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I stay employed because people have emotions and revenge is the sweetest one.

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a character in “Tales of The Dark World: The Rebellion”, as played by Savyar



Nicknames: Among his peers he is know as the Dark Doctor.

Age: 39

Gender: Male

Brief Description: The entirety of Gurth's skin is covered in scars, not a part of it untouched from the cruel bite of a blade. While he is not ugly, the scars that disfigure Gurth's hansom elvish face make him a rather memorable figure. His eyes are solid black marking his element of darkness but it only adds to his terrifying visage. Unlike most elves or half elves his hair is dark black and it is cut to shoulder length and tied back in a pony tail. Since he is only a half-elf he is not as thin and tall as other elves instead he is thicker and more heavy set than an elf but compared to human's he is still thin. Light muscle covers his body a product of much self training to improve his abilities so that he can make his kills. To hide his body he wears black cloths that cover all of his skin and a large black cloak with a hood covers his body Finish hi ensemble he wears a plague doctor mask. while some might say this is even more memorable than his face, it has become a part of his image as the Dark Doctor.

Mana Wielder?: Yes

Element: Primary: Darkness Secondary: Ice

Race: Half Elf

My Class: Assassin who specializes in poisons.

The Side taken in the fight: Neutral. Gurth is an assassin he works for those who pay the most. Loyalty is an alien idea to him.


Cloak of shadows: Name says it all. He hides in a cloak of shadows useful for his job and it acts as a defensive spell against other spells.

Illusions: Gurth can create simple illusions.

Mark of Death: Those Gurth has marked can easily be tracked by him if they are within three kilometers of his position.

Fear: Fear is a tool of an assassin his spell shows his enemy their greatest fear, it can even kill them if they are under its effects long enough.

Dark blade: Gurth can form a blade of Darkness to cut things with.

Ice lance: he shoots a small spear of ice from his hand.

Chill: It gets cold suddenly and very fast, slowing down opponents and causing frostbite if they remain within the area of effect (Three meters around him) for long enough.

Ice armor: Gurth Rarely uses the spell since its flash but it provides much better defense than his cloak of shadows against physical attacks.

Test subject: Gurth tests most of his concoction's on himself. After years of this he know longer feels the affects of most poison but the down side to this is most of his healing concoctions do little to help him.

Dark Doctor: Before becoming an assassin he was on the path to becoming a doctor. Though he has taken a different path in life his medical knowledge helps him in ways that horrify the medical community. He knows where to put a blade to make a death painful and slow. But he uses this to his advantage travelling around as a doctor to treat ills for those to poor to afford magic treatment or incapable of using magic. Everybody trusts a doctor

Eyes of the dark: His affinity for dark magic lets him see clearly at all hours of the day.

Weaknesses are: Light, his eye are unable to take it and the dark magic he wields makes him susceptible to light magic. Gurth is also weak to fire magic but no so much as light.

He does not have the physical strength and skill of most sword wielders his fast dual blade style can over come most slow opponents but he lacks skill he prefers poison and his knives but he is not incompetent with a blade.


Gurthis a cold man, he lacks emotion in his actions and his voice. Others who meet him would describe him as a quiet and dark man. There are times when he may seem happy and even kind but he is merely playing a character. He changes his personality to fit the character he is playing at the time whether it is a kind doctor or a proud warrior.


1 large black cloak
1 case full of poisons and ingredients
1 steel long sword
1 long knife used with is sword in a dual blade fighting style
5 throwing knifes on his person in various places.
2 daggers in his boots for stabbing obviously.


