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Payton "Page" Larson [24] "Listen to the symphony of my soul. Doesn't it drive you wild?"
Kelsier Achlys [24] "Strike from the shadows and you can never loose."
Monica Crawford [23] Why must I exist?
Shizuka Hiriashi [22] "..."
Lexine [21] Hi, Lets play!
Izzy Livingston [8] "You know what they say: If it can't be broken. Fix it. Then break it. ... What?"
Ken [8] "I dictate my own future."
Aktieris [0] "That's quite the club you kids have there. Mind if I join? ..."

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Monica stood silently as the new members introduced themselves, on the inside she was a little excited to meet someone knew, but as no one likes her she wasn't exactly hopeful that they'd like her. She stuck around while everyone finished eating waffles and did the dishes, she wanted nothing more than to go upstairs and read the letter on her desk, but she decided to stay. After everything was cleaned it was time for the training course. Kelsier, the Nightwing appointed leader of the group went first. He used his powers to coat his body in rock and then used his weapons and a set of hooks to work through the obstacles and dummies, it was impressive and he seemed to enjoy himself. When he finished he asked the group who wanted to go next, Monica wasn't planning on running the course, but everyone was so impressed with how quickly Kelsier made it through Monica thought she might be able to impress them as well, despite how destructive her powers were, she was also quite quick and nimble. "I'll go." She stated flatly and walked to the beginning of the course. She nodded to Kelsier who activated the course.

She ran forward a set of rocks came swinging towards her, at the last second she leapt forward. Her hands made contact with the top of one of the rocks and she pushed off performing a back handspring landing on her feet on the other side of the rocks. After making it past the rocks the course did something new, "Guess it changes, each time" She thought as the ground in front of her parted. An hole the size of a swimming pool opened up, it was at least 25 feet deep. In the base water could be seen. It had large poles placed through out the pit, Monica assumed she was to jump from pole to pole, but she knew that time was of the essence so she stopped in front of the pit and focused a slight sparking could be seen around her back where two small holed formed in her shirt and bat like wings grew and flapped once. Monica smiled, despite all of the problems in her life she has always loved flying. She jumped into the air and flapped her wings flying quickly over the pit. She landed on the other side, now it was time for the combat. The dummies appeared and some darts went flying towards her, she created a shield of Hell-Fire that burned the darts as soon as they hit it. She then opened her mouth and screamed at the dummies funneling her rage at her parents and life into her scream. The result was a large stream of black Hell-Fire emitting from her mouth and incinerating the dummies, there was nothing left not even ash. Monica ended her scream and took a deep breath. After relaxing she flew over to the others. "That was fun." she said surprised that she actually enjoyed herself, she was always afraid of her powers, but now she finally saw just how useful they could be.