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Crixus Atani

Am I awake...or am I the dream?

0 · 188 views · located in The Kingdom of Valexia

a character in “Ter'Ciel Saga: The War of Akyel”, as played by CloakedSchemer


Name: Crixus Atani


Race: Human

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Homeland:  Ata'hua Village of Kirlsa

Appearance: Crixus stands at an even six feet. His skin is on the lighter side, not quite porcelain but definitely not retaining much color. He has dark eyes framed around a very serious brow, his right eye mostly covered by his long jet black hair. He is muscularly toned with long limbs, but he is slightly on the skinny side. He can be considered quite attractive, however he tends to not care how others perceive his looks.

Personality: Years of war among Vakexia and Ata'hua have shaped Crixus into quite a cynical young man. He has no care for the well being of others and looks after himself. He can be a slight masochist at times, enjoying the pain he feels when engaged in combat, and he is most definitely a sadist, as he enjoys inflicting pain to his opponent, as slowly as possible. However cruel Crixus is in combat, he does not actively seek to harm innocent people, but to him no Valexian is innocent. His tongue is sharp and intelligence is keen, but he is very abrasive and abrupt in his speech, so only someone with extreme patience can stand him for too long. Although it takes much to truly incense him, when brought to his boiling point there is no rage as loud and fierce as that of Crixus'.

Talents/Skills:  Crixus is the youngest former military strategist for the Ata'huan military. He served from the age of seventeen until just recently, when he left his position after the death of his wife and unborn child at the hands of Valexian soldiers. As such, it is first most prudent to note that Crixus has one of the most gifted military minds of anyone in all of Tar'Ciel. He has an uncanny ability to adapt to almost any situation and predict enemy movement. His other great skill lies in his swordsmanship and control of his spiritual familiar, a raven. What the Ata'huan people lack in military technology they make up for in their ability to weave magic. While not an Ata'huan shaman, Crixus has made a pact with a great animal spirit, the raven Vyers. With the help of Vyers he can surround his sword and body in cloaks of dark, shadowy feathers, and manipulate them and the shadows they weave.

Weaknesses/Vices: After the death of his family, Crixus has...slightly unhinged from reality. Nightmares plague him and at times he believes he is seeing things. His mental instability is his greatest weakness, especially because it is his coping mechanism for the trauma ha has faced, so he at times does little to hide his ever growing insanity. His physical strength is somewhat on the low side from someone of his size, and it is difficult for Crixus to have Vyers summoned for extended periods of time.


Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Being right, ice cream, winter, blood, solitude. Dislikes: Noise, stupidity, the smell of smoke, seafood.

Equipment: Adorned on his left hip is Crixus' sword, a simple nodachi style blade. He wears mostly black clothing with gray Ata'huan designs embroidered into the cloth. He also carries a knife hidden in his right boot.

Miscellaneous: While Crixus is considered to be a military "genius" it is worth noting that he does so by cheating. Crixus uses Vyers to scout enemy movement giving him real time information through their link to one another, a feat that is unheard of with the use of the level of technology for this time period.

Background Story: Crixus was born of an Ata'huan shamaness and a Valexian nobleman. Growing up he rarely saw his father, as it was difficult for him to visit him and his mother. It is forbidden for Ata'huan to dilute their heritage by sleeping with outsiders, and as such their union was kept a very well guarded secret. This is until Crixus was eight years old, and the Valexian army raided their village. The village fought back as best as they could, but in the end it was reduced to ash. His mother had hidden him well in a hollowed tree a little bit away from the village, but through a peephole in the bark Crixus could see all of the horrors of war unfold before him. Men and children were captured and sold into slavery, women were raped and taken home as property, and all shamans and shamaness' were executed. When it was his mother's turn to face the axe of the executioner, his father could not allow it to happen, and attempted to stop the execution. He was riddled with arrows, and his mother beheaded almost simultaneously.

Being an exceptionally powerful shamaness, Crixus' mother left him a magical will of sorts. Upon her death, a blank scroll she had tucked inside of Crixus' knapsack when she put him in the tree suddenly was covered in words and symbols and magical power emanated from it. Vyers appeared to Crixus that night after her death, and he explained that he is now spirit bound to Crixus. His mother's death was the binding agent in the contract she signed with the great spirit when Crixus was born. Vyers was not entirely pleased with the arrangement, but he is unable to refuse the orders of his contractor. The raven was also instructed to tell the boy to head to the center of the tribelands and seek refuge with the spirit warriors, and to grow strong, strong enough to acquire the mirror and use it to cleanse the land of the filth that murdered his family.

