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Terra Nova: Nightfall

Terra Nova: Nightfall


Based on "Terra Nova" . Congratuations you have been chosen for the ninth pilgrimage into Terra Nova. In order to preserve our future we must travel 85 million years in the past.

984 readers have visited Terra Nova: Nightfall since wolfKaliegh created it.

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Conratulations, you have been chosen to be a part of Terra Nova. Stay in an orderly line and once you go through security step through to Terra Nova. There will be medical personel waiting for you. You will not be used to the air qaulity of Terra Nova, take slow breaths and stay calm.


Once in Terra Nova you will be provided with a house and you will needto feed a job; no one in Terra Nova can be spared. You may have been brought here as a soldier, a doctor, a scientist, or you just got lucky, but everyone is important to make this project a success.


1. Do not leave the grid.
2. Do not gamble.
3. Never disobey an order from the commander.
5. Never interact with those who have been exiled.
6. Curfew is 12:00 am, those who are found out past this curfew without permission, will be fined.
7.Do not steal.
8.Do not disturb the peace, (fight)
9. Don't get eaten.

There are many dangers in this new world. Beware.


Toggle Rules

  • ]No exact copies of characters from the show. To be a character like Taylor ( required character) message me.
    ]No godmodding
    ]Be curtious of other players.

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Kale paced back in forth inside the Command Center, she was in trouble. She had stowed away and was now going to be punished. She could feel it coming. The man who had welcomed the group into Terra Nova, Taylor, had ordered her to be brought here. He seemed tough and experienced and she didn't want to get on his bad side, but it seemed she already had. Finally he rounded the corner and came into the room. He sized her up for a moment an Kale braced herself for the worst. "So you thought you could just sneak into Terra Nova huh?" He said.
"Sir, I-"
"Don't speak. I sure wouldn't peg a girl like you for a theif, but I guess they come in all shapes and sizes."
"But, sir I'm not a theif! I've taken nothing!" Kale protested, she may be a stowaway, but she was no thief.
"Oh no? Just by being here you are stealing food from those who are actually supposed to be here. You will steal housing that could have been used for other purposes. I should just banish you right now and let the wild have you." Taylor growled.
Kale's eyes grew wide and fear began to creep up on her. No
Taylor sighed, "But, I'm not going to do that. I think we could use someone as crafty as you here in Terra Nova, but here we don't tolerate stealing so you will have to earn it. Tomorrow you will report here for a briefing on how you will do that. But, for now, Soldier, take our little stowaway to the open apartment on the east side, make sure she has all the neccessary things."
Kale felt like she should salute to this man, or bow or something. She just couldn't believe he was letting her stay.


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Bambi walked in after that new girl walked out, "Never seen her around before." She said out loud as she walked in to see her Papa Taylor.

"New Pilgrimage." He answered as if he was annoyed by her sudden presence. But you could hear how happy he was she was here any how. He glanced up at Bambi and sighed, "Why wont you take off those piercings?"


"Don't be rude." He took out his hand and waved her over, "Give them to me. You look terrible."


"You're being annoying. I don't want to argue."

"Good to see you know how this will end." Bambi challenged Papa Taylor but he only sat there staring at her as if she was some kind of alien.

"You're definitely my granddaughter."

Bambi flipped her hair and walked out the porch to see beyond Terra Nova. She glanced down at the crowds buying food, and instantly spotted John. Her heart raced, and she was ready to jump off the balcony just to speak to him. But with her grandfather telling his father to keep an eye out for her; it wouldn't work out so well. "Papa Taylor..."

"Yes, Bambi?"

"Why can't I see John anymore?"

"We went over this." He said and never added anything else. Bambi took it and watched him from the unbearable distance between them in silence.


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This girl who had barged into Terra Nova sure did cause a problem. Jarek was just standing at attention in the room when the CO ordered him to take this girl to an apartment.

He hesitated for a second cause he got here barely twenty minutes before this girl but He figured it was a test. Jarek snapped into a salute yelled "Yessir!" Spun around on his heel and led the girl out.

Jarek took the girl to her apartment, he thought to himself "Wow this is a big place for one little girl and I bet all I get is a bunk in the barracks" he sighed out loud without realizing it.

He looked at this pretty little girl and saluted. "My name is Jarek I'm new here too but don't cause any problems or else WE will have problems." He then started for the front door.


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Kale looked at Jarek with a smirk, "Uh, huh sure GI Joe. It's not like I want to be here." She sighed and muttered under her breath, "No one will notice...little joke, my I'm stuck here." She looked around at the apartment. It was smaller than most of the other houses they passed and it looked slightly rundown. Dust rested on everything and some of the lights didn't work. She was angry at herself for letting herself get sucked into the stupid challenge. She turned to Jarek and saw how he was looking at her, like a kid. "Hey I'm not some meddling kid, I'm 17 and I can take care of myself." She said defiantly, making herself cough. Yeah idiot, and yet you still managed to land yourself here in this prehistoric hole, and for what just to prove that you weren't a chicken., she thought.


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"GI Joe has a name little girl, his name is Pvt. Jarek Winters and obviously you can take care of yourself, you did land yourself a sweet apartment for free. I was on the streets at your age."

He looked at her again and thought she was cute... Wait she is a minor, jailbait Jarek jailbait...

"What are you gonna do now?"


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Kale grinned a little. "I don't know...I didn't even think I'd make it this far..." She groaned, "What's my dad gonna think? He doesn't even..." She looked up and cursed herself, "I am such a..." She slumped against the wall, her eyes watered slightly. She sniffed an straightened up. "Sorry...I don't need to drag you into to my pity party. You can go, I should probably get some rest, anyway, Taylor's probably gonna have me chasing wild stegosaurus or something..." She sniffed and turned toward her new dusty home.

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A gun, a target, a thrill, a kill, sounds like my kind of place.

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"... I kiss with my fist."

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Jarek Winters

After years of searching he's finally found home

Character Portrait: Kale Sonja
Kale Sonja

This girl was looking was just looking for a challenge, what she found was Terra Nova


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