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Terynia Erathius

Tyranian Princess

0 · 240 views · located in Xexian Space Station

a character in “Tales Of The Royals”, originally authored by Zodia195, as played by RolePlayGateway



△Name:△ Terynia Erathius

△Age:△ 18 years

△Role:△ Tyranian Princess

Terynia, or Teri for short, lived a pretty sheltered live even though she was being groomed and raised to rule her kingdom. Because of this and her eagerness to please, she's developed a shy personality. Teri was a worrywart for failing at what she was expected to do. She likes to believe in the best in others, but one incident left her very hurt. When she came of age, there were plenty of eligible men wooing for her hand. One in particular though was very charming and Teri became smitten. Unfortunately it was found out that he was a player and this hurt Teri a lot. When the murders started occurring, Teri's parents became concerned for her safety and when Vladimir offered 'protection' her parents were the first to agree. Teri though didn't not want to leave home, but in the end bowed to her parents' expectations. However eve she could not comprehend the reality of the situation.

Teri is very self critical. Compared to the other two princesses, she thinks she's a 'plain Jane'. Easily frighten, she lets her feelings get away from her and is an open book. One good thing about her though is that she is not high standard and is very polite. She idolizes the Fearian princess for her intelligence and the Vivena princess for her strength. Definitely a people pleaser, she wants to believe the best in others. Despite her shy nature, she's actually very loyal to her friends and can be stubborn at times.

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Horse-back riding
  • Berries

  • Failing
  • The current situation
  • Her physical image
  • Violence

△Theme Song:△ Somebody Help Me by Full Blown Rose

So begins...

Terynia Erathius's Story


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Character Portrait: Taran Mortair Character Portrait: Terynia Erathius
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#, as written by JEDH3
Taran awoke early that morning as was his habit. 0500. He barely ever slept to begin with, so now days most of his time was devoted to guarding the Princess's cell. After a groan of misery, he rolled out of his bed and began his morning ritual. Make his bed, change clothes, go on a 30 minute run around the deck , before a 30 minute weightlifting session. He hated both running and lifting weights, but he knew that if he slacked off, then he would not pass the standard physical fitness test next month. Once finished, he took a shower, dressed in his duty uniform, and filled his day bag before going to get his breakfast. Grabbing two trays, he opted out of eating at the dining hall and instead, carried the trays straight to the door he would spend the rest of the day sitting in front of.

Assuming that the princess was still sleeping, he silently slid the tray through the slot at the bottom of the door. He nodded to the guard who watched the door while Taran slept, signaling that he could leave, and sat on a provided chair directly across the hallway from the door. Glancing at his watch, he saw that it was 0630. He was a bit early, but it did not matter to him. He pulled a book from the bag, and propped it on his knee before taking his knife from his belt and cut up a fruit he grabbed while he started to read. This particular book was titled: A History on the Tyranian Empire. Ever since he began guarding the princess, he developed an interest in her people. Along with this, he also brought Tyranian Customs and Culture, Tyranian Military History and Tactics, along with a Tyranian fictional novel, Art collection, and Poetry. Nothing about it was particularly fascinating to him, but it was different enough to his own culture, so he read on, listening to the room he faced, awaiting for the girl to awaken.

The setting changes from Terynia's Cell to Xexian Space Station

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Character Portrait: Taran Mortair Character Portrait: Terynia Erathius
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The sky was clear and blue as the sun shined through the trees. The wind danced a crossed her peachy skin and flew through her light brown hair as she road on top of her beloved grey mare, Minerva. Terynia always felt some sort of freedom as she took her daily ride. It was one of the few times she could be herself without a care. If only her own heart could be at ease. This was not the case though. Death had come to her kingdom and just last week one of her cousins had been found dead. Being an only child, Teri became close with her cousins and this one had hit her hard because it was her favorite cousin. Seeing her dead body still lingered in her mind. Suddenly there was a chill in the air. Terynia looked up to see the sky darken. Her violet eyes widen before she could feel herself falling into darkness.

Falling . . .

Falling . . .

Falling . . .

Princess Terynia Erathius woke up with a gasped, bringing the sheet up with her. Her hands were shaking as she tried to take deep breaths. A dream. It was only a dream. Teri looked around, confusion written all over her face. This wasn't her room. It was than that memories came flashing back to her. She remembered. That day when she went out riding for the last time. After her ride, her parents told her she was leaving and going to the Xexian Space Station for her own protection until security was backed up. The Tyranian princesses protested but eventually gave in. Now she was being held hostage. She recalled seeing two other princesses she recognized before they were all split up. She wondered if they were okay.

Terynia didn't understand this situation at all though. The Xexian Military was suppose to be protecting them! Not enslaving them. A sense of dread had settled in the pit of Teri's stomach. All thoughts left her mind though when her stomach growled. Embarrassed that such an unladylike thing happened, the princess looked around her cell and saw a tray with food on it on the ground. Getting up, Terynia slide a bare foot towards the ground and flinched when she realized it was a bit cold. Still, determined not to be a weakling, the brunette stands up. She was only average height at 5'5". The cell was at least adequate temperature wise and the bed she was on had one small mattress, sheet, and blanket with a pillow. Terynia was used to more elaborate furniture, but she wouldn't complain. Still it was a prison and she wanted out of it.

Walking to the tray, she bent over and picked up to a small chair and desk. Sitting down, she started to eat, trying her best not to shove it down her throat.

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Character Portrait: Taran Mortair Character Portrait: Terynia Erathius
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#, as written by JEDH3
Taran had finished approximately twenty five pages of the book when he heard movement in the room in front of him. His eyes still glued to the pages, he spoke up. "Good morning, your highness. Did you sleep well?" He had mixed feelings on holding the royal girls captive, so he tried to be as polite as possible. At least until she gave him a reason not to, he would try his best to make her life easier. In a sense, it was a way of both apologizing to her, but also for thanking her. Although he did not initially want this tasking, it was the easiest job he ever had. So far, except for the few times in which he had to escort her somewhere, he spent most of the day sitting in his chair, reading. For someone like him who preferred to exercise his mind instead of his body, it was almost perfect. Although sometimes he grew a bit restless, and needed to talk to someone, so in any case, he felt it best to stay on his ward's good side.