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Kain Al' Ghul

It's just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. I kill side kicks.

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a character in “Teen Titan: Relaunch”, as played by ZeroTolerance


Name: Kain Al' Ghul
Alias: K'
Age: 17
Species/Ethnicity: Human
Height: 5'10
Weight: 162lbs
Sexuality: Straight Arrow
Ethnicity: Too many to list. Kain was artificially created using the collective DNA of history's greatest warriors and tactical minds. Which gives him his non-distinctive and ethnically ambiguous appearance. Kain is sort of like a more sophisticated update of Frankenstein.
Current Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Occupation: Super Villain, although he has reservations about his commitment to succeeding his fathers ambition of world reformation through cleansing the worlds population. He would much rather fight worthy opponents and live a life of self-indulgence. In his heart of heart, he wants to be recognized by the world as its singular greatest teenage super being. Which would make him more amoral as opposed to immoral or just plain evil. He has formed a league of like-minded allies through his connections with other aspiring teenage assassins and villains, whose members include both Rose Wilson and Harm.

Abilities and Skills:
-Immortality(limited, this functions more like self-automated regeneration)
-Master level fencing, Alchemy and Marksmanship
-Techno Savvy
-Biological engineering which enables him to exceed the limits of human peak conditioning(his power is limited in base form)
-Genius-level intelligence
-Superb martial arts
-Vast Resources and Archaic secret knowledge

Personality: Kain's personality is a bit of a mixed bag as you can imagine from someone whose being was constructed from so many of histories most notable personages. In some ways he is much like any other teenager one could imagine, he likes partying and is obsessed with youthful self expression and autonomy, he respects his father, he just doesn't want to be his father. He wants to be his own man in a sense. He expresses his individuality through defying conventional beliefs of how a super villain should act and conduct himself as. He can be quite sociable and even affable in a sense.
He doesn't care too much for Conner Kent though, seeing him as an obstacle to overcome. A rival of sorts, he also views the bat family as this to a lesser degree due to the history between their two families. Ironically, a large part of his dislike of Superboy stems from the fact that he is also a clone who seeks the acceptance of the father figure he was modeled after, whereas Kain is the opposite.

History/Background: Kain was created from the intention of becoming a tool to achieve his father Ras Al' Ghul ambition of world reconstruction, the key piece to set his primary goal into action, his role being to eliminate all potential threats to his fathers plans and provide an immortal body in which to house his father consciousness. Unaware of the true function of his design, he believed that Ra's truly wanted a son in which he could bond with. Kain was informed upon his fathers true motives after a heated exchange with his older sister Talia who resented the perceived attention and favorism she thought Kain had received. Soon after Kain would flee from his fathers compound, seeking his own path in the world. Drawn to the lure of the underworld, he would become well known as a rising star in the assassin world. It was through his work that he would come across Rose Wilson, the daughter of Deathstroke and Harm. Together, they formed a most formidable alliance and quickly took the underworld by storm.

Family- Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee, Sun Zu, Hattori Hanzo, William Wallace, Ra's Al Ghul, Sandra Wu-San, Vlad the Impaler, Alexander the Great, Napolean, Shaka Zulu, Gengis Khan, George Washington, Audy Murphy, Julius Caesar, Saladin, Akhenaton, Geronimo, Bodhidharma, Rodolfo Guzmรกn Huerta, Talia Al Ghul, Vandal Savage.
John Doe- Ra's Al Ghul
Sally Doe- Sandra Wu-San (Lady Shiva)
Other Information:

So begins...

Kain Al' Ghul's Story