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Vee Jones

Going for a swim? You sure you don't want me to go with you? Alright, just be careful, the sirens are a bit bored and restless today.

0 · 696 views · located in Reedria

a character in “Tamers & Myths”, as played by Shifter13


Full Name: Nerida Venturous Jones

Nickname: Vee works but she may allow you to call her Neri, she's just not big on that nickname.

Age: 16 going on 17

Crush: TBA

Hometown: Newport, Rhode Island

Tamer Bloodline: Newbie

Myth: Mermaid

Myth Appearance: There are more then one types of mermaids bit I will will only list a few. If you wish see a whole list then heres a link:

Siren 1: A type of mermaid that usually lures their victims to their deaths with their beauty and singing, putting the victims into a trance as they go towards their death. There is another siren that lures victims to be it's next meal but it has the upper body resembling a human and a lower body resembling a bird that usually lure their victims in to be eaten while the first sirens just kill them for fun or accidentally while just singing.

Nix: A type of shapeshifter mermaid that can go through the forms of a snake, a human, a fish, or a mermaid. These are a sly bunch of mermaids that like to put illusions into sailors' heads to make them think they're seeing things when they aren't really happening, the result is usually the sailors going mad or throwing themselves overboard and drowning themselves.

Octomaid: It's a more octopus related mermaid. An Octomaid is a mermaid with any anatomy resembling an octopus' whether it's a circular mouth filled with rows of mean teeth, a few tentacles hear and there, or huge octopus eyes. They can be extremely shy and usually live in caverns in the deeper sections of bodies of water.

Tamer: Undecided. She's torn between which one. Bringing the mermaids to Earth side would help purify the water and bring actual magic to Earth, that's for sure. But she also has to think of the safety of the mermaids seeing as how there are so many people on Earth that would just love to capture, dissect, and turn mermaids into pets. Instead, she decides to ignore the question.

-Touching or being submerged in water allows her to breathe while under and talk to water related animals. Also, if she's in water and is really stressed, very relaxed, or concentrating super hard she can make her legs turn into a silver scaled mermaid tail that shimmers blue, black, and green as she swims.
-Her voice is smooth, melodic, and siren-like when she sings though it thankfully doesn't lure people to their deaths. It's really more of skill earned from being the mermaid tamer and not as much an ability.

God: Poseidon. She thinks of him kind of as her father figure sometimes. She gets along well with him seeing as he's the god of the sea an horses. Not only that but she feels comforted and more easily talkative in his presence.

Your route to Reendria: She hovers her hand over water and whispers the greek words "Agapitos nero, katharos nero, metafero mou eis dikos mou nero katoiko filos." The water then surrounds her and she appears on a beach as dry as she was before.
Rough Translation: Dear water, clear water, transport me to my water dwelling friends.

Personality: Vee is an extremely shy girl if you don't know her but is trying to get over it with the help of the mermaids. If she's around people then she tries to give at least a hello wave, nod, or smile and also tries keep up an optimistic attitude seeing as how she doesn't like seeing people sad. She's always caring and protective of those she does know, especially mermaids. Sometimes she's laid back, relaxed, and lets some jokes slip even when she doesn't think of herself as funny. Often times she starts dazing off or speaks of random things just to try and skip over awkward silences. Being the outdoor and water loving girl she is, she often spends time outside. Speaking of which, she's rarely ever seen indoors and if she does go indoors it's because she wants to sleep on an actual mattress, is getting something to eat that she can't find outside, getting a change of clothes, or she's talking to someone that wants to go in. If she ever is angry, you might not want to mess with her, she just happens to be great friends with the sirens. Just kidding, she wouldn't do that. It would be more along the lines of staying silent and mixing greek with english if she spoke.

History: She never really knew her father but she still has her mother and that's all she really needs, just knowing someone other then a mermaid or aquatic animal cares about her. She really only thinks of what her father might be like when she looks at a copy of a picture of her father and her mother while her mother was still pregnant. Other then that, she's content with her life and the fact that she's a Newbie Tamer in her family. If she's not swimming or running around, Vee would be singing, reading, listening to music, watching random things as she sits down, staring off into space, drawing, or if she's feeling extremely lazy she'd either be sleeping or having a small snack. As for her relationships with the other tamers, they're more like acquaintances to her thanks to how shy she was when she first met them. Now she's aiming to trying to actually speak to them if she sees another again.

Other: She has about three homes, one of them is on Earth with her mother and the other two are in Reendria.
-Her first home in Reendria is hidden by a group of palm trees, shrubbery, and wild flowers. It's a fancy cottage-styled beach house with a kitchen, a laundry room, a bathroom, a living room, and a bedroom even though she usually sleeps outdoors under the stars.
-Her second Reendria home is more like an underwater escape seeing as it's submerged in water. It's the same style as the beach house except it has a mermaid enchantment around it that makes it so that anyone can breathe as long as they stay within the house's walls.
Her first name, Nerida, means 'mermaid'. She's wondered if it was coincidence or not that she was named that.
(Note: Sorry if the pics don't show up.)

"I'm a Tamer."

So begins...

Vee Jones's Story