River Sawyer

"I thought he would love me forever"

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a character in “Teen Parents Association”, as played by Lost Soul


Name: River Sawyer
Age: 16
Child's Name/Gender:
Unknown it was unable to be determined at the first ultrasound
Role: Brother and Sister Team


Personality: River was always the girl that everyone thought as rough, a true blue tom boy in fact rumors had been flying around since middle school that she was a lesbian. In truth yes she was a tom boy and yes she was a little rough around the edges but deep down she is a quiet girl that is eager to please. As a child it was always hard to find the attentions of her mother and father and the carried over into her teen years. But she gave up on her parents and decided to try to get attention from other's, her friends, and boys. She is smart and quick witted and often makes sarcastic jokes. Her style of jeans and t-shirts with witty remarks on them reflects that part of her personality.

Even though her parents are very distant and often cold towards her, she has always had her older brother. He being a couple of years older then herself he was her rock all throughout her childhood, she attributes anything good in her personality to him. She has a fear of being left behind, and abandoned stemming from her parents neglect and indifference.

Story Of How You Came To TPA: Since River was fourteen she had been seeking the affections of guys from school, and was practically willing to do anything. Her first boy friend only lasted a few weeks, but word got around the guys that River was "easy". Her freshman year was hard girls made fun of her for being a tom boy and guys tried any thing they could to get into her pants. Her sophomore year she started dating a guy by the name David McKenis, at first he was loving towards her, but the more intimate they became the more he treated her like she was lesser than him.

By the end of that year, he had complete control over her and regularly he beat her. This was her brother's senior year and he hated seeing his sister with this guy that treated her badly. He convinced River to run away with him and get away from her abusive boyfriend, but a few weeks after they got settled somewhere away from him and their parents River found out she was pregnant. They were told by a social worker about the TPA so they decided that would be a good idea since her brother's job was not enough to pay for a baby. She has tried to get in contact with David to let him know that she's pregnant but he has made in effort to try to make contact back.

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River Sawyer's Story