"Blood and thicker than water" is a joke to Gurth. He is born of sin. His mother Elane brutally raped by a human man during a bandit attack, nine months later he was born. His mother Elane was the only person who loved him as a child. her family kicked her out and no one in the Elven village wanted to be associated with a half human child. But that never bothered Gurth he was happy with his mother and though they lived a hard life, they were happy. But that changed when he was 10 his father returned to the village but during those 10 years his father had gained control of a group of bandits. They razed the village to the ground killing and raping. But his father remembered Elena and realized Gurth was his child. So instead of killing Gurth and his mother Gurth's Father took his knife to Gurth and Elena and tortured them. When Gurth's father finally stopped Elena was dead and Gurth was dying. the last thing Gurth remembered was his fathers laugh as he lost consciousness. The next thing Gurth remembered was waking up in pain with an old man bent over him. The man had kind eye's that looked but did not judge. Soon he fell into unconsciousness again. When he next woke he learned that the man was called Danes and he was a traveling Apothecary. Danes had found Gurth among the ruined village severely wounded but alive. Danes offered Gurth a position as his student. Since Gurth had no where else to go he agreed. The next five years of his life were the happiest Gurth had ever had. But happiness never lasts and Gurth was betrayed by Danes who had only kept Gurth around to sell him later to a slaver. Teaching Gurth's to be an Apothecary only raised Gurth's value. But Gurth's didn't get sld instead he broke his wrist to slip out of the cuffs and killed Danes. From then on Gurth set out alone and taught himself to be an assassin a profession where one did not make emotional attachments to anyone.

So begins...

Gurth's Story


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#, as written by Savyar
It was past early morning and the streets of New Aerios were already crowded with people hurrying to by the latest knickknack from the store. Gurth waited in the shadows of an alleyway his Shadow Cloak letting him scan the crowd with no fear of discovery. He had just arrived in the city but he had already found a job. The rebellion was good business for him and this city was ripe with jobs. His current job had nothing to do with the rebellion; it was a test see if he was capable of harder jobs. Gurth sighed it was becoming annoying having to build a new network or employers and material providers each time he came to a city but it was preferable to getting caught or betrayed which was sure to happen if he stayed in one city for too long. But this city was different it was large far larger than other cities he had worked in he could stay anonymous and make a living until he felt like moving on.

Gurth scanned the crowd again; he saw his mark coming out of a pastry shop. Ending his spell Gurth stepped into the crowd. Gurth’s target had snitched on a leader of a local gang and got him sent to jail so the second in command had put a price on the man’s head. Gurth often hunted targets by playing different roles, today’s role was one of his most common. He would be an old doctor, changing from the tall imposing masked man in to the role of an old crippled doctor was not as hard as most would think. Hunching over and wrapping his cloak around himself he seemed to shrink becoming a hunchbacked man. Most of it was just a change in mannerism and how held himself, but the real trick was a simple illusion. The problem with complicated illusions was the number of details, miss one key detail and those you are trying to trick will be able to see through the illusion and complicated illusions took a lot of concentration. Gurth’s illusion was simple it acted like oil, smoothing out his already convincing act.

With a faked limp Gurth slowly shuffled through the crowded streets. When he got close to his mark he marveled at how fat the man was from how the man walked and breathed Gurth new the man was dangerously unhealthy in a couple years the fat man would be dead. Too bad someone wanted the man dead right now. Gurth timed himself so he crossed paths with his mark walking into him and knocking the food out of the man’s hands. “Sorry, M’ lord I didn't see you there, my eye sights not what it once was.” Gurth spoke in a voice that sounded as old and weak as the character he was playing. The mark had looked angry until he saw it was only an old man. The man waved his hand in a gesture that said it was fine as he spoke “It’s of no concern good doctor, I should have watched where I was going.” “Thank you kind Sir I wish health upon you” Gurth said as he took the man’s hand in his own shaking it up and down happily. “Have this tonic as payment for the pies, it should make you feel better, but sadly I must go I have an appointment” Gurth said slipping a small phial in to the man’s sausage like hands as he moved around the man’s large bulk.

A smile cold smile graced Gurth’s face behind his mask the beauty of that trick was the tonic was not actually the poison but when he had shook the man’s hand the poison had been absorbed into his marks skin from Gurth’s gloves. Gurth paused and listened as he pulled off his gloves in such a way that they were inside out. As he slipped them into his pocket he heard the sound he had been waiting for a crashing sound as the man fell over and a scream from those nearby. As the crowd panicked and began to move towards the body of his mark Gurth slipped into an alleyway and cast his Shadow Cloak becoming one with the shadows again. He straightened up dispelling his illusion there was no need to play the role of an old man anymore.

