Teeth and Decay

Teeth and Decay


A Zombie/Undead Infected roleplay based almost two centuries since the virus caused the fall of mankind.

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the forest of hands and teeth


The zombie virus showed itself to the world almost two hundred years ago. People went crazy and the world as everyone had known it began to fall. The virus had been contained for a little, but it didn't last long. Something as monumental as the dead coming back to life couldn't be held at bay for long. People formed groups and tried to fight it off and survive, but everyone knew it would be hard to continue to survive like this. So the Towns were created. Tall steel gates were put up to form small little camps that soon grew into towns. Only small gated pathways connected these towns, but even those, as time passed, grew too dangerous to travel. People heard of these camps and quickly flocked to them. Even with the camps some still preferred to wander out in the forests. Many of those gated camps had fallen to the undead that constantly stalked outside there steel walls, either by a breech or somehow someone infected had entered. However the dead might not be the only reason camps have fallen. Cults and newly formed religions sweep across the world and their ways are gruesome and might even be worse than dying by the teeth of the undead. The years now are counted by the days since the virus outbreak. They call it After Z Day. It's 200 AZ and only 10% of earths population isn't infected...

This is based in the U.S. and there are hundreds of camps scattered around the country. The role play starts in the central regions of the U.S. in the wooded territory either in a camp or as a wanderer in the woods. Buildings from before Z Day now crumble or are succumbed to the earth.

The Forest:
They are large and are scattered all over the U.S. They can be as small as a town and as large as a dozen cities. The forests contain zombies that have been pushed their during AZ1. They have formed into hoards. The forests are filled with villages, nomads, cults, and zombies. It might be the most dangerous place to be. The only way you could survive out in those woods is if you learn to live off the land and protect yourself from zombies... if you don't know either? Well... your as good as dead.


The Dark City:
It is on a land once called New York City, and many people have come to stay here at the thought of protection promised to them by the Protectorate and enforced by the Recruiters. The recruiters are the protectorates own little army, but they have become corrupt. They are rebelling against the Protectorate and are hungry for power. If they do succeed with their rebellion, it's every man for himself. The wall will eventually crumble and the rules that have kept the Dark City from crumbling will fail. Make shift bridges connect the buildings together in the Dark City as the streets become more dangerous to travel on. The subways are heard to be filled will the dead and are even more unsafe to travel. Now as hoards form of the un dead in the forests and make there way across the country in search of food, no place will seem safe. The walls and fences that protect villagers and the city won't crumble to a few zombies, but they are as flimsy as paper up against millions.


((sorry if this overview sucks, was having trouble writing it, but if you read the Forest of Hands and teeth you might get the picture))

1. They can run if they were freshly turned, but as the years pass and their bodies begin to deteriorate and decay they grow slower.
2. They can only be killed by destroying the brain or when their brains are fully destroyed by deterioration.
3. A zombie bite, infected zombie scratch, or the virus entering the bloodstream can turn you into a zombie.
4. They are run by instinct and won't hesitate to kill you. Nothing of who they used to be is left.

Toggle Rules

1. No God Mod please. I don't want any invincible characters or characters that can somehow dodge every blow.
2. Do not control or kill any other character. You can attempt to kill or attack though.
What not to do:
Bob sprinted towards Mary-Su, blade in hand. He sliced her head off and she died.

What you can do:
Bob sprinted towards Mary-Su, anger boiling with rage. He wanted her dead, so he took a swing...

Then Mary-Su can either choose to accept her death or deny it:

Mary-Su clenched her eyes shut, knowing death was soon to come. For a second she felt intense pain as his blade connected with her throat. Her life flashed for a moment before her eyes, and then death came to greet her with its endless black cloak.
Mary-Su saw him running towards her. She knew what he planned and right before he swung she dropped to her knees, the blade cut across the air above her and she flinched. ((a little god-mod is allowed if someone tries to kill you and you don't want them to))
3. Don't make your character a G.I.Joe. No big buff army dudes with guns and tons of training... unless you are a big buff army dude. Then continue, but please keep it to a minimal of G.I.Joes participating in this.
4. No super short responses. Five sentences is the minimal if you are stumped, but I encourage long descriptive paragraphs. It's a lot more fun.
5. Don't join and then leave. I also don't with to have people comment a lot but then all of a sudden vanish for months. If you're going to be gone for a while please tell us.

Here is an example of a character form ((the one I am going to use... remember that it's been almost 2 centuries since the fall of humanity. There is no electricity or running water. People now survive by resources and off the land. People trade instead of using money.))

Appearance: (Image inserted here)
........Hair color/style-
........Misc.- (this could include extra information you think is needed and skills)




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OOC: It's so hard playing as two character in one reply so I'll do two XD

Q waved her hand at Elliot.
"Shh I'm thinking." she muttered and bit her lip. The man seemed to be very fit, something that was often not seemed in these woods. He could be a recruiter. At that her stomach flipped, but she shook her head. If he was a recruiter then he would be in uniform and he wasn't. The bow in his hand suggested maybe a trade? Or he built it. Her mind twisted and turned as she tried figuring out what to do. If he wanted to kill them he would have. He had eyed her, must having realized she was the most experienced, but hadn't shot at her. With the way he held that bow it also meant he was very skilled and she would bet the clothes on her back that he could have killed her with one shot.
She sighed annoyed as she realized what she had to do.
"We're going to have to trust him." she said to the others. She thought that maybe if she got him to join their little group that maybe if he did she could ditch him and leave the young woman and man with him. They would be out of her hands then, and he looked like someone who wouldn't just ditch them.
She felt a little guilty at these thoughts, but she had to do what she had to do to survive.

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Sky blinked at Q confused as she finally decided that they needed to trust him.
"But..." she trailed off. The man had looked so big and buff. He also looked like he could kill them all if he wanted, but then Sky realized Q could too if she wanted. Maybe Sky was just not used to people she hadn't known all her life. This was the first time she met someone she'd hadn't known since she was born. The only reason why she'd trusted so easily was because she was still in shock over having lost her whole village including her mother. What if there were survivors? She shook her head to erase those thoughts. She had to believe they were all dead, or she would go back and try to find them. She didn't know if she was brave enough to do that just yet. She almost laughed at how scared she was about the woods. She'd grown up wishing she could just run away and be free in them. She looked down at her hands and clenched them. She felt so week, and so useless. Q was treating them like children! I'm almost eighteen! I can take care of myself! Part of her screamed that in anger inside, but she knew it was a lie. She couldn't take care of herself. She didn't know how. Her village banned any type of survivalist training. All she knew how to do was be a good farmer and mother. That was all. She looked over at Elliot and he looked over at her. She wondered if he was thinking the same thing...

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Earth After Z Day: 200AZ

Earth After Z Day: 200AZ by xSilentButterflyx

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EDIT: SilentButterfly, it says your character has a tattoo of wings on her back and that they turn into real wings. Is your character going to be able to fly or...?

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