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Tale of Veral: The Dark Occult

Tale of Veral: The Dark Occult


The dark occult has lingered through dark times and light. They hunger for more war, more destruction and they've finally found a good place to start. Be careful who you befriend

572 readers have visited Tale of Veral: The Dark Occult since Siryn created it.




Image: Veral has known many cycles. There were times when the lands of Veral were wealthy and peaceful. Times when there was war and hatred. There were also times when Veral was in a state of being ‘in-between’, meaning nothing existed, not even animals or humans. The Gods reshaped the land during this ‘in-between’ stage to fit their wishes. The legends say that the Gods’ have reshaped Veral many times, some legends say that the Gods do this out of pure boredom and throw together something to entertain them, whether it be war or peace. History has built on each re-shaping, telling how the Gods descend down to give life to a dead earth and start anew, leaving behind what once was. In the last reshaping, the Gods allowed demi-gods to exist, creatures that were once made up stories, and other beings of power. All of which have their own powers and weaknesses, some having more weaknesses than others due to the Gods putting restrictions on them. Once they were satisfied with what they’d created, the Gods ascended once again to watch over the land and be amused as to what they’d done.

Image: Our setting is within a high school, a place where the races mingle together and learn all there is to know about the Gods, the wars in the past, and their own powers. The school is normal enough, aside from some quirks here and there, but most students ignore this. Aside from the school, there is the city where the school is located. The city is not large by any means, but bigger than the outlying towns. There are cars and other modes of transportation here, however there are no cell phones, or computers (the only computers are those that are in the school and library, even those are rare), anymore as magic has replaced most everything that was once used before. Also, this is a fantasy world and even though it has modern things, it is completely different from what we know. For example, the animals here are not what we know. A squirrel is not a simple squirrel here on Veral, they have tiny horns on their heads and nasty teeth. However, for looking utterly mean and evil, these squirrels are actually quite approachable and enjoy being pet and coddled; just don’t feed them cheese… cheese does something strange to them…Anyhow, bear that in mind as I will be creating different types of animals throughout the roleplay and please, feel free to add onto it :).


Rye; God of war.
Illisi; Goddess of love.
Deray: God of fire.
Shuray: Goddess of water.
Furiy: God of earth.
Evee: Goddess of wind.
Leait: God of vampirism.
Jirieal: Goddess of shapeshifting.
(*note* if you would like me to add a God or Goddess for your specific race, please feel free to let me know ;) )

Image: Old bloods are races of people, generation lines that hold a lot of power running through them and are just like royalty. They are powerful, rich and well respected. Some are snobby, obnoxious and rude, while others are more polite, modest, and friendly. Old bloods come from those that may have lived before any of the ‘in-betweens’ and survived for many years. Alas, though, there are not many old bloods left in the world and they usually are within Vampiric families.

Image: Aside from the usual rabble in the school, the drama that ensues when the youth get together in masses, there is something else going on beneath the scene. A dark stirring that could threaten the entire world of Veral once again. Though many do not believe in the dark occult, especially as they are merely rumors and not even in the history books, they do exist and they are gathering. Behind the curtains to what is taught in the school, the dark occult has always been the problem to the wars before. Their true intentions are not known, but the very few that do believe, believe that the occult stir up the boiling pot just to see blood spilt. There are even rumors that the Gods have tried their best to eradicate the occult during each of the ‘in-betweens’ but to no avail as of yet. Others believe that the Gods left the occult alone to keep things… interesting for them, as everyone knows that peace all the time is rather boring. In any case, the occult is starting to rise again, peeking into the light of day here and there, but being very careful not to stir up too much trouble too soon. Whatever their plans, it can’t be very good for anyone, especially the Gods…

Important NPC’s (subject to be added to):

The Headmaster: Dr. Trey Roi (Mr. Roi to the students and Dr. to any other)

The Homeroom Teacher: Ms. Lelee Auruna (Ms. A or Ms. Auruna to the students)

The Disciplinary Chairman: Mr. Ein Crass (Mr. Crass to the students)

The Librarian: Mrs. Sugar Yu (Mrs. Yu to the students)

Image: There are four main races that are playable here and as always I’m very open to what you all may create and have in mind. The only thing I ask for this roleplay is no dragons… >.> Sorry guys. Anything else that your wonderfully creative minds can create, I’d be glad to see :) feel free to message me your ideas and we can go over them and all that good stuff. In the meantime; here’s what can be played!!

Image: Sturdy and well known to many. They have short life spans compared to other races, but they are just as resilient and powerful. The humans have also gained a bit of power on their, many of them being mages of one power or another. Humans can only wield one power completely, though they may dabble in many other powers, they can only use one with efficiency and control. Whatever power they are more adaptable to, they usually offer up prayer to that God or Goddess, though it is not necessary. Many humans gain their powers when they’ve been bitten by a Vampire, becoming the Vampire’s companion for life. They are hooked together, knowing each other’s presence at all times and can usually tell when one is in danger, hurt, sad or any other feeling. Humans are the number one choice for Vampires because of their being ‘fragile’ in the eyes of the Vampires. Once bitten, human’s gain a bit of a longer life span, and if they had powers before hand, their powers are heightened just a bit more than usual. Many humans wish to be bitten by a Vampire because of the abilities granted, but also because the Vampire biting them will always be there to protect them against beings stronger than themselves.

Image: Old and new, Vampires have been around for ages. There are a few… differences… to the Vampires we all know, however. They do NOT sparkle… they are not burned by sunlight and do not drink blood, they only drink it for one thing only. Vampires gain their power from the blood of others and thus do not drink constantly to stay alive. They eat and drink normal foods like any other person and mingle with the people easily. They are not super strong or super fast either, that only comes in play when they’ve drunk someone’s blood. Also, to deter from drinking just anyone’s blood, Vampires have developed a kind of gene that keeps them from rampaging around and drinking. Once they drink someone’s blood, they cannot drink from anyone else’s or it will kill them. Vampires who have not drunk from a person are considered new born’s, babies in the eyes of older Vampires who have drunk and have a life-long companion. Some of the powers that a Vampire has without blood include (but not limited to): Telepathy, Telekinesis, control over the elements, and shifting from one spot to another (teleporting -short ranged though- and only to places they’ve been to before). With blood, their powers are increased; they are faster, and stronger, much more deadly than before. Vampires worship Leait, the God of Vampirism. Old blood Vampires are distinguished by their appearance and the way they act. Many old bloods are much more appealing than other Vampires and are of lighter skin tones.

