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Tales Of The Royals

Terynia's Cell


a part of Tales Of The Royals, by SpaceButterfly.

A small and slightly cramped cell where Terynia lives. Her warden being the only one who guards it.

SpaceButterfly holds sovereignty over Terynia's Cell, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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A small and slightly cramped cell where Terynia lives. Her warden being the only one who guards it.
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Terynia's Cell

A small and slightly cramped cell where Terynia lives. Her warden being the only one who guards it.


Terynia's Cell is a part of Tales Of The Royals.


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#, as written by JEDH3
Taran awoke early that morning as was his habit. 0500. He barely ever slept to begin with, so now days most of his time was devoted to guarding the Princess's cell. After a groan of misery, he rolled out of his bed and began his morning ritual. Make his bed, change clothes, go on a 30 minute run around the deck , before a 30 minute weightlifting session. He hated both running and lifting weights, but he knew that if he slacked off, then he would not pass the standard physical fitness test next month. Once finished, he took a shower, dressed in his duty uniform, and filled his day bag before going to get his breakfast. Grabbing two trays, he opted out of eating at the dining hall and instead, carried the trays straight to the door he would spend the rest of the day sitting in front of.

Assuming that the princess was still sleeping, he silently slid the tray through the slot at the bottom of the door. He nodded to the guard who watched the door while Taran slept, signaling that he could leave, and sat on a provided chair directly across the hallway from the door. Glancing at his watch, he saw that it was 0630. He was a bit early, but it did not matter to him. He pulled a book from the bag, and propped it on his knee before taking his knife from his belt and cut up a fruit he grabbed while he started to read. This particular book was titled: A History on the Tyranian Empire. Ever since he began guarding the princess, he developed an interest in her people. Along with this, he also brought Tyranian Customs and Culture, Tyranian Military History and Tactics, along with a Tyranian fictional novel, Art collection, and Poetry. Nothing about it was particularly fascinating to him, but it was different enough to his own culture, so he read on, listening to the room he faced, awaiting for the girl to awaken.