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"May the Gods follow you on your righteous path."

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a character in “Tales of Lorn: Heloi”, as played by Aythr


Name: Mikeros
Age: 28
Role: War-Priest

Mikeros is quite well built physically. All the time spent in combat wearing heavy armor. His facial features are masculine and jagged; a broad forehead, a cut jawline, and a wide nose. His hair is blonde, and long, though he generally prefers to cut it at the first opportunity since hair can get in the way of vision.

On the whole, it is easy to say that Mikeros is a Glass-half-full individual. When something goes horribly wrong, Mikeros is usually the first person to say, “Well, at least-“ and is usually the first to get cut off by the people who are sick of hearing about his cheerful outlook. His humor is dry and sarcastic, and he usually takes the low road when it comes to a good ribbing. He is generous and (usually) humble when it comes to dealing with the less than fortunate. He is less than patient towards those who treat themselves to an opulent or otherwise decadent lifestyle, for they generally have no idea what it means to be without such a lavish lifestyle, having to suffer, steal or beg to feed their children. He is faithful to the Gods and to his friends, and is a terrible enemy to those who cross him.

In battle, his personality changes greatly. He becomes a visage of horrible terror. As a priest, he is bound by his code to heal the wounds of his comrades with his healing magic, but as a warrior, he makes it a duty to smite his enemies with his mace and divine fire.

Fighting Style:
Mikeros’ combat style is close range. He does not possess the dexterity or aim for archery, and as such, he brings the battle to his opponent. Armed with mace and shield, he always wields a potent array of close range Restoration and Destruction spells, which will often take the form of Divine Fire.

Having spent a great deal of time traveling in his youth, Mikeros is accustom to living off the land; foraging for food, but generally not hunting. Though he does employ magic for healing purposes, he also knows a great deal about first aid and medicine. He is capable of preparing a meal, although many can attest that his cooking is not something they want to eat on a daily basis. He can read and write at quite an advanced degree thanks to his priestly training. It goes without saying that he is also a capable and proven warrior.

Mikeros wears very heavy plate armor, as befitting a warrior-priest. He charges into battle, waging war on the front lines. He prefers blunt weapons like his mace over swords or axes, so that maybe his enemies will have a chance to repent while they are lying on the ground with shattered kneecaps and a cracked skull. In addition to his mace, he typically carries a steel shield which has seen a great deal of use in its time.

He does possess ritualistic priest vestments; though he prefers to save them for special occasions of the when he is to give a sermon at the altar.

Besides his weapons and armor, Mikeros has one other possession that he cherishes more than anything he owns. It is a small leather messenger’s bag, left to him by his father. It is brown and appears to be worn out, the brass buckles on the front flap tarnished. In actuality, the bag is enchanted. It appears small from the outside, but the inside of the bag is large enough to fit an entire person inside, with a limit on weight up to about eighty pounds. No matter how much is placed inside it, it always tends to stay at around 5 pounds. Another interesting feature is that whenever he wishes to retrieve something stored in the bag, the item he is looking for is always on top and within reach. Generally within the bag are mundane items that are useful for traveling, such as a coil of hempen rope, a pillow, a blanket, an extra pair of clothes, a set of tools (Hammer, Chisel, Pestle and Mortar), and some flint and steel for starting a campfire.

Mikeros was raised in a very religious background. His father was a traveling priest, who took it upon himself to heal and preach to those in need. Mikeros took his lessons of knowledge and magic from the teachings of the church and of his father with whom he traveled. When he was 16, they settled in a highly militant city, where soldiers were stationed, trained, and armed for combat. Mikeros took combat training from his new militant friends, much to the dismay and disapproval of his father. He took a liking to his training sessions however, and it wasn’t long before he had joined their ranks; most squads could use a healer proficient in magic.

It was soon obvious that he was as capable as warrior as he was a healer. As many were saved by his magic as were defeated by his mace. He made a name for himself, but after years in service to the military, he set out to make a new life for himself. He trained more formally as a priest, and went as far as to learn not only more potent healing spells, but spells to call forth Divine Flames to aid him in smiting his enemies.

Just recently, Mikeros had received news of the death of his father. Relieved to hear that it was of natural causes, he set out to attend the funeral and give the rites. There he stood, at the crossroads; unable to remember which way was the right one. Without a map, he pondered the philosophical meaning of his position and rubbed his head.
Hopefully the Gods would lead him towards the path that was meant for him.

So begins...

Mikeros's Story