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Fintan Fletcher (Fin)

Leave me alone to nap would you ?

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a character in “Tererra Academy”, as played by Lolkatlove




"To find Something to fight for is my goal"

Fintan Fletcher


- The Devils Right Hand -
His speed and uncanny ability to never miss his target earned him this from his peers.

- White flame -
Derived from the meaning of his name, Fintan, and his personality

- Flynn -
A name his few friends have called him on occasion


December 17th


~Dialog Colour~

~Weapon Class~

~ Weapon Choice~
Two Semi-Automatic Revolver guns, one black and one silver

Red - Rank Three

~Ribbon Location~
Tied around his upper right arm.

Height: Six Feet 2 Inches
Hair Colour: Onix Black
Eye Colour: Ice Blue
Build: Toned

At first glance, most people would often mistake Fintan for your regular thug. His hair is a scrambled mess often reflecting his night's sleep. Never keeping it tidy more than often some of it curves in various directions, your typical 'messy bed head' as some would call it.

Fintan's facial features are broad, his chin square and clean shaven his cheekbones soft and his nose a straight ridge before plumping around his nostrils. His eyes are a chilling ice blue, they don't often show much emotion other than bordem or fierce intensity. However on rare occasions, they soften to show his kindness when deserving. A thick frame of black lashes surround them causing their colour to stand out against his fair skin.

His body is tall and lean, he has built up muscle and strength through training developing strong arms and thighs his torso sculptured into a six pack. However, he maintains a proportioned frame never over doing it so his overall appearance is toned with amazing reflex abilities.

Most at a second glance would consider him rather handsome in a ruggish sort of way when styled with his dress sense.


Fintan has never cared much for clothing, however, he does have his favourite items of clothing. He rarely buys new items but prefers to stick with his trusted garments. His first choices are always a comfortable pair of jeans, a plain shirt of some sort and then he sports it with a simple jacket. He has more jackets compared to the rest of his wardrobe varying in colours however they are always tattered from years of wear and tear.



Fintan if described in one word would be 'mysterious'.

He avoids getting close to people purposely choosing to keep to himself. Often he can be found relaxing under a tree a book on his head fast asleep napping. If he can, he tries to get out of doing extra activities preferring to relax as he is a lazy person.
Preferring his solitude not many people know of Fintan's true thoughts, he doesn't open up about his past, he keeps his past his secret not caring to talk about himself. He would rather change the subject or just exit the conversation.

When conversing with people it would be easy to think of him having a cold personality due to his standoff attitude and tendency to brush people off. However, he is not a cold person at heart. In reality, Fintan is caring and thinks of others before himself.
Yet he is also calculating. He considers every situation and every possibility his actions may cause first. He thinks logically in a tough situation choosing to push any emotion he may have away in order to concentrate on the situation at hand. To do this he knows he must not become too close with anyone in order to keep his emotions in check. He also does this to remain strong, as in battle, if someone he cared for was in danger he would not be able to risk their life, which could cause him to loose.

However there is one emotion he struggles to control, and that would be his anger. Anger has always been Fintan's weakest point, he has a short lease and can easily be agitated. It's not unheard of him getting into arguments over insults and various other petty matters. Fundamentally this is because he is a very stubborn person. He has his own way of doing things and doesn't really like to change his routine.


~ Fears~
  • ~ Not so much as a fear but more of a hatred of Bugs
  • ~ Loosing someone he loves again
  • ~ Failing to defeat an enemy

  • ~ Lightning Speed and Agility
  • ~ Strategic planning
  • ~ His lack of emotional ties - When fighting his lack of emotion makes him impossible to read

~ Weaknesses~
  • ~ His anger taking over his logic leading him to over react sometimes.
  • ~ He doesn't like to accept help from other people, preferring to fight alone which can always have consequences
  • ~ Laziness

~ Talents~
  • ~ Fast Relfexes - he can catch a fly with ease.
  • ~ Chess - He hasn't lost a game yet other than to an old man he met once in a park.
  • ~ Slight of hand - Due to his upbringing he has mastered a few unusual trades
  • ~ Cooking - He is a brilliant Chef.

~ Goals/Dreams ~
  • ~ His goal is to become strong enough to withstand any enemy
  • ~ His dream is to live in a world that doesn't require him to fight.

