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I have to stay strong for her... and get revenge.

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Torrin Makota



Little brother, hostage of the Thornes
Slick || Used as an insult by Hongaro for the most part, then picked up by the rest of the Thornes and the dealers/clients he visits.
Tiger || Micheline used to call him this.
♠Love Interest
♠Face Claim
Usui Takumi


130 lbs
Lanky, underweight
♠Hair Color
♠Eye Color
Torrin has a few scars, earned from the beatings he’s received from the Thornes. None stand out specifically except for his back which has strange long white scars - marks from a whip. Hongaro also forced him to get the Thorne symbol tattooed on his arm.
There are two Torrins: the one who lived before the kidnapping, and the survivor. Torrin used to be a generally happy child, well on his way to becoming a ladies man. He seemed to always have a ready smile and compliment. But his capture has turned him into a caged animal. He has a great rage that he has learned to channel straight towards Hongaro. He’s learned to mask his emotions in the presence of any Thorne member.

His eyes have a sunken look that ages him - but he's still so young that it only makes him look more attractive to women. He generally doesn't care much about his own appearance but with his work he has to be presentable.

♠Preferred Clothing
Torrin prefers to dress in normal teen clothing but as a prisoner in the Thorne compound he generally ends up wearing whatever is given to him as a hand me down. As he has progressed as a dealer he’s been given nicer clothing - suits so that he can fit in at the clubs he deals in. Occasionally he’ll escape long enough to buy something himself, but it leads to punishment so he prefers to keep his temporary escapes to more important needs.


Nail biting || His primary nervous tic. He picked it up from his sister Michaline when he was young and never lost the habit.
Druggie|| Not hard drugs, not anymore. He keeps himself going on a steady stream of coffee and cigarettes.
Fidgeting || He just can’t seem to keep still. He’ll pace a room or fiddle with a knife if he’s got nothing else to occupy his mind.
Charmer || Torrin can make anyone feel good about themselves. Even just his smile brightens a lady’s day.
Brawler || He hasn’t had any formal training in weapons, but he’s a nasty fighter in hand to hand. He’s picked up a few knife tricks from his time in the gang.
Freedom || Rain || Coffee || Cats
Thornes || Anything that Thornes like
Chess || Ever since he heard through the grapevine that his brother is a master chess strategist, Torrin has studied the game so that he can learn to be as good.
Bookworm || Stuck in a locked room for the majority of four years could drive someone crazy. Fortunately, Torrin has been able to keep his mind busy with reading whatever book he can find. It’s the only pleasure and escape he really has.
Torrin has no true phobias, but has a fear of intimacy because of his kidnapping. With his sister held as a threat against his good behaviour he’s afraid that if anyone gets close to him they will suffer too.
Torrin is very angry. Angry at the world, and angry especially at Hongaro and his Thornes. But in order to keep his sister safe he has to obey, even when his every fiber of being wants to fight and escape.

Before his capture he was lighthearted and kind, but four years in the presence of the most depraved man in Las Vegas has made Torrin cautious, but he is very unstable. Sometimes like a wild thing caged and sometimes as docile as a lamb his own personality shifts to his audience. Torrin wonders if he really is his own person anymore, and he thinks he’s going crazy.

Outwardly Torrin holds a very guarded demeanour. He doesn’t let people get close and prefers a bite of sarcasm (with a smile) and quick joke over deep conversation. With his clients he’s always acting. No one wants a depressed and angry dealer, especially when they’re ordering uppers. Torrin’s actions and outward emotions always seem to bend to match the desires of those around him. He’s considered a player and is very good at getting ladies to buy his wares.

Inside however he’s constantly fighting his rage and one day he’ll lash out at everyone who has harmed his family.


♠Relationship Status
Malcolm Makota || Father || Deceased || A great man, but Torrin can barely remember him now. Sometimes his mental image of Malcolm melds with that of Morgan.
Victoria Makota || Mother || Living || 43 || The only true warmth that Torrin can recall. Torrin feels abandoned by her - why hasn’t she done anything?
Michaline Makota || Older Sister || Deceased || Her death is the first thing that Torrin wants revenge for. Michaline was a golden angel to him. He used to think she was a princess.
Morgan Alistair Makota || Older Brother || Living || 19 || Torrin has always idolized his older brother and measured himself against Morgan. He knows that his big brother is doing everything possible to save Teri and himself, but after four years it seems almost hopeless.
Teri Makota || Younger Sister || Living [MIA] || 13 || The only person he feels he can love right now. She’s the only thing that keeps him sane and keeps him from killing himself or dying by attaching Hongaro. Torrin lives for Teri and hates that she’s had to grow up so fast.

♠Personal History
When torrin was a boy he idolized his older brother. He couldn't imagine anyone who was more cool. He imitated his brother, tried copying his mannerisms. Then when he was twelve he and his sister Teri were kidnapped by Hongaro Takizawa, and it was all Morgan's fault. For the first year years Torrin couldn't forgive Morgan. He fell into a deep depression, lashed out at every Thorne who saw him.

