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" The key to chaos is that you have to control it."

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a character in “Tamers & Myths”, as played by Tonks




God’s Name: Loki
God of: Mischief and Lies
Culture: Norse
Age: To many years for you petty mortals to count.
Tamer: Magnus Thorne
Relationship With Tamer: Loki has invested many years in to Magnus's training, mostly because he can use him to do things he's not allowed to, like visit other gods realms
Rivals: Ares
Equitment/Weapons: His scepter
Pick Your Side: Bad
Inter-dimensional teleportation
Psionic ability
Astral projection
Molecular rearrangement
Energy blasts
Illusion casting
Personality: Loki does only thing to further his own plans. This may or may not include protecting his tamer. He loves to create chaos, and will go to any point to do so.

So begins...

Loki's Story


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#, as written by Tonks
Magnus Thorne

Pouting slightly Magnus says, " well then, I'll just have to find out on my own.." he smirked and went back to eating. A few minutes later he glanced up at Brad, he just looked so much like Magnus it was unbearable. " hey, you wouldn't have any relatives in Sweden do you?" maybe they were distant cousins or somthing.


The flaring of Magnus's pain caught Loki's attention, he wasn't often injured enough to feel anything from him. Instantly he sent an astral projection of himself to his tamers side. Once he was there, he watched as Magnus spoke to the other tamers and seemed safe enough. Glancing around the room, Loki saw traces of Areses essence. That would explain why Magnus wanted to curl up and die. The god had thrown a tantrum.


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((sorry i cant post as much going to try to catch up))


Pip watched as the girl went inside and shrugged, she saw Artemis walk out and followed Ares outside, she saw the look from the goddess and knew Artemis wasn't too happy. She sighed and put her hand to her head as she felt a slight headache coming on. Sina whispered into her ear and she shook her head "na Im alright sina" she said in the fairy language. She could sorta hear Ares and Artemis outside...

"Ares! Dont call me princess! you damn fool" Artemis yelled at him and before she knew it Ares was already inside. She huffed and walked inside noticing Pippa still at the doorway, though a worried look came upon her face as she saw Pippa put her hand to her head. "You okay darling? not one of those headaches again is it" she asked Pippa.

Pip looked up to see Artemis there "i be fine yah just a small one I think" she said in a whisper as she turned around to see Magnus and Brad and Ares at it once more. She shook her head and leaned against the doorway waiting for it them to get over it. She hate fighting with a passion. She saw a few more gods come in and looked to Artemis, she always wondered if she was the only one to get a goddess. She loved Artemis and couldn't see herself with anyone else. Hearing Ever say dinner was ready she went over and grabbed a seat next to Midna she didnt say much because of her headache. Something wasn't right and she wasnt sure what it was. She looked around the table and was wondering what the other tamers where up to and wondered what Pauwau was doing. She hasnt seen her in a bit and needed to take a visit to go see her. She heard Ever start introductions and noticed no one else went so she decided she would "Im Pippa but most just call me Pip, im the tamer for the pixies and fairies so if their ever giving ye any issues just let me know, they are some pesky little creatures sometimes" she said in her irish accent in a very soft voice. When she was done she closed her eyes for just a few minutes.

Artemis watched as Ares was getting headstrong and stormed off "you idiot" she whispered under her voice as Ares stormed passed her. She then noticed Poseidon, Zeus, and Loki there and she walked over to Zeus and Poseidon "well hello haven't see y'all in awhile how ya been? Hope things are going better for you then Ares, sometimes I think he needs a good smack across the head. One of these days I will be giving it to him when he leasts expects it. Stupid boy."


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Geoffrey & Ever

"You're just bitter that last time we sparred, I knocked you flat on your ass" Jeff coughed out as Ares smirked at him. He may have said more, but at least the God was going to go get Ever. Besides, he and Ares more or less got along. Sort of.

The look he saw on Ever's face when she walked in only made his guilt all the worse. Her blue eyes were wide with worry, but she didn't say anything.

