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Hallie Green

Just walk away.

0 · 134 views · located in Askardia Academy

a character in “Telekinetic Academy”, as played by EKRonnie


Name: Hallie Green

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: White locks lay unruly down to her shoulders while her hazel eyes gaze out from usually heavy lids. Her lips are thin, face diamond shaped and overall physique thin, but not overly.

Clothing: Hallie prefers jeans and t-shirts with hoodies, her combat boots and always wears a green ring around her middle finger on her right hand. The fact that there are uniforms required in this school doesn’t fit well with her desires and she often disregards the garb altogether.

Occupation: Student.

Class: 1st

Skill: Mindreading – Hallie is an Empath, she can read other people’s emotions and most times absorb them into herself to relieve emotional pain. Since she is still a beginner, this absorption happens involuntarily and she is overcome with other people’s emotions when too close to them.

Power: Very average. Hallie has known about her power very little time and has very few defense mechanisms to prevent her mind from absorbing emotions that most times lead to her being sick or fainting.

Penalty: If Hallie does use her power, she is drained rather quickly, simply because she has no idea how to control it. Absorbing one person’s emotions is enough to tire her, but the new emotion leads to her own new actions. If she suddenly feels anger toward someone she never met for example, she will lash out and drain herself quicker, usually becoming dizzy and nauseous. With lighter emotions, such as boredom or disinterest, she absorbs them and simply is stuck with them until she can push them out or she leaves the proximity of the person she absorbed.

Once she gains better control of her powers, she will be able to put up walls in her mind to prevent involuntary absorption. However, these walls result in worse repercussions when she uses her power on purpose, ie fainting or unable to move.

Likes: cats, puzzles, ramen, writing, being left alone, laying in grass

Dislikes: stupid questions, control-freaks, small talk, tight spaces, large crowds

Majors: Mindreading, English, Self Defense

Alignment: Hallie tends not to align with anyone, but wants to be able to control her ability. If she sides with anyone, it will be the school only because of personal gain options. She is a logical thinker however so if she deems any one side to be acting rashly, she will be against them.

Personality: Hallie is quiet and will easily snap at someone if they flip the switch on her power, giving her emotions she doesn’t want to experience. She had lots of trouble with hormonal teens in her high school, sexual tension usually leading to embarrassing situations, including some of her teachers.

Enjoying puzzles and logical thinking, she keeps to herself and blasts music in her ears to drown out pointless conversations around her. When she doesn’t understand something however, she is compelled to dissect it and figure out how anomalies work. Sometimes this can be interpreted as social communication, but Hallie is practiced in feigning interest to gain information she desires.

Background: Hallie’s parents weren’t horrible to her, but she never felt a strong connection with her mother at all, her father presented as a man guilty for bringing a baby girl into the world and trying to make up for it with tiny gifts and money rewards. Hallie never had to work because of this, always thinking it silly, but not complaining since it worked out for her. Her mother however wanted to make Hallie into a mini version of herself, a debutant and ballerina. Hallie is neither of these things.

After a fight with her mother one night, Hallie stormed out of the house and took a bus to the next state, not caring where she ended up or that she would miss school. Already a few months in with her sufferings from being an Empath, she discovered an internet café where a massive MOBA tournament was going on. The excitement filled her and she led herself inside as if she cared what was happening there. That’s when she met Chandler and his friends.

After that night, she stayed with them. Their group was comprised of emancipated teens all living together in a house just a few blocks away from the internet café. All boys, which Hallie didn’t mind. Most of the time, their simply minds weren’t much trouble for her, but she kept her distance all the same, especially when alcohol was involved and the feelings of attraction came out.

Just before coming to the Academy, Hallie had a run-in with a guy at a bar. Unable to throw off his horrific sexual attraction to her, she was suddenly filled with manic desire and went with him without a fight, though her mind screamed for release. He was a sadistic beast and after a few hours the police finally arrived with Chandler among them, worry brimming in his eyes. Hallie was hospitalized and then contacted by the school.

So begins...

Hallie Green's Story

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Blue duffel in hand, Hallie stood on the sidewalk where the taxi dropped her off. The town was still half-asleep, only a few bodies heading this way and that, nodding to her a good morning that she ignored. Pushing her white bangs aside, she turned up the volume of her Ipod, a random 30h!3 song blasting into her ears.

Draped over the top of her duffel bag was the laundromat plastic containing her school uniform, two sets of skirts and pants with plenty of shirts. All on hangars and all pressed to perfection. It had come that way, and Hallie refused to wear it.

One passerby noticed the uniform though and stopped at once with a smile. "You're heading to the academy?" she asked, not that Hallie could hear her that well. She was okay at reading lips though, and nodded once with a straight line mouth.

Tugging out one ear bud, she listened as the strange woman with the purple dress directed her to the bus station. "Students ride for free," she said happily. "I didn't think the semester was starting so soon. Are you excited?"