This early disobedience caused him a lot of pain. It wasn't until Hongaro threatened to hurt Teri for any act of defiance that Torrin calmed. He turned to drugs instead and smoked, injected, and drank more than any 13 year old should. Within a few months he was close to death. Again Hongaro intervened, quite angry this time, beating Torrin so badly he was hospitalized for a month. While on a very rare visit to him, Teri revealed that she was being sold to johns. Hongaro warned that he would do worse to Teri if Torrin didn't behave.

In the hospital Torrin learned of his brothers defiance against the Thornes. He learned that the Talons were fighting back. And this gave him hope. Determined to do his part he stopped drinking and doing drugs and threw himself into being a productive member of the Thornes. This was the only way to learn all the secrets so that when the time came he would be able to help his brother destroy the thornes.

His biggest vices are coffee and cigarettes but he still occasionally put up little acts of defiance. Nothing that would cause Hongaro to harm Teri - but a sullen word and angry look or "losing" the drugs he was suppose to sell that day would cause Hongaro to lash out at him directly in the moment. He treasured each beating received, willing that it be returned to Hongaro 10 times.

Since his capture Torrin has become quite vicious and mercenary. He's well known as the Thorne kid, one of the best drug runners in Las Vegas. He's no longer pushing on the back alleys but instead is admitted to the swankiest clubs by private doors to deal to the rich and famous. His height makes up for the fact that he's very underage and scrawny, and his prior drug use and beatings have aged his face. But since he's only sixteen he looks like a handsome, if haunted, twenty year old. He's considered very attractive to the women who work the club circuit where he deals and more than one have whispered about healing him from his dark past. He has no interest in women aside from protecting his sister though he has gone with some of the Thorne prostitutes on occasion. Just to see if he could learn anything that would be useful to his brother.


Torrin needs glasses, but he’ll never tell Hongaro and admit a weakness. Instead, he just has to squint oddly when he reads.


So begins...

Torrin Makota's Story

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#, as written by Jill
Torrin Makota


♠ "Another night in Sin City comes to an end." ♠

It was six am and the streets smelled of sweat, sex and sand. The sun was peeking over the horizon, but Las Vegas was slow to wake up. Torrin exited a graffiti covered door with no outer handle. When it shut you almost couldn't tell that a door was behind the elaborate art that covered the whole wall of the building. The alleyway was deserted, aside from a rat nibbling at someone’s Mexican leftovers in an overturned garbage can.

Almost deserted. Torrin saw the body stuffed behind a pile of cardboard boxes. He paused for a moment and saw a small movement from the man. He was wearing a nice suit but it was covered in vomit. Perhaps only a victim of his own poor choice in drugs or alcohol or friends and not another death from gang violence. He didn't see blood. Torrin lit a cigarette as he passed the man, inhaling the smoke deeply to get the smell of the puke out of his mind.

He only had a few moments of freedom. He was expected back at the base by 6:30 and if he was late he’d lose more than a few privileges and probably earn himself a beating in the meantime. He wanted to ask to see Teri so it wouldn’t do to make Hongaro angry today. Torrin picked up his pace as he headed back to the Thorne hide out. He refused to call it home, even though it had been his home for four years now.

Few cars passed Torrin as he walked down the empty sidewalk. Most people were now sleeping off the night’s excesses. In fact it was even rare for Torrin to be out this late. The club had wanted his presence for some celebrity who wanted access to all the best drugs. The guy had been an arrogant shithead to most of the poor girls in the place, but had pretended to be Torrin’s best friend. Torrin had doubled the price of each drug he requested, but the sap paid it, and Torrin’s pockets were full of cash. Normally when a night went so well he would put a little bit of the extra cash away. There wasn’t enough time this morning to get to one of his stashes though.

He was saving anything he could steal from the Thornes for bribes and all the other expenses there would be when the time came to get Teri out. He didn’t know what would be required but she might have to go into hiding for a bit, or need a plane ticket to somewhere out of Hongaro’s reach. It wasn’t much so far, he had to make sure he earned a good profit first to hand in to the boss before he could skim a bit off the top.

Tonight the famous guy had kept Torrin so late - telling him bad jokes, being his “best friend”, offering him booze and girls - that Torrin had only just gotten away. He liked it better when he just dealt to a celeb’s handler. They were more miserly, but they would just buy in bulk and would let him get on with his night.

He reached the door to the Thorne base at 6:29 and grimaced at the punk who stood watch on the door. "You’re late, Slick." The guard said, sneering at Torrin.

"Fuck you, asswipe. It’s 6:25 and my deal held me up. He paid well though and if you want to keep getting any of it you’ll tell Hongaro I was here at 6:20.” Torrin stripped off a $100 bill from his wad of cash and handed it to the Thorne, an eager expression on his ugly face. "Keep the change.”

Torrin always hated entering the Thorne base. He didn’t belong here and he didn’t want to be here. He always had to put on a false face inside. He had to pretend to be soft and weak to the Thornes and pretend to be strong and sure to Teri. Only outside the base was he allowed to be nothing at all.

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Aodha Barhydt


♠ "If they take the bait, I could possibly get answers." ♠

Aodha was fully aware of the deal made between Thorne and a smaller gang. Quite likely, the Talons may want to get their hands on the drugs that would be transacted. He was not the one to make the deal, but he realized the possibility of an ambush could work to his advantage. The drugs were the perfect bait for the hooligan scum on the opposite side of this mafia conflict. In his eyes, both sides were nothing but dirt for causing such pain, agony, and death to those individuals not involved in the first place.