Oh shit. Jeff thought to himself. She didn't yell at me. She always tells me off when I do this. She must be really worried if she's waiting. Or really angry.

He let Lucy rest her horn against his shoulder, allowing her magic to flow through him. He could feel his insides repairing themselves, his flesh knotting together. It was a warm, itchy feeling, and left no trace of the wound that had been gouged into his stomach.

As Lucy walked off, he ran a hand along her flank, murmuring "Thanks Luce..."

It was only when Lucy had gone that Ever showed just how angry she was. Jeff was tempted for a second to call Lucy back, but didn't. Lucy deserved to rest, and besides, Ever was going to yell at him sooner or later.

She was angrier than he'd ever seen her before, but he was expecting as much. But she called him babe instead of Geoffrey, which was a good sign. Although she'd been using it so long that he didn't think anything of it, it let him know that she was glad he was alright. If he remembered correctly, it was something she had picked up from a movie she'd been obsessed with when she was a little girl, and she'd kept calling him it ever since.

Jeff was grateful for the medicine Ever had mixed for him. It was a vile, bitter thing, more so than usual, but it slackened off the pain. Jeff relaxed a bit as the medicine did it's job, his muscles no longer so tensed up. He was still bloody, dirty and sore, and his clothes stung as they stuck to his cuts, but he could deal with that. More important right now was trying to soothe Ever.

He propped himself up on his elbow, looking her in the eyes. He spoke as gently and soothingly as he could. "Look, Ev..."

Ever looked at him as he started to speak, though she quickly cut him off. "Don't Ev me!" she said, raising her voice. "I'm sick of hearing all your excuses, it's bull shit!" she said as she rubbed some of the medicine over his smaller wounds. It probably burnt a lot, but at this point she figured he deserved it.

Ares went slightly wide eyed when Ever had yelled let alone cussed. "Oh kid your in trouble" he smirked.

Ever turned to Ares, giving the god a small look "Shut up, like you have any room to talk, throwing fits all over the place today, we don't need your two-cents Ares!" she rolled her eyes before looking back to Jeff.

"Damn Ever, relax. I'm out, good luck...Babe." He mocked Evers nickname as he headed up the stairs.

Ever was borderline ready to kill Ares. She took a deep breath trying to calm herself, yelling wasn't something she liked to do. "I have enough on my plate and you of all people should know that better then anyone else." she sighed

"How am I suppose to focus on any of that when I'm always worried whether or not this will be the last time I see you?" she frowned.

"I stopped asking questions a long time ago, I just don't understand why you don't trust me enough to tell me what's going on" she said looking to him.

Jeff lay back without complaint as she rubbed a salve into the cuts and scrapes along his arms. It burnt like hell, but he didn't complain, and when she'd finished his arms he took off the tattered remains of his jacket and shirt. There were a couple of larger scratches on his chest, but for the most part the cuts were the same as the ones along his arms. His back had escaped unscathed. He'd been facing his opponents when it all happened.

Jeff was ready for a lecture, but then Ever changed her tone. She stopped yelling, and sounded more... hurt. Dammit. Angry I could deal with, but this...

"Ev... look Ev, I want to tell you. I hate doing this to you, making you drop everything so that you can fix me up. I hate making you worry and wonder like this. But I know you. If I do tell you what's going on, you'll just worry even more. Either you'll try to stop me, or you'll try to get involved somehow. I won't let either of those happen."

But Jeff couldn't leave it at that. Not with the way Ever was looking at him. He needed something to reassure her, at least a little bit.

"Ev," he said hesitantly, not wanting to make the promise in case he couldn't keep it, "I can't promise you that I'll stop all together. But I promise that I won't do it again until the solstice meeting. And then I'll try to work something out with the Gods, to get some help. Is that alright? For now?"

"That's such a stupid reason Babe, honestly, if you didn't want me to get involved I wouldn't." She paused. "Okay, I would, but it's only cause I care. I would do it for anyone, you of all people should know that" she sighed.

