Sora Rozencrantz

A young super human unlike any other

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a character in “Tales of Exile”, as played by Vaiyn


Age: 16
Race: Human/Super Human
Family: Father (banished by him), Unknown Mother (unknown whereabouts or deceased), Spirit of Magic mask (friend and ally)
Alignment: Self
Powers: Black magic, mystic rings on arms/legs


Wacky, carefree, quiet, friendly, determined


Sora prefers to fight with his hands and feet, but also works in the magic he learned from the Magic mask that travels with him. He has invisible rings on his arms and legs that can only be seen by people with powers closely similar to his. While wearing them, his power is suppressed because the magic that was taught to him is too much for his body to handle. It is unknown as to what will happen if the rings are released, but is predicted that he will grow in power, but lose his humanity.


Sora has been living with his father until he turned 16. He never once knew his mother and after his father learned of his abilities, he grew to hate his father for banishing him. He enjoys staying in the Outerworld, but once he learns of the King's plans to destroy the human world, he decides to defend it, regardless of what's happened to him. He hopes one day, he will be able to meet his mother.

So begins...

Sora Rozencrantz's Story