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The things that happened in the past haunt us forever (Open!)

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The things that happen in the past haunt us forever.

Bus 62 isn't the short bus, but it has less people than the short bus by the time it gets interesting. The thing that makes the digusting bus interesting is the people on it. Each has a story, but only one knows what she's getting everyone else into.

One clear winter day, when there was 1/2 an inch of snow on the ground, the students of Caney Valley's bus 62 went on an adventure they would never forget.

The air was cool and the windows were closed, the heaters on high. The 3 boys and 1 girl in the back where the only one's without jackets, and the only "cool" teenagers on the bus. The little kids and 2 nerdy teenagers and a perv sit at the front, behind the coach/busdriver.

When the sheriff started following the bus, nobody though anything of it, except the girl at the back. Everyone who noticed her noticed she was acting unnatural. Little did they know her secret...She had found government information she wasn't supposed to find, and she was known for being a talker.

Roles: (14 Altogether, the one's with * beside them MUST be filled, but the other's don't really matter unless whoever plays them makes them matter.)

*Back of the Bus Girl: (Taken) Sonya: A teenage girl known for talking, ALOT. She seems like the normal, popular, preppy girl, but she is MUCH differnt.
*Back of Bus Guy 1: (Open)
*Back of Bus Guy 2: (Open)
*Girl's Brother: (Taken) Jensen: A boy who doesn't appreciate all of the cool kids.
*Nerdy Senior: (Open)
*Little Kid 1: (Open)
*Sheriff: (Open)
*Pervert Teen: (Open)
Back of Bus Guy 3: (Open)
Nerdy Twin 1: (Taken) Alyson: A sweet, compassionate aspiring author.
Nerdy Twin 2: (Open)
Little Kid 2: (Open)
Little Kid 3: (Open)

Unlimited Deputies and I'll add ONE more kid on the bus.

This roleplay is going to have ALOT of action, and later you will stumble upon guns, action, get locked up and have to escape and probaly other stuff.

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1. No Godmodding
2. No Sentence Posts

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#, as written by kkpigs
Sonya tapped her desk, pencil in mouth, staring at her best friend Cooper and waited for the bell to ring. Cooper was drawing her for his art assignment. Art was Sonya's final hour before she got on the bus. Ugh, the bus. Sonya didn't like the bus. The floor was covered in the boy's "dip" and the seats were all cut up and drawn on. She didn't mind the drawings so much though. She had done her fair share of drawing on the bus. The seat at the back of the bus that only fit on person was the one she sat at, and it was covered in various names with hearts around them.

Ring! The bell finally ran and Sonya picked up her seat and laid it on the table, like Mr. Pherrel asked. She did the "homie shake" (meant to sound dumb) with Cooper and left, putting her hood up and walking to the bus, snow blowing in her face. She sat in the back and stared out the window, her I <3 Zombie bag at her feet.


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Jensen was sitting in Living Enviornment, which most people just called "Bio". He was trying his best just to pay attention to the long winded speech of the, excentric, gray haired man at the front of the room.

"Can anyone tell me the three types of cells in the blood?" The teacher asked. When there were no takers he flailed his arms frantically. "Why do you kids torture me so?! I know you're all inteligent beings, so why are you keeping quiet on such a simple question?!"

"The three types of cells are red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets." Jensen finnaly said, with a bored tone after his teacher's bold performance.

"Thank you!" The teacher shouted. "I can keep my hope for humanity now!"


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Jensen didn't answer to the teachers strange statement.

After what seemed like an eternity, the bell rang. All the students grabed their bags and belongings and walked out the door as fast as they could move. Jensen only calmly garebed his bagand slung it over his shoulder.

"See you later, Jensen." The teacher said.

Jensen waved, but didn't look in the teachers direction. "See ya."

Jesnsen made his way to the bus with the number 62 on it and stepped inside. He looked at the very back where a girl was sitting. Sonya's the only one on, huh? Jensen thought. He took a seat toward the middle. Not far enough back so the "cool" kids would talk to him, and not far enough foreward so the other kids would talk to him. Just how he liked it.


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#, as written by kkpigs
Sonya watched her brother get on the bus and sighed. He was such a...loner. It bugged her sometimes. He was only a year older than her and they seemed liked they were on a totaly differnt planet. Maybe they were. But they did have one thing in common, intellegence.

She stared out the window at the student's of Caney Valley. It was such a boring school. Nothing ever happened and when it did, well, everyone knew about it. That was the reason she was known as the school slut, she was sure of it. Everyone knew she hung around guys, they all knew about her break ups and such. At least I'm not like Skye, she thought.


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Alyson sat quietly in the library reading her books for school, she had her last period off and spent most of her time daydreaming away, doodling or reading. She hears the bell ring and packs up her things, saying goodbye to the hall monitor, Janet, and walking towards the bus. She saw Jensen and Sonya, and she smiles quietly to herself. They couldn't be more different, she shrugs sitting down on the bus by herself and bringing out her book: Alice in Wonderland.


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#, as written by kkpigs
Sonya continued staring out the window. Today may be the day, she thought. Her head ached and she felt nervous. She waited for her friends, or any friends to get on and calm her nerves. If that was even possible. Sometimes it didn't seem possible. Alyson seemed to be reading "Alice in Wonderland". Sonya remembered the book in her bag and got it out. "Necromatic Zombies and You."

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Bus 62

Bus 62 by kkpigs


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Character Portrait: Jensen [Girl's brother]
Jensen [Girl's brother]

"Hey... uh, could you have something smarter to say?"

Character Portrait: Sonya

Girl at the Back


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