Image: Yup, you may play a werewolf here. But bear in mind these differences if you decide to create one. There are not many werewolves around as they are a dying race. They do not shift into werewolves against their own will on a full moon, silver does not affect them, they will bleed and die if wounded enough by any weapon or magic. They do not have regenerative abilities like the stories tell. Werewolves are not the mortal enemy of Vampires either, in fact they make good friends and good teams. Werewolves have several different clans that they have formed over time, the clans are separated by the color and tribal tattoos that each have. There are currently four different tribes, red fur and a tattoo of a phoenix, black fur and a tattoo of a Celtic knot, silver fur and a tattoo of a dragon, and finally pure white fur and a tattoo of a paw. (I’ll leave the clan names up to you guys :) if there are any clans left open, I’ll create a name for them.) Also, werewolves often serve the Vampires in helping to protect their human bonds that they’ve drunk from. It is an honorable service and many werewolves are happy to do so. The tribes worship the Jirieal, the god of shape shifting.

Image: A demi-God is half human, half God. Their power rivals that of humans, however, unlike human’s they cannot dabble in all kinds of magic. They are stuck with one power, and that power comes from the God that bore them into the world by their human parent. A demi-God is attuned with the God that is their parent, feeling their presence and sometimes hearing their words. However, the demi-Gods cannot have full conversations with their God parent, and most times what they hear from their God is in riddle or not a full, comprehensible sentence. They must piece the rest of it together, proving themselves that they are worthy to be a God’s child. There are very few demi-Gods and only one for each God. Not all Gods breed with humans. Demi-Gods, also, cannot harness their full power unless they have a relic that once belonged to their God parent. For example, a demi-God born to Deray cannot use their full power of fire unless they wield the weapon that Deray had at one time. Without the weapon, the demi-God’s power is similar to that of humans’ power. Some demi-Gods already possess that relic and therefore have constant power, others don’t and must find their relic if they wish to attain more power. Demi-Gods usually worship the God that they hail from; two Gods that are well known for interbreeding are Rye and Illisi.

Image: Some of the powers mentioned had a bit of explanation to them, but here I would like to go into further detail. Magic is an energy and it comes from how much energy that your character possess. It cannot be created without having energy, so if you’re character is tired, they cannot conjure any fireballs or anything like that. If your character is injured, they lose energy and cannot sustain calling upon their magic. I will keep an eye on any characters that use magic for this reason, if you’ve overpowered your character, I will let you know via PM. If you feel so inclined, you may add onto this with your character sheet, any withdrawals or anything like that to put a sufficient limit on how much power your character can wield.




Clan/Old Blood/God: (this is (obviously) for the demi-Gods’, werewolves, and vampires. If you’re a demi-God, what God is your parent? A werewolf, what tribe are you from? If a vampire, are you an Old Blood?)


Sexuality: (Romance is encouraged and I’m very open minded, so if you want some girlxgirl action or boyxboy action, feel free. As always make sure the other party is alright with this, and please keep it clean, kissing and such is fine, but not too far please. Take it to PM if it gets to that point.)

Appearance: (pictures are preferred, no need for written description unless you feel so inclined ;))


Abilities: (If you have magic, what type of magic do you wield? If you’re good with weapons, let us know here. Any kinds of abilities go here.)

Weaknesses: (All good characters have flaws and weaknesses. Please be realistic about these, usually they are the opposite of your strengths (abilities).)

Bio: (You can be as detailed or as mysterious as you like. I enjoy revealing a characters bio through Roleplay myself. It’s entirely up to you.)


1) Please no God-Modding!!
2) Please no super powerful characters that are never going to take a scratch at all and can defeat anything thrown at them…. (that’s never fun)
3) Please be original with your characters, I don’t mind characters with sappy back stories, but those do tend to get old and unoriginal, same goes to characters that have had ‘perfect’ lives. Be creative :)
4) Romance is encouraged. Kissing and touching is fine, but please do not go any further than that, keep it clean people!\
5) If you can, please post at least once or twice a week. We don’t want this to die do we?
6) When posting, any one liners or short paragraphs will be ignored. Please post up to a minimum of 600 words. A max of about 2000 words, any more than that and it gets hard to read through because it’s a bit too lengthy, unless it’s lots of action (i.e, good fight scene or dialogue between characters :) )
7) Most of all, have fun :)

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The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 6 authors


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#, as written by Siryn

"Grif, don't you think this is a bad idea?" The girls voice was high pitched as she walked beside the taller boy with dark hair and bright green eyes. The boy, Grif, grinned at her as they perused the dark hall's of their high school. It wasn't unusual for the students to come back after hours, usually on dares to see who could avoid being caught by Mr. Crass the longest. However, this was a date and the two had decided that it would be fun to sneak around, the adrenaline high was always fun.

"What? Chickening out on me already? We just got here, Eeva."

"Yeah, but... I didn't think it would be this creepy," she replied as she looked around nervously.

"Oh come on," Grif prodded, poking her sides to make her jump. Laughing, he wrapped an arm over her shoulder and drew her close, "Don't worry about it. We'll be just fine alright? Besides, even if Mr. Crass catches us, the worst that'll happen is detention."

"Detention it is," a cold voice filled the dark hallway. Grif stopped mid-step and gasped. Next to him, Eeva's high pitched voice gave a slight shriek that echoed in the hall. She buried herself into her boyfriends side, shaking slightly from the sudden voice.

"Whose there? Mr. Crass?"

"You're going to wish it was," the voice answered and with it came a silhouette of a figure in the moonlight that splashed through one of the windows further down the hall. Grif suddenly dropped to his knees, his hands reaching up to his throat where he sputtered and choked. His eyes were wide with shock and he looked as if he were going to pass out as his skin was slowly turning blue. Eeva stood for a few seconds, staring in disbelief before her scream filled the entire hallway.


The bell rung loudly over head as Taru made his way through the mass of students. Spring break was over and it was back to school once more. The students made their way to their respective classes, the homeroom classes that they started in every morning before the day got underway. Some students never went while others spent that time chatting with their friends about random things. Taru, on the other hand, had nothing to do but still went to the classroom as a matter of pride and reputation. He'd never missed a class and he wasn't about to start then either.

He walked into his classroom and took a seat next to the wall near the middle. He always sat there and it was the perfect spot to observe the others and listen into conversations that he might find interesting. Otherwise, he would just relax and not speak to anyone. He didn't have much to say anyway in regards to the day to day life of the other species. Taru much preferred to keep to himself, but if approached he would listen intently and may even answer depending on what it was the other wanted. That had happened a few times and many of the girls in the class had attempted to get on friendly terms with him. He knew what they wanted though and so he did not entertain them.

Thus his other reputation of being cold and haughty proceeded him. With a soft sigh he glowered at the floor for a while whilst the others in the class filed in. The homeroom classes had no specific age setting, rather, the students were put together however the President wished. So many of the students were many different ages and of different kinds as well. After homeroom was over, though, the students were separated out into their age groups and sent to their classes.

