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Termination Day

Termination Day


When a virus starts to spread, turning anyone it comes into contact with into a zombie, a group of teenagers struggle to survive using the experience they have from playing video games.

799 readers have visited Termination Day since nici-kitty created it.


It is the 15th of June. The year is 2012. Contrary to the doomsday prophecies, the world is prospering - all wars have ended and the world has united in peace. New medical developments are being achieved every month. There is a cure for the common cold.

One scientist - Doctor Alexander Kingsley by name - has developed what he hopes will be a cure for cancer. After years of experimenting, twelve terminally ill patients in each of the major countries/continents- (Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Russia, China, South America, and a community in Africa) volunteer to test the cure, in the form of a liquid.

And this is where the trouble begins. An unseen flaw in the cure causes an irreversible reaction in the volunteers. Nearly an hour after taking the cure, they begin to mutate. Blood flows from their ears, noses and mouths, and they lose sentience. Soon they attack the doctors and other patients - with an insatiable appetite for human flesh, they eat any living humans alive. The virus spreads - anyone who is bitten and is not killed begins to mutate within the hour. The 'zombies', as the few who flee the hospital call them, are unstoppable.

After breaking out of the hospital, an outbreak begins in the streets of the city.

Our characters are, to put it simply, geeks. On the day of the outbreak, they are at a nerdy science fiction/video game convention, living their peaceful geeky lives. Without warning, the riots on the streets reach them and they must band together in order to survive.

They've never fought before. They've never killed before. They've only ever experienced this in video games. But in a strange way, this gaming experience gives them more knowledge than most other people.


At first, the outbreak is sort-of under control. The army is holding them back and telling everyone to stay indoors. Those who are declared disease-free (through blood tests and other evaluations) are allowed to leave the country. Soon, however, more diseased people begin to crop up - people who kissed or otherwise exchanged fluids with people they did not realize had the virus (it takes an hour to show up). Then it becomes out of control.

There are safe locations in various places in the city - people hiding out in churches or schools.

The characters start in the convention and can move around from there once they exit.


- You catch the virus by intaking the bodily fluids of an infection person. That includes being bitten, sharing the same drinking flask, kissing, etc.

- Currently, the virus does not affect animals. This may change later.

- Once you have been infected, you will turn within the hour. This varies depending on how much of the virus you have taken in/how badly you have been bitten.

- Symptoms include nausea, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, and blood coming from all orifices.

- Once you've been infected, that's that. There is no cure.

- 'Zombies' are intelligent enough to use clubs, fire axes, or any melee weapon, but not guns. They mainly try to bite, however, and have a taste for human flesh.


All the characters are 'geeks', with the exception of maybe one or two who were dragged along to the convention by their friends. None of them have any killing experience, although many may play zombie apocalypse video games or something similar.

Upon exiting the convention, they may try to get back to their families, etc. It's probably wisest to stick together, with all those zombies on the loose.

If you want to be something else, for example, a doctor, a soldier, anything, let me know.

Full Name-
Age- (15-19)
Sexuality- (hetero, bi, homo, a-sexual)

(I'd like at least a paragraph of description here, including their height, build, skin, hair and eye color, ethnicity, and clothing. I'd also like a photograph - no anime if you can help it.)

(Again, a rather detailed paragraph. What fandoms/games are they into? How do they react to all this?)

(Their family and home life. Do they have siblings? What do their parents do? Where are their family during the outbreak?)

The characters will most likely pick up weapons later, but if there's anything else you need to add (skills, whatever), just put it at the bottom. No black-belts please, that's unrealistic.

NOTE - I haven't yet decided what city this is set in. I know practically nothing about America or Britain, but I'm not sure if I should set it in Sydney because most people on this site aren't Australian (I think). I'll figure it out in a bit.

Toggle Rules

Whoo! Long winded rules! Hooray!

- Follow the rules. This one should be obvious. Do what the GM tells you to and try not to argue too much. Of course if I'm being totally unreasonable, you can let me know.

- No godmodding. Control only your own character.

- No mary sues/gary stus. I'm very passionate about this one. Your character will not look like a top model. She will not be anorexic-ally thin. If she was, she'd have no stamina, and she would fall behind and get eaten by a zombie within ten minutes. They will not have super-awesome kick-ass zombie fighting skills! And yes, they WILL sweat. Everyone sweats.

- Romance is encouraged, but nothing explicit.

- Excessive swearing is discouraged. As long as it's not every few words.

- Spellcheck is your friend.

- Include everyone. If someone seems to be left out, go off and talk to them. No one's character should be left sitting alone in the corner… unless they're meant to be an anti-social loner who likes sitting alone in the corner. Also, if someone asks your character a question, answer it.

- Post at least once every few days, and if you need to leave for a long period of time, let us know. If anyone vanishes for more than five days without explanation or warning, they will be killed off.

- There is a chance your character will be killed. If you cannot deal with this, let the other role-players know first.

- Just so I know you read the rules, add 'dry toast and bovril' at the bottom of your character sheet.

That's all I can think of for now. I won't be too strict about the plot, but I will give some direction. Let me know if you have any questions about anything! Just ask in the OOC or PM me.

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Re: [OOC] Termination Day

Ready and waiting, Boss!

Re: [OOC] Termination Day

When ever your ready to start I'm in

Re: [OOC] Termination Day

Is everyone who's submitted a character ready to begin?

Re: [OOC] Termination Day

Sure, there's still heaps of room for more people :)

Re: [OOC] Termination Day

If there is still room than I would love to be apart of this RP. Sounds like this thing is winning hard core.

Re: [OOC] Termination Day

Yep, he's fine!

Alright, I'm just waiting on a few other people who've said they'll submit a character, but if they're not here soon we'll just start and they can join in later.

Re: [OOC] Termination Day

Hello so I've submitted a character hopefully everything looks good and if not I'm sure we can work it all out to make it work.

Re: [OOC] Termination Day

@Hells13- Sorry, I wasn't really sure what you meant ^^; Um, did you want to be the father of a character?

@Wing- Okay! Yay!

@Hotanimeguyrocks- Please don't post in the activity section. We haven't started yet. Can you please delete the content of those posts and keep anything not in character in the OOC section? Also, are you just playing a zombie, not one of the teenaged characters? Thank you.

Re: [OOC] Termination Day

This looks chill. :D I'll add a player in tomorrow once I see the male/female ratio and make one that'll help balance out the genders. xD

Re: [OOC] Termination Day

But, but what about me?? D :

Waaaah : '(

Re: [OOC] Termination Day

@Soki- No problem XD Sounds fun

@Silentassassn- Sure, that sounds good :)

Re: [OOC] Termination Day

may i join in on this???

i was wondering if i could be a 18 yr old guy thats into video games but just got back from basic training for the army

Re: [OOC] Termination Day

I don't know why but I feel the sudden urge to roleplay my dad...O.O

Who's your daddy? :-D (Sorry I had to) Who wants a dad?

Re: [OOC] Termination Day

Sweet thanks XD so far I think Luke shall be the one who's all like fucking around with the zombies like shooting off their legs and shit then punting their heads XD I'ma have alot of fuuuun~

Re: [OOC] Termination Day

No problem! Soki, your character is good too :)

People seem to like Fallout here XD ...I need to finish that game, seriously. I'm too lazy to continue playing it.

Re: [OOC] Termination Day

Thanks for letting me in! Looking forward to it.

Re: [OOC] Termination Day

Yay, okay! Looking forward to seeing your characters :)

Re: [OOC] Termination Day

The sheer amount of win here is inconceivable. I am totally joining.