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Lorenzo Ryker

"We are all born unto disaster. Life and death follow after eachother, but can you follow yourself?""

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a character in “Tales Of The Royals”, as played by Sneakyrio


△Name:△ Lorenzo Ryker

△Age:△ 28

△Role:△ Captain First Class
△Bio:△ Lorenzo was born hated and unwanted. He was the bastard son of a High Nobleman of Vivena. His mother was a lowly yet pretty servant that had caught the Lords eye. The Lord managed to keep his affair quiet for about 3 years until his wife found out about it. Risking a scandal they didn't need right now, at the behest of his wife, the Nobleman killed Lorenzo's mother and dropped the child in an Asylum. There, he was beaten mercilessly for years by his fellow children and staff. Lorenzo never cried though. He cried when he saw her head, but never since. He always remained quiet, silent......patient. The only thing that kept him together was tending the small garden. For some reason, Lorenzo loved to water the plants.

4 years in hell, 4 years building up the trust of the staff as a docile and broken child. 4 years of acting like an obedient puppy. It had finally paid off. he escaped into the streets and disappeared among the squalor. He had planned to escape from the start. He couldn't be kept there his whole life, he had a destiny. He felt, no, he knew he was destined to be more than just another bastard. He was going to be great!

He lived on the streets like that until he was 13 years old. Until he stole from the wrong person......or perhaps, the right one. He robbed an elderly man with several soldiers around him. The soldiers were an indicator of wealth to Lorenzo, not of danger. He took down two of them, got his wallet, but was taken down by a man who appeared more than just another soldier. He was brought to the elderly man for his fate. He asked Lorenzo several questions, all while having a soft smile on his face. Mostly about his life, who he was, things of that nature. After he seemed satisfied with Lorenzo's answers, The man made him a deal. If he enlisted in the Xexian Military and served his family his with honor, he would forgive all crimes. Feeling this was the moment he had been waiting for, Lorenzo joined eagerly. He also found out that the man who had caught him was Vladamir.

After coming out of training with marks of exemplary performance, he was made a Corporal of a platoon. He fought for years. He fought on distant planets and moons of hostile natives and beasts. He fought insurrections, cults, Space Pirates, rogue military units. Through out all of his conflicts, he wore a Black Orchid on his uniform. It was his lucky flower. It had stayed alive from the Asylum to the streets. He fought with his men and for his men. Because when your down their in the trenches, it's not the thought of patriotism, glory or past loved ones you fight for, its your brothers and sisters in arms. Through all the years of fighting, he never understood why all bastard and peasant sons and daughters were sent tot he front line so the Noblemans children could monitor from the back. It sickened him that people didn't earn their station in life, they were handed it. So he fought to protect the dirty and mixed bloods and Kingdoms be damned.

After all his years of fighting, he was promoted numerous times until eventually received the honor of Captain First-Class. He had already received several Medals and honors that he didn't really cared about. Through most of his career, he had fought in Vladamirs forces, now, he had earned a place by his side. For some reason, Vladamir always kept in touch even after 15 years. Vladamir was an inspiration to one like Lorenzo, though he had officially been handd his station, he knew he earned it.

Finally, Vladamir told him his plan to usurp power from the Kingdoms and onto the Xexian Military forces. Lorenzo was the first to hear of it and he helped him plan several of the assassinations. Finally, he thought, finally those corrupt blue bloods power and influence would be robbed and given to men who know how to do the right thing. To Lorenzo, this whole thing is just one more War. The strategy is set, the trap has been sprung. Now......the calm before the Storm.

△Personality:△ Lorenzo is a very calculating man. He never underestimates anyone or thing. He takes all details under account, including the emotional stability and personal opinions of other people. Thus, when speaking to him, he seem very charming. He uses these skills to manipulate people and it is no different on the battlefield. Though Lorenzo does not like getting his hands dirty, he will often fight more powerful opponents in order to establish their weakness so his men can take them out more easily. Lorenzo will never needlessly sacrifice his men, though he will follow his orders no matter what. Lorenzo is a large advocate of Order and Discipline. He is also a man of the people and wishes to see the common folk have their day in the sun. Lorenzo also has a distinct dislike of all people who were born into their station, namely nobles. He believes in earning what get, especially if that is power. Just because your born royal, doesn't give you the right to rule in his eyes.

-Earning what you get in life
-Vladamir as a leader
-The hope to one day make his Planet truly great
-The Sun
-The Rain

-Those who believe they have the right to rule because their blood dictates it
-Lack of Sunlight

△Theme Song:△
Marionette Purple

So begins...

Lorenzo Ryker's Story


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How long would it be until the nightmare was finally over? It felt as though a eternity had passed in mealy one night. The dreams seemed to get deeper and deeper into oblivion. Was this insanity sneaking up on her? No. Perhaps something worse was upon her. Could it possibly be fear or just grief. Loneliness or pure boredom. All the possible emotions she could express the situation she had been in for not too long couldn't possibly be enough. She began to look around the steel coated room she was placed in. It's very appearance was bleak. Almost as if they intended to send her to a state of insanity. But she could not complain. Sadly, if she had the choice, she would prefer this place over the place that was beyond it.