Taru glanced around, noting a group of girls at the back giggling whilst sending him quick glances. He rolled his eyes slightly and continued his inventory of the class he'd been put in for the second half of the school semester. Upon looking around the entire room, he noted that one person who'd always been in the same class was not there. Lifting an eyebrow he wondered what was taking her so long. The demi-God L'liya was always on time unless something had gotten her attention. Taru leaned against the wall figuring that the poor girl was probably settling a fight or something. At least she had something interesting to do.


"Alright! Break it up! Gods, you can't wait 'till a little bit further into the school semester to start a fight?" L'liya shouted at the two boys who had suddenly thrown punches at each other in the hallway. The demi-God brandished her sword between them and they immediately stopped upon seeing the large weapon unsheathed. Glaring at them, L'liya slowly withdrew her sword and then quick as lightning snatched out each hand to took each boy roughly by the ear.

"Ow, ow!" They cursed simultaneously.

"I swear, I never get a break," she muttered to herself as she turned on her heel and started marching down the hall with both boys in tow. Her irritation was spiked then, it was far too early in the morning for a fight to be broken up. Damned kids. L'liya passed her homeroom class and sighed. For one day could she at least make it to class on time? With a soft growl, she continued down the hall until she hit a set of stairs on the right. Taking those, she got to the second floor of Deverian high and turned left. Down the hall a ways, passed the upper division classes, she was met by a set of wooden double doors.

Knocking twice, she heard the call for her to enter and she opened the door. Both boys in tow gasped slightly as they set eyes upon the man sitting behind the desk. Two earrings covered his right ear, dark brown hair was just long enough to cover his forehead and golden eyes peered out from underneath the locks of straight hair. The man behind the desk smiled and motioned for her to step forward. L'liya did as she was asked and released to the two boys at the front of the desk.

"What seems to be the problem, L'liya?"

"Same as usual, Mr. Crass. These two started a fight outside their homeroom class."

"Ah. Well done, I'll take it from here. You should get to class."

"Thanks," L'liya said and left the room. Once the door closed, she was running down the hall, jumping down the steps with ease and had just touched the handle off her homeroom class when the bell rang a second time. She groaned in frustration and pushed the door opened to see Ms. Auruna turn to give her a credulous look. L'liya offered Ms. Auruna her best innocent smile she could and slipped into the classroom laughing lightly to try to ease the deadly look she was getting.

Once she was seated in her spot near the center of the classroom, and Ms. A's eyes were not on her, her smile faded and she glared at the black board with disdain. Her lips were turned into a frown and she felt utterly agitated and angered. So much so that she vowed after class she would go take it out on the training grounds once she got there.

"As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted," Ms. Auruna said, her gaze locking on L'liya who quickly shifted her face to that of the sweet smile again, "You all need to be careful. There was a terrible accident last night that us teachers are still in the dark about. We don't have much information, but all we know is that two students of Deverian high went missing. Go home once your classes are over and don't come back at night. No matter what. Whoever this person is, they're still on the loose. You all need to be careful, you hear?" Ms. A said, her stern voice rising sharply as she glanced about all her students.

Once she was certain she got her point across she took her seat and the class erupted into chatter.


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Lilith Rainya

Lilith sighed, her legs feeling like a dead weight as she trudged on towards homeroom. She would much rather sleep than come to school, but she really couldn’t complain. Lilith brushed her purple hair out of her eyes, watching as people looked at her in curiosity. A couple sat in a corner of the hall, the boy watching Lilith with interest. The girl began to nag the boy, shooting Lilith daggers.

“I hate people,” She muttered, slipping into her homeroom. Many people looked up at her and she smirked at them, slipping into a seat. She set her backpack down, rummaging through it for her notebook. When she couldn’t find it Lilith began to curse under her breath in annoyance.

Her annoyance turned into curiosity as she looked around the room. When Ms. A began to speak, she focused on the teacher.
Terrible accident, I wonder what happened. She thought as Ms. Auruna stopped speaking. As the classroom when back into a loud chatter, she sighed and laid her head on the table. Lilith really had never spoken to anyone since she moved here, due to the fact she had problems talking to guys and most girls looked at her like a disgusting piece of meat. Lilith brushed the skirt of her dark dress, trying not to catch the glares a group of girls were throwing at them.

"She’s such a scene whore, probably looking for attention.” Lilith’s head shot up, shooting the girls a withering glare. Her eyes narrowed and the girls watched her in shock.

Please, shut up.” She said with a smile, looking at them in agitation. The girls went mute and Lilith laughed a little. She found it quite pathetic to talk behind someone’s back. If you had a problem, why not tell the person? As if Lilith would care, she wasn’t trying to impress anyone.

Sirus Courtius

Sirus swallowed as he stood at the doors of the school, his heart in his throat and any courage he had was gone. The boy fumbled with his books in his hands as he entered the school, the nagging feeling of people watching him like a thick smoke surrounding him. He readjusted his glasses, taking a deep breath and marched down the hallway. He kept his eyes trained on the ground, afraid to look up. Afraid that if people saw how he looked, they would hate him.
It’s just a school, Sirus, you can do this. He thought to himself, although the pep talk had little effect on how he was feeling. He forced a smile and lifted his head, noticing how people watched him, judged him. He frowned, looking at the ground again. This wasn’t going to work, he should have stayed home. His parents were right.

[b]“No one will speak to you, Sirus, you’re so shy and feeble; why, they’ll walk all over you!”[b]

He felt his already low spirits sink deeper as he entered the class room. Sirus lost his grip on his books, watching them as they tumbled to the ground. A few people looked up and snickered at him. Sirus could feel his face heat up, and he bent down, picking up his books and hiding his face from the classroom. After collecting them in his hands, he stood up and sat down in a vacant seat next to a black haired boy (Taru). He stared at his hands, a nagging feeling that people were still watching him. He sighed, listening as the teacher spoke to the class. He didn’t acknowledge the woman or anyone else for that matter, just sat quietly in his seat.He felt stupid and humiliated; people already were making fun of him, from what he could hear.

[b]“Aw, poor boy got nervous.”[b] He heard someone say mockingly to him, but he didn’t give them the satisfaction of replying.

Idiot, idiot, idiot. He thought to himself, Why do I have to be so shy? People were never his thing, he never spoke to them, having been shunned by his hometown. He never really cared though, he had his family. Now they were miles away and he didn’t know what he should do. Sirus felt lost and confused, hoping the day would go well.
He bit his bottom lip before realizing what he was doing, cursing under his breath.

Welcome to Hell.


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Mikael Välkkynen

By the time Mikael arrived at his school it had already been a very, very long day. His usual composed, smug demeanor was in shambles, and as he shuffled by people it all to clear to see. His always pristine robes, garments of the Order of Synel, where in shambles and smelling quite vividly of smoke, burning flesh and iron. A deep scowl was practically burned onto his his lips, his fingernails had gone black and his hair was either standing on end or white as bone. He found himself unable to even look down at what the school mockingly suggested were his 'peers', each step he took was far too draining for it. All he did was groan at their general inquiries about his condition, and direct them elsewhere if they got too pushy. Even threatening to bludgeon a fellow student with his staff at one point.

