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Dexter Wake

"I'm here to Better Myself"

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a character in “Telekinetic Academy”, as played by CookieRaiderEng


Dexter Wake


Age: 16

Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight

Black and Blue spiked Hair the Could hang down to the middle of his forehead at longest. His eyes are Hazel and Nicely Round but not Circular.
With Small dimples and a well formed face Dexter has a Bad body build and would be refereed to as Skinny. Dexter runs Long distances and Tries to make a Good Physical Shape for himself, Seeing as how he Eats healthy foods and Extremely little Junk food, Building Muscle would be Ideal.

SCHOOL: Black Buttoned high collar Dress shirt, Black Dress pants.

Blue Cotton Button up Jacket, White Undershirt, Black Jogging pants, Brown Hiking Boots.

Occupation: Askardia Academy
Year Attending: 2nd
~Telekinetic Control
~Self Defense

Talent: Matter manipulation
Power: Strong and Uncontrollable if he Pushes himself to far. He can Control His power Enough to be able to focus on Air and Launch it Like a Confetti Cannon. He can shoot Air to a Short distance with Enough Power to knock someone Back 1"0 Ft.
Penalty: Dexter Has a Fragile body and will either Require Sleep or Food to regain the Energy lost. Equal to the Healthiness of the Food given, an Equal amount of Energy will be Absorbed and stored for Laters use if not Immediate and it is the same with Sleep, Better and Longer sleep= More Energy.

~Fighting for Friends.
~Spin Tops.

~People Reading his thoughts.
~Threats from People.
~The sound of Holographic Paper being Scratched.
~Eating, on Occasion.

Alignment: The Chaotic Neutral.
Dexter finds that he does what ever he wants caring not for either side of a "war" or Argument and would protect his friends to the Extent he could be in a Coma from Over using his Powers. His fights bring destruction and it wouldn't be a first if it became a big Brawl Full of people.

On Hand Items:

Spin Top:

Dexter Feels as if he doesn't have a Side in anything but says He just did whatever he wanted, If he Helped a side.
He's a Friendly person until you get into a fight with his friend, From there he'll Be rude and Aggressive Until you screw off and Apologize.
He's Hopeless with girls and how to treat them, Generally he just treats them like any other friend which can be good at times but can be Frustrating seeing as how he doesn't understand Females and how to treat them.

Dexter's Childhood was empty and Lacking Excitement and...Well Happiness. All through his life he's felt Loss and Focused on School more than a Social life.

Dexter Discovered his Powers when he was with his Dad Skipping School to go to a Amusement park. Dexter was 14 at the time, His Father TRIED to bond with Dexter soooo much but could never get through to him. It was always Dexter and His Mom until his Dad Reentered his life at 12.
Dexter Entered the Roller Coaster Named: The Behemoth. Dexter was So nervous that his Nerves were Basically Fried and He Couldn't say a Word. As the Were about to hit the Drop Dexter's mind whent blank.

Dexter Awoke Five days later in a Hospital. When he Hit the Drop his Powers Kicked in and all the Drinks in the Park shot out of their Cups onto the Ground. Dexter Passed out into a Five day Hibernation Sleep to regain Energy.
For a Day after he Awoke he couldn't Move much but could Easily talk. His Dad was there at the Hospital with him the Entire time Blaming himself for his son Passing out, He thought it was to much for him. Not long after that Dexter fell in love with Roller Coasters and Anything Exciting. From there on out Items began to Levitate and Move around by their self's in the night.

A year passed and The Movements Only grew to more and More Items. Dexter was the reason for this and was Moving the Items in his Sleep unintentionally. One Day Dexter was Playing with a Metal Spin top he got From his Dad, But when He spun the Spin top It whent on for hours without Stop.

When His parents Realized their son was Special, Dexter was Applied to the Academy that Year,.For 1ne year he Improved and Learned, Fought fights and Had fun.

That Academy Closed down and a new one was found. From there Dexter Moved away from his Family to Join this Academy.

So begins...

