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Kale Sonja

This girl was looking was just looking for a challenge, what she found was Terra Nova

0 · 209 views · located in Terra Nova

a character in “Terra Nova: Nightfall”, as played by wolfKaliegh


Kale is 17 years old, has long copper hair, ice blue eyes, and an athletic build. She is 5' 1" and prefers to wear blue jeans with a jacket and T shirt.


Kale is loyal, kind, and brave, but she is also very competitive and can't resist a challenge, which often turns out to be her downfall. She is also very trusting, and is not a good judge of bad character.


She carries a small pocket knife that she smuggled into Terra Nova with her.


Kale grew up 2130s New York. She was used to all the grime and muck that filled the air, she had never known anything else. Her mother got sick when she was ten and passed away. Her father worked hard to give Kale the best life he could and tried to keep her out of trouble, but her trusting personality got her mixed up with a group of hoodlums who used her competitive nature to their advantage. They made her do things for them, and she loved the thrill, but couldn't see past the word friend she had painted over all their faces. They began hearing rumors about the Terra Nova project. First, they made Kale steal some lottery tickets, which didn't win. Then one day while the gang was messing around someone suggested to Kale that she try sneaking in to Terra Nova. She wasn't going to do it, until someone dropped the forbidden word..."Chicken." She didn't think she could succeed, but she couldn't pass up a challenge. She gathered a pack of supplies and went to the port. She tucked in with a family of three and slipped past security by hiding behind them. She was in line to the portal when she was discovered. She knew they would probably go easier on her if she gave up, but in her mind the game had just gone up a level. She pushed through the crowd ignoring the shouts of protest around her. She was grabbed by the arm by a gaurd right in front of the entrance of the portal. She was caught, but a boy in the crowd lost his balance and bumped into the gaurd causing him to shove Kale nto the vortex. Before going through Kale caught a quick glance at her savior. He was staring back at her smirking, Kale didn't know if it had been on purpose or not, but she owed the guy. As she passed through the hole her last thought was that her dad didn't know.

So begins...

Kale Sonja's Story