He picked up to a run dodging stray beams of sunlight as worked his way deeper into the city.


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#, as written by Savyar
The alleyway’s Gurth traveled through were like a maze, someone not familiar with the layout would get lost. Fortunately Gurth had planned and memorized his escape route yesterday, just in case anything when wrong with his task. Looking over his shoulder Gurth saw nobody not that he expected too he was completely hidden by his spell. He slowed to a brisk walk no point in wasting energy. His brisk pace quickly brought him to his destination. It was small door in the side of the wall, covered in grime and dirt the old plaque on the door could barely be read. But Gurth knew it said ‘The Rotten Apple.’

Raising his hand he knocked twice in quick succession and waited four seconds before knocking lightly against the door. In less than a minute the door opened showing a short balding man who walked with a limp and whose face was uglier than a donkey’s rear end. “Wach ya wont Beaky” he asked “I’m here to collect payment for a job” Gurth said in a soft tone not caring about the insult. Nodding the man, known as Pretty Pete stepped back clearing the way. Stooping low Gurth entered through the door, closing it behind himself. Amazingly the bar was dirtier on the inside than on the outside. Gurth heard laughter and arguing descending from the main floor of The Rotten Apple. He was in the basement were business was conducted away from the prying eyes of others. Turning left Gurth went through the nearest archway into a large but almost empty common room with many different sized doors set into the walls of room. Here it was said your darkest desire could be granted for the right price.

None of this interested Gurth, making his way straight to the largest door on his left and opening it he walked inside and came face to face with his contact, A man by the name of Vlad. He had met Vlad yesterday and from their short conversation Gurth knew he could make money if he used Vlad as his go-between to contact potential clients. Nodding to Vlad Gurth held out his hand the message obvious. Without saying a word Vlad pulled out a small pouch and dropped it into Gurth’s outstretched hand. Nodding again Gurth opened it and quickly counted it confirming that the full price had been paid. “Do you have any more jobs?” Gurth asked breaking the silence. Vlad shook his head “Today has been slow which is unusual but it does not matter there are always lulls in business today is just an unlucky day. Gurth nodded again slightly perturbed at the lack of work but accepting it there would always be more work later. For now he would content himself with exploration of the city, it would be beneficial if he got more equated with the layout of his new home.

Leaving Vlad and The Lower rooms of The Rotten Apple Gurth entered the alleyway again intent on committing the city to memory. After a short time he found himself in front of a large palace the home of the King and the Magi. There was already a large crowd outside intent on seeing the inside but being held back by the guards. Casting an illusion Gurth walked up to the guards and saluted. To them he looked like another guard coming back from patrolling the city. Receiving a salute from the guards at the gate he walked right by.

Immediately Gurth noticed a number of odd things the first was a couple of men standing in the middle of a field talking with the body of three guards on the floor around one of them. The sound strange thing was the Fay and a Magi fighting, he had never seen a Fay before and for a moment a spark of wonder filled him but that spark was quickly stuffed out by logic. The Fay was dangerous that was all. The third point of interest was the man with hooves, he realized this was the leader of the Magi. A powerful mage but also a potential employer for Gurth and that interested him the most. The strangest thing to him was the woman walking across the field a book in her hand see seemed out of place when taken in context with the fighting going on around her.

An idea rose from the depths of Gurth’s mind. The Royals were fighting against the Rebellion so maybe they could offer him a job that was sure to pay a lot, but that would wait until the fight ended then he would seek employment from one of the Magi. The walls of the Castle provided an ample amount of deep shadows, walking into one he cast Shadow Cloak content to wait until the fighting was over to make his next move.


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Irial Blake

Irial shrugged his shoulders lightly, "So be it." He stepped to the side, standing next to the woman, who he believed he seen around before. Then again, he was always out and about, he probably seen many of the people at least once. Irial's multi-colored eyes watched the fight between one of the magi and the fay; they appeared to be enjoying the fight with one another.

