Connor Kent

The Genetic love child of Clark Kent, and Lex Luthor. xD

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a character in “Teen Titan: Relaunch”, as played by Chulance



Name: Connor Kent
Alias: Superboy
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species/Ethnicity: Kryptonian/Human
Height: 5'7
Weight: 150 lbs
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Current Location: Titans Tower
Occupation: Nowhere Agent/Vigilante

Abilities and Skills:
-Tactile Telekinesis
-Solar Energy Absorption(Dormant)
-Super Strength
-Super Speed
-Superhuman Hearing
-X Ray Vision
-Heat Vision
-Telescopic/Microscopic Vision
-Super Breath/Arctic Breath
-Healing Factor
-Genius Level Intellect(Dormant)

Personality: Connor is a very aggressive, violent individual with severe temperamental issues. He has a desire to help the "Common" man or people he believes are being oppressed. Due to his up bringing as an experiment, he is very paranoid and defiant especially towards large scale organizations and Governments. He is some-what arrogant and overconfident in his abilities only because he lacks the ability to trust others. He does not have the same moral code as his predecessor and is not above taking lives, or causing collateral damage in fits of rage. He respects few people Tim Drake being one of them, and will do his best to protect the titans due to them rescuing him from Nowhere's captivity. His greatest fears are betrayal and imprisonment and he seeks to learn more about his origins. Despite his heroism he is a very cynical and believes human nature itself will be the downfall of civilization. He is a revenge driven sociopath when it comes to Nowhere, or those he deems as enemies and will go to extreme lengths to satisfy himself.

History/Background: Connor Kent was a creation put into motion by Lex Luthor, harnessing stolen DNA from Superman. His creation was performed by Nowhere an organization seeking to gain control of the metahuman populace. He was placed in a pod with artifical sunlight and had an accelerated growth process. Using their advanced technology they implanted within him information an educated member of his age should know. He was designed to have manifestations of various levels of power, memories, and skills from Clark or Lex over a period of years. During his time of development he was given a fake life, with fake memories with various Nowhere pretending to play important roles in his life. One of the most prominent being Caitlin Fairechild, a double agent who sought to help Connor escape the Nowhere lab he resided in. Caitlin managed to release him during a riot she started to help him escape, and manifesting his TK used to simulate his kryptonian powers until the real deal manifested he decimated the entire lab. Escaping into the real world he slowly began to learn that his entire life was a facade, and sought out Nowhere to learn more about his origins. He tracked down a facility, where he was re-captured, but Caitlin got in contact with Tim Drake, who along with the dysfunctional renegade team the Teen Titans rescued him. He swore vengeance on Nowhere, and joined the team out of respect, and to be like his fallen "father" Superman.

Clark Kent-"Father"
Lex Luthor-"Father"

Other Information: Connor keeps a journal where he writes WWSD What would Superman do, and has extensively studied the hero.

So begins...

Connor Kent's Story


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Amanda Waller and Grant Collins
Nowhere Facility
Undisclosed location.

“Alright then I read the review, Subject 6 interacted with just about everyone except Project K, perhaps he’s not aiding the Titans, or perhaps his powers aren’t working properly. I have no idea, should we send Subject in for another assement perhaps this time targeting the Kryptonian? We’re running low on our resources of kryptonite, we’re sure Luthor has some hidden somewhere, not to mention the amount of kryptonite powered weapons he sold back in the day are still out there somewhere. Also in other news we believe we may be dealing with the device, Savage was talking about. The device that can grant people immense but unpredictable powers, there’s been an emergence of random super powered individuals who don’t show up more then once, but data leads us to believe they may in-fact be the same being. There’s no information leading us to believe this individual is with the Titans, if he/she is solo we’ll have a better chance of taking them down and confiscating the technology. There’s not much more we can do to pump information out of Savage, he’s endured far more worse punishments then we can dish out if the biblical rumors are true.”

Grant said. Grant Collins ex GCPD, ex con, ex a lot of things. The man had a storied past and that was keeping it tame but Waller had recruited him personally and that wasn't something she was prone to doing. As her agent Collins had proved invaluable. He had his demons sure but who didn't. Waller only cared that he did his job better than anybody and he didn't ask questions he didn't need to know.

"Concentrate on finding this device. It's bad enough Robin is still out there trying to "save the word" with his group of kids I won't have some nut running around with a god damned weapon of mass destruction. Find them and bring them in. I want that tech on ice asap."


Dovahkiin watched the sudden appearance of Connor and how the massive super powered man tossed the clone into the store with ease. The half elder God's fists clenched as he glared at the villain.

"Blasphemer or not no member of the Titans will die this day."

Dovahkiin growled before rocketing at the man. His body arced with electrical energy as he raced for him. All the while the big man's attention was on Connor. His face twisted in an ugly grin as he tooks several stepped towards the clone of Superman.

"The fuck do we got here?"

