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Ernie Restal

Gnome | Rogue

0 · 306 views · located in Castelia

a character in “Tales of Castelia”, as played by TomorrowsHerald



Name: Ernie Restal
Age: 77
Race: Gnome
Gender: Male
Height: 3'9
Weight: 84
Class: Rouge
Religion: Agnostic


Weapons: wip

Armor: wip

Other: wip


- Ingenuity: Gnomes have an innate understanding of how things work. Specifically machines, traps, weapons, pretty much anything and everything mechanical. Within moments of studying it they can figure out how and why a thing does what it does.

- Stealth: Rogues are incredibly stealthy and are capable of passing unnoticed by most if they choose.

- Silvertoung: Some rogues are more adept at this then others, but all of them are skilled liars and many could easily convince a crowd.


Subject name: Lyall Otan, son of Terry
Physical description: Tall, fair, brown hair, 43 years of age.
Means of identification: May be verified by a swan shaped birthmark on his posterior.
Nature of issue: Compulsive thief, liar and swindler.
Prescription of treatment: Confinement Sessions with an outside specialist

Case Summery: Subject perpetually unable to control an exaggerated kleptomaniac drive to do away with other people's property. He has attempted thus far 27 recorded escapes from this facility by various means ranging from coercion, trickery to subterfuge. Known to be skilled in lock picking and therefor has been incarcerated in a magically sealed room. Under observation, subject has been noted for his keen interests in archaeology, architecture, lost history and gardening. Cooperation with subject is best secured through the threat of imminent danger or by the promise of monetary compensation. Subject claimed to be a master forger. This claim has since been proven false after seizure of several fake documents upon his capture.

Dispensation for release: Signed,
The Right Honourable Professor Ernie Restal

(Back of the document)

PS: Never dismiss a lie told by a liar, he might be lying with the truth.

- Document D512566, missing persons department, Gnome Institute for the Criminally Insane.


My life's story is a long and sad tale full of lost opportunities, struggles and betrayals.
[i][No, you were born into a privileged merchant family and didn't want for bread nor coin]

I was once a proud craftsman who made his modest living selling his wares to a wide a varied array of clientele
[You were a charlatan of a locksmith and regularly ripped off your filthy rich customers and sold spare keys of their properties to any burglar who would pay]

As any honest member of the Western trades guild would ascertain, I was a man of good character and standing in society, well known throughout the land.
[Half the members of the Western trades guild are your cousins, who want you dead. The other half want you to pay your debts first; using the bounty on your severed head. You are admittedly well known, there are warrants for your arrest in 5 languages]

Faced with financial troubles from my many acts of charity and investment, I took my leave of the Westron Alliance in search of my fortune.
[You swindled half the debtors of the alliance into investing in land and businesses you didn't own. The charity was a orphan house that didn't exist. And you didn't take leave, you fled the alliance chased by several detachments of guards and dozens of bounty hunters]

I decided to regain my lost fortune adventuring, tempted by the excitement and the traveling as a self employed agent.
[You bet all of your remaining cash in a game of chance with the adventurers. You cheated, they took affront and intended to sell you into slavery, picking the locks to your own irons convinced them otherwise]

I will have you know I fought against the goblins in the 4th Winter War!
[You were convicted of improper conduct with a Baron's daughter and sentenced to death in combat. You manged to escape during the first battle]

Liar! I take personal affront to these ill-conceived claims against my person!
[can it you weasel, you would never say a word of truth unless your life depended on it]

Take that back fiend!
[make me you silly old goat!]

Impertinent swine!
[Ill gotten coward]


- Notes from an attempted bibliographic draft by an unknown author, Imperial Prison cell 106.

So begins...

Ernie Restal's Story


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#, as written by Sonofel

August 8th | 7:00 AM

Deep within the great eastern wilds of Andaria, five experienced adventurers find themselves traveling south along the old scrolls road. Only a few hours from the outskirts of Kir'Andah, the oldest, largest, most populous city in the world. It also just happens to be the capitol city of the empire. Home to the "Council of Kings" as well as a population of over 300,000 people. This is where your meeting with the emperor is to be. For not two weeks earlier your party received a letter with the imperial seal. An official summons to see the emperor himself. The letter sounded urgent, not to mention mandatory. And only two days away from the empires 1000th anniversary.

The light of the sun barely begins to shine over the horizon. It's hazy orange sunrise illuminate a small caravan of nine people. Five of which being our party of heroes. Hired as mercenaries to protect a rich merchant, his wife and two kids as they travel towards the capitol. No one travels across country alone anymore. Not with how chaotic things have become throughout the empire. Bandits, wolves and all manner of monstrous creatures infesting the tameless wilderness. You have been taking shifts guarding and driving the rather large carriage and its two horses.

The family of four snoozing away inside the carriage while you five, the hired escorts, are forced to endure the outdoors. You rested for a few hours during the night after a nonstop eight hour push from a small village to the north. However, now that you have broken camp the lot of you continue south. But don't worry, this wealthy merchant offered a hefty payment for your efforts. As you continue down the dry dusty road you scan the area and see a lush green landscape with rolling hills and scattered groves of trees. You travel another three miles before looking to the west you notice a massive black cloud rushing towards you. Only a couple miles away. Clearly a thunderstorm as you glimpse brief flashes of light and dull roar of thunder that seems to role over the hills.

What Do You Do?