She listened to him talk as she went to the small dresser in the room, grabbing on of his spare outfits and setting it on the bed next to him.

"No it won't do for now." She frowned "that doesn't give me any solace, but I guess I'll just have to trust you'll come back...even if it's only to say goodbye." She smiled. She knew that being any kind of tamer was dangerous, just cause you were a tamer didn't mean you were invincible.

"Now get dressed, I have guests that I have to get back to," she smirked "and you'll scar them looking like this." She laughed "and don't argue your coming to dinner." She smiled.

Ever smiled, and Jeff was off the hook. He was even getting dinner. His day had just gotten a whole lot better.

"All right, I'm coming." Groaning, he hauled himself up, and swung his legs off the side of the bed. Granted, he was still a mess, but Lucy and Ever had worked wonders on him. What the hell would I do without them? That wasn't really a thought he wanted to dwell on.

"Besides, how could I possibly refuse the chance to taste your fantastic cooking? Just try not to burn anything this time." She hit him with a friendly punch and he laughed. "Beat the cripple why don't you? I'm just going to have a quick shower, get some of this mud and blood off. Gotta be presentable for the guests."

He stood up, and his leg almost buckled under his weight. He limped off into a side room, where there was a small, functional bathroom. Normally he would just warp to his own large, lavish one, but he was way too tired to be warping anywhere now. Still, the water was hot, and though his shower was quick like he promised, it was some of the most amazing three minutes he'd ever experienced. Stepping out he felt like he'd been reborn, entire worlds away from the state he'd been in when he'd warped into the room. Clean, refreshed, his pain more of a dull throb. More importantly, he was alive.

He threw on the clothes, a pair of jeans and a shirt, and stepped out of the bathroom. He'd never been a fan of the traditional clothing so many of the trainers opted for. So inconvenient when warping back and forth between Earth and Reendria.

He smiled at Ever, and followed her out of the room, closing the door behind him. She started leading the way towards the main house. Jeff thought of the guests, and forced himself to walk normally, despite the pain in his leg. Ow. Shit. Aah. Fuck. He couldn't wait to sit down and tuck into some food. He was famished, sore, and tired. But if he couldn't tell Ever where he'd been, he certainly wasn't about to tell some randoms. What could he say instead? What could he and Ever have been doing that would have left him sore and tired?

He grinned to himself mischievously, and chuckled. Nah, I'll just tell them I was putting some of the regents I had fetched for her with the rest of her collection. That would explain why I was in the barn. And, in a moment of sheer stupidity, I tried one, thinking it was mint. Knowing the kind of things Ever works with sometimes, that could easily explain just about any ailment you could think of.

She gave Lucy a small pat as they passed her in the barn. “Thank the gods, I was starting to think he was taking advantage of you down there.” Ares voice boomed through the barn startling the Unicorn a bit catching her off guard, but Ever didn't make any movements, as if she hadn’t even heard his voice. “Ahh, come on pigeon don’t act like that.” Ares rolled his eyes as he followed the two teens out of the barn.

“You know I hate when you call me that.” Ever said calmly as she led the way back into the house. She smiled as they entered the house once again, everyone seeming to look at Ever. She hadn't realized she had gotten Jeff’s blood on her own clothing, she looked down to see where everyone’s eyes were focused. “Shit.” She whispered under her breath. “I mean…” she wasn’t exactly the type to cuss in front of anyone and before Geoffrey had a chance to explain what they were doing she blurted out something that actually made more sense then she thought it would.

“I’m sorry I had to run out like that, the demons and one of my Pegasus’s were not getting along very well needless to say Ba..I mean Jeff and I had to break it up. My Pegasus got a little scraped up in the brawl.” She let out a breath of relief. “I’m just going to go change.” She smiled before quickly making her way up stairs to her bedroom.


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Jeff still hadn't noticed the blood on Ever's shirt, so at first he wasn't sure why she needed to go get changed. When she rushed past him though, he spotted it. Fortunately her excuse not only worked, it accounted for the blood on her shirt.