~ History ~

Unlike most children who live with their parents Fintan lived alone as a child. His mother passed away during his birth leaving only his father to raise him. However, his mother and father had long since had a bad relationship with one another before Fintan was even born. He has never been sure of the circumstances of his birth but from what little information he was able to gather, he found that his father had wanted his mother to have an abortion. She, on the other hand, had wanted Fintan so gave birth to him in secret, however as she tragically died during childbirth he was left to his father's custody.
Burdened with an unwanted child Fintan's father left him alone to fend for himself from the moment he could walk. Living alone other than a few hours a day when his father would be passed out on the couch from alcohol Fintan learned the most basic of household chores. He gradually became a good cook learning to make do with what they had.

However eventually what little they had was not enough.

Fintan's father built up an enormous gambling debt drinking away his winnings rather than paying the rent and bills. At the age of 8 Fintan found himself and his father homeless. Fueled with anger towards this selfish man Fintan left his father to stand alone taking what few possessions he had. He no longer cared what happened to him abandoning him to deal with his debts.

It was at this stage in life that Fintan learned to survive on the streets of the city. He wasted no time in learning how to pickpocket money in order to buy food, steal clothing and warm blankets from high chain stores. Eventually, when he turned 9 he had become adept at thieving. However he was no longer alone, his skills had quickly been picked up by a local gang. They liked his talent and wanted him to join them, however, Fintan refused. He stole to survive not for profit. Outraged by Fintans decision they tried to kill him, but Fin was still small and had many hiding places.

Like cat and mouse he was chased by the gang members and he pushed their buttons stealing their own merchandise in return. Through this dance Fintan knew he had to learn how to become stronger. One day when stealing some of their merchandise he came across a pair of semi automatic guns, the moment he felt the weapons within his palms he knew what he wanted to do. Training everyday he practiced, his aim improving, his agility getting smoother as he scaled buildings often to escape chase. During this training, he met a girl, like him she had no family and lived on the streets. She was small, fragile and afraid. Fintan had not had much comfortable social interaction with other people, but this girl settled him. She was a delicate flower compared to his brash nature. He took it upon himself to help her survive, to teach her how too. They grew close childhood friends quickly, her laughter brought an unusual joy to Fin's life.

After a few years Fintan had gained strong enough to start doing odd jobs for people around the city, he gradually began to earn a living as a body guard though his clients were never wealthy people. His name began to spread like fire as an incredibly talented young boy, the youngest to ever be able to draw a gun so quickly and be able to be employed at his age. With Elise, the delicate girl Fintan had become close friends with he used his earning to set up a home of their own. It was only a small apartment but it was theirs. They lived together peacefully for some time, but it wasn't meant to be.

One day, a knock at the door alerted Elise, as she answered the door she found an older gentleman standing there. Confused she never saw what happened next. Fintan returned home after work to find her on the ground, blood stained the wooden floor, his father sitting on a chair a knife within his hands. Fintan for the first time in his life felt his heart freeze, his entire body collapsed at Elise's side. Within a split second of his dread his anger erupted, out of control Fintan used his weapon summoning for the first time, he did not hesitate and killed his father. It was later Fintan learned the gang that had chased him when he was younger had used his father for their revenge, ironically when the learned he had the power to summon weapons they never bothered him again.

The loss of Elise warped Fintan, he was afraid to let someone become close to him again, afraid to let someone he loved be hurt because of him.

Her loss pushed him to want to become stronger, he didn't want to lose anyone he cared for again. Developing his summoning skill alongside his formidable speed Fintan applied to the academy. He wanted a change of scenery, a place to escape his apartment called 'home' where his memories haunted him. He wanted to find a purpose to fight for.


So begins...

Fintan Fletcher (Fin)'s Story


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Location: School Auditorium
Time: Monday, 10:00 am.

It was finally the entrance ceremony beginning another school year of Tererra Academy. Students of all years and ranks filled the seats. The four purple ranks stood with two on either side of the stage. Everyone waited patiently as the headmaster walked onto the stage, clapping erupting in the hall.