Hallie pasted on an obviously fake smile. Sarcastically she answered, "Totes!" and dragged her bag away, frown pulling her eyebrows down with it.

The bus ride was smelly. Hallie grimaced to the driver, deciding the sour BO mingled with candy canes was coming from him. He took tried to strike up a conversation, but she didn't respond, hazel eyes gazing out to the green trees while random bass beats pumped through the ear buds, the words of whatever singer lost on her as she wondered why she agreed to come here in the first place.

She knew why. She did want to control her "ability," so that she would finally have some peace. But already the area lacked the any sort of interest for her. Quaint little cafes. Friendly people. Free bus rides. It felt like a cookie cutter suburb and it disgusted her.

Reaching the front gate of the school, she inhaled deeply, held it there, glanced around the school, then exhaled. It was large, she would give them that. Probably some sort of extravagant rich man trying to compensate for his lack of personality of style with generous donations to "good cause." Wouldn't surprise her in the least.

At the gate, she dropped her bag and glanced around, seeing only one other person there. She wore a blue dress with a white coat over it. Despite the early hour, the day was already growing hot. Hallie was in a tank top with black capris. This lady was wearing a coat and probably frying.

Hallie remained a good ten feet away, taking another deep breath and focusing on her mind. Recently she had discovered a slight defense to the involuntary triggering of her ability. Even when she didn't mean to, she would absorb others' emotions and take them on as her own. They twisted her thoughts, made her do things she didn't want to do, and if she was going to be manipulated by some faculty member that she didn't know the motives of, she needed every defense she could get.

So, she imagined a wall, or a cage. It changed randomly, but the idea was the same. No one could reach her emotions and she was trapped inside herself so she couldn't reach anyone else's.

Pulling her ear buds out and draping them over her shoulder casually, she asked, "New student. Where do I go?"

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Dexter Wake

"It's so...Dull here, I don't mean to be rude but Well there's nothing Flashy or Abstract here to give it that sort of Major difference" Dexter Said out loud to the Taxi driver. "I understand what you mean, It's missing that Inspirational Umpfh" The driver responded back while Dexter Looked for something Special or majorly Different, He couldn't find Anything. "Is that the School?" Dexter Asked grinning. "Oh yes thank you, the streets all seem so alike that you learn not to go by the looks, But by Memorization of the Path you take." The driver Made a Smooth but quick turn onto the Schools street. "It's Um...Pretty big." The driver only chuckled and said the first Taxi rides free.

Dexter saw Two students and what looked like a Nurse, At the front gate of the school as the Taxi pulled off to the side a little farther back than expected and what looked like to try and stay out of sight. "Thank you" Dexter said As he Retrieved his Stuff from the Trunk and started off towards the School.
"The school auditorium is the large separate building between the academy and the gym." Dexter Overheard As he was walked up "Who might you two be?" Dexter decided it was better to hang back a second and just listen in. So Dexter Leaned up against the Wall the Gate was Connected to and waited patiently for their Conversation to end Or Dexter to be noticed. It really didn't matter to Dexter.

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Thomas Long introduced himself just as another boy had arrived, staying back a bit out of politeness it seemed. Hallie rolled her eyes, tucking one arm under her straight one holding her duffel bag. "Hallie," she said simply, puffing out a breath so her flyaway white hairs would stop tickling her nose. She pointed to the gate. "Auditorium. Got it." Starting forward, she kept a grim frown, wanting to be away from so many people. While the nurse wasn't giving off any true signs of emotional wavelength, which confused Hallie to no end, the other two boys were.

She wondered why the nurse, Kisa, wasn't giving her anything. Granted, it was a nice change, but unnerving as well. Although her ability activated involuntarily, it was still a constant thing that she thought she could rely on. Back a bit cold, she noticed the separated building that Kisa had pointed out and started straight for it.

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"Dexter Wake and No I don't think you should Have to repeat yourself after Just saying it" Dexter Said as He bounced off the Wall picking his Stuff up off the Ground with his Left hand when he Felt the Ground Slightly Shake. "Weak.... It's what one Defines someone who Hasn't Trained and Pushed their self to their limits. Your power can be Like a Muscle... You can Control it and Push it, But to really Find out what it can do you have to push it past it's limits and Damage it Slightly so it can Repair itself to be Stronger." Dexter Said Calmly. "That's what they Told me back home Before that School Closed" Dexter Grinned Lightly at Kisa seeing that the Pen that was in her Pocket was now in her Hand. "I'm sorry, But I didn't Hear you say your name" Dexter Seemed to be asking for her Name. He Was easily Analyzing everyone he Could See though, Including The girl who had just left for the Auditorium Creating small profile like Notes on them.

Dexter's Eyes Finally returned back to Kisa's eyes that seemed Foggy and Hazy but...Those seemed to Just her Eyes.