Jeff groaned inwardly. When the demons hear that they copped the blame for this, I'm going to be getting an earful. Especially from Micheal. The old archangel was one of the few survivors from Jehovah's rule in Heaven. The sin of pride had been the mark of the archangel, and Micheal still bore it, though his power had long ago faded. When Jehovah, a.k.a 'God' or 'Allah', had died, the power from the prayers of his faithful had stopped transferring onto his followers, and the archangels were now more or less normal demons. His advice was invaluable, but the last thing Jeff needed was another of his lectures.

None of this showed on his face though, as he smiled reassuringly at the tamer that had spoken to him. At least that's something I can handle. Lying. Wow, when did he become so bitter? Maybe he needed this chance to relax and hang out with friends more than he had thought.

"Don't worry, it was just a bit of a friendly scrap. A little blood, but nothing serious. Ever wanted to break it up before it got any worse. You know how over-protective she can get" Jeff said, with a smile and a laugh. He actually didn't have any idea if this girl knew how over-protective Ever could get. She was one of the few tamers that Jeff didn't know, and it would be just like Ever to invite a bunch of randoms to dinner.

He did, however, know most of the others there. He nodded towards the Gods first, showing them the respect they usually thought they were due. He had met them all, but didn't know any of them particularly well. He smiled at Pippa, and nearly did a double-take at Brad and the other male tamer. "Oh god," he groaned, "there's two of them. Wasn't one enough? What god in his right mind would make two Brads?" He feigned horror, but his eyes were smiling.

"Hey, I haven't seen you guys around before," he said to the girl that had spoken earlier and Brad-2. "Jeff, the demon tamer. And you?"

He chose the only empty seat asides from Evers, and sat down next to Zeus. It wasn't what he would have chosen, but it was the last seat left. It wasn't that he didn't like Zeus. The old god seemed amiable enough, but if he started giving one of his bullshit spiels on being the creator of man, Jeff would flip. Not only did nearly every set of gods have one that claimed to be the creator of man, but not even in Greek mythology did Zeus fill that role. Apparently, Prometheus shaped us out of mud, and Athena breathed life into us. All Zeus ever did was try to take fire from us, demand we sacrifice to him, and then give us Pandora and her box of nasties. Even if any of it was true, it just made Zeus seem like an asshole. Still, he kept any distaste he may have felt to himself. As far as any one else would see, there wasn't a worry on his mind.


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#, as written by Tonks
Magnus Thorne & Loki

Magnus watched quietly as all of the Tamers and Gods converced, all the while there was a sinking sensation in his stomach. Somthing wasn't right, the reaction Ares had to Brad and he was proof. " Come with me." he heard Loki whisper, although he was obviously not there. But he stood and quietly walked out of the room anyway. " What do you want?" he asked to thin air, knowing his patron god was just out of his sight. " Nothing, everything.." The god says with a slightly insane laugh. " You should know to be more specific with your questions to me.."

Magnus sighed, it seemed Loki was in a joking mood today. " Why did you call me out here?" he asks humoring the god for the moment. " Because," Loki says materializing directly behind Magnus. " I hav-" He was cut off by his Tamer fliping him over his shoulder and pinning him to the ground with his boot on Loki's neck. " Don't try and sneak up on me." Magnus calmly knoing if Loki wanted to he could kill Magnus with a single word. Loki smiled at his Tamer. " You have been practicing, soon enough you'll be strong enough to protect your charges from any soul who dares cross them."

Loki was masterfully twisting the words so that they had double meanings, but Magnus was not new to this word game. " Quit with the double talk, I of all people know what you can do with words." The god smiled and stood up. " Very well, somthing is happening in this puny little world, I know what it is but I am forbidden to tell you." He shook his head at the irony. " All I can say is that, you need to keep your gard up and gather allies." hia eyes harden, " Do not fail me or the dragonkin, it will end badly for you if you do." And with that cryptic warning the god dissapeared, leaving Magnus to stand there very confused.