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Richard Point

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a character in “Tales Of The Royals”, originally authored by Derek Smith, as played by RolePlayGateway


▲Name:▲ Richard Point

The latest member of the Point family Richard is proud to carry on it's military tradition. Though renowned for the soldiers it has produced the Point family has yet to earn the worth of it's glory. For you see the Point family carries a stain upon it's lineage. This stain is a forefather called Lionel Point, a legendary soldier in his day. But the deeds of a lifetime do not equal a moment's dishonor it seems. Lionel though famed was poor, another Point tradition . And for a shot at wealth Lionel betrayed his fellow soliders to their enemies. But the betrayal only earned Lionel an unmarked grave alongside those he had betrayed.

Leaving behind a wife and three sons the once famed soldier forever stained the once shining name of the Point family. And though his prodigy carried on the military tradition it is perhaps noteworthy to realize not a single one of them earned an officer rank.

With the Point family blacklisted each subsequent generation struggled with the burdens of duty, being poor, and a world offended at their continued existence.

Enter Richard Point who had to endure a father's depression. A boy who had to watch a mother die because they were not able to afford the treatment needed. Who put up with the taunts of the other soldier's childern. Despite this Richard was a would be soldier throughout and through. And his father with his own sense of duty knew it.

So from his first steps it seems there father taught his son the military skills of the Point family. A rich legacy it endowed the boy with his own sense of duty. A feeling countless other members of the Point family shared.

Lacking the prestige and wealth needed for officer training Richard was forced to enlist as a common soldier. But as with every other Point since Lionel the eighteen year old signed on the dotted line proudly.

The realities of training showed Richard exactly what he could expect of life in uniform. Though his technical scores showed him to be head and shoulders above his fellow recruits Richard rarely got the choice assignments.

Finishing training however the now Pvt. Point found himself assigned to Xexian Space Station. And more importantly it introduced him to the man now named Vladimir. And a chance at wealth and prestige. Richard though does wonders sometimes if he is not simply repeating Lionel's mistakes.

△Personality:▲ His father once told Richard that a Point had to be the best of best simply to scrape by. And this simple statment colored his entire pyschology. Driven and as ambitious as a Point can be he is never satisfied with anything less then perfection in himself. Countless hours spent with his weapons, Pouring over training manuals, and studying those above him have given him a methodically approach to most matters in life.

Secretly though Richard is slowly being eaten by his own self doubts about his current course. But loyal as only the commited can be the private obeys faithfully.


Spicy foods
Mountain Climbing


Lionel Point
A world that blames the son for the sins of the father
Those who did not earn what they have

△Theme Song:△

Apocalyptica: I don't care

So begins...

Richard Point's Story

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Cold steel always talked louder then any words or anything really. That truth had always revealed itself to soldiers throughout history. And looking into the cell that housed all of perhaps ninety five pounds of the Fearian princess Richard could not but agree with such a saying. The bars were perhaps not as cruel as a naked sword but in their own way it was a cruelty beyond battle. Though the red head was somewhat beyond caring. The woman, for her figure denied any other term, knew nothing of the struggle he faced. And that lack of knowledge in his mind absolved him of any wrong doing.

He would liked it immensely if such perceptions matched reality. But only death was so clear cut. In the year he had been here the hope and dreams of his childhood rose high as Valdimir fanned them high, but so to did the doubts. He was a soldier, even if only a private, and more to the point a scion of a military family and the inherent treacherous nature of the plan sat ill with him. But one look at the doll of a princess reminded him of the prize.

You never knew the burdens I have. No your silver spoon birth gave you everything. Richard thought with a heat that no doubt showed upon his face. Had he known the soldier would have been equally angry at himself. For such anger was a loss of control and that was less then prefect. What do you know of true want.

He then studied the woman in her cell She was admittedly a fine specimen a nice cross of innocence and pure seduction. But the lowly private with dreams of a future free of want thought little of such matters. In that he was perhaps different from the others who knew her. He had no benchmark to judge from however. She was however every bit as dangerous as he was. Richard needed no warning to know that. Fluttering lashes and heaving bosoms could not hide a core of steel.

" So tell me your Highness what is your desire today? I assume the basic necessities of life are in order. Perhaps a tea party with our other guests." He asked in a deadpan manner, the only way he could maintain a leash upon his control. For in his mind she had not earned the comforts once hers.

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#, as written by Ever
”...all the birdies are singing happily. But don’t you also think that they will look prettier if they stay still?” floated out Seraphine’s under-the-breath melody, a certain bitterness lacing the words. On any normal day, had she been back in her rightful kingdom and in her rightful home, this particular princess would have been swiftly reprimanded for indulging in such a frivolous habit, a worn copy on the topic of the basic lessons of etiquette scornfully dropped into her lap. On any normal day, the doll-esque girl would have then allowed for an exasperated sigh to escape its confines, before, with gentle precision, lifting the front cover to reveal the ancient words already ingrained and hardwired into the front of her memory. On any normal day, as those golden rays stretched further across the gray-slatted floor and deepened their color, Seraphine would have casted a longing flicker over to her closed notebook, the leatherbound front mourning her absence.