For the three years since all relatives but his cousin died in a shooting, Aodha has been ruthlessly searching for whoever killed them. It was during the second year of his quest for revenge that he became a Thorne. It was not because of greed or thrill seeking. The only reason he was involved in mafia was to seek his vengeance on whoever was responsible. Anyone and anything in Thorne was merely a tool to that end, and a suspect.

When he came to the entrance to the base, he saw the guard holding a $100 bill, which he assumed was from someone offering a bribe. The sight of such corruption sickened him on the inside, adding to his built-in anger. Such scum that are easily convinced with cash were no use to him. Were Hongaro to suspect he had no true loyalty to Thorne, Aodha required men that would remain loyal to him regardless of circumstance. As such, he built up his secret support using that criteria, doing extremely well in that regard.

He entered the building with his customary expression of anger. After all, how could he be around such scum of the earth while smiling? The thought of the mafia slime made his skin crawl. Hongaro did not seem to be present, yet, so he took this time to inform the people in the room of the situation and give certain orders.

"Listen up, everyone! This transaction we are soon to commence with is too important to let slip for two reasons. One is, this is the largest deal we had this month, the cash from which could be used to strengthen our hold in Las Vegas. Secondly, which I believe is even more important, we may be able to capture some of those Talons to interrogate for vital information, such as who this "Black Cat" exactly is, as well as the defensive strategies of the Talons in general! We must know what to expect when storming their base so we take minimal casualties and can still operate after such a battle! As such, I want those bastards that dare try to ambush us taken alive, if at all possible! Make no mistake, whoever that shall be will not go down easily! Do not under any circumstances drop your guard! One more thing: any Talon you capture, you bring to me! That is all!"

He leaned against one of the walls after he said his piece. There was not much else to do until Hongaru and Greer show up. there was that, and he did not feel like mingling with the filthy crowd of hooligans. One of the female members walked up to him to embrace him out of lust and used a seductive voice when speaking, yet the Second in Command grabbed her by the face before he forcefully shoved her away. This gave the clear message to the others that he was no tramp, unlike Hongaro.

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#, as written by Rann
Teri Makota

Image Image Image

♠ "Oh great, this is great! When haven’t I felt sore after a job?" ♠

"Hoppy, time t'get home, y'got that?"

Teri laughed a little, fishing the white beanie from Big Guy's pocket. She sniffed it, and although the scent of her brother's disappeared, it nonetheless reminded her of old times, long ago. With a delighted smile, she placed it onto her messy orange hair. Even four years later, it doesn't fit too bad, although the young girl's thick hair would need another cut soon. Already it feels heavy around her neck.

Oh well.

"Ah, Blondie's done too. What a coincidence."

The night was already over, and the sun was rising up. That blonde hooker from earlier was there, smoking something while leaning against a wall. Teri looked over and grinned, waving to her. Blondie waved back, and mouthed something that looked somewhat akin to "Have a good rest! See you again tomorrow!"

Isn't it strange? This comaderie between prostitutes. They never actually spoke once, but there's still this link. Although it makes for competition, it's as if that doesn't matter, even if one girl's forced into it, and the other needs it for money or something. Teri still doesn't know why Blondie's doing this of her own free will, and although she really really wants to know, she'd be better off not asking. It isn't her business, after all.

"Big Guy! Teri said in a somewhat whiney voice. A thought had just occurred to her, and she felt like talking about it. Big Guy's not very conversational, but at least he listens. Better than nothing, right? And sure enough, he grunted in her direction, so Teri took that as a sign to continue.

"Okay. So. You know like, that, um, whatsit called, like, cult stuff? With aliens and all that? Crop circles too! What if they think that we're crazy, as humans or whatever. Huh? Wouldn't that be funny?"

She had tried to make it sound deep and philosophical, but that sort of flopped on it's face. Teri cursed her brain for making it so so cool in her head. Big Guy just scratched his head, and made her continue on walking, returning deep into Thorne Territory, and their main headquarters, in fact. The farther they got, the more random goons they saw passing by. And, as always, Teri's eyes were peeled in case she could see Torrin returning from whatever the heck his job is.

"It's occult, Hoppy. And if that shit were t'happen, well, screw 'em, I s'pose. They ain't lived how we did, so they can't judge how we do shit."

And with that, he pushed her into the base. Now, Teri's senses were on high alert. Although the girl lost much of her drive, she's still starved for knowledge of the outer world, specifically about the Talons. She doesn't really know what she's hoping for, because if the Talons were going to rescue her; if Morgan were going to rescue her, it'd be done already. It's been four years, so of course she and Torrin have been abandoned. Just as well. They didn't need that stupid big brother's help anyways.

It was a meeting. She saw Boss Man up there, with two of his private whores, looking as if he was trying to focus, but was distracted by something. That grouchy person, Adda or something, Teri could never really catch his name. He was staring down hard at something with his usual angry frown. Teri knew for sue that he'd have a lot of wrinkles around his mouth when he aged. It was hard not to laugh when imagining that. Greer's there, that good looking blonde woman, with whatever she's got schemed ready for telling. Clammy's there too, looking how Clammy always does, really. She waved and grinned at Clammy.

