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Thomas Long

Faster than a speeding bullet? I AM a Speeding Bullet!

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a character in “Telekinetic Academy”, originally authored by Captain Night Light, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Thomas "Tom" Long
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Appearance: Thomas Long is a caucasian male with a lean physique, standing at approximately 5,11ft. He has short to medium length dark brown hair, and green eyes. You can usually find him dressed in a custom, red racing jacket (under that, a black t-shirt), jeans, and a pair of jet black boots, always polished to a fine shine. Along with this choice of fashion, he also carries a pair of goggles that he wears around his neck, or forehead, and a pair of gloves.

Jacket: ... Jacket.jpg


Tom's a regular thrill-seeker. He loves using his powers when he can, and doesn't quite give a damn if someone tells him not to. He possesses a very brazen nature and acts stubborn in the face of authority, until of course, he decides enough is enough, and happens to be a regular skirt chaser, often interested in any young woman who fits his fancy. Of course, Tom isn't a buffoon without manners. Even though he tends to disregard rules and go after girls, he does act respectfully, and understands when no means no in far more serious situations. In fights, he does tend to martyr himself however, thinking his TK powers make him the perfect kamikaze attacker.

Theme Song: Megaman X5 OST: Intro Stage Theme


Class: 1st Year?

Occupation: Student

Skill: Object manipulation


- TK Hyper Acceleration : Tom can propel himself over great distances by concentrating his TK to hurl himself like a cannonball.

- Tactile TK: Tom is capable of protecting a portion of his body with a kind of protective aura that conforms to his build. However, his Tactile TK is much more powerful while airborne, protecting his entire body.


- The more he uses his powers, the higher his metabolism seems to rise and burn higher numbers of calories than the average human being, meaning he must eat large quantities of food on a regular basis.


- TK Hyper Acceleration travels in a straight line, and must maintain constant locomotion in order to work. Should he be interrupted, he will begin to fall, and in turn lose tactile telekinesis shielding.

- TK Hyper Acceleration generates great force. But only his Tactile Telekinesis keeps the impact from turning him from being injured, or more likely, dying.

- Tactile Telekinesis, when on the ground, only protects a portion of his body at a time. He must focus on one central area to protect himself.


Where DOES an Arrogant prick like this get his start, anyways?

Tom was the son of a test pilot, Henry Long. One of the craziest of aerial daredevils, and formerly working for a company called Ferris Aircraft. Henry himself was a big risk-taker, popular with the folks back at his testing facility. At some point, Henry fell for an amazing young woman named Violetta, one of the researchers and an up and coming young mind. Later the two would engage in a 'complicated' relationship until Violetta herself discovered she was pregnant. For a time, they attempted to stay together to raise young Thomas, but it seemed one of the two had to give up their jobs. But neither wanted to do such a thing. They both dreamed of being in the aerospace field since they were kids, and simply refused the idea of destroying their lover's respective job.

But that was when Buford Ferris's people came to a decision. And Violetta was fired. With everything seemingly made out that Henry was to blame, Violetta attempted to divorce Henry and take Tom away, the two moving out on his third birthday while Henry was conducting major testing on new prototype technology. Violetta herself found work with a large company, Thomas himself struggling through life without a prominent father-figure in his life, especially when his mother told him stories of a thinly veiled adventurer, whose tales were really just a fantastical spin on his own father's works and achievements. Through bullying and a difficulty in math, he was forced to persevere, standing tall and working to show he had his mother's intellect as much as his father's spirit.

It was later in life however, that he came to discover his TK abilities. And due to their being of a psionic nature, the powers themselves listened to his subconscious, and used the familiarity of the jet plane, speed, propulsion, and feelings of invincibility, which all culminated in his current powers...

So begins...

Thomas Long's Story

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Dexter Wake

"It's so...Dull here, I don't mean to be rude but Well there's nothing Flashy or Abstract here to give it that sort of Major difference" Dexter Said out loud to the Taxi driver. "I understand what you mean, It's missing that Inspirational Umpfh" The driver responded back while Dexter Looked for something Special or majorly Different, He couldn't find Anything. "Is that the School?" Dexter Asked grinning. "Oh yes thank you, the streets all seem so alike that you learn not to go by the looks, But by Memorization of the Path you take." The driver Made a Smooth but quick turn onto the Schools street. "It's Um...Pretty big." The driver only chuckled and said the first Taxi rides free.

Dexter saw Two students and what looked like a Nurse, At the front gate of the school as the Taxi pulled off to the side a little farther back than expected and what looked like to try and stay out of sight. "Thank you" Dexter said As he Retrieved his Stuff from the Trunk and started off towards the School.
"The school auditorium is the large separate building between the academy and the gym." Dexter Overheard As he was walked up "Who might you two be?" Dexter decided it was better to hang back a second and just listen in. So Dexter Leaned up against the Wall the Gate was Connected to and waited patiently for their Conversation to end Or Dexter to be noticed. It really didn't matter to Dexter.

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Thomas Long introduced himself just as another boy had arrived, staying back a bit out of politeness it seemed. Hallie rolled her eyes, tucking one arm under her straight one holding her duffel bag. "Hallie," she said simply, puffing out a breath so her flyaway white hairs would stop tickling her nose. She pointed to the gate. "Auditorium. Got it." Starting forward, she kept a grim frown, wanting to be away from so many people. While the nurse wasn't giving off any true signs of emotional wavelength, which confused Hallie to no end, the other two boys were.

She wondered why the nurse, Kisa, wasn't giving her anything. Granted, it was a nice change, but unnerving as well. Although her ability activated involuntarily, it was still a constant thing that she thought she could rely on. Back a bit cold, she noticed the separated building that Kisa had pointed out and started straight for it.

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"Dexter Wake and No I don't think you should Have to repeat yourself after Just saying it" Dexter Said as He bounced off the Wall picking his Stuff up off the Ground with his Left hand when he Felt the Ground Slightly Shake. "Weak.... It's what one Defines someone who Hasn't Trained and Pushed their self to their limits. Your power can be Like a Muscle... You can Control it and Push it, But to really Find out what it can do you have to push it past it's limits and Damage it Slightly so it can Repair itself to be Stronger." Dexter Said Calmly. "That's what they Told me back home Before that School Closed" Dexter Grinned Lightly at Kisa seeing that the Pen that was in her Pocket was now in her Hand. "I'm sorry, But I didn't Hear you say your name" Dexter Seemed to be asking for her Name. He Was easily Analyzing everyone he Could See though, Including The girl who had just left for the Auditorium Creating small profile like Notes on them.

Dexter's Eyes Finally returned back to Kisa's eyes that seemed Foggy and Hazy but...Those seemed to Just her Eyes.