Alexander Tererra settled everyone down and began to speak. "Thank you for coming students. We're gathered here to commemerate another year of the TRA!" Claps erupt in the room."We welcome our freshman to the Academy and hope you enjoy your time here. Do take note that more students will be joining us soon, and will join classes along with you all. Now, to make sure new students know what our duty is in this world. As students of Tererra Academy, we train to protect and help those who are inexperienced in the art of weapon summoning. You will fight with all you have, and learn many valuable information. Students here in the TRA are ranked by color. Blue being the lowest and inexperienced, green being the average fighters, red being the masters of their class, and purple-" He gestures toward the students standing on the sides of the stage, who then proceed to nod their heads. "Being the best of the best; the legends of the Academy. Ranking tests will be held right after the ceremony. Proceed to the gym to participate. Now, freshmans, your instructor and guide for all you need to know will be Akari Tererra, my successor, who is a red rank brawl class. She will now be telling you whatever other rules there are in the academy."


Akira walked over to the podium and took her grandfather's place. "Freshman! Here at the TRA we have rules. Rules that you must follow or you'll face the consequences. This is also a review for older students. Curfew after classes end is 10:00. You may go to the nearby town after school hours, but you must be in your dormitory by 10:00 pm. Anyone caught outside after curfew will be severely punished without mercy no matter the situation. Summoned weapons used against other students without permission is also not tolerated. Same punishment goes as well. If you must go somewhere during school hours, you must have a valid reason approved by your head weapon class advisor. And you must be in class before or directly at 8:00 am before the school bell rings. Tardy students will be given a task to complete during free period and one to complete after school. Please understand that we are very strict with our rules and misbehaving students constantly causing havoc to these rules will without exception be expelled. Thank you for your time and you are all dismissed. Check the map and board in the hall to see where the gymnasium is located and who your advisor is." So, the school year officially began.


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Location: Gymnasium
Time: Monday, 10:50 am.

Akira waited for the rest of the students to arrive. She was excited for the ranking test, for she had not been ranked yet either. She was determined to get a purple rank, even a red rank was a close second. Either way, she was going to show her skills. She wanted the freshman to see what was expected of them. As the last students arrived, she made her way to the front of the group, facing towards them. "Alright! Who's ready for some epic battling?" Cheers filled the humongous room. She closely watched Mairi, just in case she tried something funny. "Okay! How this works is we'll have two students come up and battle with whatever personal knowledge they have. Give it all you've got! The winner will most likely be ranked higher then their opponent, but it's also based off of control, agility, and attack power. One more thing. Girls, go to the lockerooms to put on provided leggings. It's only appropriate." Akira already was set for the battle. She waited for the girls to come back.

After everyone settled, she randomly pointed at a boy with blonde hair who's face screamed, I'm gonna win! This girl ain't got nothin' on me! "You! You're up first. Your opponent is me." Akira smirked. She didn't like people who underestimated her. He got into his battle stance, as a blue light formed into a long, sharp sword. A blade class, eh? Works for me. Akira thought. Akira then got into her own battle stance as a red light engulfed her hands. Then appeared her pair of magenta gauntlets. The boy made the first move. He ran at her with sword in hand, letting out a battle cry. Akira simply side stepped and drew her fist back, as pink Vika formed at the tip of her right gauntlet. POW! Her fist connected with his face as his body flung to the other side of the room. She waited for him to recover.

The boy stood, and ran at her again as she stood there, swinging his sword at her chest. Akira jumped up and landed on the tip of his sword, proceeding to place her hands on his head, front flipping off of him. She quickly turned and swiped her leg at his, causing him to fall forward. He stood up once again and ran at her another time. As Akira began to step away, the boy took out a hidden knife and sliced her cheek, causing a small cut to form. She frowned and ran at him, jumping onto his chest, pinning him down. Her fist stopped about a centimeter from his face, pink Vika visible at the tip. Akira giggled. "I think this battle is over. Don't make the same mistake of being a sexist prick again." Akira stood, and waited for the students' reaction.


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Fintan had eventually figured out the board. Following its instructions he strolled towards the gymnasium in no rush. Milling in with the other students he found a spot he felt comfortable in. It was away from the larger crowd and seemed to draw less attention to him. Leaning against a wall he tucked his hands in his pockets as the red headed girl whom had made a speech before began to lead the ranking tests.

"Alright! Who's ready for some epic battling?" Cheers filled the humongous room as she tried to pep everyone up.

"Okay! How this works is we'll have two students come up and battle with whatever personal knowledge they have. Give it all you've got! The winner will most likely be ranked higher than their opponent, but it's also based off of control, agility, and attack power. One more thing. Girls, go to the locker rooms to put on provided leggings. It's only appropriate." As she finished explaining Fin sighed.

