls with towers and were aiming to open the gate. The seige would take perhaps another thousand but it didn't matter. The Sacrin army still had roughly two hundred and seventy four thousand left. Pentos was now his.