"You're a writer, by the sounds of it. This fight might be worth mentioning in a book about pups if anything." He laughed lightly, not sure if his joke was funny or not. Oh, the fights he could conjure... That would not be a good idea right now. He was a reserved fighter; one that fought when needed be... Or when he really wanted to.

Irial shifted his weight, tempted to just go off walking again, but as leader of the magi, he should probably see this fight until it was at it's end, for one of his subordinates. When a figure suddenly appeared, he frowned for a moment before plastering on his fake smile once more. He noted the dark outfit and strange mask. He listened as the man spoke, asking if he had any jobs needing done.

Irial sighed mutely. Would the leader of the magi really call for an assassination? Maybe? Would Irial himself? Yes. He figured it would be a fine thing to do to give the man work anyway. He pulled out some change that would only be part of the pay. He could think of someone that needed put down, as they appeared as a threat to the Royal cause. Not that Irial cared about that cause; in fact, he wanted to destroy it, but he couldn't let that be known. He held out the coins for the bird-like mannered man to take, "This would only be part of the pay. There's a blacksmith on the south end, near the edge of the city, who I know has been supplying weapons secretly to the so-called rebellion. Shouldn't be difficult to find; he's the only blacksmith on that end. I can give you the rest when you provide proof of his absence."


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Katherine giggled. A sort of eerie, celestial giggle, as she quickly nodded to Irial in a vague response to his thoughts. She bobbed down slightly, feet barely brushing the tops of the blades of grass as she reached out, lightly running a tiny finger down the plague doctor mask Gurth was wearing.

Her hand quickly shot away again, as if she was avoiding it being smacked. She paused for a moment, face blank.

"Whhoo are youuu?"

Her head tilted as she asked. It was unusual for her to see a new face, what with her spying from her tower window she often preferred to 'forget to mention'. Often her interest in people wavered from simply ignoring them to well.. This. She wasn't a very stable human being. It was probably the magic that was beginning to steer her astray.


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#, as written by Savyar
Gurth nodded once to the Magi as he took the coin, he didn't ask why the mark was wanted dead, he didn't care this was just work. The strange woman who was floating suddenly brushed his mask with her finger causing Gurth's head to turn towards her with a snap and his hand to grip the hilt of his sword beneath his cloak. "Whhoo are youuu?" she asked Gurth relaxed letting go of his sword she was curious like a child and probably a little less than sane, that happened sometimes when one used to much magic. It happened to a hermit he had killed, he had spent to much time away from other people. "I am a Doctor, if someone has a problem they pay me and I make it go away." Gurth said an cold smile on his lips beneath his mask, he really was doctor or at least he could have been but instead he had chosen another path. Sometimes he even provided medical services to those who lead a life in the shadows like him, of course for far more than a normal doctor would charge.

Turning away from the Magi and strange woman he briskly walked towards the shadows cast by the wall of the palace as soon as his he stepped into the shadow he cast his Shadow Cloak disappearing from sight moving quickly he slipped outside of the palace and into the city. The mark lived in the south part of the city near then edge. The problem for Gurth was his outfit if he entered as he was he would raise suspicion and the man would be on guard making him harder to kill. Gurth sighed he knew what to do, he made his was to a different blacksmith whose shop was in a small alley the sign over the door was old and the door itself wasn't even properly on its hinges.

As Gurth expected the old man behind the counter wasn't doing anything except watching the door. "Smith I am here to purchase some things" The man looked up his eyes a milky white and his smile missing teeth "Well I no longer have anything to sell a blind smith is a bad smith so no one comes here for metal work anymore. So you can leave Birdman" the man said spitting a lugie "I was sent here by Vlad, old man and if you were truly blind you would not know about my mask." Gurth said. The man began to laugh and then he had a violent fit of coughing and spit up another lugie, "So Vlad sent you, well that changes everything. I only do work for those living in the shadows, since Vlad referred you to me you must be part of that crowd." Gurth nodded and the old man continued "So what do you need?" "I need a set or chain armor and a hand and a half sword the armor does not need to fit perfectly it just has to be roughly my size." As Gurth spoke he pulled out his coin purse and began to count out a number of coins about twice as much as they would normally cost but he needed to forge a good bushiness relationship with the man. The Smith pocketed the coins and entered the back part of the shop.