"Clammy's cool. I like him. It'd be cool if he visited my room later."

That was when she glimpsed Torrin, looking incredibly worn out. Sure, they wouldn't be allowed to have a proper conversation, but sending him a peace sign with her fingers, and a reassuring smirk was okay, right? Because that's what she threw at him, hoping it'd make his day.

"Get t'your room now, Teri. I'll let ya know when your show's ready fer you."

Closing her eyes with impatience, Teri nodded, and walked towards her room, when she felt that urge to pee. She just noticed it now, but she really did have to go. With a little shrug, she walked in anyways, and heard the door lock behind her.

"Let's see. Maybe I'll get like an infection from holding in my pee too long. What would Big Boss to if I did that?"

She sat down on the corner of her bed and delved deep into her anime world where Taiga Aisaka drove a tank in a world championship Karuta match against Homura Akemi, with Brock as the referee. She made a small, satisfied smile.

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Aodha Barhydt


♠ "Any mistake will be unacceptable. This cannot afford to fail." ♠

Aodha shrugged before standing next to Hongaro for the meeting, merely out of habit. Listening to what was said, he huffed at the thought of small, insignificant groups patrolling and waiting to be attacked. He waited until he was able to speak to voice out what he had to say. "How small are we talking about in regards to the patrols? Three? Four? Five? Depending on who and how many the Talons send, we could easily be overwhelmed. Weakness in any form is not a luxury we can afford. There is that, and the windows could provide easy access to skilled foes that rely on stealth and surprise. Leaving such methods of entry open to them is potentially suicide. However, we don't have much time for idle chat, so this plan will have to suffice."

This was typical of the Second in Command. He always had his mind on the loopholes and trying to cover them. His effort put into his vengeance is what drove him to excel. "If they show up and we succeed in defeating them in a battle, we may be able to interrogate one of the surviving foes from that about who this 'Black Cat' is, among other things. Information is required for us to finally beat down the Talons permanently. I personally told the men previously in the room I want at least one Talon taken alive and brought to me just for that purpose. I doubt that would be easy, considering we might run into their elite."

Eyes travelling around the table, he finished with, "Anyone else want to add something?"

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#, as written by Jill
Torrin Makota


♠ "No one should know how corrupted their little sister has become. I need to protect her." ♠

With his work, and at his age, Hongaro had grudgingly given Torrin a bit of freedom in the Thorne base. Torrin needed to get his supply of drugs from various gang members and then needed to be able to leave each evening and return each day with ease. When he was smaller, they had kept him under close guard, much like Teri was now. But while it was normal for a prostitute to have a bodyguard of sorts, even if the guard kept you from killing yourself as from being killed by a john, it was a little strange for a minor drug dealer to have one. It made the buyers, usually regular people, uncomfortable to have a guy leering over their deal. Torrin still had to check in with Hongaro every week and had to check in with the entrance guards every time he exited to entered the base. And, it wasn’t like he had chosen to be a Thorne. He was viewed with suspicion by every real member.

So while Torrin wasn’t free - the threat against his sister was ever present - he was able to sneak around the base somewhat. He had noticed a bit of a gathering in the Thornes’ meeting room and had tried to hang around there. Teri had seen him and given him a quick wave. "Probably trying to reassure me that she’s fine. No kid should have to deal with what she’s got." Even the thought of it made him furious. Torrin had waved back and smiled, but that had gotten the attention of some lackey who had frogmarched him to his room on some sort of power trip. He was probably one of Imogen’s little “security team”. The idiot hadn’t locked the door though, so Torrin was back to prowling.

Unfortunately, there was no way he’d be able to eavesdrop on the meeting. There were too many Thornes around then. He wondered if he could get one of Hongaro’s whores to give him a summary later. They came to him for their drugs when Hongaro wasn’t around to feed them because he wouldn’t ask for any payment from them.

So he was wandering the halls instead when his ears pricked up at Teri’s voice.

”Yes! Clammy, here it is! The disk of ultimate yuri subtext, with awesome tank battles and a lot of moe girls! Yes! This is Heaven! You wanna watch, Clammy? Lot’sa girls for you to look at, y’know! Oh, Clammy, if you didn't know, Yuri is girl on girl stuff. Like, lesbians and all that. It don't really show anything, but there''s hints! Miho and Yukari..."

Torrin sighed heavily. This was not what a 13 year old girl should be learning - especially not from anime! Torrin himself had had to teach her about the birds and the bees so to speak and while he was cool with all sexualities, he wasn’t sure he was the best person to explain positive homosexual encounters. ”Besides, 13 year old girls shouldn’t be asking for lesbian anime from a damn gang member after spending the night with a bunch of johns! " He followed his sisters voice into the Clam’s artificially lit dungeon. She was asking to see him. At least she didn't hate him yet. But if she ever found out how much innocence had been stolen from her, Torrin was sure she would never forgive him for failing to protect her.

"Uh hey. I know you guys are busy right now. I’d be happy to just hang out with Teri for the rest of the day. Keep her out of your hair and everything.” Torrin tried to be nonchalant about it. He didn’t think the hacker had the same way to uncover secrets like Greer, Aodha, or even Hongaro had, but it was best to not seem too eager. "I’ll keep her in my room for the day, make sure she gets some rest. And we’ll watch her anime together. That cool?”