Space. Nothing but pure cold and eternal emptiness. With no sure end in sight, it was truly a ensured death and burial. Just the thought made her shiver. So die in a empty dark freezer. It was as if her three worst nightmares had joined forces to imprison her. It was truly cruel and yet amazing. She sighed slightly while holding her head. How could it possibly be amazing beyond the point of the only pure thing in this universe. The sun. Sure she couldn't see it's beauty as well as she could when she was at home but everyday she feels as though her connection with it was fading. There were no sun shrines here unlike at her home. Her faith in the beautiful orb was still as strong especially now.

She paused slightly then look towards the opening of the cell. Now was about the time that he would be coming. She had no opinion of him nor did she have a reason to. She did not know of this male and did not know about him. Was it false to think he was pure evil? Of course not. She could since it in her mind that her cruelness was quite fair.

The setting changes from Viola's Cell to Xexian Space Station

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Lorenzo Ryker

How often do you think people speak of peace? No land is without strife, so you suppose all those in woe speak of it often. The people in woe are more often then not the commoners of the land. The laborers, shopkeepers, the farmers. The people necessary for a land to be a land in general. Though oddly enough, it is those of Noble birth that speak of peace the most. For it is they who are responsible for every aspect and facet of achieving the peace, yet also the reason why there is none. The common people couldn't care less who truly ruled, so long as they can scrape out their own way in the world. So when the Three Nations of our planet claimed peace between them, the common folk were happy. nut the Nobles ever happier. Nothing changes. Though, peace, however a popular ideal it is, is fragile. How long would the peace last? For many fools are under the notion that once peace is established, it is permanent. This is not so. How long until the next generation brings forth a vicious ruler, or an idiot one? What would it take for the peace to break? How easy is it to slip into war? Very easy. All it a single word.

Lorenzo stopped typing and began to massage his eyes. He had been working on his thesis for several months now, though only recntly has he really found the time to truly work on it. He would have to think of a title eventually, but or now, he was content on just calling it his thesis. He looked over at his clock and realized he should probably check on his prisoner soon. Lorenzo gave a satisfying crack to his neck and stood up from his leather bound captains chair siting behind his large wooden desk. Vladamir was kind enough to send him a real wooden desk for his position on the Station. The smell of real wood would sometimes let him forget that he was in the darkness of space.

He grabbed his gloves from his hat and placed them on his hands, then he did the same with his cap. He adjusted himself in the mirror, making sure he looked as presentable as his rank would require. Once he was satisfied, he walked back over to his desk and lightly grasped the green stem of a pure black Orchid. He gave it a loving smell and let one of his rare true smiles spread across his face. Lorenzo then gathered himself, placed the Orchid down, and marched off out of his office.

He marched off down the hallway towards where she was being kept. He hadn't really seen much of her, but he had read her file enough to know what she was like. She was, out of the three, easily the most dangerous. At least, that's what her power would suggest. Fires in a pressurized space would be absolutely destructive. If she wasn't careful, or him, she could destroy the entire a worst case scenario. Which is probably why Lorenzo was but in charge of her. His mind briefly wandered to Lt. Mortair and Pvt. Point's progress with their respective wards.

Lorenzo finally reached the cell and found himself at its entrance. He stared to see she had awoken. He put on a charming smile. "Good morning Ms. Montoway. Though I say good morning, on this station there is no actual relevance to time, as time of day is measured from within an atmosphere, instead of out here in the Void. I am Ryker, Captain First Class." He then stopped briefly and chuckled lightly to himself. "Though, I doubt you care of my station. So, lets make things a little less formal then you're used too. For all intensive purposes while you're here, I am not a Captain, and you are not a Princess. How does that sound, neh?"

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She paused hearing the males cold and yet mocking voice. She wasn't sure what this males single intentions were but, just like the rest of the troops, she did not trust him. She pushed a bit of her smooth hair out of her face and released a small sigh. At moments like this on her home planet, she would turn to the sun and close her eyes hoping to find enlightenment in it's warmth. Now, she could only remember what the warming lights felt like. In her dreams, she could still feel it's wonderful love. She wondered how long it would be before she could feel it again.

"If you could call it a "good" one." She mumbled slightly. In the void, it truly was difficult what was morning and what was just darkness. Everything out here was nothing like what a human was meant to be put through. But what could she possibly do about it when this man was literally down her neck. She sighed slightly half listening to the male. "Yes well, Ryker was it? If those are your terms then i suppose there is nothing more i can do about it now can i?" She said while shivering slightly from lack of heat. "And it's Viola. As you said i am not a princess so no need for formalities. Ms. isn't a requirement."