Dexter Wake's Story

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Dexter Wake

"It's so...Dull here, I don't mean to be rude but Well there's nothing Flashy or Abstract here to give it that sort of Major difference" Dexter Said out loud to the Taxi driver. "I understand what you mean, It's missing that Inspirational Umpfh" The driver responded back while Dexter Looked for something Special or majorly Different, He couldn't find Anything. "Is that the School?" Dexter Asked grinning. "Oh yes thank you, the streets all seem so alike that you learn not to go by the looks, But by Memorization of the Path you take." The driver Made a Smooth but quick turn onto the Schools street. "It's Um...Pretty big." The driver only chuckled and said the first Taxi rides free.

Dexter saw Two students and what looked like a Nurse, At the front gate of the school as the Taxi pulled off to the side a little farther back than expected and what looked like to try and stay out of sight. "Thank you" Dexter said As he Retrieved his Stuff from the Trunk and started off towards the School.
"The school auditorium is the large separate building between the academy and the gym." Dexter Overheard As he was walked up "Who might you two be?" Dexter decided it was better to hang back a second and just listen in. So Dexter Leaned up against the Wall the Gate was Connected to and waited patiently for their Conversation to end Or Dexter to be noticed. It really didn't matter to Dexter.

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Thomas Long introduced himself just as another boy had arrived, staying back a bit out of politeness it seemed. Hallie rolled her eyes, tucking one arm under her straight one holding her duffel bag. "Hallie," she said simply, puffing out a breath so her flyaway white hairs would stop tickling her nose. She pointed to the gate. "Auditorium. Got it." Starting forward, she kept a grim frown, wanting to be away from so many people. While the nurse wasn't giving off any true signs of emotional wavelength, which confused Hallie to no end, the other two boys were.

She wondered why the nurse, Kisa, wasn't giving her anything. Granted, it was a nice change, but unnerving as well. Although her ability activated involuntarily, it was still a constant thing that she thought she could rely on. Back a bit cold, she noticed the separated building that Kisa had pointed out and started straight for it.

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"Dexter Wake and No I don't think you should Have to repeat yourself after Just saying it" Dexter Said as He bounced off the Wall picking his Stuff up off the Ground with his Left hand when he Felt the Ground Slightly Shake. "Weak.... It's what one Defines someone who Hasn't Trained and Pushed their self to their limits. Your power can be Like a Muscle... You can Control it and Push it, But to really Find out what it can do you have to push it past it's limits and Damage it Slightly so it can Repair itself to be Stronger." Dexter Said Calmly. "That's what they Told me back home Before that School Closed" Dexter Grinned Lightly at Kisa seeing that the Pen that was in her Pocket was now in her Hand. "I'm sorry, But I didn't Hear you say your name" Dexter Seemed to be asking for her Name. He Was easily Analyzing everyone he Could See though, Including The girl who had just left for the Auditorium Creating small profile like Notes on them.

Dexter's Eyes Finally returned back to Kisa's eyes that seemed Foggy and Hazy but...Those seemed to Just her Eyes.

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"My name is Kisa Asono. I have tried for years to be able to control my power but it only works with an amount of focus that I hardly can get." Dexter Was confused but didn't ask. "Well we have about half an hour until the opening ceremony starts. Why don't you go to the auditorium." "Okay, Between the Academy and The Gym right?" Dexter Started off on his way Grinning over his Shoulder into a Spin and a Backwards walk "It's a Pleasure to Meet you Kisa, Catch ya Later!" He said turning back around Slipping his arm through one of the Straps onto his Shoulder.
"I've got Thirty Minutes to Kill..Really Wish I had a Bey-blade Right now" He said Pulling a Spin top out of his Pocket tossing it towards the Ground Controlling it until he reached the Auditorium. Auditorium Doors He popped the Spin Top off the Ground, into his hand and back into his pocket. Once he pushed the door open Dexter saw a Mass of People some Showing off others Just passing the time. After looking around for a Minute he saw a Spot right beside the Main door."This'll be fun." he Thought Leaning up against the Wall with his foot extended a little more to the Left so if anyone kicked the door open it would bounce back at them.