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Christina Loren

This is amazing! Who knew going to the mall would flip my life upside down?

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a character in “Tehtered To Perfection”, as played by gezzygezzy


Christina Loren
Gender: Female
Personality: Christina is the type of person who doesn't like to give up. She's stubborn when it comes to certain things and likes to be thought of as a person who can do what's asked of her and more. She tries to go above and beyond what is expected. She's sweet and nice but can have an edge when she needs it. When she gets something done, she makes sure it's done right.

In her city, she is pretty popular. She knows plenty of people and everyone loves hanging around her. She has a sort of glow that makes her likeable. She loves being in crowds and is quite used to attention. She has plenty of guy friends and all of them like her, though she doesn't know it. She is really a social expert, everything comes naturally. She doesn't even know what it feels like to be shy.

She does have a problem though with pushing things to the limit. She may work herself over the edge and doesn't even realize she's doing it until she has already done it. She thinks it's a good thing that she works hard but others don't think the amount of hard work she does is good. Some people watch her to make sure she doesn't go overboard, she hates it but figures if it makes them happy then so be it.

History: As a little kid, Christina was always camera material. When she would see a camera, she would do a little pose or make a huge smile. She loved having her picture taken. As she became a teenager, she started getting into things. Sports, plays, and it was about the time she started making so many friends. She was juggling everything but she could do it all, or at least that was what it seemed like. It turns out she worked herself to hard. She was working out at the track and half an hour later was in the emergency room. She had suffereed from exhaustion. It turns out that she had been running non-stop since she got there right after hours of play practice. She hadn't gotten any sleep the night before so she had passed out in the middle of the track. The next day they let her out and she acted like it never happened but her family had looked over her more carefully.
Looks: Christina has pale, smooth skin and hazel eyes. Her hair is a darker red and she stands at about 5'5. Weighing 113 pounds she is pretty skinny. Some people say that she radiates from confidence but she really just thinks that they like her smile.
Crush: None at the moment

So begins...

Christina Loren's Story


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#, as written by Koda
"Excuse me, but would you two mind pinching me? If this is a dream I don't want any furher torture when I wake back up."
"Uhh, Sure?" Kodi replied to Christina with a smile. She very gently pinched her, trying her best not to hurt her.
Kodi glanced at Zeek. "Well i'm going to ask the boss which room i am in." Kodi shyly took small steps towards the man. With a shaky voice Kodi asked the man, "Emm, Excuse me? I uhh...lost my paper with my room number on it.. Do you mind telling me where my room might possibly be?" Kodi smiled polietly while asking the man.


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Aviva took a quick look in her compact mirror--wouldn't want to let anyone know she'd gorged on a spinach and feta omelette this morning--before grabbing the handle of her suitcase and walking towards the imposing front door before her. She was running late, as always. It hadn't helped that she'd only started packing a few hours ago, of course. Thank god for foundation, she thought, noting that the huge circles under her eyes were nearly invisible. Oh, and coffee, she added, taking a sip from the cup in her hand. As long as she could slurp down enough of the black liquid to stand up long enough to shake a few hands and meet her roommate, she'd survive until a well-needed nap could be taken.

With a deep breath she raised her hand to knock on the thick wooden door and stumbled back when it immediately swung open. She walked into a massive foyer where a number of what she assumed were her future classmates stood talking to one another while an older man--a teacher?--stood on the bottom step of a grand staircase. As butterflies gathered in her stomach she walked through the group and towards the older man, a flush rising in her cheeks.

"I'm Aviva Lowe," she stammered, extending a shaking hand, "and I'm sorry I'm so late."