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Melian Deveut

0 · 463 views · located in Star City

a character in “Tamer Wars”, as played by Arctic Fury


Name: Melian Deveut
Age: 38
Gender: Male


Description: Melian is a tall (6'6") white male with unkempt, medium-length blonde hair and blue-grey eyes. He maintains a well-toned physique with distinct muscular features. Melian lost his right eye at some point, however, due to his mental condition he has forgotten the real reason behind its loss.

Class: Trapper

Weapon: Melian doesn't really carry much in terms of offensive weaponry, his confidence in Driller's abilities giving him the delusion that he is untouchable. Nevertheless, he carries a large satchel full of explosives and other such weaponry with which to set traps for his foes should they get too close for comfort.

Armor: As is required Melian wears specially customized armour suited to taming. His is relatively light-weight, preferring comfort over cover. He has also painted it in hot-pink.

Skills: Melian has very advanced situational awareness and reflexes. He always knows what's going on on the field, though he rarely lets his opponent know, as it gives him an advantage.

Ability: N/A

Other: He seems to have almost completely forgotten his past, and when prodded on the subject he has been known to tell stories of his life as a pirate to his voyages in space.


Name: Driller


Element: Darkness

Type: Melee


Tunnel - Driller burrows beneath the surface, creating a massive tunnel system that causes weak ground to collapse.

Surface - Driller springs out of the ground directly beneath his target, often causing visceral damage with his razor-sharp teeth.

Asgard - A passive ability, Driller absorbs energy from the darkness as long as he is below ground, increasing recovery rate.

Battle level: 333


"Melian's most lethal trait? His mouth! He'll talk you into submission!" - anonymous

Melian's personality can be easily summed up into one word, carefree. Melian is an extremely upbeat, if somewhat unstable, individual. He has been diagnosed with a degree of psychosis which leads him to put on a childish demeanor, leading many to underestimate him. He is extremely intelligent, with a mind as sharp as any blade, however, his mental instability prevents him from utilizing his intellect beyond the form of jokes and pranks. Melian's mental condition has deteriorated to the point where he no longer feels any emotion other than amusement, seeing everything as a joke or game. Many believe that his happy-go-lucky nature is just a mask for his sadistic side, while others believe his happy-go-lucky nature is his sadistic side.


Not too much is known about Melian's childhood. Sometime after his mother died from illness, his father was killed in a mysterious accident, and he was kicked out of the Navy, Melian took a liking to the Tamer Wars and became an avid player.

Little was known of Melian's subsequent tamer activities. At one point he was active in multiple underground tournaments, at one of which he romanced a woman named Amanda. When this relationship soured, he traveled elsewhere. He was eventually hired by a crimelord to infiltrate illegal Tamer games managed by a rival criminal. Melian spent three years as a Tamer there under the criminal's tutelage and became romantically involved with his mentor’s daughter, Laurel. When the crimelord finally ordered the criminal's murder, Melian refused to complete his assignment, and relocated to the other side of the world, leaving Laurel behind.

There, Melian met and fell in love with another woman by the name of Bridgette, with whom he shared dreams of a better life. He soon after learned of his deteriorating mental condition, and broke up with her rather than force her to remain with a terminally ill man.

It was soon after that his mental stability deteriorated to the point where he forgot everything about her. Now he lives a life almost completely devoted to the Tamer Wars, where he has fought in several battles and has earned a reputation as one of the most unpredictable players on the field.

So begins...

Melian Deveut's Story