Let my Shadows LIVE!

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a character in “Teen Titans II”, as played by Moon/Mihael



Name: Dedrik Stanlin

Alias: Demondred

Age: 17

Gender: male

Appearance: Dedrik's features are sharp, and his eyes are cold. His hair is a dark brown, and he almost never combs it out. He wears only a brown leather outfit and cloak, and carries a long sword at his side. He also has two tattoos, one is a red scar over his left eye, and the other is a dragon on his left shoulder.

Height: 6'0''

Weight: 210lbs

Eye Color: brown, but turns black when hes angry.

Peircing/Tattoos: 2 tattoos. Red scar over his left eye, and a dragon tattoo on his left shoulder.

Costume: Leather outfit.

Interests: Anything that involves death and destruction.

Weapons: His Longsword.

Powers/Abilities: Control over shadows, shapeshifting into shadowed creatures.

Likes: Death, destruction, blood, gore, cookies

Dislikes: Happyness, tears, loud high pitched squeely noises, chocolate.

Personality: Dedrik is quiet, cold, and calculating. He looks at life as though seeing it as a person would a graveyard. He doesn't see the world as a place of beauty, but of one that should be destroyed. His voice is always a monotone, emotionless. If angered, his eyes will become as red as blood, and he will become a cold and heartless killer.

Room: His room is bleak and empty, save for a plain bed and desk. Upon the desk is a journal, and on the cover, it reads "Life: A Journey Through Time". No one is able to open the book, except for Dedric, and he wont speak of it. Next to the journal, are a black quil, an ink bottle, and a black candle. In front of the desk, is a plain bareback chair.

So begins...

Demondred's Story