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God’s Name: Aphrodite

God of: Love & Beauty

Culture: Greek

Age: Extremely old, appears young

Tamer: Alice Bright

Relationship With Tamer: "Alice is a sweet girl. Very beautiful too. Finding a man for her won't be hard. We have a good relationship, when she needs me I'll be there. She's usually pretty good about handling herself though, I'm sometimes off playing with attractive mortals."

Rivals: None really.

Equitment/Weapons: Her dripping good looks. She uses them to her advantage.

Pick Your Side: Neither, she likes to play both.

Abilities: Aphrodite operates on emotion and plays on the emotions of others as well. Her love can enamor and seduce even the most strong-willed and her anger could elicit rage and hatred like none had seen before. While her promiscuity would cause her to appear uncontrolled, she has the power to affect a number of emotions in both humans and gods and this gave her many powers. Through her children, borne of multiple affairs with gods and mortals, she was able to control a large portion of the world.

Personality: Aphrodite is extremely clever. She's somewhat manipulative, but in the sense that she doesn't have to try to be. One look at her and men are tripping over their feet in love with her, with just a glance. Her beauty invites love and lust at the same time, drawing anyone and everyone who meets her. She's somewhat soft spoken in groups, staying quiet and looking pretty is what she likes to do. She can be sweet if she wants, and caring if she tries. Something about her is that she becomes easily jealous if she doesn't have every man she wants' attention. She can also be very vain.

History: In a story by Homer, she was called the daughter of Zeus and Dione. Stories say that after her birth, the gods would fight over her hand in marriage and so Zeus married Aphrodite off to Hephaestus, the smith god who was considered to be the steadiest of the gods. Hephaestus was thrilled with his good fortune and worked hard to create many jewels and prizes for his beloved Aphrodite. Aphrodite loved glamour and fancy things and loved the attention that was lavished on her by the other gods and even mortals. She wasn’t pleased with being married to Hephaestus.
One famous tale explains how Hephaestus made Aphrodite a golden magic girdle, carefully crafted as his finest piece of work with all the best and lavish jewels. Unfortunate for him, this magic girdle made Aphrodite all the more irresistible to those that wanted her, both gods and mortals alike.
Though she's married, the gods are loose on these terms, and she doesn't hold back when it comes to flirting around. You could just say she easily gets along with the other male gods. Especially Ares.
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