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Dew Gayl

A little cold, but loving. Great fighter. Gay-l.

0 · 212 views · located in Remnant

a character in “Team NDGO”, as played by MountainDewGayl


Dew is a young female with tanned skin, dark blonde hair swept to her left side and violet eyes.

She wears a sleeveless green dress with an asymmetrical hem, what appears to be golden scale armor underneath her dress that covers her chest, neck and left arm, a lighter green sarong tied around her hips, and a golden pauldron. Two thin chains loop from the front of her pauldron and around her torso to the back.

She also wears a pair of over-the-knee scale leggings, the same as her chest armor, armored boots with a small heel matching the pauldron, and a simple chain ring bracelet on her right hand.

-RWBY Wiki

Dew's main weapon is a spear. Either through the use of Dust or her Semblance, she is capable of creating large dust devils or tornadoes that can easily pluck enemies off their feet and fling them long distances. Using this ability, she was able to throw Sage Ayana out of the arena, and almost succeeded at doing the same to Scarlet David during NDGO's match with SSSN.

She is also shown to be skilled at hand-to-hand combat, being able to parry Sage's attack with ease. She also showed the ability to deflect thrown projectiles using her spear (also setting them on fire), which she used to great effect against Sun Wukong and Scarlet, eliminating the latter from the fight.

-RWBY Wiki

So begins...

Dew Gayl's Story