You see, for most students something going wrong in the mornings was a trivial affair, such as clothes being wrinkled or perhaps not as clean as desired, unruly hair, chipped nails, a blemish of the skin or some such, but for a young, arrogant Psion it was much, much more explosive. His latest brilliant idea, a gauntlet that was able to fire bolts of electricity had finally been finished the night before, and when he woke up the desire to test it was simply too much. Which roughly translated too ignoring Tim's warnings and forgoing any safeties, controlled practice, or common sense. Unfortunately for him, something had gone terribly wrong, to say the very least. Somewhere in his calculation he was off by no more than a single number, which results in crossed wires, and circular charges, so not only did the gauntlet produce a marvelous bolt of lightning that destroyed half his apartment and possibly hospitalized the little boy from the family next door, it sent one directly through him as well.

It was quite the spectacle. He flew at least eight feet and quite violently crashed into a wall, then again onto the floor which nearly broke his nose. All the while the wall the lightning had beautifully ripped through had caught on fire, which may have been a good thing since the smoke woke him. As soon as he regained consciousness he hurriedly attempted to put the fire that was quickly spreading throughout his apartment out, which entailed catching himself on fire three separate times, and poured over his designs to find the error. Needless to say, the boy was in quite the mood by the time he reached the farce his school dubbed 'homeroom'. As his hand found its way to the doorknob, which shocked him quite vigorously, he braced himself as best he could and wiped some of the fresher blood from his face. Not only would most the students probably have some kind of snarky comment or pointless question, he'd have to deal with the insipidness that was Ms. Auruna.

The two of them had a 'tense' relationship at it's best. He showed her no respect at all, often vocalizing his sense of superiority and thoroughly disrupting her class, and she could barely stomach his existence from the first moment she caught a glimpse of his smug smile, and always looked for a way to give him some sort of administrative troubles. Shaking his head and breathing deep he pushed his way into the room, offering Ms. A an extremely icy glance as soon as the door swung open. As per usual, it didn't impress her in any shape, form, or fashion.
“Mikael! Late and disruptive as ever,” she cooed, looking up from her desk with an expression something like a cat cornering its pray.
“I was wondering when exactly you'd get around to showing up, dare I ask what happ-”
He cut her off with a dismissive gesture, sighing and doing his best to hold his disinterested expression as he shuffled his way towards an open seat in the back of the 'class', clutching his staff for support.
“Someone like you wouldn't understand if you had too, and I'm far, far too tired to even attempt breaking it down to your childish level..”
His voice was hoarse and strained from the smoke, and every syllable caused him pain. He didn't even sound patronizing. The rustling of his robes as he flung different bits of fabric around provided the class with awkward noise, and once he was sure he wasn't about to sit on them, he gritted his teeth and winced as he plopped into his chair, turning into a grouchy puddle of flesh and cloth. His eyes never left Ms.A however, who was growing more visibly annoyed with each breath, but it was still impossible for him not to notice his 'peers'. The jeers and smirks, the whispered words of most the other students, all of it made his blood boil, not that it showed on his face. “Suffice it to say however, it involved lightning, and a six that should've been a seven..”

He was quite thankful when the woman merely huffed and returned to whatever it was on her desk. Figuring her for content with his current condition, he promptly folded his arms over the desk and rested his head on them, pretending his was somewhere else and going over the math behind his gauntlet once more. Just in case.


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Jace Carter

No matter what you did, no matter where you go there is one truth to life. New clothes always have a tag that itches. When Jace arrived at the school only a few minutes ahead of time he sadly didn’t get to enjoy his first few minutes of high school as he sought out the little piece of cloth that seemed to annoy him to the point of insanity, this resulted in him rushing past everything in the front of the school and into one of the restrooms where he could remove it. The little annoyance was nothing though really, Jace took that moment to look into the restroom mirror and calm himself down, staring into his own eyes he studied the face that looked back. A face that had changed so much lately. The very clothes he whore had changed, now being a black button up shirt and kakis, clothes that he’d never even worn before today. this is it, home. A new chance at everything that being said, or rather thought Jace headed out of the restroom with a smile on his face, a smile that was quickly vanished when he saw someone walk right by him carrying a giant sword. Even more oddly it was a girl who looked no bigger than the sword she carried.

He just couldn’t help but give pause as he looked around, the sword totting women not being the only one carrying weapons around, reflexively he touched his the ruby ring on his index finger. He knew that you were allowed to carry weapons to school but he didn’t know that EVERYONE carried weapons to school, his moment of shock though quickly vanished and a smile replaced it. at least it won’t get boring Turning earily he started down the hall, doing his best to mingle with the crowd which was pretty easy since it seemed like you had one of everything here. At first he just enjoyed walking, moving from one little group to another so he could listen in for just a few moments before the pull of the crowd dragged him onwards, it was very entertaining for him. He almost forgot why he was their until he saw a bunch of people heading into one of the classrooms. With a start he reached around to his back pocket and tried to pull out his class schedule, unfortanetly he ended up getting jostled by more than a few people since in his sudden realization he’d stopped right in the middle of the hallway. Muttering apologize behind him he kept moving as he looked over the list of classes, with a frown he ended up having to fight his way back in the other direction, which caused even more jostling, since he had already passed his homeroom class.

Finally making it to the door he was about to step in when he saw it, a fight break down just a little ways down the hall. For a second he considered getting involved, probably not the smartest move for his first day, mainly because he saw a girl standing so close he was sure that a miss thrown blow would hit her. To his surprise this girl ended up stopping the fight herself. His eyes took in the scene of the small blue haired girl, the same sword carrying one he had noticed earlier, manhandling two boys as she pulled them away. As she moved past him and carried or rather dragged them up the stairs he couldn’t help but chuckle a little, she had a rather innocent looking face and in many ways was pretty, she wasn’t one he would want to challenge though. mental note, even the cute and cuddle ones have fangs…or swords

As he moved into the actual classroom he noticed how most of the class was already filled up, he quickly took one of the remaining seats near the window as the class started up. Luckily for him everyone seemed busy doing their own little thing so no one noticed the strange new student in the class, the less attention the better. First thing first though the blue haired girl hurried back into class, she had probably disposed of her two troublemakers somewhere and Jace hoped he never found out where. Next a purple hair girl walking in, he could feel the obvious tension between her and some of the other girls in the class but he was a guy and Jace knew there was no point in him trying to understand whatever feud or fight was going on there. As Jace looked at one of the little gaggles of girls he noticed them casting glances at various boys around the class, he could only assume those where the “big catches” of the class. It seemed though that all of these girls kept glancing at one particular boy, a black hair almost sad looking guy who seemed to do his best to not give any of them a passing glance. Jace couldn’t help but wonder if it was because he didn’t want to lead them on or because he was just too clueless to notice. It almost seemed as though that was everyone as the teacher explained about an incident involving the death of a student, a fact that really caught Jaces attention. He only had a second to think about it though before another student burst into the room, looking like someone almost cooked him Jace couldn’t help but look from him to the rest of his classmates. This was gonna be something to get used too.