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#, as written by Kapento
Elmont Seth Clamedeus


♠ "Here it begins." ♠

"Wonder how long it‘ll take em‘ to come. Perhaps I--"

Only a single, weak yelp managed to vocalize itself from the cheerless hacker as he felt the full force of Teri being propelled at him suddenly. Admittedly, he was more than use to it by now. And yet every time the girl always managed to catch him off guard, and just as easily nearly head butted one of his precious monitors in the process.

"Teri, you know I’m too busy to watch that sort of stuff," He sheepishly said after the girl got off of him, eventually. "Something‘s going down tonight and I need to be on high alert!"

Things seemed to settle down once Teri took a breath. The hacker actually began to believe that he could relax now without fear of being jump again, however, what Teri asked next almost caused the moody hacker to freeze on the spot with a dumbfounded look slapped across his face. "Ah, crap."

"Your brother? Teri, are you going loopy?" Despite being pleased to see the girl the hacker resorted to supporting his usual lifeless mopping expression, merely out of habit. Of course, to counter this the girl naturally opted to try her luck and use the old ‘sad eyes’ act on the man, knowing full well he had little willpower as it was. "No, no, no, no, no! Don’t even… don’t even give me those eyes! It won’t work! Hell no! I will not fall for that… I won’t! See that…I… won’t…"

He paused for a long silent moment. During which, just then, he caught the girl eyeing up one of his monitors. "Teri, your not suppose to be looking at that sort of stuff. That‘s classified information that you ain‘t to know!" It was pointless to tell the girl off. All in all, Clam actually found this habit of hers to be amusing in some weird way. Her youthful energy always had him spinning, and ultimately causing the poor guy to feel just a little bit older that what he really was. "Hongaro would really kill me if I did such a thing, you know. I kind of like living, and your putting me in a real tight situation…"

Just then Torrin appeared. Raising his cold eyes and staring at the young male with an evident hint of disbelief Clam gave a mere groan in response. "I‘m hell of a popular tonight.”

"You know what? Fine. Take her, watch the anime. Just don‘t make a big deal about it, alright? I don‘t want Hongaro pulling my collar over it, understand? Keep quiet and your heads down. Oh, and don‘t say I‘m never nice to you two." Regardless of his no-nonsense exterior the hacker was quite happy for the duo to spend time together, so long as it was kept out of earshot of other members. Plus, it was two against one and Clam really didn’t feel like bickering with the two youths tonight.

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#, as written by Rann
Teri Makota

Image Image

♠ Big Brother, are you having fun? ♠

Clammy, was usual was fun and easy for her to play around with. She could see, and, relished in seeing the gloomy hacker's will shrink the more she used her sad eyes. On the inside, Teri was pretty happy, and she continued to scan the data on his monitors, wondering exactly what they were plotting. The big wigs of the Thornes were gonna be heading out for some sort of mission, but there was a gang name that she didn't recognize. Some sort of deal, maybe? Were the Talons; was her biggest brother safe, Morgan? He wouldn't be in danger, right? He better not. Even though he gave up on her, Teri didn't want him to, you know, die or anything. Just knowing he was out there, and doing his best, she was fine. She gave a little thought to her mother, and hoped that at least she and Morgan were getting along. And that he still felt guilty for ruining her and Torrin's life.

"No, no, no, no, no! Don’t even… don’t even give me those eyes! It won’t work! Hell no! I will not fall for that… I won’t! See that…I… won’t…"

Big Sis, you're watching, hmm? It'd be nice if one day I could join you, wherever you are. I'm being strong, right, Mickey?

She suddenly thought of that Christine girl, that slut. Willingly working for Big Boss, are you serious? Enemy of everything! Go and die, and for all Teri cared, maybe she'd even grin if that Christine did end up dying. She didn't question why that girl popped up in her head, though.

That was when Clammy clued in on her spying, chastising her. "Teri, your not suppose to be looking at that sort of stuff. That‘s classified information that you ain‘t to know!" She could tell he wasn't serious though, just trying to watch over his own back in case anyone saw them. And that was fine with Teri, she didn't expect anything more or less from the her friend. Just talking to her and being generally kind, and of course, supplying the goods, that was all she ever really needed.

"I want you to never change, Clammy."
Teri said innocently, eyes twinkling deviously. "You're the best the way you are."

Then, almost as if it were a huge coincidence, her big brother (not biggest, biggest is Morgan. Big is Torrin!) walked into Clammy's little mix of a hide-out and room, with an almost exasperated and tired look on his face. The earlier reassurance probably did nothing for him then, Teri figured, since he probably worried about her even more. All he ever did was worry, and, to be honest, Teri was sick of it. Worrying wouldn't save them- so Torrin would be happier just focusing on escaping on his own, and leaving her behind. And if he did do that, Teri'd be happier too, no matter what the Thornes did to her after that. Not as if she'd tell Torrin all that, though- she knew he'd object.

"Uh hey. I know you guys are busy right now. I’d be happy to just hang out with Teri for the rest of the day. Keep her out of your hair and everything."