Crixus did just that, and he became a military strategist for the Ata'huan army. His nickname on the battlefield was The Nevermore, respected by the Ata'huan army and feared by the Valexians. He even took a wife when he was 25, a young Ata'huan girl named Phylla. He loved her more than anything, and within a year she was with child. But, his happiness would not last long. Crixus was defending a village under siege by the Valexian army. They were camped outside his doors for more than three months, constantly wearing down the defenses of the village, but Crixus was always able to drive them back. Knowing it was impossible to outwit Crixus, the Valexian's instead brought down immense firepower on the village with cannon fire and juggernauts. Crixus' hubris lead to the destruction of the village, and the death of his wife. If only he had made the decisive final blow against the army sooner, and not allow them to regroup, Phylla would still be alive.

Today, Crixus is a lost wandering soul. He has abandoned the Ata'huan military and he only has a single purpose in life now: to find the mirror of Akyel and finish his mother's work, and rid the earth of the Valexian plague once and for all.


So begins...

Crixus Atani's Story


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Crixus Atani

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

“Really, that is how you're going to justify sitting in a run-down tavern in the heart of Valexia? How shrewd of you.”

I don't need a lecture. I am but one man with no army, anything I accomplish will have to be done covertly, so what better place to start than this underbelly of social happening?

“I just wonder who you're trying to convince, me or you? We both know you hate being here. Surrounded by these Valexians. Let's just kill some and be done with it.”

Oh how I wish...All in good time Vyers.

Three days. That's how long Crixus has been within the confines of the Iron City. Before that it was a journey of over two months that took him on foot from the Ata'huan tribelands all the way to the gates of the Iron City. He watched forested havens give way to rolling hills, and eventually turn to gravel and stone. He went days at a time without food or water, but he still continued his solitary march to the city. He had a job to do, and he had to start at the information capital of the world.

As soon as he arrived Crixus hated the city more than any other location he had been to in his travels. It was crowded, noisy, polluted, and filled with the sheep known as Valexians.

“Hey, pay attention. Something is amiss.”


“The entryway. The girl in the cloak and the man with the large scarf. They act as if they expect to be attacked.”

The hairs on the back of Crixus' neck stood up immediately and his keen observation skills immediately kicked in. He began surveying the tavern as he would a battlefield. People of all sorts filled the tavern and added to the harsh sound of men jeering, women laughing, and all people gorging themselves on drink and food. The sickening sounds of these pigs made Crixus want to wretch, but he held his disgust to allow him time to observe the movement of people around the room.

“They are shifting attention, the men in the corner. Four of them, at first they were fixated on their dice game, but now they eye the girl and rogue.”

What do you make of it?

“The young girl looks to be out of place, but she looked just as frightened and surprised at the addition of that young man as she did relieved moments later. I would say they are at best acquaintences.”

Vyers was correct. The girl's expression changed almost instantaneously from fright, to confusion, to worry, and then to relief. Once again, Vyers outdid himself for him. Only thanks to his spirit familiar was Crixus able to become the great military mind he is known as today. Fortunately his fame isn't enough to be recognized by this rif-raff found at The Rusty Timepiece, but he was still renowned for his clever mind.

“What do you propose we do?”

The young strategist did not have much of a choice in this matter. He had already been in this city for three days and has heard next to nothing about the Mirror of Akyel other than it was missing. These two looked much to suspicious to be left alone, and if they turn out to be a dead end....well, he knew how to deal with those.

At the very least, they're something to go off of for now. But first things first, we have to deal with the crooks in the corner table.

Rules of combat usually follow that whoever strikes last may never be able to strike at all. Crixus always utilized every advantage he could get, and the element of surprise is one of the best to have going for you.

Crixus took a large swig from his ale and held it in his mouth for a few moments, trying to have the taste linger and hopefully have his breath smell stronger of booze.

“What are you doing? Do you want your judgement impaired?

Don't worry Vyers. I'm just going to make a distraction. That rogue fellow caught on quickly enough to the girl. Surely he'll be smart enough to see an altercation and get himself, and her the hell out of here. I want you to follow them when they do, and I'll catch up later.