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Lachlan walked slowly, letting her feet lag. She had accidentally fell asleep under a tree last night while looking at the stars. Though this wasn't the worst place to go to sleep and she did sleep quite well, she still looked a mess with some grass in her hair and dirt on her clothes and skin. Her clothes were slightly messy and currently she was holding her shoes in her hand, not bothering to put them on this morning. She had quickly put her hair up in a pony tail, but since she had done while she was walking, her hair was already starting to fall out and into her face. A lot of people gave her weird looks as she trudged her way to the first class. They pointed and snickered, most likely making rumors. Her head was too groggy to actually do anything though or to even care, let them think what they want it didn't effect her any way. When she made it into class she was surprised to find she wasn't late. Not that she was worried, she had just gotten used to being late all the time.

A quick glance around the room told her that her favorite place to sit was open. She smiled and stretched a bit heading to the back corner near the windows. The reason she liked this spot was that she could open the window and sit on the windowsill, this at least gave her the allusion she was outside, enough to quiet her claustrophobia enough to pay attention. With only a ragged, worn bag in hand she went to kneel on the and open the window. From there she adjusted herself so that she was part way out the window itself. As the murmur of students continued she closed her eyes wanting to rest up a bit before classes actually started. Give herself a nice little nap.

The teacher called for attention making her jump slightly. She hadn't been expecting a little speech from the teacher this morning. The moment the teacher mentioned to be "careful" and "danger", Lachlan's attention had peeked. 'Is there really something that interesting going on so early after break?' she thought to herself. She looked around the room hoping someone else looked as interested as she did. As if she would find someone to go with her to check out what the big fuss was about. No one met her criteria. Sure they looked interested, but more in a frightened paranoia kind of way, not the adventuresome way she felt bubbling inside her. After the teacher stopped talking, Lachlan found she couldn't close her eyes anymore, so she let her eyes wander outside the window. She looked in the distance at the rising sun, ideas of what might happen. She started to come up with a plan of what to do to sneak around and investigate what was happening. She had some in mind that could work out quite well, though they needed a lot of find tuning before any of them would be remotely ready.

'Oh yeah, this is going to be amazing,' she thought to herself, a wicked smile playing on her lips.


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#, as written by Siryn

"Hu," Lucas whispered to himself after the announcement given by their teacher Ms. A, as he liked to call her. Leaning back, he looked around the room again as it seemed that everyone was there finally. Ms. A had taken her seat and just as everything was getting settled in, a girl with black hair walked in looked a little worse for wear, though not nearly as bad as the guy with the robes at the back of the class just kitty corner to Lucas.

"Hey, wanna go check out what Ms. A was talking about?" A boy asked his friend. They were sitting behind Lucas and whispering to each other, the daring tone was in their voices, but there was also a bit of fear.

Lucas turned around to face them, "You're really going to run around at night to see what you can find?"

"Well... yeah, wouldn't you?" The boy asked, a bit of hesitance in his voice.

"Not without a couple of friends," Lucas smiled brightly. He leaned back and weaved his fingers together against the back of his head as he gazed at the two friends. Both boys looked between each other before looking at him. They leaned in real close and dropped their voices even more.

"So, who would you go with?"

"Hmm," Lucas tapped his lip gently as he uncurled his fingers and looked about the room. His eyes settled on the dark haired boy up near the front, the girl with long blue hair, the one who was leaning against the window sill and then the one in the burning robes. Lucas could tell that they were pretty strong persons, especially the one with the robes. He obviously had some kind of power to have walked in smelling like he'd just blown something up entirely.

"Well, maybe we should walk around and see if we can get acquainted with some people, shall we?" When Lucas looked back at the two boys they were looking at each other in confusion. Lucas turned around and eyed the two for a moment, "You're not coming? Fine, I'll go," Lucas got to his feet and started towards the closest one, the girl with blue hair who was rather close to the woman sitting on the windowsill.

Leaning over and putting his hands on the desk, he smiled brightly as best he could and asked his question, "So, what do you two think of coming back here tonight and getting a little adventure on?" he grinned, hoping to look as convincing as he could.


Taru watched as the few students who stumbled in took their seats and were greeted by Ms. Auruna's cold attitude. One in particular was the bickering between the student in robes, Mikeal if Taru remembered correctly who did not exactly share eye to eye views with Ms. Auruna. A bit of a smile crossed Taru's features as he watched the boy lumber passed him and take his seat at the back. Once he was there, he gave his answer as to why he was late which issued a couple of laughs from the other students, and a brighter smile from Taru, before he promptly let his head fall down onto the table to sleep.

A girl had come in as well, this one with black hair and grass sticking to her clothes. Her shoes were off her feet as she crossed the room and opened up the window at the far end. It was the end of spring which meant summer was coming, so what little cool air they could get then was a good thing. The breeze flooded the room giving a sense of relief as it had begun to get stuffy in there. As the chatter increased, one of the boys got up from his seat and approached L'liya, the disciplinary enforcer. Though Taru couldn't hear the question, he figured it was something interesting, so he leaned back, put his hand up to his lips and watched intently, wondering what it was that was going to happen next.


"Excuse me?" L'liya asked the boy who was leaning over. She lifted an eyebrow at him as she regarded him with a bit of hesitance.

"Explore. Get in on a little adventure. You know, have a bit of fun."

"You know who you're talking too, right?"

The boy grinned, "L'liya Grahath."

L'liya rolled her eyes. This boy was a smart ass as well as a rule breaker, "I'm your disciplinary officer. I enforce the rules of the school, and you just told me that you wish to break those rules," the boys lips faltered as he then glanced around, "That's right. I could turn you into Mr. Crass right now for that."

"You wouldn't," he said, throwing it out there as a bit of a challenge. L'liya frowned, yeah, she wouldn't actually take him there because he was 'planning' to do something. She had to catch them in the act of doing it. Besides, L'liya was a little bit intrigued herself about the little event that happened. For her, it was easy to be wandering around the school at night because that's what her job was. She could easily investigate on her own. However, this boy didn't seem like he was one to listen if told 'no'.

"Tell you what, IF for some reason I find you POSSIBLY wandering around campus after hours, then I MIGHT be inclined to ESCORT you out of the area... with the exception of a side trip, or two..."


