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From the beginning of all space and time, there existed Ae. A resource with properties ever fickle, but with a worth that easily matched the countless casualties of men who sought it out. All sides, all species, all planets willing to shed blood for its simplest and most important usage of producing energy. While Ae has almost unimaginable possibilities if harnessed correctly, its destructive force is guilty of the razing of several planets due to its noxious and downright corrosive properties. Many plant-life and large animals have been corrupted by Ae, and symptoms for most races that come into direct contact were a fast death or a slow one. Ae, the savior of many planets and civilizations while also dooming many who are ill-equipped to mine the resource.

Ae must be managed. Similar to Prometheus bestowing fire to the people below, 3 Ancient Gods kept the cycle by reincarnating as powerful vessels among the many stars and among the many species to ensure that the continuous cycle is carried out. Only the ideal amount of Ae was allowed to taint the universe.

Among the 3 were the creator (Avreur), keeping the level of Ae overflowing so every planet had access to God's gift. The destroyer (Azotl), eating away at all Ae so it didn't have a chance to taint the universe, and finally, the librarian, having access to the memories of the previous librarians and with the sole purpose of making certain that the balance isn't overthrown.

For millennia, the cycle has been maintained, an equilibrium of creation and destruction. However, for the first time in millennia, the balance has been tipped. The current Avreur has amassed influence among the many stars, promising Ae for all and spouting his status as a god. With a new hatred brewing within, can the new Azotl restore the balance?



Please Read!
✦The usual, no godmodding, no mary sues, gary sues, pikachus, etc.
✧Please choose faceclaims accordingly, anime only!
✦I do have the option to veto your application if I know you as someone who doesn't finish their characters or leaves without warning.
✧This is not first come first serve. Creativity is key, and if I feel your character fits well and has some thought into it. A well-written race, or unorthodox fighting style could make your character all the more interesting. Be sure to stop by in the discord server before posting an application.
✦Any conflicts will be resolved via PM. As much as I would like to see a roast session, I would rather not have a little quarrel hinder the story.
✧Post as many words as you want, but if you write a single paragraph, I'll SILENTLY judge you. I do want some literacy. If you feel you cannot post something with decent length, I encourage you to collab with someone so you can get some MEAT into your post.


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