He said with a chuckle before tossing a car out of his way to get a better look at the young man.

"Is that an "S" on your chest. You know that pussy died right? Guess ol' Iceberg is gunna have to make sure you go out just like him eh?"

He said as he opened his one hand and formed a massive sharp ice spike in it. He cocked his hand back ready to hurl the projectile like a spear at Connor. He never got the chance however. A fist collided with the man's jaw sending him flying in the opposite direction. He slammed into the side of a trash truck, caving in the one side. Dovahkiin landed where Iceberg had been standing only seconds before. To Dovahkiin's surprise however Iceberg pulled himself from the wreckage of the truck with a wicked grin.

"Now that's a little more like it blondie... Who're you? His girlfriend?"

He asked with a growl. Dovahkiin clenched his fist and glared at the man.

"Nay mortal. I am Dovahkiin son of-"

"Yeah yeah, less talking more fighting your majesty!"

Iceberg roared cutting off Dovahkiin as he charged for him. Dovahkiin braced himself for the impact and took the first blow in stride as he brought his hands up to block it. Iceberg used his massive size to rain blows on Dovahkiin who had to do all he could to defend himself from the flurry of rapid, savage punches before Iceberg wrapped his massive arms around Dovahkiin and squeezed in a giant, icy bear hug. Ice began to form around Dovahkiin as the half Asgaridan gritted his teeth in pain and struggled.


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Dovahkiin fell to the ground and managed to roll out of the way just in time as a tanker truck came crashing down on the man that held him in thrall only moments before. The half elder God rubbed his sore ribs and took in several well warranted breathes as he watched the truck hit him again and again. Surely that would be the end of the mortal but miraculously as Raven neared he threw the truck at her, crushing her into a nearby building. Dovahkiin saw in horror as she collapsed to the ground after the blow. The son of Wonder Woman snarled and charged, his body alive with white hot lighting. Dovahkiin's speed picked up and he was barely visible as the wind around him howled with rage and lended their strength to push him faster. When the son of Thor struck it was with the might and fury of the Gods. Iceberg and Dovahkiin went crashing into the building beside him. It was a savage cacophonouny of brutal close quarters punches and grappling. Bursts of lightning constantly exploding from the fight unseen by those around them as the pair fought in the building that was quickly crumbling under their battle. The structure bowed and began to topple just as Iceberg was sent flying out of the building, coming to a stop after he slammed into the street causing the ground to tear to pieces under the weight and impact of the big man. Iceberg slowly got to his unsteady feet. His mouth was bleeding and he had a massive gash on his forehead along with several other nasty gashes over his body. His eyes glaring at the falling building to see if his adversary would exit it. Dovahkiin granted the man his wish and strode out. His head held high as the building toppled behind him. Sporting a few new cuts of his own but significantly less than Iceberg.

"You should make your peace with whatever Gods you pray to mortal for you will meet them this day... This is not a fight you can win alone."

Dovahkiin said darkly as he stopped and stared at the big man.

"Who said he was alone hot stuff? Give us a kiss!"

An unnamed woman shouted as she leapt on Dovahkiin's back and planted a kiss on his neck. Dovahkiin screamed in pain and fell to his knees as redish light began emanating from the half elder God and began flowing into the woman. She paused to laugh maniacally as she caressed his jaw with her hand. The woman had long ebony colored hair. Her eyes were a swirling mixture of deep crimson red and night sky blue. Her attire was alluring, seductive and deadly all at the same time like she was some sort of dark temptress. Iceberg chuckled as his compatriot looked back down at Dovakiin.

"He's gotta be giving ya a hell of a power boost Siphon. He's strong as shit."

She cooed and nodded.

"I've never had anything like it...Oh he IS tasty...."


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The woman's power seemed to draw away Dovahkiin's very essence. This soul rending seemed to tear at his very being and drained him then all the sudden he felt the power drain vanish granting the son of Thor the sweet embrace of freedom from the restraints of the power vacuum. Like a breath of fresh air to a drowning man Dovahkiin relished in the freedom from Siphon's power.

"Dovahkiin, are you alright?"

Spoke a voice that sounded like the enchanting sorceress he knew as Raven yet there was another voice beneath it, echoing it. Dovahkiin looked up to find Raven's back to him as she stood protectively between him and the unmoving body of Siphon. Dovahkiin gritted his teeth but got to his feet with a groan as Iceberg ran over to Siphon. Dovahkiin stepped up to Raven and reached out his hand but her power that was radiating off her seemed to warn him to not approach. The foreboding energy surrounding her sent a chill up the big man's spine yet he pressed on. He would not shy away from her. Dovahkiin feared for her. Feared she may be struggling with her vast power. He stepped forward and put his hand on her shoulder.

"She is dead then...her fight is over... Raven?...."

Dovahkiin's voice was heavy with concern as he waited for a response. For some sign of understanding from the woman.