"Not so loud, you oaf!!" L'liya scolded. The last thing she needed was a whole entourage of people following her around after hours. She would never hear the end of it from Mr. Crass. With her head falling into her hand, she sighed heavily and glowered up at him. The boy smiled sweetly and nodded.

"Alright alright, I'll keep it hush hush, but no promises on anyone else being there just because they want to be."


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Lachlan smiled at the boy that had just come up to her and L'liya. Not only because he had the guts to start putting a little group together for a nighttime adventure, but that he actually had the guts to ask their "disciplinary officer" to join as well. She watched as the two bickered, of course L'liya was against going, refusing to break any rules, but then something happened that Lachlan didn't expect. L'liya agreed to go. Lachlan was left stunned she didn't know wether to smirk at how curiosity can turn even the most devout of rules to a rule breaker, or if she should suspect it to be some kind of trick that their "disciplinary officer" was playing to get them all in trouble.

"Yeah count me in too," Lachlan said not taking her eyes of L'liya, still not sure what to think. Either way though this was going to be one opprotunity that the girl sitting on the windowsill wasn't going to miss. She looked up at the boy and smiled.

"I'm Lachlan by the way," she leaned over L'liya's desk to shake the boy's hand, "Nice to finally meet someone else willing to break the rules for an some adventure," a pointed look at L'liya. "Why are you coming anyway? I mean it's not like you find fun out of breaking rules. On the contrary you seem to be the exact opposite of that. What, want to play the hero? Save the school from a mysterious bad guy, showing the world that only goody-little-two-shoes can save the world?" Lachlan asked L'liya. She swung her left leg out the window, letting it swing. She was curious as to why L'liya was coming, but what she had just said was meant to be a joke, especially the ending. She loved teasing L'liya, seeing the blue haired girl get all flustered with anger. Even if what she had said went a bit far and sounded more mean than an actual joke on some level, Lachlan truely did see this as being an option for why such a well-known rule follower was breaking the rules.

She smirked to herself and looked out the window again. Fine tuning some of her plans knowing that mayber her ideas would be the ones to get them into the school at night. Her eyes closed as she continued thinking about what their adventure was going to be like.


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Although Rigel and Darrin were indeed late, they made it just in time to slink into class along with the stragglers to make it look like they hadn't arrived as late as they actually were. However, when they got to a desk the teacher gave them a look. A certain look that said that she'd let them off the hook, just this once. She had more serious business to attend to than dealing with late students. Well, in the duo's defence, it wasn't easy acclimatising to a timezone that was several hours behind Solaris, especially since neither of them had travelled abroad before.

Both Phoenix and human turned their attention to what was going on in the classroom. Mostly just the humdrum chatter, but then Rigel overheard a particularly interesting conversation. Sounded like some sort of plan being formed. The group gradually realised that Rigel and Darrin had been listening in on them with a certain... intent.

They even recognised a few faces, one of them being quite the unlikely addition to a group of secretive whisperers: L'liya. What was even more unusual was that she wasn't going to rat them out to the teacher, she was actually going to be a part of this thing!

"We want in on this too," Rigel added to the conversation from his usual perch on his assistant's shoulder. Darrin nodded in agreement and said "The more the merrier, right? Just fill us in on the situation and give us a time and a place." Whatever this group was going to be up to... it was gonna be something big.


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Lilith Rainya

Lilith watched as more people entered; a rather attractive boy with a bright red bird on his shoulder. Lilith watched his as he went over to a group, inquiring about whatever they were doing. She dropped her gaze, playing with the threads on her dress, seemingly occupied. She looked up again, watching the group with interest. From what she heard, they were deciding to come to the school at night.

That sounds like fun… She thought to herself, wondering if she should go talk to them. Their group seemed large enough, and most of time she could tell her presence wasn’t wanted, so she normally wouldn’t talk to anyone.
She almost got up to walk over there, but stopped herself. It kind of annoyed her that she wasn’t going over there because of some guy. She huffed, crossing her arms and looking ahead.

I should go over there; I’ve been cooped up in a house since spring break. Maybe this will be a chance to get out and actually connect with people.

Her little pep talk caused her to stand up, brushing down her skirt and then made her way over to the group. She gave them a smile and wrung her hands, a nervous quirk of hers.

“Mind if I tag along?” Lilith asked with a small, sheepish smile, “I’m Lilith.” She said to the group, most not knowing her. She was still new to the school, and haven’t met that many. Among the group, L'liya was the only one she really knew, name wise. L’liya was the disciplinary officer, and Lilith thought maybe they could be friends, but never had attempted to greet herself.
She hoped she hadn’t made a mistake.

Sirus Courtius

Sirus kept his head down, trying to block out the sound of everyone. He didn’t want anyone to notice him; he just wanted to disappear after his entrance. He imagined from the way he looked they considered him ‘easy prey’ for being teased. Oh well, not like he would answer them.

Looking up, he saw a group around the window, most of the class tossing the others glances as more seemed to group over there. Huh, aren’t they popular.

Bored out of his little shy mind, Sirus began to idly play with fire. Tiny flames would float above his fingers as he watched them, extinguishing them when the teacher looked up. Not that he had the intention of burning anything down; he just didn’t want to get in trouble for it. A few people watched him as he made little swirls in the air, the fire slowly dwindling into nothing but smoke.

I need a better hobby. He thought to himself, Being a pyromaniac is frowned upon.
As he entertained himself, he felt someone hit him in the back of the head, telling him to stop it. The boy jumped, the impact causing his glasses to fly off and away from him. Sirus blinked, running a hand through his hair in annoyance.
Standing up, he grabbed his glasses that had skidded across the floor. Putting them back on, he sat back in his seat gruffly.
He set his head down, watching the end of his desk as he waited for his first class to start. A song had been stuck in his head all morning.

Mama, we all go to Hell. Mama, we all go to Hell.
I’m writing this letter and wish you well, Mama, we all go to Hell.

He frowned, remembering how they played this song at his grandmother’s funeral, who had been against them due to his family’s religion. Oh, well, the witch is dead.


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#, as written by Siryn


"Yeah count me in too," Lachlan added, and then leaned over L'liya to get to the boy. The demi-God frowned as she leaned back from the werewolf and glowered at the growing group. What was she supposed to do now? Obviously she hadn't thought this through completely. Nor had she counted on so many people jumping in on the situation so quickly. With a sigh she crossed her arms over her chest.

"I'm Lachlan by the way. Nice to finally meet someone else willing to break the rules for an some adventure," a pointed look at L'liya which the disciplinary officer returned with narrowed eyes.

"Why are you coming anyway? I mean it's not like you find fun out of breaking rules. On the contrary you seem to be the exact opposite of that. What, want to play the hero? Save the school from a mysterious bad guy, showing the world that only goody-little-two-shoes can save the world?"