The men in the corner began to stand up, and it was now or never. Crixus stood as well, and began to stumble over his own feet, as he all but fell into the brigand's arms, “Hey there you guys...I wan' in on the next game, I got plenty o' money to get play and I'm feelin' lucky!” Crixus practically spat the last words at the group, the toxic stench of his alcoholic laden breath hitting them square in their faces.

“Git out of our way you filthy drunk.” The men tried to push past Crixus.

“Awww come on! I wanna play!” Crixus' got louder and more belligerent, his act of being truly intoxicated working perfectly.

“I said move!” The larger man shoved Crixus to the side, and Crixus purposefully launched himself harder than needed, and slammed into a table causing it to spill over, and for Crixus to fall. Mugs filled with drink clanged to the floor and plates of half eaten food spilled to the ground as well. Chaos erupted as patrons began yelling and the group of unruly men were lost amidst a sea of angry bodies.

Crixus hoped that this was enough for the two to escape this little tavern unseen, save for Vyers. Crixus did not like being without him in his mind. The silence in his own head was a white noise that caused him nothing but pain, with only his thoughts and no voice to talk back, he sometimes felt like his mind made up the voices instead.

Picking himself up off the floor Crixus attempted to make an exit as well, but no sooner than him attempting to leave did he feel a hand grab his shoulder, “You're gonna pay for that, boy.” The man shoved Crixus with his full force out into the streets. Crixus tumbled forward and landed on his feet, his right hand resting on the hilt of his sword, his body poised for action.

Then a hard whallop was felt on the back of his head, and Crixus saw black as the ground rushed to meet him.


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The setting changes from Ter'Ciel to The Kingdom of Valexia

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Mariette Renard

“Keep quiet and don’t make a scene and I’ll get you out of here alive. Just play along I’m here to help.”

The stranger’s words echoed in her ear. Eyes suddenly wide, Mariette could feel her skin turn to ice. Trembling fingers clutched even tighter around her satchel.

Before she could make sense of the situation, she felt the man’s grip on her arm. Firm but not overpowering. Leading her through the rowdy tavern patrons and to the back of the room, he brought the confused girl to an open table. He motioned for her to have a seat. Unsure of what to do, Mariette’s gaze shifted about the room. It appeared that most of the patrons were staring at her. Did she truly look that suspicious? Turning back toward the stranger before her, she chose her actions carefully. Hesitantly she sat down.

“I’m sorry, sir, but…” she leaned in and spoke slowly, “I’m afraid you are mistaken. I do not seem to know you. If you’ll please excuse me…”

She managed a polite, albeit uncomfortable smile. Now to just get out of this place.

’How foolish of me. Thinking I could remain inconspicuous among so many people.’

With that, Mariette pushed her chair back and began to stand up. It was then that the tavern erupted.

“I said move!” One of the large men in the tavern was yelling.

Turning around, the girl saw the source of the altercation. It was a man. A thin, rather sickly looking man dressed in black. Dark bangs hid most of his face from view but from his clumsy actions it was obvious he was intoxicated. Suddenly, one of the men pushed him, sending the drunk crashing into a table. The clatter of silverware and breaking glass sounded above the already noisy room.

’Wh-what the!?’

As if by some testosterone-laden domino effect, the entire tavern erupted into a brawl. Drinks and food went flying, spilling onto the floor and on the other patrons. Mariette watched in horror, backed up against the wall and mentally kicking herself for choosing a place called The Rusty Timepiece as her safe haven. Whipping her head back around to the mysterious stranger from earlier, she saw his eyes narrow. In one fluid motion he darted forward, grabbing her arm once more and moved. The girl let out a yelp that went unheard amidst the commotion. Swiftly, the stranger crept around the far side of the scuffle toward the door.

’He’s getting me out of here?’

She didn’t know why, nor did she know where they were going, but at this point, Mariette decided anywhere was better than The Rusty Timepiece. Unseen, they managed to exit the tavern. The stranger paused for a moment, not letting up on the firm grip on her arm, before choosing a direction and running for it.

Mariette cast one final glance behind her and saw the black clad man being struck over the head by someone. His body went limp and fell in the street.

“H-hey! That man!” She called out instinctively. The stranger did not seem to care, however, as his grip merely tightened and his pace quickened down the dark alleyways of Valexia.