In a few minutes the Smith returned holding a set of chain armor and a hand and a half sword. "Here you go" he said handing Gurth the gear, nodding once Gurth turned and left. Slipping the gear under his cloak Gurth headed to a nearby inn called the Hogs Head where Gurth bought the cheapest room. In the room Gurth quickly changed from his cloak and mask into the armor strapping the sword onto his back. He was no longer an assassin but a warrior who needed a blacksmith to fix his weapon. A small illusion finished the look it removed some of the scars covering his face leaving only the largest scar on his face. A heavily scared man was noticeable, one scar didn't mean much when on the face of a warrior. Drawing the 'broken' sword Gurth raised it above his head and brought it down with all his force on to the stone floor of his room, the only thing that happened was pain shooting through his arms. That Smith makes good weapons Gurth thought as he placed the sword on the floor of the room, Calling upon his second element he covered the sword in ice freezing drawing his other sword the raised it and brought it down on the now frozen sword ... this time there was the pleasing sound of the sword breaking into two pieces. Picking up the pieces he slipped them into the sheath on his back, now he had a reason to visit his mark in the south part of the city.

Going to the window Gurth opened it and looked to the alleyway below it was empty climbing up on to the windowsill Gurth jumped landing in the alleyway softly. He had entered as a masked man if he left dressed as a warrior it would raise questions so he had left through the window. His mark lived in the south part of the city, walking at a brisk pace Gurth made his way through the city using the main roads instead of the alleyways, a warrior creeping around like a thief raised to many questions. When he arrived in the south part of the city he asked around for a smith and quickly where his mark was living and working. The shop where his mark lived was called the Thane and Son's it was well maintained and looked like it did a got a lot of costumers but luckily when Gurth entered the shop was empty save for the resident smith banging away at a piece of iron on an anvil. Reaching behind himself he touched the door calling upon his magic to freeze the door shut so no one would get in while he worked.

Clearing his throat he called the smith "Oi Smith you got a customer" Gurth called in a deep voice. Grunting the smith looked up from his work, placing the iron into a bucket of water he took off his gloves and laid his hammer down wiping his hands on his apron he approached Gurth. "Wat ya need?" the smith asked. Pulling the hand and half sword off his back Gurth laid the weapon on the counter in front of the smith. "My sword broke smith and I'm looking to have it repaired so I can get back to earning coin." The smith nodded pulling the broken sword from the sheath and inspected the blade. "Ya it broke, but it good blade I can have it fixed in a day." the smith said smiling through his beard,the man looked happy to have the work. Gurth smiled, the smile on his lips fake. "Can I have one of your swords while you fix mine?" Gurth asked smiling again. "Sure" The smith said smiling a toothy grin. as he pulled a sword our from under the counter. "Maby you love my sword and buy it, and bring your friends and bring me good work." The man said laughing a deep happy laugh.

Reaching for the sword Gurth asked "May I" the smith nodded, drawing the sword Gurth turned around and gave it a few experimental swings before turning to the smith again. "You like?" the smith asked. Nodding Gurth suddenly lunged forward the blade in his hand entering the smiths chest and coming out of the man's back. The smith stumbled backwards a pain and shock on his face "Why...?" The smith asked as he fell against the wall and slid to the floor dead. Picking up the broken hand and half sword He had brought Gurth strapped it to his back once more.

About to leave Gurth was stopped when words rang out behind him "Pa Pa I'm hungry, where are you." Turning Gurth saw a child standing in the doorway rubbing his eye's having just woken up. The child was no more than five years old. The child saw his father lying on the ground his eye devoid of light with a blade through him. "Pa Pa, what happened?" the child asked running to his father. Casting his Shadow Cloak so that he looked like a mass of writhing shadows Gurth answered the child "He is dead" The child looked back at Gurth noticing him for the first time. "Who are you?" the child asked tears running down his face. "I am the monster who killed your father." Gurth turned and left the shop leaving the child crying over the dead body of his father. It was late now he would go and collect his money for the job tomorrow, right now he would lay low in the inn and get some sleep.