"I'm going because you group of idiots won't listen to me anyways," L'liya growled back, leaning forward to glare at the woman who was leaning on her desk, "It's not like I really want to! You all just don't give me a choice."

"We want in on this too," a voice came and Lucas turned to see who it was. He'd been grinning at the display before him between the two women. Obviously this 'Lachlan' enjoyed making L'liya angry. Maybe it was because the little demi-God was a tad bit cute when she was all fired up.

"Hey! Great, more people!" Lucas offered with enthusiasm.

"The more the merrier, right? Just fill us in on the situation and give us a time and a place." The boy continued. The bird was perched on the boys shoulder.

"No problem, so you see-" Lucas started, but was interrupted by a small voice.

“Mind if I tag along? I’m Lilith.”

The girl looked utterly shy, but Lucas smiled at her none the less. Next to him, L'liya heaved a huge sigh in response. Clearly she was absolutely displeased with the growing situation. Lucas, however, paid her no mind and nodded to the girl with a broad smile.

"Sure! So, as I was saying, the situation is like this. We'll be meeting up tonight outside of the school by 9pm and we'll be investigating what happened to those two students the other night. Our dear disciplinary has also agreed to go with us, so we'll be good to go."

"Unless you all run into Mr. Crass, then you're no longer my problem," L'liya cut in sharply, her arms still folded across her chest. Boy was she going to hate this...


Obviously there was something going on in the corner of the class room right across from Taru. The old blood didn't move, however, and stayed in his seat watching what was going on. He'd caught a few words of the conversation, though not much because he'd been sitting so far away. Something about coming back to the school at night. What an interesting thought. Taru put his hand to his lips and leaned sideways in his chair, his dark eyes watching the group intently.

He wouldn't get up and go to them, no, he wasn't one to start conversations. He much rather enjoyed observing and learning from other humans and the like. However, if they'd come up to him, he would have gladly engaged in conversation with them. Though, not everyone knew that, though. Their disciplinary officer seemed to be into the idea, however, which was much more intriguing to Taru. The blue haired girl was always so adamant at following school rules. He wondered what the demi-God was thinking, or perhaps it was a gut feeling she was getting.

Even so, Taru had to think that she wasn't going to be entirely open to the idea of having a huge group to baby-sit. Perhaps he would join them. He was their class president, it was only logical that he be involved. The forward reasoning was because he was responsible for his fellow students. The hidden reason was simply because he was curious. As he was settling his decision, the bell rang, signaling for the end of homeroom and the start of the classes. Taru stood slowly and exited the classroom with the rest of the students. His thoughts were entirely with the brewing situation as he headed to class. Of course he would have more time to observe when lunch rolled around.

Three hours later

Students were flooding the halls once again as the bell had run, the end of the first set of classes over with and their lunch break well underway. Taru had been among the first to enter the cafeteria on the other side of campus and was currently sitting out in the courtyard where the trees were planted in large circular areas with bricks surrounding them as a design. He was seated on one of these brick enclosures beneath a tree that blossomed blood red petals and had created a carpet of red around the surrounding area.

Taru listened to the conversations around him, but didn't engage in them. None of what the students were talking about was all that interesting anyway. Most of it that he could hear was from the nearby girls, their whispers about him and a couple other male students made him roll his eyes slightly. Across the way he spotted the fair haired disciplinary officer making her rounds and keeping a close eye on the students. He found it amusing that some students thought it was fun to try to tempt her, only to be greatly disappointed as she did not take her duties lightly.

The vampire found himself searching the crowd for the youth who had walked in with burned robes and the smell of fire on him that morning. He was avidly curious about that one and wished to know more about why he'd been in such a sorry state. Mikael was his name if memory served correctly. Taru knew the boy only by name, never had he really had a chance to speak to Mikael before spring break and today was the first time he'd seen the demi-God in such a state.

"You're deep in thought," a voice startled him from his search.

Glancing over he noted that he'd not heard nor seen the boy who sat down next to him. Taru shifted slightly, putting a bit of distance between them, "I was," he answered shortly.

"Name's Lucas, and yours?"


"Ah, that's right! You're our president. I thought you looked familiar. So, who are you looking for?"

"Someone from homeroom."

"Can I help?" Lucas asked with a broad grin. Taru flicked his gaze over to the boy and frowned slightly. He didn't answer and turned back to scanning the crowd. Lucas, however, didn't leave and continued speaking to him, not that the old blood minded, "I noticed you watching us in homeroom. Were you interested in what was going on? We're coming back tonight to scout out the school and see what's going on. We might even run into the person who committed the crime the other night. Will you be coming with us?"

"I was interested, yes. I knew you were all coming back, though don't you think it's a bit dangerous?" Taru asked, turning his eyes to look at the boy again. After a moment, he continued, "I will be coming tonight, but not because I want to. It's a matter of keeping you all safe, just as L'liya will be doing. I figured she would need some help."

"Ah! Well, with a demi-God and a vampire on our side, we've nothing to fear then!" Lucas beamed. Taru watched him then sighed slightly, shaking his head.


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When lunch break arrived, Rigel and Darrin decided it would be best to attempt to navigate the school's halls, as they didn't yet know the whole layout by heart. Since Darrin was Rigel's assistant, all their classes were shared, but it didn't stop them asking each other how they felt things were going so far. Not long afterwards, the conversation drifted over to what happened in the homeroom.

"I must say, I'm looking forward to this sneaking around after hours," Rigel said happily, still on the human's shoulder as per usual.

"It's not gonna be like raiding a few biscuit tins, mate," replied Darrin. "I know it's a bit risky doing something like this, but I don't think we'll find out what happened any other way. Teachers would hush things up."

"Quite right. Besides, we have the safety in numbers, quite a few of which look very capable in a fight. If we run into trouble, I have confidence in our odds of victory."

A couple of corridors later, Darrin spoke up again.

"We should probably get some lunch right about now. Fancy a sandwich?"

"Hmm, that's a good question, now that you mention it. Breakfast was quite some time ago and I didn't really have that much and-"

"Sandwich, not life story," Darrin interrupted.

"Okay, yes, I would like one. Incidentally, did you happen to see any places where we could get lunch?" Rigel's question caused the human to stop in his tracks.

"But... I thought you were keeping an eye out for them!"

The silence between the two of them dragged on for some time before Rigel finally spoke.

"...So we are lost again?"

"We aren't lost, everything else has just... misplaced itself," Darrin insisted, continuing down the corridor. The epic quest for getting some lunch before break was over had officially begun.