So this was going to be a one battle at a time sort of deal? They may be here a while considering the number of students. Gazing around he decided to check out his fellow freshmen, some of them seemed zealous with confidence. Others wrung their hands nervously. It was probably the nervous ones that would put up a better fight, overconfidence tended to be the downfall of most people Fin had met.

He wondered if his new 'room mate' was amongst them. He hadn't met them yet after all, it would be interesting to see what they were capable of.

As the girls returned after getting changed the red head kicked things off. She picked out one of the overconfident students Fin at noticed. The boy seemed a little too peppy for Fin's tastes. Now just what type of fighting style did this Red head have? She sure acted confident herself, however, her eyes told him she could probably live up to that confidence unlike most of the students here.

Intrigued Fin watched the battle proceeded.

A brawler versus a blade, the battle was over in minutes. The blonde boy hadn't stood a chance, he had underestimated his opponent that much was true. A foolish mistake. It was always dangerous to rush into battle head first before reading your opponent. Predicting your opponent was the strategic way to ensure victory. If the blonde boy had taken a second to notice the fire in the red head's eyes he may have been more precautious of his attacks. She excelled in close range tactics, as brawlers do. His best bet would have been to try and tire her out, or at least defend her attacks rather than go on the offensive. It was the choice of someone unused to combat.

Fin glanced over at them as the blonde boy moved from the floor his shame of defeat plastered on his expression. A small smile cracked from Fins lips as he heard the Red Head's statement.Sexist prick? probably more like a foolish idiot. He thought to himself amused.

Who would be next into battle?


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Isamu Hisoka had been watching with bated breath for the opening assembly to begin, and when it did, his eyes were glued to the front. When it was revealed that they'd be sparring, Hisoka was equal parts excited and nervous. He likes sparring—maybe a little too much—but whenever he does it, his personality completely flips. Sighing a little, he looks down at the packaging that the uniform was tucked away in. He holds his breath and undoes the packaging, hoping that for once maybe they'd remember to give him a boy's uniform instead of a girl's one. It isn't that he doesn't particularly like girl clothes, but it's always very, very awkward when you get a girl's uniform.

Standing from his chair, Hisoka trots towards the gymnasium, looking down at his uniform. Luckily, they had gotten it right this time, and Hisoka smiles to himself. Unfortunately for him, though, he hadn't been looking where he was going on his way to the gymnasium until he ran into someone else—a boy with black hair. He yelps and scrambles back a few steps, dipping himself into an apologetic bow.

"E-E-Excuse m-me...! I'm sorry I didn't mean to run into you, I should've been watching where I was going!"

Almost too embarrassed to look up, Hisoka forces himself to meet the gaze of the other, who he seems to have interrupted his watching of the spars going on. He can feel tears welling in his eyes.


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Fintan quietly watched the battles proceed. Shuffling he adjusted his position leaning against the wall when suddenly he felt a thumb against the side of his shoulder. Surprised Fin looked to his right to find a small boy scrambling back almost falling into a bow of apology.

"E-E-Excuse m-me...! I'm sorry I didn't mean to run into you, I should've been watching where I was going!" the boy stumbled for her words and by the look of his expression when he lifted his head Fin would have guessed it was because he was embarrassed.

"Don't worry about it, these things happen." Fin waved his hand as a gesture to the boy he wasn't upset by the incident. It was then that he noticed the boy was still carrying his uniform. "You know you should probably get that on already" his eyes glanced at the folded uniform in the boys hands. "We are 'officially' students as of today after all" he smiled warmly, trying to be polite. It wasn't his strong suite, being polite.


Suddenly a loud crash echoed as a young girl had exploded a cannon through the ceiling. Fin didn't flinch but he noticed the young girl being dragged away by another. His lips opened slightly to let out a small chuckle at the new gaping hole "Well, if that isn't a sure way to kick off the year I don't know what is" he said amused.

"Are you here to watch the fights? I find it best to learn what you can about an opponent so I'm thoroughly enjoying this" he spoke with a little sarcasm but was honest.

Next to battle was an orange haired fellow, from his movements and actions Fin could see clearly he wasn't an amateur like some of the students here. However, something was off... It was almost as though the guy was holding back, he couldn't fathom why and then to his surprise the boy threw in the towel and admitted defeat. He was definitely a skilled swordsman, he would need to watch out for this Orange haired fellow.

