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Malia Hale's Story

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"I am on to you." Stiles said resolutely. Which was to say that, even though he knew Derek spent all his time pretending to be the big bad wolf and he was kind of an asshole, that he had his merit badge in pseudo-illegal creeping, an honorary doctorate in bashing and brooding and his favorite pastime was β€˜pin the misdemeanor on the Stiles’; he was so on to him. Derek cared about what became of him, of what became of all of the misfits of Beacon Hills.

He had his cell phone attached to his head by means of his shoulder as he juggled his keys and half open backpack, kicking the jeep door closed with the heel of his foot with a pencil between his teeth. Derek didn't respond on the other end but Stiles could imagine the eye roll the must have ensued. "When you get back here, you'll see. I was right all along. I always am and yet none of you ever listen to me." He whistled before taking the pencil and dropping it down into his bag then pulling the zipper closed. Derek sighed. Stiles was surprised that he didn't just hang up on him as per usual. But then again, they got along better these days, their conversations consisting less of Derek slamming Stiles into walls and more of actual dialogue, when in person at least. Image"Anyways, I'm at school now. I gotta go get me some knowledge. See you in when you get back." He slung the backpack over his shoulder. Derek growled, "I'm not coming-" Stiles cut him off. "Cora sends her love!" He said before he abruptly hung up and stuffed his iphone in the front pocket of his jeans with a smug smile hanging from his face. It was rare he got the last word, a small victory for team Stilinski. Perhaps Derek would drive all the way back just to tell Stiles off in person, irking was Stiles' specialty after all, but he could hardly expect two victories in succession. That would be borderline optimistic.

He had never been able to get a grip on the idea of corruption. He was an optimist that claimed to be a realist, you know, underneath all that self-sacrificial plaid and denim. He believed that the people he cared about were made of golden apple cores deep, deep down, and that time and constant forgiveness were enough to dig that wholesomeness out into the bright sunshiny day, where it could grow up tall to be a human. Derek had a permanent crack split through the middle of him, and despite his very best good intentions, the darkness he had in there was a mouth wide enough to swallow a yellow afternoon...but that mouth was slowly being stitched closed, Stiles could tell, and with time he would heal and learn to trust. He would always be scarred by his past, but the wound would heal....as long as he marched his broody butt back to Beacon Hills. Derek Hale was off gallivanting in Portland, tying up loose ends, whatever that meant. Which left Stiles the unofficial pack mom in his stead, which admittedly was a lot of work.

The bell rung out across the yard, an early warning to the students that class was to soon start. Stiles huffed. Didn't they know there were more dire straints afoot in this small town than math? Stiles took that back, there was nothing more evil than math...algebra was a sinister bastard.