Teri's eyes brightened up, resisting the urge to do a fist-pump.

"I’ll keep her in my room for the day, make sure she gets some rest. And we’ll watch her anime together. That cool?”

That was the very moment Clammy's will shattered. Teri could almost hear the pieces clatter onto the floor.

"You know what? Fine. Take her, watch the anime. Just don‘t make a big deal about it, alright? I don‘t want Hongaro pulling my collar over it, understand? Keep quiet and your heads down. Oh, and don‘t say I‘m never nice to you two."

"Course we won't tell Big Boss!" She said happily.

So, she gestured for Torrin to follow from a slight distance as she marched to his room- more luxurious than hers, by at least a little bit. The distance made sure none of the other gang members noticed that they were together, because they'd definitely tell the Big Boss, and he'd ruin their lives a little bit more. Her fist clenched; nails marking red into the palm of her hand when she thought of Big Boss.

Nice if he got himself shot in the balls or somethin'.

Once at the room with Torrin, Teri grasped pleadingly at the anime disk, wondering exactly what was bothering him. Probably whatever it was, it had to do with her; it was the norm, after all.

"Big Bro, y'know what?" Teri took a deep breath, still smiling sweetly, but with just the slightest hint of annoyance in her words. "Don't act tough round me anymore, got it? And don' be all surprised none either, course I noticed it! I'm your sis! Just be happy you ain't gotta do what I do, 'n live, I s'pose. Not like you can do anythin' to help me anyways, right?"

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[um. I have no idea. sorry!]

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Torrin Makota


♠ "As long as we’re together, we’ll survive… somehow." ♠

Teri held her anime DVD and smiled at her. "Big Bro, y'know what? Don't act tough round me anymore, got it? And don' be all surprised none either, course I noticed it! I'm your sis! Just be happy you ain't gotta do what I do, 'n live, I s'pose. Not like you can do anythin' to help me anyways, right?"

Torrin almost broke down right then. She was so small and so brave. He knew she was acting, she had probably learned well from her time as a john’s plaything. She had to lie to them all of the time, she had to lie to Hongaro and his henchmen. Hadn’t Torrin become an expert liar himself in the last few years? Ever since he received his first lesson in Hongaro’s charity.


He had been puking his guts out. Another bad trip, but it was better than leaving his mind open to the memories of his family, whole and happy.

A Thorne, some nobody, came into his room and sputtered. The room was filled with the stench of Torrin’s vomit. "You stupid kid! Mr. Takizawa isn’t going to like this at all.” The man retreated out of the bathroom. "You just wait until the boss sees this.”

"Send that fucker my love.” Torrin managed to choke out, spitting bile into to the toilet.

Hours passed, and Torrin found himself lying huddled on the cold bathroom floor in the low light of evening. No Thornes had bothered him, but Torrin knew that wouldn’t last. Night came and Torrin finally got off the floor. His body ached from lying on the hard tile and his stomach throbbed from the abuse it had taken with his vomiting. His head pounded too, but Torrin wasn’t sure if it was from the last effects of the drug cocktail or from dehydration. He scooped up water from the sink, sucking on it greedily. He had no idea when Hongaro would come to punish him, so he stripped off his soiled clothes and took a quick shower. Then, clean but hungry, he waited on the bed. Soon Hongaro would hear about his failures, his disobedience, and come punish him.

No one came.

When the sun rose Torrin tried to leave his room to scrounge up some food. He figured that perhaps the Thorne mook had forgotten to tell Hongaro about his “adolescent tantrum”. Or perhaps Hongaro had considered Torrin so below his notice that he had ignored it. Torrin didn’t really care which, but when he tried to open his door, he found it locked from the outside.

No one brought him food that day, or the next. There was water from the bathroom sink and shower, but by the second afternoon Torrin was famished. He found the sunlight streaming through his windows (barred, and too thick to break) too strong for him and so had closed the heavy curtains to block out all the light. He lay, curled in a ball in his bed.

That was when he was taken. First he was beaten - fists and even a whip. Then, tied down to a chair and forcibly tattooed. He passed out.

When he awoke he was given a plate of food and Hongaro personally explained everything that had happened with his sister in those few days of Torrin’s torture. In a few moments Torrin went from starved to unable to eat. What Hongaro had done to Teri was unspeakable.

"She has her role to play, and you have yours. I’ve made you my little Thorne now,” Hongaro gestured to the fresh tattoo on Torrin’s arm. "She’ll be safe enough as long as you obey my orders and be a good hostage. Cross me again, and you’ll consider what I’ve done to you here as mercy - I’ll give her even worse.”

As he was taken back to his room, half carried by two guards, Torrin was given the chance to see his sister in her room. She was sitting quietly on her bed, and Torrin wanted to go to her, but the guards dragged him away.

A few weeks ago he might have cried, but now he couldn’t even muster up enough self pity. It was nothing compared to what was happening to his sister down the hall.


"I’m so sorry Teri.” Torrin choked, he pulled the DVD out of his sister’s hands and held her in a tight hug. "I hate that I can’t protect you, I hate that I can’t save you from this. I hate what has happened to us.”

He never knew how much time he would have with his sister, he didn’t know if they were being watched from some two way mirror, if their rooms were bugged. He could never say what he wanted to say: that he would find a way to save her, somehow, and make Hongaro suffer.

