Ren Inoue

"I'll kill as many as I can."

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Ren Inoue

He doesn't exactly like nicknames, everyone just calls him Ren



Male Lead Hunter

-Spiked Brass knuckles

-Ren is a gifted fighter, he was taught many different styles and excels in hand-to-hand combat.
-He's also very agile and flexible, it's easier for him to get out of certain situations.

+Fighting, naturally since he's good at it, it's something he enjoys quite a bit
+Obedient people, he hates people who don't follow rules
+People who know what they want and go for it, of course thinking it through first
+Independence, he hates the thought of having to rely on anyone else
+Confidence, he likes people who are confident in their abilities

-Overly talkative people, he hates when someone doesn't know when to shut up
-Loud noises, they threaten to break his concentration
-Clingy idiots, he likes his personal space
-People who act on a whim, he's never like irrational behavior
-Anyone who pities themselves
-Honestly, most people

Ren is level-headed, calculating, and precise with everything he does. He may seem rather ominous at first glance, but he isn't nearly as scary as you may think. Since birth he was raised, or trained, to keep his cool in every situation. He knows that losing it never brings anything beneficial. Because of this knowledge he isn't easily distracted, it would take a great deal of effort to break his concentration. No matter what's going on, he would never act on an impulse and do whatever he feels like doing. He plans everything out in advance and even thinks of different scenarios that might happen, that way he always has an alternative plan. This is just another thing he was taught to do, think before jumping. A lot of people may happen to just glance at him and get the impression that he's perpetually pissed off. He isn't necessarily frowning, but Ren does tend to narrow his eyes a bit or look generally disapproving. That's usually because he's deep in thought. If you can get past the initial feeling that he doesn't want you around, and manage not to give him a reason to feel that way, you'll be surprised to know that he isn't as daunting as you previously thought. Yes, he's capable of expressing emotions other than annoyance. You actually have to get close to him, which does take time, to see these things though. His laughter is light and airy, something shocking considering you'd think he's never laughed a day in his life. The very, very few people he actually likes have the benefit of him protecting them. He doesn't take kindly to anyone messing with the ones he cares for. So, at first look, you may be inclined to run away from Ren, but if you take the time to get to know him you'll find he isn't as bad as he looks.

Feelings toward Shapeshifters:
Since he was born, it was constantly drilled into Ren's mind that all Shapeshifters were evil beast that needed to be killed. He not only hates them, but he also looks down on them.

Born or Made?:
Ren is a born hunter.

Since he was born, Ren's parents were determined to make him into a great hunter. Their hatred for Shapeshifters transcended generations of the Inoue family. It was practically a given that they, the males especially, would automatically become hunters. Ren never had any choice in that, he was raised to think that the Shapeshifters were horrible beast. His father was a great hunter, he had the scars to prove it. Ren was sent off to train and hone his skills at a young age. Most of his adolescent years were spent like this. It wasn't until he was around seventeen that he was finished his training. After that they let him go, his father told him the next time he saw him Ren had better have a few scars.

So begins...

Ren Inoue's Story