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Tales of Dentarius

Tales of Dentarius


This is follow to the original TVL Universe but in a more controlled environment and is only using one location in The Everlands

1,079 readers have visited Tales of Dentarius since Gothicsyn created it.


A century ago "The Dragon Wars" as they have become know tore apart every city and village in The Everlands, it took the act of absolute defiance by Dentarius and the sacrifice of two of the Elcarus brothers to stop the death that was wrought. The Everlands sits on the veil between all worlds and know worlds, as such a vortex in the very heart of the Everlandian mountains acts as a gateway between those worlds.

Dentarius is the second largest city in The Everlands, second only to the capital city of Elvera, after the Dragon Wars had ended, Kane and the Queen reached an agreement that sees Dentarius able to operate of its own volition. With the power to operate without interference Kane return to Dentarius and rebuilt the iconic Elcarus Mansion. His intent to see those who looked to his family for protection would do so without fear of The High Council and other would Everlandian Powers able to penalise them for living life they way they wish.

In a land where myth and fantasy are not far apart, you can see the world as it builds, enjoy the sights and sounds as medieval myth meets strength honour and the heart of a carefully crafted fantasy with over 20 years of background writing and history, a wealth of new faces are coming.

Dentarius is a decent sized town surrounded on two sides by a dense forest, know as All Hallows Wood. The eastern side is a high rise mountain pass that leads toward the heart of The Everlands. The town's tavern is a buzz of activity as it the market square, there are a few shops and you may wish to become the owner of one these too. The healers have a small hospital in town, most are White Mages and able to deal with most minor cases. Higher medical issues are referred to the realm Healer.

The Mansion is owned by Kane and the Elcarus family is generally the first place newcomers visit, the mansion serves as meeting hall, a smaller tavern as well as what is essentially a hotel to newcomers looking for somewhere to stay.

Toggle Rules

I'm going to drop a few notes here as to what is or isn't allowed, as we adapt this new world these may change.

1) And most important is that I can deny any request, power or character design as this is my world, while I let most things fly I have built this world for 15 years and as such have set certain things to ground, this means they cannot and will not be allowed to bend.

2) Kane is the “default” leader of Dentarius, while this gives him a certain freedom to operate I will over time dilute this power down as more people join. The primary living Elcarus’ are as of now Kane Elcarus, his twin brother Hades and his Daughter Aerian. A full character list will be provided over time.

3) All races are welcome here, you can write as any race you wish with any combination of powers you can dream up, unless those powers are deemed dangerous to the realm. It is worth noting that for both continuity and ease of work certain race rules are altered within Dentarius, these will be listed below.

Vampire: Are not considered dead, in fact they are any other human based raced complete with heart beats and the likes, Dentarian light will not harm them, as such they may do business during the day or night. Vampires do not kill by nature but feeding is considered and intimate act.

4) Posts made as written role-play are usually written by more than one typist and will be categorised as [Role-play Universe Title] and each played characters own category as well.

5) NPC’s can be created as needed those named as a personal [U]NPC can be used by their created typist only, If they are in the employ of Elcarus Mansion then they cannot be killed without permission of the realm. Killing NPC’s should be kept to a bare minimum and only if it extends the depth of the story. Realm NPC’s can be used by anyone, such as Devlin the dwarven librarian or Elsa the seamstress.

6) These rules can change without warning this page should be checked just in case.

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Dentarius by Gothicsyn

Welcome to Dentarius, we serve any and all but will not be ruled by the Everlands. To join us is to site freedom.

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Character Portrait: Kane Elcarus
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The Everlands exists between any and all worlds and realities, it is a influx of myth, legend and magic. The Everlands serves to guide those lost in other worlds, the Everlands accepts those lost and helps them find their place. A place where they too can begin a legacy that will remembered.

The setting changes from The Everlands to Dentarius


1 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Kane Elcarus
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Kane had had one of those days, the rains had been hard as he was high on the mansion roof making repairs, long standing friendships with those in the town had procured materials for the repairs, but none of the local townsfolk were willing to assist in the repairs.

They seemed convinced the mansion was haunted, after all it had been on Elcarus grounds the battle with the Dragons had been won, Hades, Haunted and Krystal had brought down the dragon right ontop of the mansion, this act killed both Haunted and Krystal but turned the tide of the war, seeing they could be defeated finally convinced the dragons to leave and thus left the Dragon Mages open to attack by Elveran and Dentarian forces.

Kane had searched the mansion remains top to bottom, there was no one and nothing present, it was just the destroyed shell of the once glorious family home. A home he intended to restore.


1 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Kane Elcarus
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The air was cool as Kane made his way through the grounds, his hands still aching from the work he'd been doing, it was all worth to to see his home finally beginning to emerge from the ruins it was before.

The sun had begun to sink on the horizon, an orange light now beginning to creep across the skies, it also brought the fire sconce's to life around the main paths and walkways. This added yet another layer of mystique to the whole place. Fondly Kane was able to recall younger days of running through the grounds, chasing his brothers or running from them as they played out various games.

Those were times past as more painful memories would surface the final moments as the felled dragon crashed through the mansion destroying it and taking two of his brothers with it. Kane pulled his cloak to himself pushing the memories aside as he made his way toward the lower area of the grounds, the graveyard that held his mother and his brothers. It also laid to rest several family friends and those most loyal to their family.

As he reached the gate he stood looking down over the graves, the gates remain closed but he knew they would be watching, here those that rested were always watching.

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Welcome Home

The return to Dentarius by Kane, the world has changed since he was last home.

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Dentarius by Gothicsyn

Welcome to Dentarius, we serve any and all but will not be ruled by the Everlands. To join us is to site freedom.

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Character Portrait: Kane Elcarus


Character Portrait: Kane Elcarus
Kane Elcarus

A legend in his own right, a path forged by loss.


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Dentarius by Gothicsyn

Welcome to Dentarius, we serve any and all but will not be ruled by the Everlands. To join us is to site freedom.


Welcome to Dentarius, we serve any and all but will not be ruled by the Everlands. To join us is to site freedom.

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