But, he was feeling reckless so he held her close, stroking her hair. "I promise, someday we will be free.” He whispered.

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Teri Makota

Image Image

♠ Big Brother, I really do love you. ♠

Torrin, apologizing in a tearful voice, almost sounding as if he was struggling to talk, gently grasped the anime DVD from Teri's feeble grasp, and before she could protest or put her hands up to defend her frail form, his arms wrapped around her in a desperate emotional embrace. "I hate that I can’t protect you." He said softly, his voice direct against her ear as she could almost feel his lips brushing across against her skin. She shivered involuntarily, breath gone cold. "I hate that I can’t save you from this. I hate what has happened to us.”
After a little pause, Torrin moved his hand to stroke her short, slightly poofy hair, whispering that one day they'd be free.

They wouldn't ever be freed. Teri already accepted that reality a long time ago- at the very least, she'd live and die here as one of the Thorne's sluts until her body grew old and broke down from the daily abuse. It was her fate- struggling and fighting against it wouldn't help anything. If anything, the struggle would just make the whole situation even more painful than it already was- she'd already learned that the hard way when she refused to do anything with her very first John.

Probably her most recurring nightmare, it was most definitely one of the worst traumas she'd faced while here. She could still remember the belt straps digging into her wrists and ankles as she was forced down onto a cross-like structure, spread and vulnerable. The groups of men watching avidly... and while most torture sessions involved harsh beatings and whippings, they didn't want to mark a slut's body. After all scars like that would lower her value. Instead, and this was administered by Big Guy himself, she had needles stabbed into every square inch of her skin, and had them electrocuted until she apologized and agreed to do whatever the Thornes told her to.

It lasted for hours- the electricity and pained twitching for a few days after the actual session was over, there was no way a nine year old girl could resist. She held out as long as she could, at least.

"Please! I... I'm scared!
She had screamed shrilly in front of the John, who'd obviously been told beforehand that this was her first time. And her begging only made him more excited in ways the girl couldn't possibly imagine.

"I... I don't want to... it hurts, please, I'm scared! I can't-"

In the underworld, no one would listen to a girl's begging. Especially not if it were their asses on the line.

She shook her head, not wanting to go deeper into that memory. Better to focus on the here and now, and the here and now was that Big Brother was too close, and touching her. Not anywhere special or anything, but it was still scary, Teri was shuddering and trying to wriggle her way out. But Torrin's brotherly embrace was too strong, and the terrified girl couldn't really do anything to escape from the grasp.

Well, she could still beg. Not that it ever really worked before. Teri put on a hard cold voice of Inner Moka, pretending to release the seal of the Rosario to let out her inner demons. "Let me go now. You're... you're scaring me."

Teri mustered all her strength to push Torrin back, accidentally sending him into the wall with a loud crash. The guard stationed at the door charged in and looked them over suspiciously. Once he ascertained that things were mostly under control he put a hand to his chin and spoke with a sleek and prideful smirk. "Tryin' to put the moves on your sister Torrin? That's not something I've seen before. Teri shivered especially when he gaze went up her body, stopping in strategic spots with dark pleasure.

Before Torrin could react, Teri realized that she had to get the guard out as fast as possible. She didn't want a man's eyes on her, especially not in front of her brother. It made her feel even more lewd and dirty than she usually does. All she wanted was to spend quality time with her Big Brother, something they hardly ever got the chance to do, ever. Hadn't their lives been ruined enough already?

"Sir! Um, we're only about to watch an anime, see... and he tripped. It's nothing so may-you-please-go-now?" She smiled at him, sweetly and pleadingly, and then whispered in hushed tones. "If you want, we could have some private time after my shift tomorrow, sir, so please just go!"

Of course, her attempt to make him go was fruitless and the man just eyed her even more. Teri felt as if she were being violated all over again, and it was only with a simple persistent gaze. "She's a cutie, isn't she, Torrin?"

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Torrin Makota


♠ "I’ve already failed her." ♠

When Teri pushed him away, telling him to let go of her, Torrin felt like she had torn out his heart. She couldn’t bear to be held by him anymore, and that was Hongaro’s fault. Torrin remembered when Teri was only two or three - a baby still, who would crawl into anyone’s lap for a cuddle. Morgan had even called her kitten and she would pretend to purr in his arms.
"Hongaro has to answer for what he’s done to my sister." Torrin thought. "But Morgan has to answer for it too. How could he just leave us here?" He fell against the wall, then sank to the floor.

"Tryin' to put the moves on your sister Torrin? That's not something I've seen before.” The guard leered at his sister and Torrin saw her shrink away, but her demeanor changed almost instantly. Torrin could scarcely believe what she said. She offered herself to the guard - later - that the siblings could have their time alone now. Again, Torrin wanted to puke. He reminded himself of why he never, ever, went with any of the Thorne girls. Even when they offered. Even when they laughed at him. Even when he wanted it. Because every whore and prostitute was just a grown up Teri to him. None of the girls had a choice in this, and that made Torrin rage all the more.

"She's a cutie, isn't she, Torrin?"

