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Brother Blood


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a character in “Teen Titan: Relaunch”, as played by FunnyGuy


Name: Unknown
Alias: Brother Blood
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species/Ethnicity: Human
Height: 6’2
Weight: 170 lbs
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Current Location: New York City
Occupation: Head of Church of Blood
Abilities and Skills: Hypnosis, Sorcery, Longevity

Personality: Brother Blood is a manipulative and deceitful man. Though he may claim to be helping his followers to lead a better life, he is only using them to fuel his powers and get him where he wants to be. as long As he’s lived, he has learned that the best battles are won through strategy. He’s rarely seen on the battlefield as he feels that his followers can do his bidding for him. The man’s true flaw is his ego and hunger for power.

So begins...

Brother Blood's Story


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Character Portrait: FG's Characters Character Portrait: Brother Blood
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Sasha had been glad to be back at HQ, and thought she’d see her older brother until she heard the horrifying news. Her eyes widened with shock as the news reporters words seemed to echo in her head. The scene played through her head as she tried to find some sort of sign that her brother may be alive, that maybe he’s just pulling a rouse like he had with his arrest. The girl’s face remained blank, even when Alice had asked her a question.

“No…” Sasha said in a whisper as she shook her head in disbelief. She tried to speak again, but her words didn’t seem to come out. That’s when the tears came running down her cheeks as if to truly answer Alice’s question. A few members of Virus began moving toward Sasha, but several clones were generated to block them from getting to her. “I’m going to take a shower… I want Wilson here when I get out.” Sasha ordered coldly before slowly walking off toward the bathroom. The clones showed faces of complete sadness and depression before vanishing unwillingly.

Brother Blood

In a dimly lit chamber, five individuals were seen watching the news of Compounds downfall. The groups stood in silence until the television was shut off. The older man standing in the center of the other four smirked wickedly as if happy to see the young gang banger gone.

“What a shame. With Virus losing its ‘best man’, they no can no longer serve as threat or an ally to our cause… It may have actually proved to be interesting to add Compound as the final piece of this puzzle of a team. Get ready, Elementals.” The evil Brother Blood said, his smirk still intact.


"So this is it? This is what it's like... To think there would be more to do than just sit back and watch the world. The view isn't even all that great... It is better than being in jail or in hell though, if hell exists. I bet people are calling me a bitch for dying to that Wonder Chick. I can hear on the streets right now. 'Compound got beat by some blonde dominatrix superhero bitch.' Fuck that! I wanna another shot at her! When I'm not running on a fucking Redbull and a kiss. Haha, at least I got a kiss before it was time to say goodbye. Anyway, why am I talking to myself? Probably because I'm alone, which sucks... Wait a sec... GARCIA!"