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A mysterious boy who appears to be the age of 18, but his actual age is unknown. One of an ancient race that vowed to protect humanity.

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a character in “Tales of the Immortalis”, as played by Asher MstrImmortalis


Always wears a dark blue robe covering his body and face in public. If not, he wears a jacket that would cover from his mouth to the knees. The parts that are from his waist down are cut open. He has silver hair, meessy, and icy blue eyes that would look right through you. His pants are dark green.


He is very secretive. Due to Asher's past, he also has a very short patience with humans that are hard to please or ungrateful. Asher also has zero tolerance to humans that commit crimes for their own personal gain.

Asher is very strict when it comes to training. He trains you hard for a reason though. Asher doesn't want to lose someone he gets close to.

While Asher favors rebelling against unjust rulers and tyrants, he also supports those that are selfless and care for the people.

Asher is very... strategic about everything. He would usually go into spots that would work in his favor in case of an event. His guard is never down in public either.

He still has emotions though. He has the humor, the personality... Everything a normal human has.


Chilling Blaze: Asher's main weapon. It's a katana, but longer. One side is tinted orange and the other is tinted light blue, signifying fire and ice. It is said that a cut from his weapon makes the area of the body so cold it burns. Unbreakable. It also makes his ice and fire powers more effective.
Sheath: The sheath is acutally made with the rock you would see castles made of, and it is also imbued with magic, making it unbreakable. Asher uses it to his advantage as a small and light shield. He can also use it as a blunt weapon.
Elemental tags: Tags that had elements imbued into them. Asher can use these as traps or projectiles. Flame tags explode with white flames, ice tags freezes the surrounding area, dark tags would make the enemy not see Asher and his allies, light tags blind the enmy, electric tags would make a lightning field, and wind tags would make the air push enemies back with enough force to match a tornado.
Asher's Robe: This robe is usually what Asher wears in public to conceal his belongings as well as his identity.
Asher's eyes: His eyes are not just for intimidation. They study you exactly like a book. Your actions, reactions, battle style, everything. In a few minutes, he would know you like you were family.


He was a 14 year-old boy who died during one of another tyrant's rule. Asher became an Immortalis after the incident, and quickly rose up to Master Immortalis. Eventually, he overthrew the tyrant. However, when Asher took the thrown, a civil war erupted with humans against Immortali, even God's! The humans found a way to kill Immortali in this war, by crafting their weapons with the ashes of a dead Immortali. And thus, the Immortali were forced into hiding. Both of Asher's friends died in this war. Asher then roamed around Medieval Europe, (which lasted way longer than what the history books say) hiding his identity and staying isolated if necessary. He helped overthorw unjust rulers in his travels and helped rulers that were fair to suppress the rebels, all the while killing Devil's Immortali.

Physical Age: 18
Actual Age: 1000

So begins...

Asher's Story