Mitch Hennigan

"If you don't mind, I have to go and, oh, you know, sprint away from that big dude coming to tackle me to death."

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a character in “Talk Nerdy To Me”, as played by Cypher


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Name: Mitchell Swift Hennigan
- Nicknames: Mitch, Tom Swift, Bullseye (of 'Ride like the wind' fame)
Age: 17 (Birthday is soon)
Role: Jock Four
Grade: Senior
Personality: Mitch is cool in the old fashioned sense. He's not the loudest party boy or the biggest ass or even the best at sports, being one of the team's wide recievers, which requires him to only be able to run faster than the other guys, not get tackled and occasionally catch a ball. He's kind to everyone he meets, if only out of reflex, and is by far the calmest of the four. He tends to be something of the school dad, looking after almost everyone where he can, although he has few friends outside of his little jock circle. He's difficult to anger, although it's well known that when someon does anger him, his vengeance is usually swift, clever and in a public fashion, and his few poetic retributions (read: pranks) have been called nothing short of masterpieces by some. He has something of a vain streak though, and at times can get a bit self-obsessed and cocky. That doesn't stop him from really worrying about others most of the time, just that sometimes he thinks of himself a bit more than necessary, understand?
Bio.: Mitch will never be the hometown hero that everyone reads about in the paper. He's not a sports hero and hates that whole scene, something he learned from his father - also a high school wide receiver. He lives in a lower-middle-class suburb and does fairly well in school aside from sports, but that is where he really tends to excel. He used to be one of the nerds, and that often shows through with his attitude and some of his (secret) hobbies. His status as a built-up jock as opposed to one of the lifelong sports people has him better connected with most social groups than the lifelong sports people, but also leaves him somewhat alienated from his group.
Other: maybe later.

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