Following the Orange head up was a boy with black hair much like Fins. To Fin's interest, the boys weapon was a rifle. Adjusting his position Fin began to watch this fight more closely than the others. He may be a sniper, but Fin understood more than anything else what it took to handle a fire arm. His shots weren't random, he aimed well and was precise. The boy knew how to use his firearm, however, when he had an obvious hit the boy froze. Fin raised his eyebrow as he watched the boy sweat, and suddenly yell the name 'Sarah' before passing out. "I wonder.." Fin muttered to himself in thought. It was unusual for that to have happened, but from what he could see the boy was a good shot, it was only his self-will that prevented him firing. There was likely more too him that met the eye.

Third was a woman who looked a little older than some of the other students. She was definitely confident in herself, she walked with the air surrounding her full of her confidence and her words backed that up. Her opponent was boy, he seemed a little hesitant to start when she summoned her lance. It was an impressive lance Fin had to admit. Some of the audience began to holler at the girl causing Fin to frown. "Arrogant, I'm sure there' only saying those things because she probably beat them in the past' he said shaking his head. Some people just can not accept their own weakness. As the battle began the boy summoned vambraces. From the stance of them both Fin half expected the girl to win but he knew battles could always take a turn. The boy turned out not be half bad, but his was still hesitant even apologising at one point for a perfect block of her attack. Watching them Fin was impressed by them both as the boy won the battle after a rather awkward looking tussle. It was a fair fight.

"Entertaining isn't it?" Fin mused to the green haired boy who had bumped into him. Now that he thought about it was unsual to see green hair these days.

"YOU!" A Shout from the center of the room caught Fin's attention. He looked over to the stage and saw a medium height girl pacing rather itching to fight. "I choose you as my opponent" she looked directly in Fin's direction. He paused and blinked for a moment before glancing towards the red head who was in charge of all this, from the chatter he had overhead her name was Akira. He didn't know this opponent but Fin let out a heavy exasperated sigh.

"You sure?" he rubbed his temple stepping away from the wall.

"Oh, i'm sure. You've done nothing but sit and watch all day I bet you'll be easy" the ginger haired girl seemed pleased with herself.

"Fine" Fin knew he needed to get his battle over with sooner or later. Pausing Fin turned back to the green haired boy "See you round?" he nodded to him before heading towards the center of the stage. It was then he realised he hadn't yet got the green heads name. He put on his to do list.

"Alright then, shall we start by introducing ourselves?" Fin said flexing his fingers as he moved to stand dead spot center. Might as well have a civilised fight and at least know each other's names thought.

"Harriot Winterfall, otherwise the person you're about to loose too" She smirked.

Fin raised an eyebrow at her comment "Fintan Fletcher, but I prefer Fin" he didn't feel a need to respond to her comment.

"Like it matters" she moved nearby his left but left some space in between them. She was waiting to see what his summon was before getting closer. Smart.

"Ready when you are" Fin also chose not to respond to that comment.

"I was ready yesterday" she beamed moving her right hand and opening her palm. A flash of purple smoke sank up from her palm stretching out and solidifying into a blade. It was a crude curved blade, teeth marks etched into it, the hilt a simple design. "Here I come! she shouted again and swiftly began to run towards Fin her blade raised.

Fin didn't move a muscle. He stayed where he was stood not watching her directly but he kept her in vision. As she reached him she seemed a little hesitant to attack but continued none the less. Swinging her blade she aimed the curve to strike directly at his neck.

"Childs play" Fin muttered and faster than was humanly possible he ducked. The girl's sword flung through thin air where his head had been the momentum causing her to fall forward and catch her balance. She sharply turned around to stare at him, anger in her eyes. Not wasting time she ran towards him again instead, this time, she aimed to propel her blade up towards his chest.

"My turn" Fin smirked at her. In one quick movement, Fin thrust both of his arms beside him, palms facing out. A shimmer of white smoke purged from his elbows snaking around his arms, crawling towards his palms before it expanded around his hands evaporating as soon as it appeared. However what was left behind were two semi-automatic guns. Within his left hand was a dazzling silver gun, his right held onto an onyx black. Within the space of 3 seconds, this happened.

Bending at his knees Fin turned his torso to face Harriot charging towards him. She realized to late what had happened, that he had summoned his weapons, as the shock in eyes to try and change direction proved so. Fin raised his eyebrow at her before letting his forefingers press against the triggers. White light flashed through both of the guns chambers following the trajectory of the bullets as they were shot.