Torrin stood slowly as he took off his suit jacket. He watched the guard ogle his sister in disgust. What kind of human being could do that? He gingerly placed his jacket over Teri’s shoulders, touching her as little as possible. She had tried to save him, stick up for him, and it was only going to get worse. Torrin eyed the guard’s gun, hanging loosely in its holster on his belt. The guy was big, but it wouldn’t take too much to get the gun out and shoot. The man was already distracted by Teri and was practically ignoring Torrin. But, could they escape after Torrin shot him? Could he guarantee that Teri would be free? If they were caught, it was Teri who would be punished. And Torrin knew that Hongaro used that against him every day.

"Just leave us alone man.” Torrin’s voice almost cracked with emotion. "Get your jollies off on one of Hongaro’s girls. He’s out tonight right? That must mean there’s more pussy to go around.” Say anything. That was the defense that Teri and Torrin had. Say anything to stay alive one more day. And if Torrin thought that his death would bring Teri to a better place, to peace, he would have done whatever it took to make it happen. But he couldn’t save her. Not yet.

"Come on Teri, lets watch your show now. You called it ‘Girls and Tanks’ right? I never get these shows you kids watch these days. In my day it was all Power Rangers and Pokemon.” He wondered if the guard had any shame at all. Teri was a kid. A kid who should have been in school, or maybe home sick while her mom made chicken noodle soup. Not fending off lewd men after a night of men paying for access to her body.

He turned his back on the guard, after one more glance at the man’s gun, as he put the dvd in the machine. He hoped that by ignoring the man, pointing out Teri’s child-ness, the guard would get the hint and leave. If not, Torrin was prepared to use the threat of Hongaro. Torrin knew he was a fearsome as a clawless cat, but Hongaro didn’t like his whores to be messed with - it made it tough for them to earn the next night.

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Aodha Barhydt


♠ "This is far from over." ♠

Adoha stood by Greer the whole time they went inside the building and when they were inside during the deal procession. He did not say a word since he figured there was nothing to say on his part. The moment the other person at the table was shot was the moment Aodha grabbed Greer and had her take cover with himself and Hongaro. The Second In Command was able to shoot two of the attackers in the head, yet he could not see the others, even with all the shots exchanged in that short moment. Shortly thereafter, two of the men, the ones Aodha handpicked (he had a knack for choosing the more capable and more disciplined among the gang for assignments) drag Morgan up in front of Hongaro. Something did not feel right; the Talons made it seem too easy. Either Morgan was incompetent, or he let himself be captured on purpose. Either way, it was not a good sing at all, in Aodha's book.

His uneasiness was only magnified when he saw Greer being held by Hongaro, which he reacted to by pulling the woman away from the tramp the first chance he got, glaring at Hongaro temporarily before barely hearing a whisper from somewhere."Wait here, Greer." Aodha's voice was a combination of concern and something else... was it jealousy? It could not be, since he could not bring himself to trust people who strongly support a suspect. Then again, Greer was not like the other women in the gang. This was not the time to ponder such feelings, however, as that would leave him vulnerable for the task at hand. "Ben, Cory! Stay here and keep your eyes peeled!" Turning his eyes toward Hongaro, "This is not the time to get cocky, you idiot! Morgan made it look too easy! Letting your guard down now could leave you a dead man!"

With that, he ran in the direction of where he heard the sound, taking a route he knew would lead him in the direction where he thought whoever made the sound would go. He has seen the map multiple times, which was a plus. He finally caught up to the person, and found her about to enter another building. He went in there with her, then shot at the legs, since he was intent on capturing her instead of killing her. If the shots did not hit, they would at least get her attention, at which point he would sprint forward. He was no idiot, however: he knew just blindly going forward would have him killed, even more so since the Black Cat had a Katana. So, while sprinting forward, he would wait until the last moment to duck and roll so to kick from below and try to hit her in the crotch. whether it that hit or not, his next move would be to roll backwards onto his feet and wait for her to make the next move. An upper slash would make him duck again then attempt a punch to the neck. A lower slash would cause him to backflip while trying to kick the katana out of her hand, which, if that would work, he would next proceed with a flurry in which he would confuse her on where he was aiming before he would attempt a hard punch to the gut. Should she try a stab, he would spin to the side while attempting a kick to the back of her head.


Two men, loyal to Aodha, were eavesdropping on the conversation with that perverted guard giving Teri and Torrin trouble. They were not about to let Aodha's plans to use them as leverage for whatever he had planned (as they did not know exactly) go to waste. So, the first chance they got, the men walked into the room and said to the pervert, "Aodha assigned you a special task for while he and Hongaro are away. We need you to come with us. No excuses."

The guard previously staring at Teri growled before snapping with, "Okay, fine! Damn, can't a guy catch a break?" The town men led the guard outside the base and into an isolated area of town, which made the guard irritated. "So, what is this f****** assignment?"

The shorter, slimmer man replied with, "There is none." Pulling out his pistol, he added, "That was a lie. We cannot permit you to ruin Aodha's plans."

Before the guard could do or say anything, the trigger was pulled. Even if that pervert were to draw his handgun, it would have been too late. After that, the two men among Aodha' secret support left the scene silently before heading off into town. They were not needed for anything in particular, which meant they could walk around town a bit to sell the deception. They kept away from the meeting area for the deal, though.