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Lachlan left her last class before lunch in a huff. She hated that class with a passion, all there was to do was sit around listen to the teacher lecture on and on. Not only that, but for some reason that teacher seemed to be out to get her. He would send her to detention, and not just the ones where you sit around, but where you actually have to do work, whenever she came in late, wasn't looking, or sitting in her chair. She felt so confined by him that she would sometimes send spit balls his way when he wasn't looking. As she exited the class she looked a lot more presentable, her shoes were on this time and tied, her hair was properly up in a ponytail and wasn't falling out, and it seemed that most of the grass was gone. This was because Mr. Danagan, her teacher, made her leave the classroom and not come back till she was properly cleaned. Granted she had half a mind not to come back at all, but she had to pass this class.

She walked along the corridors, her head bowed and not looking where she was going, though because of her sense of hearing she was able to dodge most of the other students walking through the halls. Lachlan was in such a bad mood she didn't really feel hungry, at least right now. So she just wandered about hoping quench her anger before going to socialize. However she heard some talking. At first her anger flared, she really didn't want to talk, but considering there wasn't many others in the hall she would feel obligated to make conversation.

"...So we are lost again?"

"We aren't lost, everything else has just...misplaced itself." This phased her anger out, she had once been that person who was lost all the time and never had she had someone to help. She just had to wander for a while until she found what she was looking for.

"Need some help there?" Lachlan asked, "Hey didn't you want in on the plan?" She leaned up against the wall, crossing her arms. Some hair fell into her face, as always when she puts her hair up it's only a matter of time before it starts falling out. She stepped on her heels kicking her shoes off. They were getting kind of sweaty and since she wasn't wearing any socks today her feet would only end up smelling.


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#, as written by Siryn
L'liya Grahath

The demi-God was wandering around the cafeteria, her steely gaze shifting from one side of the room to the other as she moved between the tables and chairs. Bustling students brushed passed her as they took their seats, laughter and chatter filled the air disturbing L'liya's thoughts. She never did like loud places, but it wasn't like she wasn't used to it. It just interrupted her concentration and L'liya was constantly in a state of concentration because she was always trying to be in connection with her father.

"Hey!" she shouted at a student as they were about to lung forward to push a cup of food into one of his friends face. Her eyes narrowed and the student sheepishly smiled at her and slowly sat back down. The last thing she wanted was a freaking food fight in the middle of the cafeteria on the first day back from spring break. With a sigh, L'liya decided that she didn't want to be around in the cafeteria anymore and left. Reaching up, she adjusted the tag on her arm that marked her as the disciplinary officer of the school. She was the only one, too. Sometimes L'liya wondered why it had always been her, but then she was reminded about every time a fight started how the adrenaline rushed through her veins.

The demi-God left the enormous amount of students behind and entered the calmer halls of the school. She walked slowly through the many halls of classrooms and teachers rooms that were empty aside from a few students and teachers here and there. It was finally silent, and her concentration had returned. Her connection with her father was a bit stronger, although she still couldn't hear him. Just like always. Sigh.

L'liya moved through the halls when she heard voices down one of the halls. Coming around the corner she was entirely in 'officer' mode and her lips were already pulled into a scowl as she made her entrance. She spied Lachlan and Darrin with his phoenix companion. They were conversing about something and the demi-God remembered that the two new comers had been interested in joining them that night for the 'excursion'. She sighed heavily, why had she agreed to do this in the first place? She should have known that tons of other students were going to jump in on this. Man, L'liya could already hear Mr. Crass' voice as he would most definitely scold her about what she was going to do that night.

Anyway, this was no time to be lost in thought. She was pretty sure she'd heard Lachlan asking the boy if he was going to be joining them that night. Tapping her finger on her arm she looked between the too, trying to keep her stony facial features perfected.

"If you cause me unnecessary trouble tonight, I swear to you both that you'll wish you hadn't," she threatened.


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Even Darrin looked relieved to see that a new option had presented itself. One that didn't involve blindly stumbling around and praying for the best. Rigel wasted no time in greeting Lachlan, in his own little way.

"Hello! So good of you to assist us in our moment of need before starvation ensues! Incidentally, yes, we did decide to volunteer ourselves for that little excursion. I can hardly wait!" After taking a quick look around, Rigel lowered his voice to an unusual conspiratorial whisper. "So I was wondering, do you think we might find any evidence as to what happened?" While the phoenix was preoccupied with discussing plans with Lachlan, L'liya had spotted them and had decided to come over, although in Darrin's opinion she could've been a little bit more polite.

"If you cause me unnecessary trouble tonight, I swear to you both that you'll wish you hadn't."

Even Rigel stopped talking at the sound of her voice, if mostly to see who was interrupting him. L'liya was the kind of person who could be unavoidably noticeable, and not in a good way. Rigel kept his words civil, although there was something of an irritated undertone to his voice.

"Me and my friend are well aware of what would happen if we are caught breaking the rules, and I daresay it could be much worse than any amount of physical violence you could administer to us." He paused for a moment's thought. "Actually, you would not be able to do that on account of me and my assistant having diplomatic immunity here on the lower world. Sorry to disappoint you." Darrin felt it appropriate to nod to confirm that it was indeed the gospel truth. With the facts laid out in front of L'liya, Rigel went back to his usual cheery self and resumed his conversation with Lachlan. "So anyway, before I get myself on a tangent again, you wouldn't happen to know where one could get some sandwiches, hmm?"


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Lachlan smiled and snapping her fingers together as the phoenix on the boy's shoulder continued talking to L'liya. Lachlan had to say that she liked this creature more and more even though she'd only known him for a short time. She was trying very hard not to snicker, but was finding it almost impossible.

"Oh you're no fun," Lachlan interjected, "Besides I've been in trouble enough times that you'll have to do better than that to scare me, and I think you know this. So if you're going to threaten people it would seem that you found the three that wouldn't see anything in your threats. Now that's bad luck that is, honestly there are tons of people in the school to threaten and the only ones you could think to do that to are the two with diplomatic immunity and the delinquent that could honestly care less."

"So anyway, before I get myself on a tangent again, you wouldn't happen to know where one could get some sandwiches, hmmm?"

Lachlan smiled at the phoenix and boy, "Indeed I do, follow me," she waved at them to follow. She walked backwards for a while to make sure they were actually following, then turned around and began navigating the corridors like only someone who sneaks around knows. "This is actually the shortest way to get to the cafeteria though it can take a while to know which way to turn," Lachlan said, adding under her breath, "Especially since some of the halls can hide." They turned down a doorway that tons of people pass because you can really only see it when your facing it otherwise it blends in with the wall. Inside the hall you would have thought it to be small and dark, but it was just like all the others, windows were all along the side that shared the outdoors making the corridor bright and there were other doors along the other side leading to classrooms and offices.

"I don't think I caught your names before," she said stopping in front of a door, "I'm Lachlan by the way resident rule-breaker at your service." She took a deep bow with a cocky smile, though not sly it was actually rather showy. "The cafeteria is right through this door it will come out on the side and you'll find some vendors to right. You're welcome."

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