However..this was not a normal day. No longer was she secluded away in the stone-built room designated as her own, as her prison. No longer was she in the Fearian kingdom, the tantalizing rolls of the cerulean sea alighting a yearning within her core. No no, far from it. Currently, at this moment in time, Seraphine was stationed aboard the Xexian Space Station in order to be protected from god only knows what, the tiny room far from displaying her status. wasn’t like she could really complain. After all, despite the ‘prison’ guard that would occasionally make his rounds, Serrah was free here. At least mother isn’t present...or even worse, Troma. My my..she would have a fit if she caught me singing! Even worse, if she caught me drawing! mused her gleeful inner whisper, the outward pull of such emotion causing her to squirm ever-so-slightly on the mattress.

Such emotions, unfortunately, much like any other event or time in history, were rapidly fleeing. In fact, Seraphine felt him before she heard him.. her guard that was hastily closing the distance between her cell and his location. A familiar dread settled into the pit of her stomach as expectation of what was next to come made itself known. His thoughts. ’Silver spoon’ huh? Well.. I wouldn’t exactly call it that… but still-! was her mulling, an inward wince given at the tangible distaste and animosity stowed away within the young man's thoughts. Not even wanting to turn around, Serrah merely gave a soft sigh as his footsteps halted in front of her door, the usual demands, each syllable filled with disdain, ringing out. Tearing away a moment of time to collect, and restrain the silver-laced words bubbling up on her tongue, Serrah casted Richard a glance over her shoulder.

Mouth opening, the princess couldn’t quite gather her words nor summon her voice. The reason? She was stunned. Despite having constantly seen other’s auras since her birth, every single one still continued to mystify and entrance her.. this guard was no different than the others. However..his was swirling with hues of dull colors, the sign of hostility. A second past before another couple followed in pursuit, the Fearian heiress still dumbfounded. My god.. pull yourself together, Seraphine! hissed out her conscious, not-so-subtle, annoyance. With a hasty series of blinking and the narrowing of her mauve-hued orbs, a response was finally given life. "Well, yes I would assume the basic “necessities” of life would be provided… considering I am human and alive, after all. As for my desire? Hm.. well I would adore being moved to a more pleasurable and adequate room. I would also adore if I, as well as the other nobles here, were to be released to return home. However.. I highly doubt you could provide and fulfill either request. So yes, why not? A tea party would be lovely bite out her response, a certain snarky and sarcastic tone colouring the words. After all, his thoughts and negative energy had struck with the the ailment of a terrible pang in her head, something of which she didn’t take too kindly to.. it was only natural for Serrah to be snippy.

The setting changes from Seraphine's Cell to Xexian Space Station

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By the gods of war you'd think the woman seen right through me...That or I've got something on my face. Richard thought with perhaps the slightest hint of smug amusement at the slack jawed surprise written large upon his charge's face. The moment dragged onto a somewhat awkward pause before with a visible effort the princess gathered herself together. Eyes they always give you away. Though I'd give a week's pay to know what worries the girl so. It can't bode will for either her or the rest of us.

Though he didn't fear anything the princess was capable of, this unknown was enough to warrant attention. After all for all intents and purposes she was basically Richard's problem. And the private always attacked a problem from every conceivable angle

Whatever his plans for the moment were the red head was forced to abandon them for the tone of Seraphine's reply reminded Richard of exactly the things he hated. True upon reflection the soldier would no doubt realize his own words brought out the coloring of her reply. But the private was hardly in the mood for reflection.

Instead he dug around the left chest pocket of his uniform, it's freshly starched nature cracking audibly. Pulling out what obviously a old photo he looked down at it. Upon it's surface was captured one of his few truly happy moments. A tall red headed couple, Richard's parents, held a very young Richard between them. Clad in swimsuits the happy family stood in front of a sun drenched white sand beach. The father laughing with open joy, the mother with a impish grin, while Richard himself was halfway between a jump and a shout.

He remembered that day well for it was the last time true joy was his. Before his mother died, before his father became a ghost, and before the real weight of what it meant to be a Point truly meant.

Still the photo was able to remind him of the feeling of happiness. And so it served as a focus for his emotional control and the perfection he demand of himself.

Tucking the picture back within it's pocket Richard looked once more at Seraphine, the princess in chains as it were." Merely existing entitles one to nothing your highness. That being said Vladimir said to keep you lot alive. If you are hungry we can get a meal at the mess hall or I can simply bring you one." Here the soldier paused to flex his wrists, the motion seemingly unconscious. " Also if you wish we can hit the gym, or perhaps the station's library given your rather delicate physique. Furthermore if so should desire I can see if our other guests are free." He asked wirh a flat tone doing his level best to disregard Seraphine's scathing reply.