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"Please, everything for you lovely Lady."

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a character in “Ter'Ciel Saga: The War of Akyel”, as played by TwistedSong



Name Lorenz

Race Elven

Age 54 years old, a very young elf

Gender Male

Homeland Ata'hua, or more like the range of mountains inbetween the two nations

Appearance At first glance a tall and well-proportioned young man with nicely established muscles who has something of a pretty boy. His hair often messy but can still be considered stylish is probably the strangest from his visual that without already sticks out from the crowd. It is similar of a white feather, light and smooth it characterize him as an elf and thus is his pride that he treats with sincere care. Beneath sunlight it may shimmer silvery, glitters as if belong to another world. While his hair indeed reach until his shoulders, it doesn't make him decrease on manliness the slightest. Having a straight and perfectly symmetrical face bone structure, adding to it his firm and strong gaze it is not a rarity for him to often be eyed by the opposite sex. And, truth to be told, he loves the attention given to him and rarely to be seen refusing any invitation. His emerald green eyes appear while mysterious but strangely mesmerizing. He is perhaps the embodiment of the beauty of an elven you could say, while sadly he lacks what every elven suppose to have: Pointy ears. The very reason he is often mistaken as human.

Personality Having been around in many areas of Ter'Ciel, this young elven unlike other of his kind knows well common courtesy, it is even proper to say he is a tad bit too familiar with it that it's beyond scary. He likes to act as the gentleman and is truly kind, especially to beautiful women. Having a weakness to beauty, he is known as quite the flirt and won't ever turn his back to any women without at least asking for their names. The weakness of his however, doesn't only only apply for beautiful women, but also himself. Being quite the narcissist, he at times appears a bit too aware of his own charms which may let him labeled as creepy. That fortunately is a rarity. Although he often shows the demeanour of a fool, he knows best when to be serious. Surprisingly sharp, he has an observant and empathic person that let him get along with almost anyone, even without the other party's desire.

Nonetheless, he isn't exactly a kind individual. Being as perceptive as him, he does know that cruelty is at times required and also who to better not cross ways with. Even if in the aspect of the latter mentioned he can be quite careless, but in the core he is quite the suspicious person and won't let anyone get into his comfort zone all that easily. While he won't shamelessly trash his pride, he doesn't feel all that obsessed to keep it either. Pride is never anything that truly comes to him as necessary. Lorenz is more of the guy who'd like to keep on living whatever the cost, and pride was something he easily withdraws. Thus having a tendency to avoid any unnecessary bloodshed, this man is often spotted running away. Never being someone who can be chained down, this man goes around without a care for anything and anyone with his own pace, you know, like the happy-go-lucky kind of guy. He is nevertheless not stupid and is surprisingly a realist, who knows well his limits. Which is why he never puts much effort into anything.

Talents/Skills Art, observant, eye for detail, is familiar with acupuncture treatment and massages, archery, beast taming (it is even said that he can communicate with them), elven magic (consist mainly of minor healing magic and slight plant manipulation)

Weaknesses/Vices Weak in close combat, doesn't put much effort into anything, half-hearted, beautiful women, children (he can't ever refuse any request they make), music (despite him liking any kind of music, he is suspected being tone deaf)

Likes Music, Animals, Nature, Beautiful women, Art, Beauty, His visual.

Dislikes Alchemy, Any form of newfound technology, Waking up early, Thievery, Improper behaviour towards women, arguments.

Equipment Elven bow made out of a solid elegant wood rarily seen while the arrows for it he picked up randomly. He wears less protection and reveals much skin that may make out his biggest weakness, nevertheless he refuses to wear anything else and has only that red piece ever on and baggy pants to go along with it (which was suppose to be white coloured). Below unseen he stuck several needles for his acupuncture services or for emergencies. Doesn't hurt to play safe, anyways. The brown strings surround both of his hands and neck are safety charms while the ring on his left forefinger is a memorial. Never he will put of both of his accessories, even when showering. You can say, those form his little pride which is left.

Miscellaneous There are several places, in both Valkeria and Ata'hua, where his face was familiar. Sometimes he'll visit those places and offer the people there his acupuncture and massaging services, which grew to be quite popular and drew even outsiders in. While he was at it, he sold some charms, too that he made by himself. Somehow even someone like him who can practically survive in the woods without anything at times sought society. Additionally he could earn some extra money, so why not? He was skilled in it anyways and he loves to receive praises.

Background Story Born to elven parents, he was expected to be a full-fledged elf himself. However, things won't always go as one desires. Lacking the definite characteristic of an elven, hence the pointy ears, caused rumours to be spreading about his mothers possible affair. Countless of argument it took for his parents to eventually split up and went their own ways, both cursing him for his existence, him to have happened. Typically, no child would've had an endurable childhood in such circumstances, but believe it or not Lorenz didn't particulary care. He had gone through several hardships indeed but what he most regretted was that he never had the chance to make friends with any elven his age. He somehow ended up in a human village instead and learnt to live as a human as it was way easier that way. Nothing really notable happened, merely the fact that he often killed his free time in the woods up in the mountains, going around to discover and meet what humans call 'beast'. Therefore he had quite a strong bond to those animals and is surprisingly protective of the forest habitants.

It was in his twenties where he decided to stroll around the contient. He was since little never someone who can be chained down in one place thus often travelled around, even went down to the other site, Kingdom of Valkeria. It was partly not a memory he treasured much, because afterward he still went along with traditions and strongly refused the usage of any kind of newform technology. Having been in several places he was aware of life's situation in both sides and understood, therefore not someone who chose any side really. From the start, he hoped that a war could somehow be prevented, even if chances seem to not play within his favor. While interested in the notorious Mirror of Alkyel, he seemingly didn't care either way. At the current moment he just wanted to dwell within his normal everyday life and enjoying it to the fullest.


So begins...

Lorenz's Story