Some had described them as Fin's ying and yang weapons.

Harriot pulled up her blade to block the bullets. She managed to block one, however the guns were both double barrelled, they each produced two bullets at a time. The second bullet flung past her ear scraping across her earlobe, the other hit directly onto her shoulder, the third hit into her thigh. She fell to the floor in an instant.

"You son of -" she angrily glared at him clutching her leg withdrawing her summoned blade.

"Maybe don't get too big for your shoes next time. Fin sighed at her also withdrawing his weapons. White smoke appeared but instead reversed back up his arm in contrary to how they had been summoned. "be glad they were only blanks" he said turning away from her as some other girls ran to help her stand up. She was going to have two hefty bruises from those hits.

Before Fin left the stage he paused to glance towards the red head in charge, "Akira Right?" he asked "You've got your work cut out for you" he stated before tucking his hands in his pockets and sauntered back towards his spot on the wall to ponder.

Some students stared at him, others muttered around him. Fin had no care for them. He was at this school to improve his skill and no other reason.


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Location: Gymnasium
Time: Monday, 11:20 am. - 1:30 pm.

Akira observed as the fights happened. She was confused as to what was going on with these students mentally. They all had different personalities, and apparently one kid like thighs? Akira shook the thought from her mind. She could already tell it was going to be one roller-coaster ride of a year. She glanced at the hole in the roof and sighed. Taking out her walkie-talkie (she didn't like calling it that, since it sounds silly), she signaled, "Can I get a repairman or builder? One of the students blew a hole in the roof during the ranking battles. Thank you." Yep. This was an odd bunch.

She watched more battles before a black-haired student walked past her. "Yeah, that's me. I certainly can't deny that." The battles went on for about another two hours, before ending. She sauntered up to the front once again. "Now that the ranking test is over, it's time to mingle! Meet some new friends. You'll need them. And then, after about an hour and a half or so, Report to the dining hall for supper. Tomorrow, Your ranks will be posted by weapon class on the same board with the map in the hallway. Also, breakfast will be held at 7:00 tomorrow morning. You don't have to go if you don't want to though. Classes will begin tomorrow as well. Don't be late for your first class either! If you have any questions at all, you can ask me at any time. Your dismissed!"

She wasn't looking forward to meeting anyone, but she had to anyway. A group of students, mostly boys with a few girls sprinkled, walked up to her and asked a lot of questions. She didn't like getting swarmed with so many people, but she coped. She could only hope that somebody would talk some sense into these people. Teach em' what personal space is. She couldn't do that herself, because she knew they wouldn't listen to her. Akira rolled her eyes and answered as many questions as she could.

{OOC: Sorry my posts are so short. They should get longer as more interesting stuff happens and people interact with Akira more.}


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Leilani rolled her eyes at the displays going on. Half the people she had witnessed were holding back for bullshit reasons and the other half were treating combat like some ritual with rules. Her musings were interrupted by a girl tapping her on the shoulder, some white-haired brat with a rapier. "Excuse me, but that getup makes you look like a total dweeb, I bet you're not even Green-Rank!" Leilani smirked, knowing exactly what this girl was about to say.

"And if I was, you'd say it doesn't matter because you're a Red?" The girl was just on the verge of her snotty remark before shockingly stopping and looking at Leilani, who stretched out and summoned Auburn Gleam, letting it coil around her arm. "Alright, prove it. I'll up the stakes, since you're confident, loser goes on a five-mile run around the school wearing a shirt that says 'I was wrong', deal?" The girl took a step back, then nodded, joining Leilani in the center area, each taking three steps back before leaping at the other. The girl swung her rapier, ice and fire wrapping around the blade... and stopped her swing midflight, Auburn Gleam having wrapped around her arm and locked its position so it wouldn't move. Leilani yanked Auburn back, and the girl was promptly pulled off her feet, her flight stopped by a solid roundhouse kick to the stomach. Auburn unraveled from around her arm and sent the white-wearing wannabe flying several feet back, the fight over as soon as it started. Leilani jogged over to the girl and helped her up, dusting her off before whispering in her ear "See you out there at six tomorrow morning, I'll have the shirt ready." With the girl still reeling, she walked off, trying to hide the slight limp she had given herself from screwing up her kick and twisting her ankle. If there had been a mindreader nearby, they'd have been learning several new swears from her at the moment as she jogged off towards the nurses office.